Written by Little One / Nov 1, 2001


Camping by Little One

Here is a little story that happened this summer when my wife and I went camping with a couple of my buddies. A little background first, though. Like many other guys, I like it when my wife teases and tries to humiliate me about my small dick, and how much better big ones are. She too enjoys teasing me, especially if she has cum first and is waiting for me to cum.

Well, we were camping with my buddies and when night fell, we went to our tent and they went to theirs, which was right next to ours. We could hear them talking as they got ready for bed. We heard one of them say how nice my wife looked and wished he could have her.

This got us hot, especially my wife, and we started fooling around. I was pretty self-conscious, knowing they could hear us, and tried to be very quiet. My wife was pretty hot, I guess from hearing them talk about her. We fooled around and even though I tried to keep quiet, she was moaning away. I knew they could hear her, but she just kept getting hotter and hotter. Well, I ended up eating her out, and she came in a loud orgasm. We stopped momentarily, and could hear my buddies applauding us.

After my wife regained her composure, she said to me, what about you? What would you like me to do with that little thing you have. I was kind of self conscious, knowing they could hear us, but I love her talking dirty to me. She said to me, I wonder if your friends now how little your dick is? I could hear them giggling in their tent when she said this, and tired to tell her to keep her voice down, but she continued, you are so small, it even seems smaller than usual. I wish I had my tape measure so we could see how long you are. I know it can?t be more than 5 inches. I was torn, because I knew they could hear her, but I was loving how she was talking to me. She was slowly jacking me off, and continued saying, Look I can cover the whole thing up with my hand. It looks like a small worm. She could tell that I was getting excited and asked me, Do you want to put that little thing inside of me? I don?t know if I will be able to feel anything, but we can try. Again, I could hear them in their tent laughing. So I got on top of her and boy she was wet. She must have also gotten excited with this talk, and knowing that they were listening in. I started pumping away. She said, out loud I might add, Is it in yet, I cant tell. Someone burst out laughing. Yes it is I said, and getting into it, said, cant you tell. No she answered. So as I am fucking her, I say, have you had any bigger ones inside of you. She laughed and said, this is the littlest dick that I have ever fucked. I was used to being stretched out until I married you. I said, does it feel any different? She answered, you?ve got to be kidding, I can hardly feel you in me, a bigger dick feels so full, so good. Again, laughter outside the tent. I was sliding in and out of her and this talk was getting to me. I asked would you rather have someone else in you, and she said, anytime, yours doesn?t really do anything for me. She added, let me know when your done, cause I might fall asleep while we are screwing. This got to me and I started cumming. They must have heard me cum. As I rolled off of her, she said, are you finished, I don?t see any cum. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, knowing that I had loved the way she spoke to me. As I started to fall asleep she said, now that your done, it is so small, it must only be an inch long. I guess it will have to do. She giggled and rolled over to sleep. I too drifted asleep.

The next morning as we ate breakfast around a fire, my buddies kept smirking at me. They were smiling at my wife who gave them a smile back. Later on, my wife stayed to read at the tent and my friends and I went fishing. As I got the bait out of my pack, one of them said, Can you hand me a small worm, it would be nice to have a bigger one, but it will have to do. They both broke out laughing, and a big smile appeared on my face. I can't wait to go to bed tonigt.
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