My Wife's Getting Into It

Written by Little One / Dec 7, 2000


My Wife's Getting Into It By Little One

I have read many of the erotic stories and letters on the internet. It seems that many men have the fantasy of watching their wives have sex with some big cocked guy, often comparing their small dicks to his, or being made to eat and clean up his wife afterwards. This never was my fantasy, I usually like to read stories about women having sex with each other or two women having sex at the same time with one guy. However, my wife got hold of some of these cuckold stories and totally flipped. The first time she read one, we fucked for hours, she was so turned on. She asked me to find stories and print them out for her of big dicked men fucking a women while her husband watched. I think that she really got off on reading about the husband being teased about his small pecker.

She started wanting to act out these fantasies in bed. She would tease me about my dick, saying that it looked small. (It really isn't that big, about 5-1/2 inches) Many different nights while having sex, she would get out a ruler and measure it. She would get off on telling me how small it measured, even reporting that it was smaller than it really was. She would tease me about it. When it made her hot, I didn't mind, it got me more excited to see her turned on. She also began wanting to insert objects into her-big objects, like candles and cucumbers. She would grease them up with cream and slide them in and out. She liked to watch me watching her. It was kind of exciting, I have to admit. She would tell me how big they felt, how they stretched her out. She would tell me that she wished I was this big, or how small I felt compared to these cocks. She liked to get on her hands and knees and have me hold the cucumber next to my dick. She would have me insert it into her and she would rock back and forth on it, as though I (or someone else) with a big dick was fucking her. She would moan in pleasure, screaming to an orgasm. I didn't mind, it was great to see and hear her get off. I suspect that she was playing with these toys more than when I was home. Her pussy was beginning to become permanently stretched out. When we did fuck, it was getting harder to feel myself screwing her, and the same for her. But in a way she loved this, cause it added to her fantasy even more. She would ask me if I was in yet, or tell me that she couldn't feel me inside her, that my little penis was not worthwhile anymore. She liked to have me begin to fuck her, and then tell me I was too small and should beat off to entertain her, because fucking her wasn't doing anything. Also, as in the stories that she was reading, she was getting interested in me eating her out, pretending that some other guy had just screwed her.

Recently it seems as though she has taken these fantasies to a new level. She has been making lubricants in the kitchen for me to eat off of her, and out of her. She has been mixing mayonnaise or sour cream, sometimes whipped cream with a little water until they look like cum. She puts them on her pussy and tells me to clean her up, or to make her cum. When we do this, she tells me that my small dick isn't going to fuck her until she is clean, or teases me about this being some other guys cum. At first it wasn't very exciting for me, but it seems like I am getting used to it, looking forward to eating her out. Afterwards, either I fuck her, or she has me play with myself and teases me.

Last night though, was the most inventive of her fantasies. I was laying in bed waiting for her to come upstairs, hoping to have a little fun. She told me to get ready and that she would come up soon. I could hear her down in the kitchen fooling around. When she came up, she told me to get out of bed. I was naked, and started to put on a robe, but she said no that she wanted me to stay naked. She had a big kitchen bowl with her, but it was covered with a towel, so I couldn't see what was inside it. She started talking dirty to me, telling me that she was going to get fucked by a guy with a huge dick, that she was to be his, and when he was through, I would have to service her. If I was good she said, I might get to cum. I was getting curious as to what she was saying, was someone coming over? What was in the bowl, I wondered?

She teased me saying that my dick was too small, that she needed a real one tonight. By now I had a raging hard on. She told me to get out of the room, so that her and her lover could be alone. She closed the door on me. There I was standing out in the hall, naked, listening by the closed door. I heard her lie on the bed. She was talking to her imaginary lover, telling him how big his cock was. She knew that I could hear her on the other side of the door. She was telling him that I couldn't compare to his big dick. She must have been playing with one of her toys, I thought I could hear squishing noises. She was moaning loudly and going on about my little dick. I heard her cumming, she was screaming and moaning like never before. She started to die down, but must have continued playing with herself because it wasn't long before she was cumming again. This went on for about 45 minutes, she must have had about four or five orgasms. My dick was so hard by now, I thought that I would explode.

She called for me to come into the room. There she was laying on the bed, the sheets were all over the place. Both she and the bed were covered with what looked like cum. It was all over her, dripping from her chin, from her breasts. Her pussy was stretched wide open, with the cum all over it. It was like she had been in a gang bang, fucked over and over. Her pussy lips were hanging down, all purple and red. For a minute I wondered if someone had been in the room with her, but next to her I could see the bowl that she had brought up. It showed the remains of the cum she had made in the kitchen. Also, next to the bowl was a huge cucumber. She had acted out her fantasy of being the center of attention of an orgy with guys with huge dicks. She must have rammed that cucumber into herself over and over. She really looked like she had been fucked over and over. She called me over telling me that she had been fucked like never before. She said that she was so sore. So stretched out. She told me that she needed to be cleaned up. She asked me to please clean her and as she did she slowly put her hand on top of my head and guided me down to lick the cum up. I obliged her, licking her all over, getting off on it myself. When I got between her legs, it was like she really had been fucked. This cum (I think it was really mayonnaise and water) oozing out of her, her pussy stretched beyond belief. I was hot now, eating her out. She was moaning again, getting off on my tongue. My face was covered with cum, getting her more and more excited. Suddenly she pulled my head away from her and told me she wanted me. She was so hot. I mounted her, she was so slippery and stretched out. I started fucking her, she was pulling me up and down. She was frantic. She was oozing the cum out all over the place, she must have poured the stuff in her. I could hardly feel anything. It was so wet. Suddenly, she stopped moving and started telling me that she couldn't feel me. She told me that I was too small for her. That it was like fucking a pencil after the dicks that she had just had. She went on teasing me, she was really getting off on it. So was I, I have to admit. She told me that my little dick wasn't good enough for her anymore. She ordered me to take hold of it. She teased me about how I could cover it totally with one hand, and that the dicks that just had her couldn't be covered with two hands. She watched as I pumped myself. She made fun of me, and I loved it. She could hear me starting to cum, and told me that this was all my little dick was good for. Saying this tipped me over the edge and I started to cum, and boy did I cum. I was so horny, What an orgasm. I lay back exhausted. I looked over at her, she looked so satisfied, she had just acted her fantasy out. She was covered with sweat and cum. I helped clean the rest of the cum off of her with a towel. She was exhausted, and so was I. The last thing I remember her saying before I fell asleep, was that she couldn't wait till the next time. Well, neither can I.
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