My Father-In-Law

Written by Lenny / Oct 10, 1999


My Father-in-law BY LENNY

I am a newly married housewife. My husband, Jim and I live in our modest house, somewhere in the state of Kentucky. I am 19 years old, freshly out of high school, and Jim is a civil engineer, seven years older than me, works for a construction company which builds interstate highway bridges. We met six months ago, and immediately fell in love with each other. It was a love-at - first-sight situation, and we were married after three weeks. My folks tried to prevent me from a firm commitment in such a short notice, but we were decisive to become husband and wife as soon as possible. It was a fine ceremony, all our relatives, friends and acquaintances were present, congratulating us. I was a virgin when I walked to the altar. Everybody wished us happiness. On our first night, Jim took my virginity in a motel room where we spent most of our honeymoon, some hundred miles from home. He made love to me several times a day, and I began to learn how to make a man (my husband) happy in bed. His stamina hasn't diminished after we returned home, so we continue to have sex frequently. We were wildly in love.

I met Jim's father Harry when Jim took me to dinner at his house when we were just engaged. Jim's mother had died several years ago, and he has no brothers or sisters. So, Harry lives alone in his house. Harry is a car mechanic. and owns a service station. From the very beginning, Harry showed intense affection (or interest I might say) toward me, always pampering me. My feelings were mutual. I liked him very much. But, from time to time, I had discovered that his attitude was too controversial with me. Sometimes, he feels my thighs accidentally, and looks down at my cleavage at every chance he gets. I had let him with his harmless games.

My husband has a good salary, and we own our house (given to us by my parents as a wedding gift) without mortgage, two cars. We have a nice living.

I'm a natural blond, 5' 5'', 105 pounds, with measurements: 34-21-35. I have small perky breasts with rose colored nipples. I've always been rather a little shy, inexperienced, in sexual matters. But, with the help of my husband I began to enjoy the marital activities in bed.

Jim and I made love twice a day, at least. On weekends, we were naked in the house and copulated whenever we got his penis hard.

During daytime he was at the office, I busied myself with housework. Sometimes, I went out with my friends to have innocent girlie fun.

All was well until one day my husband informed me that he had to leave me alone for a certain period of time. Jim was temporarily transferred to another construction site two thousand miles from home. I would be left alone, without him, for three months. "How will I endure your absence in three months?" I was in tears.

"Why? Darling, it is only three months. I would take you with me if I could find a suitable accommodation. But, they say, it is hell of a place, that we are going right into that desert."

"I'll miss you so much." I cried.

"Ann, you can always rely on Harry. He'll take care of whatever you need."

"Jim, but... but... I've got used to... well. I don't know how to explain this to you."

"You mean sex?" Jim suggested.

"Well, as a matter of fact, yes. I've got used to have you with me every night. I need to be loved, I need to be caressed. I need to be..." I searched for the appropriate word.

"Fucked?" He again helped me.

"Yes." Was my meek answer.

"Look Ann. We would have to slow down, some day." He retorted. "Married couples don't keep on doing it twice a day during their whole life."

"But I'm addicted to have sex everyday. Jim, please don't leave me." I was crying again.

"Ann, be reasonable. I will teach you ways to get along while I am away."

"What is that?"

"Have you heard about masturbation?"

"I wouldn't do that." I refused the idea, vehemently. "Anyway, it wouldn't be like the real thing."

"Calm down darling. I'll see to it that we can find a way to help you when I'm gone."

"What will it be?"

"We may consider to find you a lover."

"Oh, no... definitely no... How can you be so thoughtless even to suggest me something like that?" I kept on sobbing.

"Ann, do you want me to quit my job?"


"If I refuse to go to the post I'm assigned to, they will fire me. I'll loose my job. How can I find another job paying as much as this one?"

"Oh my God. How can I live without you?"

"It's only three months."

"Three months sounds like eternity."

"Do you love me that much?"

"Yes, can't you tell?" I ran to him and we kissed passionately. "I would die without you. You are my life, my husband, the only man I've loved and will ever love until I die. Oh. my love take me to bed, make love to me."

"On one condition. You should say the right word."

"What right word?"

"What do you want me to do to you?"

"Make love..."

"Not that one, darling." He teased.

I believe, I was bright red in the face. "OK. Take me to bed and fuck me."

He kissed and licked my lips as if he wanted to clean the dirt the four letter word left on them.

He took my hand and led me upstairs.

I took off my dress and than my underwear. He always preferred to see me naked, so he turned on all the lights in the bedroom while I was opening covers on the bed. I laid on the bed my legs parted. He came to me, directly kissing my pussy.

"Tell me the name of the part of your body I'm kissing now." He smiled wickedly.

"Oh. darling. Please... please don't make me talk dirty. I'm so ashamed." I complained.

"I want you to be a free woman. I want you to say things openly. I'm your husband.

Come on now. Tonight I'm going to make you talk dirty. You will talk like a slut. A good wife should be a lady outside, and a whore in bed."

"You want me to be a whore?"

"In bed yes." was his strict command.

"OK darling. I'll try."

"Which part of your body am I kissing now?" He repeated his question.

"You're kissing my pussy."

"You know perfectly well that's not the answer I expected."

"Please darling give me some more time. Don't push me. I'll do anything you wish. But please be patient." I pleaded.

"OK. Ann. I'll wait. When I return from the desert, I expect to find a whore in my bed."

He mounted me, began to pump his penis in my vagina with deep strokes.

On the following day he brought a box wrapped in plain paper.

"Open it honey." He smiled. "There are some toys inside, to keep you busy while I'm away."

I tore the package to take a look. In the box, there were some weird items that I hadn't known existed until then.

"What are these?" I was puzzled.

"This one is a dildo, you can insert it into your pussy when you can't have the real thing." He went on explaining. "And, this is an electrical vibrator, runs on batteries. You can use it on your clit. I'm sure it will create some sensations in your pussy to make you come. The other one is a strap-on-dildo for you if you need to act being a man."

"Oh Jim you are embarrassing me, again."

"Don't be silly. I want you go upstairs and masturbate. I promise I won't come near to you. You can be sure that you won't be intimidated by my presence. Just feel free, go to bed and play with your new toys."

"OK darling. But I want you to come with me. Show me how to masturbate. I've never did it before."

Both of us was naked on bed, with toys scattered around us.

"Which one you'd like to try first?"

"That one." I indicated the vibrator.

He handed me the long plastic tube, and helped me to insert it into my vagina. When it was fully in, he flipped on the switch. The vibrator began to hum in my depts.

"How do you like it?"

"Well, I don't know. Oh Jim let's make love. I don't want these cold plastic in me when I have you here." I begged him.

"You must know how to convince me to do that to you."

"Yes I know." I conceded. "Fuck me darling. Fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours." The time had come for us to say "Sayanora", like it says in that old song. There were lots of tears and kisses. In my short married life, I had to be parted from my beloved husband for the first time.

"Don't cry Ann. I want to remember you smiling."

"I can't help it, darling. I will miss you."

"Just remember what I taught you last week." He comforted me "Masturbate dreaming you're doing it with me. Try to conjure up some erotic images in your mind, and use those toys in the box I gave you."

"But it is not the real thing." I complained.

"Then, find yourself a lover." Jim went on. "Look Ann, I'm not a jealous man. Feel free to do what you consider best."

"Oh my God. Don't suggest me that again." I declined.

"Listen to me, honey. I want you to be happy. Don't blame me if you can not find the courage to fool around when I'm gone."

"Be reasonable Jim, how can I go out and find a man? What about my reputation? Do you like to find your wife known as a slut in the neighborhood?"

"I don't care how you are known by others. I love you Ann. Why don't you call George... remember? The bestman in our wedding. Once, he confided in me that he had hots for you. Just give him a call and invite him to dinner. See what happens."

"Never mind." I cut him short.

"OK. Everything is said. Good Bye honey."

"Good Bye. Take care."

"You too"

He drove off. He was gone.

The first and second day were considerably easy, but on the third, I was getting frustrated (sexually) as my body began to feel the lack of sex it had been used to so much.

On that day, my best friend, Cecile came to visit me.

She has been practically like a sister to me. She is an easygoing person and very popular among men, but changes her boyfriends very frequently. Cecile and I had become friends when we were just children. We went to school together, always class mates. I told her about things I wouldn't think of discussing with my mom or dad. She also, often confided in me her secrets, loves, and sorrows. I enjoyed her company so much that I would cancel my other plans whenever she called.

It was one of those occasions that Cecile had come to my rescue. I volunteered to tell her about my dilemma. When we sat together on our couch in our living room, sipping our coffees, I was breathing funny and was very itchy between my legs.

"Oh Cecile, I'm so worried." I complained.

"So, you are addicted to the wonderful sense of being with someone you loved."

"I guess so. Now, my husband is away, and I find it hard to find the sexual relief, my body craves so much."

"Would you consider, to give it a try at least... to make it with a woman?"

"Of course not. I'm not a lesbian. Don't tell me you want to go to bed with me."

"Well... why not?"

I guess I had some warm feeling towards her, but I never thought they were sexual in nature. Cecile and I went a lot of places together. Shopping, movies, school events and exercise classes. I really enjoyed being her friend ( but not her girlfriend).

"I prefer to forget your suggestion. I'm a married woman, and I love my husband very much I wouldn't betray him with either a man or a woman." Cecile was leaning back with her eyes closed; more relaxed than I had ever seen her.

"Is he jealous?"

"No. But..."

"Did he give you his permission to bed other people?"

"Well, he sort of suggested that I could find some man... But I won't do this to him. It is adultery. It is a sin."

"It is not exactly adultery if you go to bed with a woman. I can't get you pregnant, for instance."

She offered to kiss me but I hesitated at the invitation. She asked me how I thought I would pass the three months. She told me I had great body and, the idea had really turned her on to make love to me. I was very excited but I didn't had enough courage to give in. Cecile rolled over and put her arm over me with her face very close to mine and kissed me. It was a very gentle wet kiss and I didn't feel to be intimidated. I sat there still until she moved again to lick my left ear lobe. I was trembling and had to rush to the bathroom to wash my face. I think, I crossed the line right there. I removed my soaked panties, and started to rub my pussy. I tasted my femininity on my index finger, found it even more arousing. I came... fingering myself, visualizing two of us in bed together.

When I returned from the bathroom, she complained of an ache in her shoulder. I started to massage her back, feeling the relaxed firm muscles in my grip. I felt the first big jolt in my pussy when my hand came in contact with the soft sides of her breasts. When I worked down to her bottom, I was careful not to touch the area between her cheeks. I worked on her legs and then her feet. My efforts must have excited her, because she was breathing hard. When I was finished, she wanted to leave immediately, informing me that she could be carried away (involuntarily), forcing her way with me.

It was soon after she left, I was masturbating again.

On a hot summer day, (one week after my husband's departure) my father-in-law Harry came to visit me.

"Hello, Ann. How's it going?" He hugged me smiling.

I kissed him on the cheek. "Hi, Harry, I am trying to do some house work."

"Would you care if I take you to diner and later we can go somewhere to dance."

"Love to." I accepted readily.

He promised to take me at around six o'clock, and left.

He took me to my favorite restaurant where I met my husband six months ago, relatively deserted, romantic, overlooking the lake. Not a soul around that night. We ordered a light meal, and ate silently. He made small jokes about his job. I listened to him intently.

Harry wanted to know if I would like to go somewhere where we can dance. I didn't expect to find myself in a romantic ambiance with my father-in-law, but I accepted his offer not to look rude. We drove to a bar where they played light music. After a couple of glasses (white wine) I collected enough courage to go to the dance floor with him. He put his arms around me, we began to sway according to the rhythm of romantic music.

Then, I felt his hardness, growing against my groin. I tried to keep my distance from his muscular body. But he was holding me firmly in his arms, and I continued to be led on the dance floor for a long time.

"Would you like to go outside for some fresh air?" came as a relief.


We walked outside, holding hands.

In the dark garden, he led me to a secluded spot, where he pulled me to himself. We kissed. I melted at first, accepting his tongue in my mouth. I found the situation strangely arousing, and then I really came alive, sucking his tongue and pressing my little body against him. He took my long hair in his right hand and pulled my head back, but not roughly. I gasped, but it was apparent that I liked it. He shoved his tongue deep into my throat as he held my head back like that, and with his left hand, he raised my short skirt and felt my pussy covered with my thin panties.

His hand must have found the wet spot at my crotch. He pushed aside my panties and slid his index finger into my most private part as I moaned loudly

"Please, Harry don't" I pushed his hand away. "I'm your daughter."

"Why? What is the harm?" He grinned. "You're quite a tease, Ann."

I turned and began to cry.

"I can't," I said, "I just can't do this to my husband. I just can't. I thought I could, and I really want to, but I can't. I'm sorry." Tears spilled from my eyes, in the moonlight. He stood there silently, for a moment as I sobbed and tried to catch my breath.

"Please, take me home." I whispered.

"OK, you turned me on and then you turned me down." He was bitter. "Let's go."

When we got to my house, he parked the car, and offered to come to the door with me.

"I'll walk you to your door," he said. There was an alarm in my mind. He seemed to be decisive to seduce me, that night.

"No, please. I'll be OK. There's no need."

"But I insist, it is my duty to be sure of your safety."

At the door, I was fumbling with the keys. He took me in his arms and pressed his thigh between mine, letting me feel his manhood against my leg, pressing himself against my pussy. He held me tight, squeezing my ass, and sliding his fingers down toward my pussy.

Finally I managed to unlock the door, and we were inside.

As I struggled to free myself, he was feeling my breasts, and trying to kiss me. He brutally, tore at my dress.

"Don't fight, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you. No matter, what you do, I'll put my cock into your cunt."

I was crying and kicking. "Please, Harry. Don't do this to me. Don't make me suffer. I am your daughter. How can you lust after my body?" I pleaded.

"Don't resist me. You are a hot little slut, and you'll love it When I'm through with you." He chuckled. He ripped off my brassiere, leaving my breasts exposed. I tried to cover them with my hands. Then he went for my panties. When I was completely naked, he carried me to our living room. He quickly undressed himself, while I sat paralyzed on the floor.

"Oh no. My God." I was helpless. He was over me, pulling my legs apart.

"Don't put up a fight, open your legs." He commanded.

He inserted his penis into my soaking pussy and started his in and out strokes vigorously.

"You are hot my little slut. Do you feel how your tight cunt enjoys my cock?"

"But... but... it is a sin."

"Who cares?" He kept on pumping his cock.

Before long, I was moaning with pleasure.

And he came with a shuttering climax, emptying himself into my depths.

"How do you like it?" Harry asked.

"Mmm... it was nice..." I murmured.

"Why did you give me a hard time? Why were you so resistant in the beginning?"

"But, I just betrayed my husband... I like it though... I'm confused, Harry. You were marvelous."

"You are a hot little bitch, Ann, as I've figured, from the beginning... the day I saw you first. You are one sexy dame. Always, I've known."

"I guess, you're right. I'm a slut. I don't deserve to be Jim's wife."

"Don't be silly. I didn't raised my son to become a jealous snob. Did he ever tell you that you were to stay faithful to him?"


"You see. Nothing to worry about." He said. "From now on, I'll come to you every now and then, to take care of you."

"Well, I don't know..."

"I'll fuck you again, as soon as my balls are charged. It won't take more than a couple of hours. I'll visit you tomorrow." He put on his clothes and left, leaving me feeling guilty and sinful.

On the following day, Cecile phoned me and suggested to meet in a restaurant for lunch. I quickly put on some clothes and drove to the place where we supposed to meet.

Before long, Cecile showed up.

"Hi, Ann."

"Hi Cecile." Smiling, I raised and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"You seem a little... disturbed. What's up?"

"Oh Cecile, you wouldn't believe what happened to me last night."

"Tell me about it." She was curious.

"It happened to me. Finally, I did it. I mean I went to bed... no, actually we did it on the floor, in our living room. Oh, I feel dirty, even remembering the incident." I was breathless.

"You mean, you did it. I'm glad, but you refused to go to bed with me just the other day."

"I'm sorry, if I hurted your feelings. This was different I was almost raped by my father-in-law."

"Almost?" She was quizzical.

"Well... sort of raped. First I resisted a little. But, in the end, I loved it. I fell for the passion my body needed from some man... even if he was my father-in-law."

I told her everything about me and my father-in-law.

"You still don't want to do it with me?" Cecile asked.

"Let's go home, and let me make it up for you."

"You mean, you'll go to bed with me?"

"I suppose so." I smiled wickedly.

In front of the fireplace we (two young women) were naked. I reached out and massaged her small tits in my hands and took her jutting nipples between my lips, one after the another. Our bodies so smooth, touching together. It all flowed so nicely, but I had never dreamed it to be this wonderful. I just did what I longed to do... I had made up my mind, I wouldn't hold back. Before long we were in a sixty-nine position and my tongue darted over her wetness between her legs. Her tongue thrusted in and out of my hot pussy with a shameless passion. I came and came, waves of pleasure reached my toes. I stopped my licking and just laid there for some time. Cecile had moved up and snuggled against me with her hand resting on my heaving breasts and her lips lightly kissing my neck. When I could, I turned and kissed her deeply. We moved apart and look at each other.

"Have you got a dildo or something?" Cecile asked.

"In fact, I do." I answered. "Jim brought a box filled with items to help me forget my loneliness."

Cecile sent me upstairs for the vibrator set. She told me when we added that in our lovemaking, it would get more exciting as our pussies needed to be filled. It was the box set Jim had given me before he left. The most interesting aspect of the situation was, the strap on dildo. I really wanted a good fuck from my lesbian friend. When I brought it downstairs, I didn't waste any time and took out the dildo from the box and offered to put it on her. She went crazy with the idea of fucking me like a man. After properly worn the artificial manhood, it was hard to tell if my friend was a "she" or a "he". She put me on my knees and elbows, my ass was raised to welcome my lover from behind. I loved the feel of her strokes and her hands as they roamed over my hips. With her behind me, fucking me, causing me mind blowing orgasms.

I fucked her too, but it was not as pleasant as her doing me. I didn't like being a man.

We also liked to watch each other masturbate. There were lots of little toys in the box, for us to figure out ways to pleasure ourselves.

After that, we went to shower, together. I adored everything about Cecile. The way she looked, felt, smelled, and tasted. I kneeled in front of her to devour her cunt. I loved having her slit on my face. I could watch her tweak her nipples and feel her wiggle her tight ass as she moved her clit across my tongue. At last, Cecile came, but I continued licking and sticking my tongue deep inside of her. Then, I found myself licking her asshole. I fucked it with my tongue deeply for some time and then was amazed as I felt her climaxing again. She was like a wild cat when she flipped me over and attacked my rear.

After we dried ourselves, still naked, we went to bed together. I took out the electric vibrator and inserted it into her pussy. I sat on the bed and felt the phallus still deep within her. I flipped on the switch and started to fuck her slowly. I was so turned on. Occasionally she would direct me with her hand. She came again and this time and we kissed hungrily. I lost my final innocence that day and I have no regrets that I went to bed with a woman.

On the other hand, almost every day, Harry was visiting me and we were well into our torrid affair. Then, he began to spend his nights in my bed (our marital bed which originally belongs to Jim and me).

One day he caught me with Cecile making love.

We were in our favorite 69 position when suddenly, my bedroom door opened and Harry entered.

"Well well, look who's here. Why didn't you invite me to the show?" While Cecile and

I hastily were trying to cover ourselves with sheets.

"Look Harry I want to explain..." I murmured.

"No need for an explanation, my dear. You are a hot little bitch, and my cock isn't enough for you."

"Harry, please leave." But he continued to take off his clothes.

"Wait Ann." Cecile said. "Maybe it'll be more interesting his joining in the fun."

"You bet, honey." He grinned mischievously. "I'll fuck both of you."

He slipped into the covers between two of us, kissing first Cecile then me on the lips.

"Let's have some fun." He croaked. "What you two ladies lack is a cock. Every pussy should be filled with a male hardness to make it feel good." Cecile climbed on top of him and holding his penis firmly with her right hand inserted it into her pussy.

"Oh God. You are so huge." She smiled. "You are lucky to have such a man as your father-in-law as well as a lover."

"What the Hell." I thought. "OK, lovebirds, I want my share of cock too."

"Be patient Ann. I'll fuck the living daylights out of you when I'm finished with this chick. What was your name honey?"

"I'm Cecile." While she kept on pumping her pelvis on his manhood.

"Pleased to meet you." Harry smiled. "Not a proper situation for a formal introduction, but I'm Harry, father-in-law to your hot friend."

He then, put us on all fours and took me from behind while fingering Cecile's pussy.

"Oh Harry, you are marvelous." I moaned. "Keep on fucking me, father. Cecile, I want you play with my tits as he does me." She complied immediately.

Harry took out his cock out of my pussy when I was about to come.

"Father... please don't take it out. Put it in. Fuck me, lover." I purred.

"Beg me." He demanded, stroking his cock with his hand.

"Please," I begged, "fill me, I need to feel you come inside me."

At that, he buried his cock in me again, then blasted load after load of hot come deep inside me.

His first eruption triggered my climax. I howled my pleasure as my pussy clenched his giant organ in spasm after spasm milking it hungrily.

After, we, three of us rested side by side on his bed. In a while Cecile lifted his dick again. Even limp it was impressive. Idly, she began to run her hand along its length.

Slowly, his tool again began to rise.

She started licking his sticky cockhead, then put it in her mouth. Harry began fingering my, gaping, come filled hole.

By the time he was fully erect, Cecile had wedged his cock to the back of her mouth, and as far down her throat as she could get it. Even so, a handful and more stuck out. Meanwhile, Harry's fingers were pleasuring my pussy. His massive pole had opened me so much that he soon buried four fingers in my come filled hole, and pinched my clit with his thumb.

In the end, he came in Cecile's mouth, which she transferred gingerly, into mine. We shared Harry's spunk, our mouths sealed together, tongues pushing his semen back and forth.

"Vow, you were both hot, ladies." He told us. "How about meeting more often in the future?"

I was getting used to it. All my frustration were gone.

Everyday, I looked forward to both Cecile and Harry coming to my house and we had uninhibited sex.

When it was time, my husband phoned me, informing he was about to return. I welcomed him at our garden gate, with open arms. He parked the car, and got off. We hugged, kissing passionately.

"How are you darling? Have you missed me?"

"Fine, and how are you?"

"Ann, I need to get laid at once." He said between the kisses. "I haven't had any sex for the last three months. My balls are about to burst."

I took his hand and we walked into our house.

"How about you? Have you find yourself a man to take care of you?" He asked.

"I'll tell you later." I answered. "First, let's deal with the emergency."

We went upstairs to our bedroom. I quickly took off my dress. Laying on the bed naked, I invited him on my top. My legs widely spread, pussy soaking wet I waited for his hard cock to enter me.

He inserted his manhood fully inside me, its tip touching my womb.

He began to pump with swift in and out strokes.

"Fuck me Jim. Fuck my hot cunt, with your wonderful cock." I moaned.

"Did your cunt miss my cock so much?" He said hoarsely.

"Yes... yes... yes. I want to feel your cock head at the opening of my womb. Fill me with your come, make me pregnant." I was crazy with lust. "Put a baby in me."

"I'm doing my best."

"I want to be a mother. I want my breasts swollen with milk. I'll let you feed on my tits when I begin to lactate."

"Vow, you are hot." Jim was amazed at my passion.

"Call me names, darling." I demanded.

"What should I call you?" He was fucking me furiously.

"Call me a bitch... a whore... a slut... call me a cunt, call me dirty names, oh, fuck me Jim." I was crying in ecstasy.

Jim was out of control. He came violently. My pussy clenched around his organ milking him by spasms running in my womb.

We laid side by side trying to catch our breath.

"Ann, what happened to you? You were unbelievable."

"I've missed my man. In a little while I'll suck your cock. But, first you have to stop calling me Ann."

"OK. Slut, put your whorish mouth on my cock, and give me a good head." Catching on with my game.

I went down on him, taking his placid cock fully in my mouth. Teasing it with my tongue I quickly got him hard again. I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I tried to take all of in my mouth. Finally managing to deepthroat his pole, he emptied his load directly down into my stomach.

He was amazed to find me so experienced in bed.

"Ohh. Ann, you were incredible, where did you learn to suck cock like that? You practically deep-throated me." Jim inquired.

"I missed you so much."

"And all those dirty talk? You couldn't pronounce the word "fuck" when I left you three months ago."

"I thought you like it. You always wanted me talk dirty." I tried to explain my wanton behavior to him.

"I'm glad honey, finally you became so uninhibited in sexual matters."

"I was sleeping around when you were away."

"Do you confess that you went to bed with another man?"


"Who is he?" He was more curious than angry.

"I can't tell."

"What do you mean? You can't tell who fucked you. Why not?"

"Oh, Jim. I am so ashamed. How will you forgive me? I think you have to divorce me. I committed adultery."

"Come on bitch, tell me who your lover is."

"I went to bed with a woman." I was more relaxed. He was taking it nicely.

"With a woman? I can't believe you."

"Then, with a man, and I was in a threesome with them both."

"Oh my God. You are incredible." He was looking at me in amazement. "Who was the man?"


"Harry? You mean you fucked my dad?"

"Yes" I was smiling sexily.

And his cock was rock hard for the third time. We spent the whole day and night, continuously copulating.

Next day, Jim took me to his father's house.

"Hi, dad."

"Hi son, hi Ann. Glad you've come. I prepared a nice meal. Just wondering how to eat it all by myself."

He invited us to the table. We had a variety of fine dishes, washed down with lots of red Californian wine.

After dinner, we stayed at the table, sipping our coffees.

"Ann, confessed to me that you fucked her while I was away" Jim said matter-of-fact- ly.

"Yeah, she was so lonely and I found it my responsibility to entertain her."

"Thank you for keeping her company."

"He taught me a lot." I added.

"Dad, would you like to fuck her, tonight?" Jim asked his father.

"Do you want me to?" Harry questioned me.

"Well, yes... but I want to have both of you with me tonight. Is it possible for me to be fucked by you two... father and son?"

"Of course my dear." Harry jumped at my idea. "And it wouldn't be the first time for us... Jim and me. In the past, we did the same woman together when he was a boy and I was teaching him how to fuck." Harry boasted.

"Oh, my God. I'm already wet thinking about two of you doing me." I began to take off my dress.

"Did she tell you, she was in bed for a threesome with me and Cecile, that hot chick, her girl friend?" Harry asked Jim.

"Yes dad. I've loved her even more, finding her so uninhibited."

"Let's go upstairs and give her a hard family fuck. Look at her, she is so hot."

Jim carried me, his naked wife, in his arms to his father's bed. Together they laid me on bed. Harry put his cock in my mouth, as Jim went down on me.

"Go easy on my cock, you cheap whore, I want to try all your three holes before I come." Harry declared.

"Did you fuck her ass before?" Jim wondered.

"No, did you?"

"It seems she has one last virgin territory to be fucked. Do you like to try it first?" Jim offered my ass to his father.

"You are her husband, you go ahead." was Harry's response.

"I took her virginity on our wedding night. I think, I'll leave her ass to you." Jim was insisting.

"All right. all right. I will be the first man to do her anally." Harry conceded. Finally, decided who will fuck me in the ass, they started to prepare me for my first sodomy.

Jim passed a jar of Vaseline to his father, from the bedside table.

I was kneeling on the bed, my chest pressed into the mattress. My pussy was completely exposed to my men. Harry liberally applied the cold cream into my anus. He adjusted me, my ass raised up, my legs slightly apart, ass cheeks spread wide for him.

"Please, fuck my ass. I need it so bad." I heard myself saying. I felt Harry's hands at my hips, and felt the tip of his cock at my back door. He pressed into me, and I grunted at the feeling of pain and pleasure. "Oh yes," I moaned, pushing back at him. "Fill my ass with your cock."

I turned my head so that Jim could see my face, expression of lust as Harry pumped his cock into me. My body trembled with ecstasy, and I pushed back at him. Harry began to fuck me even harder, and I met every thrust with one of my own. My first orgasm ripped through my body. The feel of my ass quivering around his cock tipped Harry over the edge, and he began to come, shooting into me. He pulled out of my anus, and the last ropes of his come dripping down, when I gingerly turned around and licked him clean. He collapsed next to me on the bed, closing his eyes.

"Son, you sure have a real slut as a wife."

"Yea, and I'm proud of her." Jim answered his father. "Now, it is my turn to fuck her." He put me on my back and climbed on top of me. I helped his cock, into my sopping pussy.

"Look at her, dad. How her cunt clenches around my cock. Have you ever met any other woman who loves to fuck so much?"

"Frankly, no." Harry admitted. "We have to do something before she becomes the busiest whore in town."

"I think, we should get her pregnant, soon." Jim suggested, while he was fucking me fiercely.

"I want to bear Harry's baby." I offered. "Jim, I'll give you a sister or a brother."

"It'll be great if I have a sister." Jim said. "When she becomes old enough, I can introduce her into our little family fun."

"How can we be sure, it will be a girl?" I asked sweetly.

"We can't." He took out his cock out of my pussy and put it into my mouth. "At least, let me make sure, I won't be the father." He began to ejaculate deep, against my tonsils. He poured a copious amount of semen for me to eat. After a short rest, they took turns fucking me in every possible position.

Couple of days later we heard that, Harry and Cecile decided to get married. Jim and I wished them happiness, and fully supported their decision.

My best friend is now my mother-in-law.

Our indecent affair promoted from threesomes to foursomes.

Sometimes they visit us for a family orgy in our house. Sometimes Jim and I reciprocate.

Our favorite party begins with Cecile and I, making love on the carpet, in front of the fireplace, while two men watch. Then Harry fucks me in front of Jim and Cecile.

Finally, Jim gets his favorite blowjob, from my mother-in-law.

End of the Story

September 1997
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