Sheri's New Handyman

Written by Badger / Oct 10, 1999



Sheri's New Handyman By Badger (

The following story is intended only for adult reading. It portrays the actions of consenting adults. In the case of my wife, a very consenting, accommodating adult! Those under the age of eighteen or those bothered by sexually explicit language or depiction of sexual events should not continue. The actions and attitudes portrayed may be deemed offensive by some readers.

This is another story in the series about my slut wife, Sheri.

I caught an earlier flight Friday and sped home from the airport for some serious sex with Sheri. I'd been gone a week and my balls were about to explode.

There was a white pickup truck in the drive way as I turned in. Crude lettering on the door proclaimed, "Brad the Handyman" with a phone number I suspected my sweet wife was getting her cunt stretched by the handyman. Then again, she really really might be having a few fix-it items done. Yeah, right!

I parked the car and let myself into the house through the back door. If Sheri was getting screwed, I wanted to watch with out disturbing them.

Sheri's voice was the first thing I heard, "Oh! Yes! Fuck my pussy with that big, black cock!"

"You like my cock, baby?"

"Oh fuck yes. All of it, I want all of it in my pussy!"

I walked through the kitchen into the living room. Sheri's back was to me as she knelt on the sofa, a thick, black cock stuffed up her cunt. It was obvious a goodly amount of cock already was shoved up Sheri's pussy; but, six inches of thick cock meat still glistened outside her love hole. Her pussy juices dripped down the cock and pooled around the guy's balls.

"Damn, lady, I ain't never had all of my cock in a pussy before. You sure you can take it all?"

Sheri grunted and raised up on the cock. I swear, another six inches of cock slide out and the head still was no where in sight. Sheri slammed her pussy back down along the shaft. She managed to get a couple more inches stuffed in her cunt this time. A good four inches still remained. Sheri paused and looked down at her lover.

"Oh, shit. I want all of your black stud meat. I want your black cum in my pussy. I've never had a cock so deep before. It feels so good. Like I'm going to get split apart. Fuck, that feels so damn good! Push it in slow while I try to wiggle down on it. It is so fucking deep!"

Large black hands reached around and pulled Sheri's ass downward. Sheri began to squirm and wiggle on the monster cock. Sheri managed to absorb another inch. Her body shuddered.

"My pussy feels so damn full. Push, damn it. Push that cock, harder!"

Black muscles rippled, pushing the black monster upwards. The black hands pulled Sheri's ass downward. The cock seemed to be completely bottomed out with three inches still outside Sheri's cunt. The black stud was grunting as he strained to pull Sheri down on his cock. Sheri was moaning and thrashing about as she tried to get the last three inches up into her love tunnel.

There was a sudden, muffled "pop" as the cock shoved through the obstruction. Sheri's ass bottomed out against the hairy, black balls. Sheri's back stiffened and her head snapped back. Sheri screamed, "Yes, fuck yes!" Her red hair swung wildly from side to side as her whole body twitched and spasmed in orgasm.

Sheri had an orgasmic mantra going, "So deep. So deep. So deep."

The black stud began to buck back. "Fuck, baby. Your cunt is milking my cock like I've never felt before. You took my whole fucking cock. What a cunt, baby!. Your wanted my black seed, you bitch. Can you feel it, bitch? Can you feel it?"

"Oh fuck yes. I can feel your cum. It so fucking deep, baby. Your cum is so fucking deep. Oh baby, fuck me. Fuck me! I want that black seed deep in my white slut cunt."

Sheri's orgasm subsided slowly. She began to lift herself off the cock an inch at a time. With about eight inches out, Sheri stopped. The pussy juice coating the cock had a faint pinkish color. It gave that black monster an ebony-like sheen.

Sheri slid her cunt back down the shaft, bottoming out with his balls against her ass. Sheri slid back up the cock a little faster and then down again. The black stud began to fuck her back. Sperm, pussy juice, and a little blood oozed out a little with each pistoning stroke.

"Fuck me, lover. Fuck me deep with your monster cock!"

The black stud was equal to the task and began to fuck Sheri with fast, deep strokes. I don't think that black pole ever even got soft after he creamed my wife's cunt with his first load of sperm. After about 3 minutes of the most intense fucking I'd ever seen, Sheri began to orgasm again. Sheri was grunting and groaning as the electric waves of pleasures pulsed through her body. She jerked and spasmed as the shiny black pole pounded her pussy.

"Fuck, lady. Your cunt is like an oven. It feels like you got fingers in there milkin' my cock. Shit, baby, I'm cumming again. I'm cumming hard in your hot cunt."

His hands pulled Sheri down on his cock and his balls visibly contracted as he shot his second load of black cum deep into Sheri.

"Oh, yes! I can feel your cum so fucking deep in my pussy. It feels like you're going to blow the top of my head off. Oh, fuck! OH, FUCK! I'm cumming in your cum, baby. I'm cumming so good."

Sheri's body twisted and turned on her lover's cock for several minutes as her head thrashed back and forth. She finally finished climaxing and collapsed forward against her lover, mashing her lips against his. His hands moved from her ass to her tits and played with her nipples. They kissed and cuddled as they dropped down from their orgasmic highs. Sheri cooed, "Oh Brad. That was marvelous. I've feel like I been thoroughly fucked to the deepest depths of my body. I knew I could take all of that monster cock you are so proud of!"

"Fuck, baby. You took it all. I don't fucking believe it."

One last time, Sheri began to slide slowly off the black cock. The fucking tool still looked hard as it slid out of her love tunnel. I watched, amazed, as eight, ten, twelve inches, slid out without the cock head appearing. Finally, at what looked like fourteen inches, the cock head popped out of Sheri's stretched cunt. Several large gobs of cum mixed with pussy juice and blood dropped out of the gapping hole that was Sheri's pussy , down the stud's shaft, and splattered against his balls and thighs. His black hands lifted Sheri's ass up and off to the side. Sheri's knees slid off the sofa and her feet touched the floor. She stood up very slowly, on wobbly legs, slightly bow-legged.

Sheri turned slowly and saw me for the first time. "Hi honey. This is Brad. My new handyman."

"So I saw, baby. So I saw. Hello Brad. How was my wife?"

"Shit, man. She said you were cool about her fucking around. She is the best pussy I've ever had!"

Sheri walked over, naked except for the black garter belt, nylons, and heels. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss. "Welcome home, baby. Did you see much?"

"I saw enough to realize that your pussy is going to be pretty stretched out for any more love making tonight!"

"Oh, honey. There's still my mouth and ass."

Sheri groped my balls. "I promise you won't be disappointed."

Brad stood up and stretched. The monster black cock, semi-flaccid, hung down a good ten inches. Sheri turned and walked back towards Brad. She knelt in front of him and pulled his cock to her lips. She began to lick the pussy juice, cum, and blood off his cock. Her tongue moved down and slurped in the stringy gobs of cum and juices around his balls. Brad groaned and rolled his eyes at me. "Shit, man. Your wife is just fucking unbelievable."

Sheri finished her clean-up job. Brad's cock had swelled to near full size again. Sheri looked up at Brad. "This beautiful black man meat is ready for some more loving. Your cum tasted so good. More, please. Give me more."

Brad groaned and collapsed back on the sofa. Sheri quickly shifted position and began to suck the head of his cock. She lubed the shaft up with her saliva and proceeded to jerk his cock off with sure, rapid, strokes. She kept the cock head firmly clamped in her mouth.

I quickly ripped my pants off and freed my aching cock. I walked over to Sheri and grabbed her waist. I slowly lifted her off her knees so her puckered little ass hole was right at cock level. I pushed the head of my cock into the crack of her ass. She wiggled back against me, eager for my cock. The whole time she never paused as she continued to suck and stroke Brad's cock.

I pulled back to get some lubrication. Pussy juice and cum coated her thighs and continued to weep from her cunt. I scooped up some stringy gobs and rubbed the goo on the head of my cock and into Sheri's ass hole. Then I pushed my cock into her ass. Sheri braced herself and pushed back. Soon I was buried up to my balls. Sheri continued to noisily suck Brad's tool as she slowly fucked my cock with her ass.

I started to fuck her ass with fast, deep strokes. Brownish shit juice quickly coated my cock and allowed me to fuck her even faster. Sheri's body began to orgasm. She momentarily broke the suction lock she had on Brad's cock. "Oh, fuck! That feels so good, baby. I really missed your cock this week."

Sheri looked up at Brad, "But I found a suitable substitute."

Sheri ran her tongue around his cock head. She continued to stroke it with her hand as she sucked pre-cum out of the pee hole. Sheri looked up at Brad. She loves to watch a guy's eyes and face as she sucks his cock. "Umm, lover. This tastes so good. I want your cum in mouth, baby. Cum in my mouth!"

The look of lust on Sheri's face must have triggered Brad's cum shot. He grabbed Sheri's head and pulled her face down on his cock. I could hear Sheri gagging as Brad forced his large cock head down the back of her throat. He was sending his seed directly to Sheri's belly. As he came, he relaxed back against the sofa, releasing Sheri's head. She quickly bobbed up on his cock so as to catch the last few squirts in her mouth. She truly loves the taste of cum.

Sheri noisily sucked and slurped the last strings of cum out of Brad's cock. The noisy, lewd display was all I could take and I felt my balls start to spew cum in Sheri's bowels. Sheri felt the first spasm of my cock and quickly rearranged herself so as to catch my copious ejaculate in her mouth. She pulled my eight-inch cock all the way in her throat and took my next couple of shots directly down her throat. Then she slid her lips back up my cock, squeegeeing her shit juice into her mouth. Sheri took my last blasts across her tongue. She looked up at me with her large green eyes and smiled. She opened her mouth and swirled my cum and her brownish shit juice around for me to see before swallowing. She sucked the last few drips of cum from my cock and then stood up.

Sheri wrapper her arms around me and mashed her tits against my chest. My cock rubbed against her belly and the lace of her garter belt. "Welcome home, honey. I really missed you."

Sheri shivered and giggled. There was a soft "plop". A large gob of cum had dripped out of Sheri's cunt and dropped to the carpet.

"Brad, you naughty boy. After the fucking that cock of yours gave me, it'll take a week for all the cum to work it's way out from way up where you put it.

"Baby, I sure don't recollect you complainin' any while I was making the deposits."

Sheri laughed, "Nope."

Brad stood up. Sheri hugged him and gazed up into his eyes. Her hand lovingly stroked his massive black manhood, pausing to play with his balls. "You're welcome here anytime, baby. Anytime."

"Baby, you were the best fuck of my entire life. You can bet I'll get back here pretty regular!"

Brad dressed and quickly left with one last hug from Sheri.

She turned to me, "Well, I'm going to clean up. Where are we going for dinner?"
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