Stef's Big Move

Written by Big Jim / Oct 10, 1999




She looked up, past the frat boy who was hammering between her legs as they waved in the air, and mouthed the words, "Thank you." Just then, another twentysomething horn dog ejaculated over Stephanie's face. She licked around her cum-laden mouth and smiled.

This was a woman who a few weeks ago bridled when guys looked her over as she walked down the street. Now Stephanie was at the center of a gang bang in a motor home parked at a rest stop off the I-15 in Idaho. She da ho now. The frat boy who was fucking her was the third in line. Behind him were a half-dozen more. How had Stephanie gotten there, at the intersection of her love for cock and the oversupply of what she craved so much?

The latest phase of her relentless horniness began when she asked me, her ex-husband, to drive a U-Haul truck from the small mountain state town that had closed in on her, back to the California desert for another go at the American dream. At forty, Steph weighed within five pounds of her weight in college. Her look was not classically beautiful, but she was interesting, cute and petite. Stef had nice legs, a very round butt, nice tits with Toll House nipples, and a swimmer's shoulders. She looked particularly fetching on her knees with my cock in her mouth, and when she got hot enough, you could hold the back of her head and fuck her throat like it was a juicy twat.

We had divorced several years before, because she was restless and didn't want the dull life of a yuppie wife. Hell, I thought as the frat boy grimaced and clenched his buttocks while he shot into Stef's greedy snatch, if I had known that was what she wanted, we could have had some wild times a lot sooner. Biff or whatever his name was pulled out, his softening prick shiny with their mixed juices, and Stef's moans turned to whimpers: "Who's next?" she breathed. A black kid stripped off his Calvins and let his fat log of a cock swing down as he stepped forward. He reached down with hands big enough to palm two basketballs and flipped Stef over onto her hands and knees. Her pussy was dripping jism down the inside of her thighs as he plugged it with one swift thrust. Stef began to whimper again, until a blond boy with an almost conical cock shoved it into her mouth. He whipped up a fine froth around her mouth as the two guys worked up a rhythm moving her back and forth between them.

Stef and I had been into role-playing for years. Her favorite was the hooker busted by the vice cop. I melted inside when she shuddered before licking out my asshole as she acted out the slut desperate to avoid another pinch. She liked that story over and over again, even when I added cop after cop until she was fucking and sucking the whole squad.

But what I think really got her going was the cowboy at the rest stop. But that is another story. Right then, inside the Winnebago with the Phi Whoevers and Stef the sweetheart of their wet dreams, I was wondering who would be the first to take her up the ass.


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