Q. How do I open these zip files?
A. To open compressed files with the .zip extension, we recommend Winzip.

Q. My browser keeps freezing up (or shutting down, or isn't displaying the correct results in general).

A. The Dark Wanderer website should be cross-compatible with all browsers including webtv and AOL. If you are experiencing browser-related problems viewing any part of the site please let us know so that we can fix the problem.

Q. What happened to the classifieds and the illustrated stories and the YW series?

A. The YW series is still all here, but everything is searchable by title and author instead of YW #. The classifieds, video clips and illustrated stories have all been moved to Dark Cavern.

Q. I like stories but I like videos and pictures better! Where can I find videos to match this kind of story?

A. The Dark Cavern, our sister site, is the largest amateur slut wife site in the world. Click on over and check it out, you'll be VERY glad you did!

Q. I liked the chat room, where did it go?

A. The chatroom has been merged into the chatroom and forum on Dark Cavern, resulting in a bigger and more active community for both sites. Click here to get to the new chat room!

Q. I'm a writer and I want my own page to display my stories, will you make a page for me on Dark Wanderer?
A. We have a new site for authors who want to archive their work in their own area of the site at cuckolds.com and we will be happy to feature all high quality authors. Click here to go to Cuckolds.com and submit your work.

Q. I have my own site and I'd like to trade links with the Dark Wanderer. Where do I submit?
A. The Dark Wanderer will only trade links with other absolutely free, very high quality story sites. Go to the links page to find out how to add your link.
Please visit our new video site at slutwives.com!
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