My Niece

Written by Lonesome Hubby / Jan 17, 2002


My Niece

By Lonesome Hubby

My wife and I have been married for going on 5 years. We waited until we were in our late 20's to get married although my wife has the body of a petite 18 yr old. Jennifer is about 5'4" with dark brown hair and very pale skin. Her breast are 34 B's and her ass is a perfect little round one. You would swear she was a high school cheerleader with a body like the one she has. Jennifer and I like to have fun in bed, but she is not willing to get to kinky. I tried to get her to swallow, but she thinks that is just gross. We have gotten into a little bit up tying each other up with ties and stuff, but nothing even remotely serious. We were just your average midwestern couple.

Jennifer grew up in a small conservative town with an ultra conservative father. I would not classify him as a loud mouthed racist, but he is also no civil rights leader either. If Jennifer had ever tried to date a black guy, then I believer her father would have killed her. He never had anything to worry about because like father like daughter. She believes that all blacks are people, but they are dirty, lazy and not to be trusted. This has never been an issue for us even though we live in a major city. There are many black people around, but we do not socialize with any. Jennifer does not work outside the home and her work out facility is for women only. My job does not have a lot of interaction with other people, so I do not have any black coworkers, let alone friends.

My situation starts with Jennifers older sister, Tammy. Tammy has 2 sons, Jacob and Drew, and 1 daughter, Kylie. Jacob is in the 12th grade and Drew is only a freshman. It is Jennifers' niece Kylie that started the ball rolling. When I stated that Jennifer has the body of cheerleader, well Kylie is a cheerleader. Kylie has always kind of ignored me, but I never could understand why. I assumed it was because she was just to busy all the time. I never went overboard trying to win her over, but I did feel somewhat upset that she did try to win my attention.

Jennifers sister, Tammy, is just like Jennifer in both looks and viewpoints. I assumed that Tammys kids would share the same views, being raised similarly to both Jennifer and Tammy, but I was dead wrong. Jennifer and I would always go over to Tammys on Saturdays to lay out and swim in their inground pool. It was huge and they had all the nice accessories to go with it. There was a big fenced in area with a slide and may patio chairs to lay on. One Saturday in late July, we had been laying out until about 2:00 when Tammy and Jennifer were going to the store. I was asked to watch the kids, but it seemed like they were now old enough to watch themselves so I went to sleep while laying on the lawn chair. It could not have been more than a half an hour after they girls had left that I was woken up. I heard someone beside me and looked to see Kylie in a bikini next to me. A very revealing bikini that I am sure neither Tammy or Jennifer would have approved of. This surprised me as Kylie had always tried to distance herself from me. I just played it cool and tried to fall back asleep. The 3 long islands I had drank made that sleep possible. Once again I woke up, in a way that every guy loves to wake up, with his dick being sucked. I was surprised to find my little niece just going to town on my cock. Her top was off and she was sucking my cock like a lollipop. I was stunned and sat up only to see her eyes open and look up, but she never slowed down on what she was doing. Instead she cupped my balls with one hand and tried to stick her finger in my asshole. I have never felt that type of pleasure before. She must have either gotten some spit on her finger or suntan lotion because soon she had her index finger in there and was stimulating my prostate like crazy. I leaned back and came hard squirting in her mouth and on her face. Kylie then climbed up on top of me and slowly slid back down never taking her eyes off of me. As she slid down, she dragged her perfectly round breast on my body.

Kylie then picked up her bikini top and walked back into the house. I was still stunned, but had the biggest smile in the world on my face. I pulled back up my shorts and layed where I was. There was no clean up to do, but I needed to get up. After sitting there for five minutes, I walked into the house. On the couch was Kylie, still in swimsuit, but with a T-shirt over her top. Sitting next to her were both Jacob and Drew. They were engrossed with the TV and seemed not to notice me. I decided to go change back into my jeans and wait for Jennifer. As I approached the bathroom, I heard Jacob say, "Hey uncle John, want to watch TV with us"? I responded, "no". "Are you sure? It seems like something you would really be interested in." I turned and looked at the TV to see my face smiling as the viewscreen went down on the back of Kylies head bobbing up and down.

For the second time in an hour, I was stunned. This stun was very, very bad. I had been set up and video taped. For that matter, Jennifer would divorce me and kill me. Tammy would kill me. Because it had been with Kylie there were other people who would have a big problem with what I had done or let be done to me. I was up the biggest creek with no paddle to save me. Goodbye life as I knew it.

"Why", is all I could say. Drew said it was because we laid out over there to much. I asked, "What do you mean?" He said, "Shut up". My friends have seen our aunt Jennifer and she is a hot piece of ass. I owe Andre some money and he has seen Jennifer laying out here before. He is now infatuated with her and is willing to forget my money for a piece of that ass. "No way", I stated. "Fine" Kylie stated. "I'll just tell them what you talked me into after offering me some drinks and we'll see what happens to you and your smiling face". I had lost and they knew it. My job was to get Jennifer to spend the night and then let them proceed as normal. I told Jennifer that Jacob wanted to have a guys night out with his uncle since they do not have a father figure, every since Jeff passed away. Jennifer said "fine, go see a movie". Kylie spoke up and asked if Jennifer would hang out with both her and mom. Jennifer replied "sure, sounds like fun". Finally, Drew asked if one of his new friends could come over to spend the night. Jennifer asked when we thought we would be back and I said that I wasn't sure. I really wasn't. I took the cel phone and told her I would call before we headed back and to contact me if she needed anything. Jacob went out to the car with me and never said a word, after we got about a block away from the house, he said for me to stop the car. I did and then he got out. With the door still open, he leaned back in and said for me to go home and wait for a call from Jennifer to pick her up. It would not come until tomorrow afternoon sometime he promised. I found that hard to believe but proceeded on home. About 2 in the morning there was a knock on the front door, I opened the door and found a small manilla wrapped book.

Upon opening the package, I learned it was a video tape and immediately took it and placed it in the VCR. Up on the screen appeared Kylie, my wife, and Tammi. They were sitting around the kitchen table with a deck of cards and some drinks. Kylie was way to young to be drinking, but I could tell that Jennifer and Tammi were having Long Islands to drink. Kylie was talking and explained that she was taping them for a school project about life styles and drinking. This was to document alcohol consumption to the point of drunkeness and how people act. Both Jennifer and Tammi seemed to think this was fun and funny so there were many jokes and the drinking games had begun. After only about 2 hours, Jennifer was blitzed. Her speeck was extremely slurred, her posture was slumped over, and she was smiling like crazy. Tammy did not look as drunk as Jennifer which made me wonder whether Kylie might have spiked my wifes drinks with drugs or something. They had been talking about sex which surprised me. It probably was the alcohol which allowed these conservative women to talk so openly and in front of Kylie. The topic had gone to sex and Jennifer blurted out that we had tied each other up before and Kylie asked how. Jennifer explained what we had done and then said it was all in fun. Kylie talked about how scarey it must be, but Jennifer explained it wasn't at all. Kylie then called Jennifer a wimp and said that she must be lying as Jennifer did not appear to be the type that could handle being tied up. This started the daring between the two. Eventually Kylie challenged my drunk wife to be tied up. Jennifer accepted the challenge, but it was difficult to understand her drunken talk at this point.

Kylie came back from the garage with what looked like about 20 feet of rope. Tammi left the room for the bathroom I assume and Kylie proceeded to tie Jennifer up. First, Jennifers wrist were bound behind her back very tightly and then looped around the leg of the table. This is a heavy steel table which would have been difficult for even me to move. Then in walked Jacob, Drew and a huge black boy. He must have been about 6' 4" and weighed at least 250. He could definitely play college, if not professional football. Jennifer was so out of it that she did not even notice for about a minute. The boys just stared down at her and slowly bent down so they were eye level with her. Her head was just swaying. Finally, Jennifer said "Drew, Jacob, and who are you?" Nobody said anything, but they each started using scissors on my wifes clothes. They looked like pirrahnna with the speed which they cut off her clothes and any no time flat my drunk, tied up wife was completely naked. She then asked what they were doing and seemed very surprised. It hit her that she was naked and she started to asked to be untied. The boys just laughed and Andre started to get undressed. Then my wife started to scream out loud. She was quickly muffled by Kylie who now was stripped down to her underwear. Kylie stood beside Jennifer with her hands covering her mouth. Drew held Jennifer down and kept her from thrashing around too much.

My attention went back to watching the black boy, Andre I assumed, getting undressed. He was down to a small pair of boxers that looked like they were holding a small melon in the front. As he stepped up close to my wifes face he slowly lowered his boxers around his legs. His penis seemed to unravel as his shorts were to his knees. It was enormous in length and yet still soft. My wifes eyes were wide with what looked like terror and surprise. She kept thrashing about, but Drew was holding her tight to the ground so that she was sitting on her bare ass with her wrist behind her. Somebody must have turned on some music which sounded like some Rob Zombie song which I used to like. Jacob walked over to Jennifer and bent down even her and started to laugh. My wife started to cry. Jennifer was scared, appalled and starting to sober up somewhat. It was probably due to the adrenaline from the fear that was causing this reaction.

Andres cock must have been 7 to 8 inches long and at least 2 inches wide while soft. This was already bigger than my 6 inch penis. Jennifer always seemed satisfied with my penis so I could not imagine her ever getting that thing in her, especially if it got much bigger when hard. Jacob started trying to stick his fingers in Jennifers pussy. I imagine he was trying to get her going so she would be lubed up well for Andre, but it appeared to be pretty tight. I then saw the same bottle of suntan oil that Kylie had used on me. Jacob put some on his finger and got it in all the way. He kept working it in and out trying to get another finger in. There was no way that Jennifer was ever going to get that cock in her. At the moment, Andre was not even hard so I thought that it was unlikely he would be able to complete the job and maybe this would just end. I was wrong. I then was stunned for a third time that day. Into their room walked Tammi, naked, and she dropped to her knees slowly licking the bottom side of Andres enormous balls. She had been in on it all along. I had been set up by all of my wifes family. Tammi began working on the shaft of his penis and I could see it growing in size. Jennifer and Kylie just watched as Tammi was devouring Andres cock. It now looked to be close to 10 inches in length. This was the size of stuff which I have seen in porn movies. I could see that Kylie was getting excited, as there was a huge wet spot at the bottom part of her underwear. Jacob was still thrusting his fingers in and out of my wifes pussy and was now getting two fingers inside of her.

Andre was at full attention and looked to be 10 or 11 inches in length and nearly as big around as a coke can. He laid down on his back and scooted over with his head pressed against Jennifers crotch. Jacob removed his fingers from her pussy and grabbed one of Jennifers shoulders. Drew took her other shoulder and they slowly raised her up. Andre then slid his head under my wife as she was squatting above the floor. The boys then started pushing Jennifer down so that her slit was directly over his face. I then could see Andre sticking his tongue up Jennifers cunt. She tried to move away, but the boys held her in place. Kylie and Tammi just watched as Andre started eating Jennifer out. Jennifer was crying hard, but there is only so much a girl can ignore. She was obviously upset, but every once in a while her body would jerk or spasm a little. I even thing that I saw her move around some in a natural reaction way. This went on for a good ten minutes with Andre staying just as hard. That cock was enormous and did not even look real. Andre scooted out from under Jennifer and stood up. The boys undid Jennifers ropes and laid her down on the floor. Each one held down her arms.

With Jennifer pinned down by her nephews, Andre positioned himself between her legs and aimed his huge penis at her opening. He started to ease the tip of his penis in her and it seemed to be going easier than I expected. It wasn't until he got the whole head in until I saw my wifes eyes flutter open and closed. I think I could see her lips mouth a moan. Andre started easing himself into her tight opening inch by inch, each time he would get a little deeper, then he would go back out and slide in some more. It was obvious that there was more lube there then just the suntan oil which Jacob used on her. Jennifer was getting noticeably wet and noticeably fucked. Andre finally got about 7 inches in which was a good inch or two more than me, but his cock was 3 times the size of mine in width. Andre then started pistoning in and out of Jennifer. He could not get the final 3 inches in, but they both appeared to be enjoying themselves. Jennifers legs kicked out a few times and then she started putting her right leg around his back. Finally she wrapped her left leg around his back also and tried to pull him in deeper. Jennifers moans had changed to screams of ecstasy. The boys let go of her arms and Andre pulled out of Jennifer. Finally it was over. Andre turned around and sat down. It appeared that Jennifer was free to go. The boys, Tammi and Kylie just sat and watched. Jennifer got up and immediately stepped over Andre, I thought she was going to kick him, but she slowly starddled and then started to lower herself down. As she got closer to him, she reached back and grabbed that cock with her right hand. It would not even go all the way around him. She aimed his penis at her pussy and started to slide on down him. With her added weight on his cock, she was sinking deeper and was getting close to having the whole thing in. That appeared to be her intent. She then began riding him with a fury that I had never seen, even in a porn movie. Her eyes were glazed over and she was like a mad woman who could not stop bouncing up and down him. Kylie then moved over and put her head down by his balls which were laying on the floor. Kylie licked and tried sucking on Andres balls as Jennifer was riding his cock. As Jennifer would go on the upstroke, Kylie would get a quick lick of his shaft. She had to have been tasting Jennifers juices. After this had gone on for about 15 minutes, I saw Jennifer stop for what appeared to be exhaustion, and just squirm on his cock. I then saw that Kylie was licking Jennifers clit and that was causing the squirming. Tammi crawled up and started eating out Kylie while this was proceeding.

My cock was rock hard watching Jennifer getting fucked by this black study and licked some by Kylie. Jennifer crawled off of his cock and then started sucking his cock. She was immediately joined by both Kylie and her sister. All three of these little white girls were taking turns licking his cock waiting for him to explode. Finally he was getting close and got up over Jennifer. Kylie and Tammi each continued to jack him off until he sprayed his jism all over Jennifers face and open mouth. My wife was covered with his cum and just smiled. It was obvious that she swallowed what went in her mouth. Her pussy was red from the abuse it had just been through, and looked like a little cave. My wife had been stretched and ruined from that enormous thing. Andre laid down on the couch and my wife curled up under his arm with one of her hands on his penis as they both tried to sleep or rest up. The tape was still running, but I did not know where this could go from here.
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