Little Asian Girlfriend

Written by Londo Cat / May 2, 2002


Little Asian Girlfriend By Londo Cat

The story you are about to read is true, I haven?t even changed the names. Lila and I were married for a total of four years, engaged for one. Here?s a little background for you. I?m your normal white guy. Six foot, 190 pounds and a seven inch cock. I didn?t have any problems satisfying a woman before and I don?t now.

Then I met a woman named Lila. She was absolutely the most gorgeous woman I had ever met in my entire life.

To imagine Lila, you would have to think more of Sung Hi Lee, although Lila is 100% Chinese. Lila is only about 5 foot 1 and weighs only 103 pounds. She had gorgeous long black hair that cascaded down her back all the way past her perfectly shaped ass. I fell for her like a ton a bricks and not soon after dating her I asked her to marry me.

Within weeks we were living together and fucking like rabbits every day. I was going through a small fortune in condom?s because we screwed so much. To make a long story shorter and cut to the story, I had always enjoyed watching interracial sex and one of my favorite fantasies was to watch my girlfriend Lila fucking a black guy while I watched. Lila would always play along, but in the end, it was only a fantasy and she told me as much.

Finally one night while we were screwing and after Lila had come at least three times and I was having a hard time coming myself Lila whispered in my ear ?Do you still want to see a black guy fucking me?? As she said this I felt my cock throbbing inside her ultra tight pussy and I told her enthusiastically yes I would. Lila looked up at me and said that if I could arrange it, she would do it.

I spent about a month setting it up and bought several swinger magazines and contacted about twenty black men of which only ten responded. I sent them pictures and they all wanted to meet, but I had to weed out the undesirables. Finally I narrowed it down to three men, all of whom had impeccable credentials, with one being a doctor! The one that I selected was a physical therapist and was in fantastic shape. I showed the pictures to my fianc? and she liked the way he looked.

The next meeting was with Lila, myself and Jerome at a local coffee shop. Jerome was indeed a gentleman and was extremely gracious. Two weeks before he had gone to a doctor that I had suggested to get himself tested for AIDS and other venereal diseases and brought the sealed envelope to me. I opened it and read the results, and he was indeed clean, as he had promised. We exchanged our medical results because he had requested the same, which was only fair play. He read them and liked what he saw and then Lila and him talked for a while.

Lila then surprised me and then asked me to leave them alone for a while so they could talk in private. I was a little shocked that she was asking me this, but I complied, after all, this was my fantasy and she was just doing this for me or so I thought at the time.

When I got back about fifteen minutes later I saw Jerome get up and kiss my wife on the lips. It was a quick kiss and he turned towards me and said ?We?ll looks like I?ll be seeing the two of you next Friday night.?

That night Lila and I fucked and I could barely contain my excitement as Lila would ask me again and again if I was ready to see her fuck a black guy. Every time I said Yes, Lila would clamp down with her pussy muscles and pinch my nipples lightly, then she would say ?Are you sure?? When I would reply yes, she would moan and fuck me harder. I came twice while she did this and by the end of the night I was exhausted. Lila just smiled and I wondered what she was up too.

Next Friday night came all too fast and Lila dressed to the hilt in one of the most seductive outfits I have ever seen. She wore an almost translucent black silk dress with black spiked heals. I could see that she wasn?t wearing a bra or panties under the dress and just looking at her drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck her so bad it was driving me insane, but Lila told me to be patient and I could have her after Jerome did.

There I was sitting in a chair, facing the side of the hotel bed , my fianc? Lila was kissing Jerome on the bed in front of me, his hands roaming all over her petite Asian body. Lila would occasionally look at me as his hands would squeeze her ass or one of her breasts and she would mouth to me ?I love you? or blow me a kiss.

Lila then started to undress Jerome, opening up his shirt to reveal his muscular body and at the same time he tugged at Lila?s small silk dress. Soon her dress came off and Lila was completely naked and her lover got off the bed and disrobed. When he pulled off his shorts, his huge black cock fell free and Lila shot a look at me. She then slid off the bed and whispered in my ear ?Jerome?s got a pretty big dick there honey? are you sure you want to see him putting all of that inside me?? As she said that, she squeezed my throbbing erection and then said ?I can see that you?re pretty excited already? are you sure you want me to fuck him? That big black cock of his is sure going to stretch me out? I hope you know that?? Once again Lila squeezed my cock as she said this.

I kissed her and nodded my affirmation of both her questions and Lila smiled and got back onto the bed. Her lover grabbed a condom and got onto the bed, his huge black cock still in a state of semi-hardness. Lila took one of her small hands and started jacking him off and soon he was expanding to his full length. Lila commented on his size and said ?You sure you can get that whole thing inside me? My boyfriend really wants to see my pussy stretched by a big cock like yours.?

Jerome looked at me and said ?Oh yea, and your girlfriend is going to love every inch of my big black cock. By the end of the night she?s going to be hooked on black dick.?

Lila looked at me with her sexy almond shaped brown eyes and said ?Is that what you want to see honey? Do you want to see me get hooked on big black cock? Is that what you want to see??

I said yes and Lila smiled. ?Okay? then watch me? watch me get fucked by his huge black cock? watch me as I get hooked on black cock.? With that Lila laid back on the bed, spreading her small tan legs wide for her Jerome.

Jerome slowly rolled the condom on that huge cock. It was one of those oversize ones and when it was on, he put the head of that huge cock at the entrance of Lila?s wet pussy and pushed a few inches in. Lila moaned and then groaned out ?That?s it? put that big black cock inside me?? with that he pulled out and then pushed in about four to five inches. Lila panted as he would withdraw and then push in more each time. Finally after about ten strokes he buried the entire length into Lila?s tight cunt. As he buried the entire length inside Lila I saw my girlfriend wrap her small legs around Jerome?s muscular waist and their mouths met as then kissed and slowly fucked on the bed.

When they broke the kiss Lila was panting hard and moaning with every thrust of his huge cock. Lila turned her head towards me and moaned hotly ?Oh god honey? I?d always wondered why women want to fuck black men? oh god?so good? now I know why? oh God? Oh God? Oh Fuck!!!?

Lila started to spasm, her whole body shuddering hard as she appeared to be having one incredibly intense orgasm which lasted about five minutes. Lila gasped out loud as she orgasmed. Her black lover kept plunging faster and faster into my fianc?s wet squeezing pussy.

I could scarcely believe that I was watching my soon to be wife being fucked by a black man only a few feet in front of me. But I had wanted this, I had begged Lila for months to live out this one fantasy of mine and now it was happening in front of me in real life.

In my daze I could barely believe Lila was doing this until I heard her shudder and moan ?Oh God? Honey? he?s going to make me come again!? Lila arched her back and gasped out as Jerome kept plunging his unbelievably huge black cock into her wet vagina. Lila panted and moaned ?Oh God! Oh God! Oh fuck???..?

Jerome didn?t stop and then pulled his huge black cock out of Lila?s sopping wet pussy and Lila took the condom off his cock and started licking the huge brown head of his cock. I watched as Lila grabbed another condom and then Lila moaned softly to me ?Honey, go get me something to drink please?? I quickly got out of my seat and retrieved a glass of water from the bathroom sink.

When I got back to the bedroom, Lila was on top of her lover, his huge cock now embedded deep inside her pussy again. I handed Lila the glass and she took a sip and then said ?This is what you wanted to see, isn?t it?? I nodded and then Lila pulled me to her and kissed me and then whispered in my ear ?I know you?re enjoying watching him fuck me? I said ?Yes, yes I am.? Lila smiled at me and then said ?I know your secret fantasy?? I looked at her puzzled and Lila put a ball of tissue in my hand and then said ?Go sit down and enjoy watching me get fucked?

I sat down and started watching my wife as she rocked up and down Jerome?s huge black dick. I took another look at the ball of tissue I was about to toss into the garbage when something caught my eye. Inside was a condom, and a wrapper, and another condom. The package was opened but the condom was still inside it!? I quickly looked at Lila and she raised up all the way off his cock, holding his slick unprotected shaft with her small hand, the huge head of his black cock just barely touching her vaginal lips.

Before I could say a word Lila dropped back down onto that huge cock and moaned softly as she ground her hips against his. Lila looked at me and I must have had a concerned look on my face and she smiled and said ?I?m ovulating right now honey? you know how horny I get when I?m in the middle of my cycle? do you want me to stop now? stop before my pussy tastes his hot sperm? This is what you wanted honey, to watch me fuck a huge black cock?. without protection? in the middle of my cycle? watching me orgasm again and again? especially when he comes inside me? isn?t that what you wanted?

I could barely answer her, my throat was dry, but Lila moaned out ?He?s going to come inside me? so much sperm? inside me? and I?ll probably get pregnant? that?s what you want? isn?t it? isn?t it honey? you want me to get pregnant with his huge cock inside me? would you like to see your future wife get pregnant by a black man? then when he comes to visit his child? he can fuck your wife? would you like that honey?? Would you like for him to fuck your wife???

My cock was about to explode when Lila could barely speak those last words. Finally Lila?s lover was bucking up into her and Lila was holding on while moaning to me ?He?s going to come inside me honey? I heard him grunting as Lila moaned hotly ?He?s coming inside me!! Oh God!! It?s happening?! I?m COOOMMMINNGGG!!!? Lila twisted and buc ed as she orgasmed with him, gasping with pleasure that seemed to last at least ten minutes.

Finally it was over. Lila slumped over and a few minutes later they untangled. Jerome went into the bathroom and Lila propped herself up on one elbow and looked at me. I had shot my load onto the carpet without even touching myself.

Lila looked at me and said ?Did you like that? He sure came a lot inside me?? Lila looked at me and then got off the bed walking up to me and then sitting on my lap, her wet pussy rubbing against my semi hard cock. Lila nuzzled herself against me and then whispered in my ear ?I?d never risk our relationship like that. I?m on the pill? I looked up at her in surprise and Lila winked at me. ?I?ve been taking them for three months now and making you wear condom?s all the while so I could give you your fantasy.

You liked it, didn?t you?? I could barely contain my surprise as I kissed her and agreed enthusiastically that I had enjoyed it very much.

?Good, because next weekend, you get to see your other fantasy of me with two black guys. That IS your other fantasy, isn?t it?? I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but I loved the fact that my little Asian girlfriend was now hooked on black cock.

To be continued...
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