Fellatrix Summa CUM Laude

Written by Lingus / May 1, 2003


Fellatrix Summa CUM Laude By Lingus

I guess some women just naturally love to suck cocks. I know several of my friends have said that they were that way. Even a couple of gals in high school apparently were really into it. I remember Jan Best had a reputation for doing it. She supposedly did the entire football team and basketball team each year she was in school. That sounded outrageous to me at the time, and perhaps her slutty reputation just added to my reluctance to do it.

Actually, I'd never given it much thought until my relationship with Andy Johnson had developed to such intensity that he was pressuring me to "go all the way" to prove how much I loved him. This was in my junior year and I had no intention of letting that happen although I did let him slip his hands into my bra and panties and play with me. I liked the feeling that gave me.especially when he played with my pussy. I got really wet and hot and I must admit it wasn't easy saying no to him. It was just that I couldn't get my mother's admonitions out of my head. I never once thought about trying to play with Andy's cock although I noticed that he got a real big bulge in his pants whenever he played with me. I really didn't even know what a cock, hard or soft, looked like.

When Andy suggested that I give him a "blowjob" instead I guess he must have realized that I didn't know what he meant. "I want you to suck my cock," he said.

"You want me to what?" I replied. "I couldn't do anything like that. I mean no one would ever do such a thing. You're sick!" That was the end of my relationship with Andy.

Yes, I know I was a very naive girl. I guess I led a pretty sheltered life up to that point, but I wasn't a lot different than most of the girls that I grew up with. In fact I'll bet that a lot of them don't suck cock even today. Maybe I'm wrong, but judging by the delight of men who I've "gotten to know" over the last several years, I doubt that many of them get blowjobs very often.

In addition to my naivet? about sex I had no early experience with alcohol. I didn't have my first real drink until I was in college. The first few times I had a drink went quite uneventfully. These took place at receptions that the alumni office held during homecoming week during my freshman year. The first drink I had was a vodka sour. I thought it tasted quite good so I had another. I don't know if they were mixed really strong or if it was just because this was my first time, but I got a little tipsy. This scared me because I didn't want to act silly or get sick in front of the faculty and administrators who were there because I might lose my job. I had gotten a part-time job in the alumni office as a way to help pay my tuition.

Things really changed later that fall when I got invited to my first fraternity party. Since there were no "higher-ups" around I let my hair down and completely lost track of how much I'd had to drink. There were several other coeds there who were also being encouraged by the guys to "have one more." I suspect that many of them knew what was coming, but I didn't. After we were feeling pretty good, the guys suggested a game called "Dare." The premise of the game was simple. The gals were dared to perform some act or else they had to remove an article of clothing. The women sat on one side of the circle facing the guys who sat on the other. The guys took turns making the dares to the gals.

At first the dares weren't too outrageous. We were each dared to chug-a-lug our drink. Next they dared us to sit on their lap. That wasn't very threatening although a couple of the guys did let their hands wander a bit. I kind of liked that because I enjoyed having my breasts played with. After that they dared us to give them a kiss. Then we each were asked to show them our panties. For those of us wearing skirts this was easy. Some of the gals wore slacks and they had to partially undress just to avoid completely removing an article of clothing. At this point some of the gals chose to remove their blouses rather than show their panties. I think that may have been because they didn't have any panties on. I remember feeling kind of tingly as I watched Helen, the gal ahead of me, move to the center of the circle and lift her skirt to show off her panties. I was the second in line and so it was now my turn to choose. I also wore a skirt and chose to follow her lead and let them see my undies. I felt a sudden rush as I lifted my skirt and knew that a dozen guys and ten other women could see my bright pink panties.

I may have stood there showing off for longer than I had to but I finally sat down as Diane, the next gal, announced that she was going to remove her blouse instead. This round seemed to take longer than the others because the guys wouldn't let us sit down too quickly. If they didn't get a long enough view they made us do it over until they were satisfied. When it finally finished four of the women were without their blouses. One of the gals who'd shown her panties had on very sheer ones and the guys really made a fuss over getting to see her beaver when she held up her skirt. She held it up for a long time too. I didn't understand why she did that but I did notice that my pussy was starting to get pretty wet.

The next round got more intimate. We were asked to sit on our challenger's lap while he "gave us a chest massage." The gal ahead of me decided to remove her blouse instead. Since I enjoyed having my breasts caressed ever since Andy did it to me, I happily went to my challenger and sat down. In seconds I felt his hands massaging me through my blouse and bra. Then I felt him unbutton a couple of buttons on my blouse and slip his hand inside. He didn't stop there but proceeded to slip his fingers into my bra and massage my bare breasts. It felt heavenly but I suddenly realized that I was making quite a spectacle and made him stop. Three of the women after me decided to remove blouses instead. One of the women who had already removed her blouse decided to remove her skirt rather than get her breasts massaged. The guys really hooted when she stood before them in just her bra and panties. The rest of the women got the same treatment that I did. Since some of them were without bras to inhibit the massage things got rather frisky but only one of them ended up with her blouse completely off (she wasn't wearing a bra). Everyone (including her) seemed to really love that.

The final round that we played really changed my attitude about sex. We were "dared" to give our challenger a blowjob. I was astonished when Helen unhesitatingly moved over between the thighs of her challenger and began to unzip his pants. In seconds I saw the first cock that I had ever seen other than in a picture. It was hard and beautiful. I have come to realize after many comparisons that it wasn't particularly large but at the time I thought it was gigantic. Helen licked the head of it with the tip of her tongue for a while. Then she slipped it into her mouth and lunged forward so that it was completely hidden. I noticed that the guy closed his eyes and looked like he was in heaven. I could feel myself getting more and more excited as I watched her head bounce up and down on this wonderful appendage. I found myself wishing I had been more adventuresome with Andy a couple of years earlier.

After this had gone on for a few minutes Helen suddenly pulled back. Then I saw this white fluid spurting from his cock. It flew half way across the circle. There were a few more lesser spurts and then the guy collapsed in his chair.

"That was wonderful.just wonderful," he whispered.

I must have been somewhat dazed by this scene because I remember being nudged by Diane as my challenger repeated, "Alright, Darlene. It's your turn. What's your choice?"

I didn't even think about my response. My inhibitions had been subdued by all of the booze, and I was mesmerized by the thought of seeing and tasting this guy's cock. As I moved forward and began to kneel before him, he said "Great! This is my lucky day!"

I didn't really have a clue as to what I was to do. I had just seen it done once so I tried to repeat her motions. I didn't have to unzip the guy or take out his cock because he did that for me in a flash. His cock was also gorgeous. It was about the same size as the one before but somehow it looked different. I've since come to appreciate that no two cocks are exactly alike. Each one tastes and looks just a little different than any other. Comparing them is part of the fun that I have.

As I leaned forward towards my guy's cock I saw that there was liquid seeping out of the hole in the end of it. Then I smelled the wonderful musky aroma that I've grown to love. Finally as I flicked the tip of it with my tongue I tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. Trying my best to imitate my predecessor, I ran my tongue around the dark pink head a few times before swallowing as much of it as I could in my mouth. I heard the guy gasp as it went in. Then as I started pumping up and down on his big prick I felt his hands touch my breasts. Then he began to gently massage my tits with his hands as I massaged him with my mouth. It was an incredible sensation.

I found out later that this was this guy's first-ever blowjob as well as mine. I must have done all right because he didn't last long. Not knowing what to expect I didn't react when I sensed that his cock was beginning to twitch. Then my tongue sensed a spasm as I felt a blast of searing liquid hit the back of my throat. It caught me off guard and I started to choke. I tried to pull away but he had placed his hands behind my head and began pulling me tightly towards his crotch. I couldn't escape. Somehow I managed to swallow and kept swallowing as blast after hot blast of his cum shot into my virgin mouth. Then as quickly as it had started it stopped. Again not knowing what to expect I began sucking again when I caught my breath. I loved the unique flavor of his cum and wanted to taste more of it. In a few seconds however, his cock started to get soft. He was done.at least for a few minutes.

"Darlene, that was the greatest!" he said as I got up. "You are sure a terrific cocksucker."

I was stunned by his remark. That was a term that I'd always heard used in the most derogatory ways. I'd never given much thought to what it meant, but the meaning of the term began to sink in as I returned to my seat.

"Thanks," I said with a weak smile. "I guess I am one of those," I thought to myself not so proudly.

Two of the rest of the girls also elected to give their challengers a blowjob and the others removed an item of apparel. This meant that three of the gals were now only wearing their panties. When the last of the eleven girls had finished (she was one who elected to remove her bra) several of the girls quickly gathered up their garments and ran from the room.

"Hey, where are you all going?" one of the guys shouted. "Some of us aren't finished yet." In fact eight of the twelve guys hadn't "finished" yet and they didn't want the game to end so soon.

"Hey, Darlene," one of them said, "how about showing me just how good you can suck cock. I'll bet you're not that great."

"Oh, yeah," I replied accepting the taunt, "get it out and I'll show you." I couldn't believe my own ears at what I'd just said but I had this strange feeling that I just had to suck more cock. I was addicted.

As I began to grant this guy's wish, two of the other coeds joined me in finishing the rest of the group. An hour later all the guys had cum. Two of the original four had gotten blown a second time. In all I sucked five cocks that evening.and I swallowed every drop of their cum. By the time the party was over I had sucked more cocks than most women suck in their entire lifetime. I loved it. I knew that from then on I was going to suck as many guys as I could.

The next day reality reared it's ugly head. Of course, I had a terrible hangover, which I'd never had before. I also felt like the town whore every time I thought about my behavior at the party. I was so ashamed I sat and cried. I didn't know how I'd ever face any of those guys or gals. That would be impossible to avoid because two of the guys were in classes with me. I was sure I'd have to drop out of school or transfer or something.

Fortunately before I got myself too worked up and distressed I got a call from Byron Wells asking me for a date. Byron was one of the guys at the party and also one of those with whom I had a class. In fact he was the guy who had invited me to the party in the first place. I figured at first that he just wanted another blowjob but he assured me that he had wanted to ask me out before any of this happened. He gave my sagging ego a boost by saying that he thought I was the cutest coed on campus. When I questioned why he'd even consider going out with someone who'd been such a slut, he really surprised me by saying he'd gotten turned on watching me that night.and that I gave him the best blowjob he'd ever had. He couldn't believe I'd never done it before.

To make a long story short I accepted his invitation to go to a movie the next weekend. After the movie we talked some more about what I'd done and he made me feel a lot better about myself. In fact he made me feel like it was OK to have done what I did and enjoy it. Before he took me back to my dorm Byron got another blowjob.and he didn't even ask. I found that I had even more fun doing this one sober than I'd had doing the others drunk. It was like a dam had burst and my sexual being had abruptly surfaced.

While I was amazed at myself for my newfound hobby, I was even more surprised at Byron's delight and support. He began to think of ways for me to practice my art. Over the next few months I blew groups of five or six of his frat brothers while they watched the Monday night game. I blew Byron's kid brother Paul and Jim, a friend of his, when they came to campus for a weekend. Neither of them had ever had a blowjob before and they left for home with ear-to-ear grins.

Their big smiles and expressions of appreciation were a good lesson for me. I was beginning to understand the power that I had just from my willingness to give guys this pleasure. I don't think any of them realized (or much cared) how much fun I had doing it. I began to fantasize about how I could use this power and Byron and I spent a lot of time talking about it. Those conversations always ended abruptly because we both got so turned on that we'd head for the bed and spend an hour or two fucking. (Yes, I let Byron take the next step. In fact I did it with him on our second date. I found out I loved having a cock fill my cunt almost as much as I loved having one in my mouth.) The power I had was not just over the other guys that I blew but also over Byron because he got so excited about my antics.

When Byron asked me to give a pizza delivery guy a blowjob as a tip, we ended up getting a free pizza. We decided that was such a good deal we repeated it at least once a month for the rest of the school year. We tried the same routine with a Chinese carryout place with the same results. Byron teased me every time I sucked that guy off saying I'd be hungry for another cock again in an hour. I'd go along with his gag and ask him to fuck me an hour after dinner.

When finals were approaching at the end of my freshman year I was really worried about my grade in economics. The professor was not very exciting (and not particularly good looking) and I just wasn't inspired in the classroom. I knew that I had to do something to avoid getting a "D" or worse in the class. I asked Byron if any of his friends could help me. He offered an inspired suggestion. I should ask the professor for special tutoring. He winked at me when he said that and I quickly caught on to what he meant.

"I'm not sure he'd be interested," I replied uncertainly.

"I'll bet he'd love it," Byron assured me. "Anyhow it wouldn't be too hard to test the waters. Wear one of your sexy short skirts to class tomorrow. Maybe give him a peek or two of your panties. Then go up to him after class and tell him that you need some extra help and ask if he has any suggestions. If he's interested he'll let you know.

Well, I took Byron's suggestion to heart more from the almost desperate need to improve my grade than any desire to suck off my professor. I'm sure glad I did for two reasons. I got a "B" for the course. He offered me an "A" but I thought that was too much.

"I enjoyed this as much as you did," I told him. "You have one of the largest and most beautiful cocks I've ever seen.and I've seen quite a few." He seemed genuinely flattered by my comment. He admitted that no other woman including his wife had ever been able to take him all the way into either her mouth or her pussy.

That's the other thing I learned: wonderful things sometimes come in not-so-great packages. When I told Byron I was sure this guy had at least ten inches he didn't believe me. I told him that he was so big that I almost couldn't get him all in my mouth, but he still didn't believe me. I decided to ask for another private tutoring session and this time I took along a measuring tape. The guy was a startled when I asked if I could measure it but then he told me it was ten and one-half inches. He said he would like to see if I could take him all the way in my pussy as well as in my mouth but I told him I couldn't do that. He accepted my answer, but I think we were both disappointed. I was very tempted.

I should mention that Byron and I have talked about the possibility of my going further and fucking some of the guys that I "meet." We agreed that there could be a lot of complications in doing that and finally concluded that it wouldn't be worth the risk. Byron feels especially strongly about it so I'm not about to take the chance of hurting him even when I'm with a guy who I think might be a really great fuck.

At the end of the school year I returned home for the summer. It was really weird because as soon as I got back into that old environment I went back to my previous conservative ways. Byron and I kept in touch and he seemed very suspicious at first that I was lying to him about my abstinence but I think he finally accepted my word. We both eagerly looked forward to the beginning of the next school year.

I had to return to campus early because of responsibilities connected with my job at the alumni office. I didn't think I'd see Byron for another week but I was delighted to find him waiting for me when I arrived at my dorm. Before the hour was over he had gotten a blowjob. We didn't have time or a good private place to fuck. We both admitted being anxious to pick up where we'd left off at the beginning of the summer.

As soon as Byron could get back into his room at the frat house we ordered a pizza. When a different delivery man showed up I was afraid that maybe he wouldn't want to play our game, but before he left a half-hour later I had swallowed another load of cum and we had a free pizza. He said he'd be happy to make that trade anytime we called. We should just ask for "Jack." We told him to expect a call every couple of weeks. He left with a smile.

For the first couple of months that fall nothing really shocking happened. I did take care of a few of the members of Byron's fraternity including three new pledges. That was a lot of fun because Byron made me do it blindfolded. After I sucked each of the cocks for two minutes I was asked to take off the blindfold and identify the cocks in the order I'd sucked them. I guessed them all, which surprised them. They just didn't understand how much you could learn about a cock when you have it in your mouth for a few minutes. Of course I finished the game by sucking each of them dry. I've never left a blowjob uncompleted and there have only been a few times when I haven't swallowed the guys cum.

My horizons were greatly widened one day at work. Alan Bennett, an alumni athlete (a pretty famous and very good looking one), came into the office. He had agreed to head the alumni part of our annual fund drive and he had come to see Mr. Leonard, my boss, who was late getting back from an off-campus appointment. I tried my best to keep Alan entertained and in the process I guess I must have flirted with him a bit more than I realized. I noticed that I had lost eye contact with him and that his gaze seemed to be focused below my waist. When I looked down I realized why. I was wearing one of my shorter skirts and it had risen so that the flesh of my thighs above the tops of my stockings was visible. He could easily see my panties and probably the shadow of my brown beaver because these panties were pretty sheer. Then I noticed his crotch. He had an erection that he made no attempt to hide. I took a big gamble.

"Would you like to come with me back to the storeroom?" I asked. "I see you have a problem that perhaps I can help you with." I stood up and held out my hand toward him. He broke into a big smile and quickly took my hand. The storeroom door hadn't even fully closed when I was kneeling before him and unzipping his pants. He helped me extract his hard tool and I quickly engulfed it with my mouth.

"Ohhhh, Darlene, that feels so good," he said. I didn't attempt to answer. I knew time was short and I sure didn't want to get caught doing this. I let my tongue, lips and throat work their magic and in just a few minutes I reaped my reward.

"Ohhh, I'm cumming," he said as his body went rigid. I already knew that because I could feel his cock beginning to pulsate. Then his cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed furiously. He kept cumming and cumming. This guy wasn't the biggest I'd ever sucked but he did have the most cum. I kept sucking until he stopped shooting and then quickly licked him clean.

"I'd better get back to my desk," I said breathlessly. "Mr. Leonard could be back anytime now."

"Yes, you're right," Alan answered. "I understand.and I really appreciate the fantastic blowjob. It was the best." Then he bent down and kissed me. "Thank you," he concluded as we went quickly out the door and back to my desk.

We had just taken our seats when Mr. Leonard came in the door.

"Alan, I'm so sorry for being late," he began as he walked over and extended his hand. "I just had a big problem with the publisher of our newsletter and it took a lot longer than I expected to it out. I hope the wait hasn't been too unpleasant."

"Why, no," Alan responded. "Actually it was most pleasant. Darlene has been a terrific hostess and I really enjoyed chatting with her." As Alan and Mr. Leonard walked past me into Mr. Leonard's office Alan blew me a kiss and mouthed the words "Thanks again."

As Alan was leaving he said, "Thank you again, Darlene. I hope we can chat again when I am back in town next month." Mr. Leonard didn't have a clue as to how intimate our "chat" had been. Good thing too. I don't think he'd be amused.

I was thrilled. I had just given a blowjob to one of the biggest celebrities to have attended our university. Besides that he really seemed to have liked it and said he wanted to do it again. He even gave me a kiss. I hadn't thought about it before but none of the men I'd sucked off, except Byron, had ever kissed me afterwards. I couldn't wait to tell Byron about my little secret.

Byron was as excited about what happened as I was. We both realized that I had tapped a whole new source of cocks. Over the next few months I had several more "storeroom conferences" with Alan. He always managed to arrive for his appointments when Mr. Leonard wasn't around. On one of these occasions Byron decided to hide behind some filing cabinets and watch as I sucked Alan's cock to completion.

Then when I thought we were done Alan said that he had to repay me for the pleasure I'd given him. At first I thought he meant he wanted to fuck me, but I'd told him before that I couldn't do that. Instead Alan picked me up and sat me on top of the filing cabinet that Byron was hiding behind. He pushed up my skirt and began to pull down my panties. I was about to object when he pushed my knees apart and leaned forward and kissed my cunt. Then he began to run his tongue up and down my wet slit. I was having my pussy eaten.

I'd never had that done to me before and as soon as Alan started doing it I wondered why. I loved it. I hoped that Byron who was hiding only inches away was taking notes. From now on I would expect him to do this to me too. I just hoped that right now he wouldn't get upset by what Alan was doing and blow his cover. That could bring disastrous results.

Alan continued licking and sucking me. He even ran his tongue down and tried to force it into my tight asshole. Finally as I felt myself getting very excited he took my little love button (Byron's term for my clit) into his mouth and very gently rolled it between his lips and his teeth. My body suddenly shook as a wave of orgasm overcame me. I hadn't had the opportunity to cum all that often. Sometimes it happened when Byron fucked me, but not always. This time though was the best. I had to bite my finger to keep from moaning loudly.

Suddenly I realized how vulnerable I was sitting up there on the filing cabinet with no underwear on and my pussy blatantly on display. What if Mr. Leonard or someone else opened the door just a few feet away?

"I've got to get back to my desk," I said urgently as I tried to climb down.

Alan lifted me back down. I decided not to take time to put my panties back on. Instead I kissed Alan and said "Thank you Alan. That was a wonderful treat. You know I've never been eaten before."

"You're kidding," Alan replied. "Well I'll be glad to eat your sweet hot pussy any time. It's the least I can do in return for your terrific blowjobs."

I wanted to say something to Byron before I went back to my desk but I didn't dare because Alan held the door for me instead of leaving. I had to wait until Alan was in Mr. Leonard's office before I went back in. I sure hoped that he wasn't angry about what Alan had done.

My anxiety was relieved a few minutes later when Mr. Leonard came in and took Alan into his office. I immediately went into the storeroom. Byron was waiting there for me.

"Wow, that was really hot!" were his first words. "I've never been so turned on." He proved his point by pulling his hard cock out of his pants. Then he turned me to face away from him, bent me over, lifted my skirt and slammed his hard cock into my cunt. I nearly screamed with pleasure. It took him just a minute or two and I felt a blast of his hot cum shoot into my cunt. He continued shooting for a few seconds. As quickly as he began he finished. He stuffed his shrinking cock back into his pants, zipped up, kissed me and said "I'll see you tonight." Then he was gone out the door.

I stood for a moment in a daze. In the last few minutes I had taken a load of one man's cum in my mouth and then a load of another man's cum in my cunt. I could feel Byron's cum dripping from my pussy and running down the inside of my thighs. I knew I had to get back to my desk so I cleaned myself up as best I could with a Kleenex and then put my panties back on. I knew they would get pretty wet as my guy's cum continued to drain out but somehow that thought just made me start to feel horny again.

That episode was just one of the most exciting (and dangerous) of my "storeroom conferences." Over the next year and a half I enticed more than twenty visitors into my "lair." They included two other big-name athletes (both big men with bigger cocks), an assortment of visiting journalists and reporter types, a local TV personality, a clergyman and a congressman. Alan came back several times and whenever time permitted he made good on his promise to eat my pussy. I loved it and was pleased that Byron was getting better at doing it too.

I was always pretty careful to avoid being caught by Mr. Leonard although a couple of my guests and I had close calls. On the final day at work at the end of my junior year Mr. Leonard called me into his office.

"Darlene," he began, "I have a couple of personal matters to discuss with you."

My heart was in my throat. What was this about?

"First of all I have some very good news. The president of the university, Dr. Wright, has asked that your employment contract for next year be in his office."

"Wow!" I responded. "That's terrific, but why did he do that?"

"I have told him of your outstanding work and he's also heard about it from some of the alumni who've come in contact with you. You seem to have a lot of fans. Alan Bennett was particularly complimentary in his comments. He says you're a real asset to the university."

I blushed a thousand shades of red. I sure hoped that Alan had confined his comments to non- sexual issues.

"That's really nice to hear," I said. "I appreciate your passing that information along to me. You said there were two matters to discuss, as I recall."

"Oh, yes," Mr. Leonard continued. "The other matter is of a rather sensitive and very personal nature. You see I've known for sometime that you have a special talent for taking care of our guests.at least our male guests."

"OH NO!" I thought to myself, "he knows about the blowjobs." Again I blushed.

"I'm sure you know what I'm talking about," he went on. "You see not all of the men who've been given your personal tour of the storeroom have been nearly as discrete as they ought."

I was really squirming in my seat and Mr. Leonard sensed my discomfort.

"Oh, don't worry, Darlene. I don't mean to cause you any problem. In fact I believe that your tours have greatly helped our office. We've gotten some great coverage in the press and I know of at least two major contributions and a large grant that came about because of your tours. I must admit, however, that for the past several months I've been extremely envious of those who've gotten those tours. It's just that as your supervisor I didn't want to say anything."

The relief at his words of assurance must have been obvious although I'm sure my complexion had changed from bright red to pale white as I contemplated the tremendous embarrassment that I could suffer. However, it was slowly dawning on me where this conversation was heading.

"But now Darlene, you're no longer really one of my employees. You are an employee of President Wright."

"And I'll bet you'd like a tour of the storeroom before I leave," I said with a knowing smile. I had always enjoyed working for Mr. Leonard. He had treated me very nicely.almost like a father. I found the prospect of sucking his cock to be especially exciting.

"Darlene, you're very perceptive," Mr. Leonard said as he returned my smile.

"Well, Mr. Leonard, there is something that you may not know about those tours," I said as I regained my composure and realized that I was now in control. "There is something that the men who got the tour had to do in return for my services," I said as I got up from my chair and moved over beside Mr. Leonard's chair.

"What is that, Darlene?" he asked. "Whatever it is I'm sure I'll be happy to do it too."

"They had to eat my pussy," I said. Actually the only one who ever ate me was Alan but I had this tremendous urge to have Mr. Leonard eat me too. "Let's do the tour right here in your office," I continued as I thought of the irony of being eaten right here on my boss's desk.

"That sounds great Darlene. I'd love to eat your hot little cunt and since I've already seen the stockroom I'll gladly take my tour right here." He swung his chair around to face me and unzipped his pants as I knelt between his legs.

Seeing the hard cock of the man that I had worked for for three years as it stood beckoning to me was the most erotic experience of my sexual career. I knew that I wanted to give Mr. Leonard the hottest sex he'd ever known. In fact I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to do something really special for him that I hadn't done for any of the other men in the stockroom. I began his blowjob in my usual manner and was soon pumping up and down as I made his cock fuck my face. He was about average in size so I had no problem taking him all the way in and he really loved that.

When I felt that he was getting close I pulled away. "Now it's your turn," I said as I stood up. Then I slipped off my panties and sat up on Mr. Leonard's desk. "I'll finish you in a few minutes."

As soon as I was sitting in front of Mr. Leonard with my skirt pulled to my waist and my feet up on the back of his chair, he leaned forward and stared for a few moments at my pussy.

"Darlene, your cunt is exquisite," he said sounding like he'd never seen one before. He was breathing deeply and I couldn't wait to feel his tongue on my wet slit.

Mr. Leonard ate me with an expertise that really surprised me. In just a few minutes I came but he didn't stop until he made me cum again. He wanted to go on but I stopped him saying "OK, now it's time to finish you.but I have to ask you something first."

"What's that?" he asked sounding puzzled.

"Can you keep a secret?" I asked.

"Why, of course," he replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I want you to do something I've never done for any of the other men.and I don't want my boyfriend or anyone else including President Wright to ever know. OK?"

"Sure Darlene," he replied. "What is that?"

"I want you to fuck me," I said. "I want you to cum in my pussy. Will you do that?"

Mr. Leonard didn't answer. He just got up, unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall to the floor. Then he stepped forward and I felt the head of his cock as it rubbed up and down my wet slit. Suddenly I felt him enter me. I was getting fucked by only the second man ever. It felt wonderful.

Mr. Leonard was so turned on that it didn't take long before I felt a load of hot cum splashing into my cunt. He gasped and moaned softly before collapsing on top of me.

"Thank you Darlene. That was wonderful," he said as he kissed me, "and you can be certain that I won't say a word about this to anyone."

"Thank you Mr. Leonard, I appreciate your discretion," I answered as I got up and again knelt before him. "Let me clean you up a bit before you put this away," I continued as I took his cock back in my mouth. I licked my juices and his cum off of it and then gently kissed the tip.

"I almost wish I'd known of your talents sooner," I said as I slipped on my panties. "Maybe I'll come back and see you again next fall. I think I'd enjoy having this fill my mouth and pussy again," I said as I reached down and caressed his cock.

"I hope you do," he replied with a smile. "By the way, President Wright would like to see you before you leave campus. I'm not sure if I mentioned that."

"OK," I said. "I guess I could stop in there now if he's still in his office. Do I look like I just got fucked though?"

"You might want to freshen up a bit before you go," Mr. Leonard replied. "I'll call over and tell him that you'll be there in fifteen minutes."

Thirty minutes later I was in President Wright's office. The door was locked and I was sucking his cock. He was quite direct about what he wanted from me and he made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. I got a full scholarship for my final year. All I had to do was give blowjobs to him and a few other men that he'd tell me about. I was to meet him in his office twice a week after office hours. If he needed me to suck off a visiting bigwig he'd leave a note for me in my p.o. box. I thought it was a terrific deal. I didn't have to do any office work at all. The only problem that I could see was figuring out a way to explain this to my parents.

When I saw Byron that night I told him everything except about getting fucked. He never did know about that. In fact I fucked Mr. Leonard several times the next year and no one ever knew about that either. Mr. Leonard was truly a man of his word and I really appreciated that. It was sort of weird as I look back on my times with Mr. Leonard. I always called him "Mr. Leonard" even when he was fucking me. That included a trip back to campus for my tenth reunion when I made an unannounced visit to Mr. Leonard's office. He was delighted that I stopped in and we had another great time as he fucked me on his desk. We each commented that the other had certainly maintained their technique. I didn't tell him about all of the practice that I was getting. I don't think he'd understand.

Byron graduated that spring and I knew that next year wouldn't be the same with my new job and Byron not being so close by. Fortunately he got a job in town and rented an apartment quite close to the campus. Over the summer we decided that I would move in with him when I got back in the fall. My mother didn't really like the idea but she didn't forbid me to do it. I think she was slowly catching up with the times. Surprisingly my dad didn't offer any objection.

During my senior year I tried to keep my skills as a fellatrix sharpened any way I could. Of course I did President Wright once or twice a week. He also had me do visiting bigwigs two or three times a month. In fact one month when we were kicking off a major development campaign I did five members of the campaign committee in two days. Since none of them was to know about the others things got a little hectic but they all seemed to enjoy my talents and I loved experiencing five new cocks.

One night Byron and I tried to count the number of cocks that I sucked while I was in college. We lost track at around sixty. I thought it had to be more like a hundred but we couldn't be sure. The one thing we were both sure of was that we both still very much enjoyed my hobby. I still told Byron about each one in detail unless he was with me when I did it. We still had occasional Monday night parties with a few of his old fraternity brothers and we still ordered pizza or Chinese food and the delivery men still got their special tips. We still got free meals.

After I graduated that spring the pace of my activities slowed down quite a bit. I got a really good job with an advertising agency and didn't want to jeopardize it by trying anything with anyone I worked with. Besides Byron didn't seem too comfortable with the idea of my getting that intimate with men of my own age in that environment. He said I should limit myself to men who weren't a threat to our relationship such as visiting clients or old friends of ours. This did allow me to suck a new cock or two every month and we made a point of getting together with some of his old buddies fairly often too so I wasn't suffering from protein deficiency.

Five years after college we got married. The wedding was something to tell about, and I don't mean the service itself. That was pretty conventional with the fancy dresses and tuxes, flowers, candelabras, a church and all. Both of our families were there. Our sisters and Byron's two brothers were in the wedding party along with two of his best friends from work. We hadn't really discussed what our marriage would mean to our little game and I figured that once we were married I'd have to settle down and be satisfied with just one cock in my life. Boy was I wrong.

After the service was over we waited around to take some pictures before going on to the reception. While we were waiting Byron asked me and the guys in the party to come with him. He led us down to the room where he and his party had dressed. I was about to ask what he was up to when he told all of the guys to have a seat. Then he led me into the next room. Remember that I was still dressed in my full wedding dress.including my veil.

"I want you to say thank you to each of the guys in our wedding," Byron announced.

"Sure," I said as I started to walk back to the other room.

"No, not that way," he said, "and not in there. I want you to do it one at a time in here," he instructed.

Suddenly it hit me. He wanted me to give them each blowjobs. At first I didn't know if I should hit him and run or just quietly do as he asked. As I sat in my momentary daze thinking about it I realized that my pussy was getting wet. That was my reliable barometer telling me to do it.

For the next half hour I, the new Mrs. Byron Wells, sucked five cocks. One of them was Paul, the younger brother whom I'd done in school. Not only did I suck Byron's two brothers and two friends but I also sucked the photographer who came down to see why we were taking so long.

When Byron told the photographer what was happening and that he was going to be "thanked" too the guy offered to take pictures of me with each of the guys for special pictures for our wedding album.

Byron thought that was a terrific idea so we took a few more minutes while I sucked each guy again long enough to get him hard. I did it this time with all of them in the room and we have one photo in our private album of me with five hard cocks. One was in my mouth, one was in each hand and the other two were stroking themselves. Byron took that picture so that the photographer could also be in it. We also have individual shots of me with each of the five cocks in my mouth. This was certainly an afternoon to remember.

Our honeymoon was not much different. When we checked in to our Caribbean resort I gave the bellman a blowjob for bringing our bags to the room. We had room service each morning and I gave the delivery guy a blowjob each time (there were four different ones during the week). We found a group of three guys at the hotel bar the first night we were there. I thought they were kind of cute and so we brought them up to the room for my "treat." They really would have liked more and I would have liked to fuck one of them in particular but I told them that was not part of the deal.

I have to admit here that although I didn't fuck that guy or anyone else while Byron was around I did get word to this guy one afternoon when Byron was off on an errand. We met at his room for a quickie. I felt sort of guilty about it but I knew I wasn't going to get carried away and fall for the guy, which is what Byron, really seemed most concerned about. Since our marriage over ten years ago I've "cheated" probably an average of five or six times a year.

I've never done it with the same guy more than once and it's always been when we were somewhere where the guy couldn't identify me and cause problems. This has been relatively easy to do because we go to other parts of the city a couple of times a month so I can pick up guys for blowjobs. Sometimes I give the blowjobs with Byron watching. Other times I do them alone and tell him about them later. I only tell Byron about the blowjobs and not about the ones I let go all the way. As long as I douche and clean up carefully I'm OK. One time I didn't get a chance to clean up after a guy dumped his load in my cunt and I think Byron suspected that something unusual was in there but he didn't make an issue of it.

On our honeymoon we tried one other thing that we found to be a lot of fun and a very effective way to find guys. It happened sort of by accident the first time but we've done it very deliberately ever since. We were in the dance club at our resort and we'd both had quite a bit to drink so we were even wilder than we might otherwise have been. Byron danced several dances with me and he started trying to feel me up on the dance floor. First he rubbed my breasts and even unbuttoned my blouse. Then he pulled up the back of my skirt and danced with his hands on my ass with my cheeks showing because I wasn't wearing any panties (I had promised not to wear any for our entire honeymoon). Then he tried to reach down under me from the back and feel my pussy (which was very wet of course).

I was rather uneasy at first about being so much on display but the room was fairly dark and no one seemed to care or even notice. However, when I finally sat down while Byron went to the men's room another guy came up to our table and asked me to dance. I accepted thinking he might be a prospect. Byron came back to the table to see this guy repeating the sorts of things with me that he had just done. The guy had my blouse open and was playing with my tits. Then he pulled up my skirt and began to caress my ass. I could feel the guy's cock as it grew and pressed against me. It felt like a nice one and I began to think about what it would be like to suck on it. I noticed Byron watching intently as I was being caressed by this stranger. The guy's hands were just starting to work down towards my pussy and I was about to reach down myself and stroke his cock when he asked whom I was with.

"Oh, that's my husband," I replied trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. After all I hadn't referred to Byron by that term very often before.

"Ohmygawd!" he said as he dropped my skirt and put his hands back in more respectable locations. "I'm sorry ma'am," he said. "I didn't mean anything. I guess I just got carried away when I saw him do that to you."

"Hey, relax," I said. "He's cool. I'll bet his dick is as hard as yours right now just from watching me with you." Then I did reach down and stroke his cock. "Hmmmm, that feels like a real nice one. Would you mind stepping outside for a minute so I can check it out?"

"But, what about him?" he asked nodding toward my new husband.

"He loves to watch me suck guys cocks," I responded. "Do you think you could handle that? If so, come on."

"Holy shit!" was all he said as I began to lead him from the dance floor. As I turned to look Byron was a few steps behind us. Since it was a warm tropical evening we headed outside and found a secluded spot. Byron stayed several feet away at first as I got the guy unzipped and began to suck his wand. Then as the pace quickened I noticed Byron moving closer so that he could easily see this new cock fucking my face. It didn't take long and I had swallowed another load of cum. As the guy started to recover from his climax I thought for a second that he might suddenly run for cover because now Byron was standing right beside him.

"Isn't my wife a great cocksucker?" Byron asked.

"She's the best," the guy replied. "Ma'am that was wonderful. Mister, you are one very lucky guy to have a wife with such a talented mouth," he then said turning to Byron.

"I know. I know," was all Byron said. Then my husband came over and held me tight and kissed me as my newest conquest turned and walked back into the club. He was still muttering about not believing it as he walked away.

"My sexy new wife has cum on her breath," Byron said teasing. "You know, I really like that. I hope it happens a lot."

A few years later we were in a hotel bar "dancing" on one of our nights out. Things had progressed to the point where a new dance partner was fondling me on the dance floor. The guy chickened out when I told him I wanted to go to our room and suck him while my husband watched so I returned to our table. There I found Byron staring at the pantiless pussy of a woman seated at the next table. He pointed out the pussy show and said that she had been sitting like that for several minutes. The woman seemed oblivious to how she was sitting and was actively engaged in a conversation with the man she was with (her husband we learned later). Byron said I should give them a show too which I willingly did. By this time I was feeling really horny having been groped and then jilted on the dance floor.

After our mutual pussy show had gone on for several more minutes the other man waved us over to their table. We talked to them for quite awhile and learned that they were members of a club called "Showtime." It was for couples that liked to show off the wife's private places. They suggested that since we obviously had the same interest we should join. We didn't mention that we used showing off my pussy and tits as a way to catch the attention of guys for me to suck, but it was fun to find another couple with similar interests.at least as far as they went.

We went with them to their next club meeting and I agreed to be initiated. It's been a lot of fun. At each meeting the couples share the adventures they've had during the previous month and Byron and I have gotten really turned on telling them about our dance floor experiences.including the blowjobs later. At first some of them seemed quite surprised that we did that but then another couple, Doc and Jane, joined. They go even further than we do. Jane shows off for other men and then she fucks the ones that she really likes while Doc watches. Showtime's next meeting is tonight. It should be a lot of fun because a new couple is being initiated. Then Byron and I will report on our recent shopping trip. We went out to buy me some new clothes for showing off. The outfit we bought included matching white lace bra, panties and garter belt. The bra and panties are for when I wear the outfit to work. The blouse is a fairly sheer white blouse with lots of ruffles. If I don't wear a bra under it my nipples are plainly visible. The skirt is blue knee-length denim that buttons up the front. Byron even bought me some new black shoes to wear with it.

When we were done shopping Byron suggested that we try the outfit out so we went to the food court to scout for a prospect. Of course I didn't wear the bra or panties. I immediately found a good- looking guy and proceeded to give him a show. His erection told me that he liked what he saw so I went over to him and offered to help him with the problem I'd caused. His big smile was the answer I was hoping for so I led him out to our car where I gave him a blowjob while Byron watched.

Tonight we're not only going to tell about our experience but we're also going to reenact it. This will be a first for us. I'm a little apprehensive because I haven't sucked a cock with other women watching since that first frat party years ago. Byron says I shouldn't worry though.

"As soon as you see that hard cock in front of you, you'll forget about anything else," he said. I know he's right.

There will be another first tonight. Two month's ago the club voted to change it's rules to permit any form of consensual sex as long as the partners and their spouses agreed to it. This means that tonight I can suck the cock of another husband and I have selected Jack Gardner. He checked with his wife Diane after Byron called him last week and she said she didn't mind. Actually I think Diane is letting him do this because she wants to fuck one of the other men. I've noticed how she and Barry Simon have flirted quite openly at recent meetings. Since the Simons are swingers and Barry's wife Sandy is admittedly bi, I'll bet that we'll be watching the three of them do a reenactment of one of the Simons' adventures sometime soon.

Anyhow Byron and I can't wait for tonight. I chose Jack for my partner because I saw his cock when Gary and Mary Carr reenacted the sex show they did in their motel room. Jack was one of the many club members who masturbated while they watched. I noticed that Jack had an unusually thick cock and I told Byron that somehow I had to suck Jack's cock. We haven't been able to figure out a way to approach him until now. It's so thick I hope I can get it all in my mouth. It'll be a lot of fun trying anyhow and Byron says that once the other men in the club see my technique they'll all want to be my partner next time.

That sounds great to me. I'll get to have double the fun. First I'll get to show off and suck guys' cocks during the month and then I'll get to suck other guys' cocks at the meeting while I reenact the shows and blowjobs that I did earlier. That certainly gives a confirmed cocksucker like me something to look forward to.


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