Tricked My Wife For Other Man's Toy

Written by Luckie77 / Oct 10, 1999


Tricked my wife for other man's toy.

I finally had enough with my puritanical wife, so I decided to take her on a weekend to the city for Xmas shopping. She always wanted a professional massage so, I lined up a black stud to try and seduce my wife.

After we checked into the hotel, I ordered a bottle of champagne to be delivered to the room, and asked her if she still wanted a professional massage from the hotel? She was hesitant but I picked up the phone and pretended to call the hotel massage service when I was actually calling the guy I had found in the local sex tabloids.

He arrived about 45 minutes later and my wife freaked out, that a guy was actually going to do the massage. I told her that I would stay in the living room and told her this was the only time she would ever get the chance. She went to the bathroom and came out with a bathrobe and still had her panties on. Earl (the black stud) kept reassuring her that she would enjoy herself. She laid on the bed and took off the bathrobe, and was totally embarassed.

As Earl started massaging her, he poured a little hot oil on her back and started rubbing her shoulders and back. She was still very tight and he started slowly talking to her, telling her what a cute woman she was and that she took care of herself real well. At that time I went to the couch in the other room and turned on the TV. (What I wanted to do is to get her comforable and think that I was watching TV), what I really wanted was to see her being seduced.

I slowly crept back to the cracked door and started looking. He was still on her back and rubbing her back. He then asked her if she minded if he took of his t-shirt because he was getting hot. She hesitated for a moment and said sure no problem. I could tell by her hesitation that she wasn't too keen on that. This was about 15 minutes into the massage, and I figured she needed some more champagne. I then called from the other room if she wanted any more champage and started coming towards the door with a full glass. I also asked Earl if he wanted any and he said, not now maybe later after or during tht half way point..

I proceeded to leave the room, and caught a look from my wife that I hadn't ever seen before. It was sort of a look of confusion, and bewilderment. As I left the room I said that I hoped she was enjoying the massage and to let me know if she wanted anything else. I jokingly said if it was real good I would have to join them later.....

Earl resumed where he left off and again started a low relaxing kind of talk almost like the kind to hypnotize someone with. He started to oil her legs and thighs. He also said that she should take off her panties so that he wouldn't get the oil on them. And if she felt more comfortable he would put a towel on her rear. She slowly, and hesitantly took them off but kept her legs together tightly.

His hands started to rub the oil on her legs up and down and after about 5 minutes I could see that a couple of his fingers were dissapearing up into her thigh folds and that her legs were becoming not as tightly closed. She was softly moaning now and then and Earl looked at me and gave me a big smile that looked that he was pretty sure of himself. He kept on massaging her, and asked her if she was enjoying the treatment. I heard her say that it was the best feeling she had ever had so far, so obviously he was going in the right direction.

At the same time as his hands would move up to her thighs, all of a sudden her legs started to open up more and she wasn't trying to not cover her pussy. I could see that he was starting to rub her pussy and that it was either her juices or the oil from the massage. Earl asked her if she wanted it more sensual and it was then that she said "Yes but, I don't know how far I can let you go." Earl then asked her if she had ever had a sensual, sexual massage before, and she said no... but I would like to try a little.....

Earl, then asked her to turn over so that he could start massaging her front and legs. While he was up from her he asked if she minded that he removed his sweat pants since he was getting very warm with them on. He told her that he had shorts on and not to worry. He also told her that if she got uncomforable he would put them back on.

He started to remove his sweat shorts and I saw her looking at his glistening black body. She got real interested as she looked at the big bulge in his shorts. It looked like he had two huge potatoes stuffed in his shorts. She finished turning over and you could see that she was somewhat uncomfortable laying there totally exposed in front of a total stanger, let alone a black man she had never met before.

Earl put some oil on his hands and started to massage her feet, and legs, he then sat on her legs and poured hot oil on the breasts and started rubbing his hands in circles over her stomach and breasts. She was laying there with her eyes closed obviously tense but looking like she was enjoying it. His loaded crotch was inches away from my wife's pubic area, and I was wondering if the heat was radiating from his penis to her pussy. I was starting to think if I was getting over my head and if I really wanted this black stud to seduce and fuck my wife. Questions were coming to me, like would she ever be happy with my small 6" dick and would he be a better fuck?

Should I go into the room and stop this? Would he succeed in being able to stuff that prick into her tight pussy? I started trembling, but I also noticed that my own dick was starting to get full, not hard but heavy and full. Could I do this, I had been thinking of this moment for a long time, but what whould happen now would determine our marriage for the rest of my life....

After the years of thinking about this scene, I decided to go thru with the action that was starting to unfold in the next room. If she really loved me, then she should still love me and just enjoy the sexual part of it. Or was it true of what they say about women is that they can't seperate love from sex, and that what was about to happen could end our relationship as we knew it. After all they say, don't wish for something, it might come true. Would I be able to have a whore as a wife, would our sex life change? Wow, all these things raced through my mind. Meanwile Earl, was now massaging my wife's small but firm breasts and it appeared that she was enjoying it. He was alternating stroking her legs, starting at the V of her thighs, running his fingers and hands down to her feet. I could hear some occational soft moans coming from her, when her feet were touched.

He then again returned to her breasts and then neck. It was sure strange seeing another man, knead and squeeze the breasts of someone who was only mine for the last 10 years. He then told her to turn over, and he was going to work on her back and rear. He asked her if she enjoyed a deep tissue massage on her rear? I wondered if she knew exactly how deep a tissue he was considering ?????

After she turned over and before he got on her legs to sit on them to resume the massage, he quickly with both hands removed his shorts. Wow, I wish I had a dick like that. It was about the thickness of a large garlic sausage and about the length of a small salami, about 8 or 9 inches long. I started to think of how beautiful it would look, slipping in and out of her little pussy and what I would give to hold it and actually push it in to her wet pussy, !!! He sat down on her legs and I think she sensed that he was no longer wearing any shorts, because she shuddered and wiggled a little when he sat down. I am sure that she wasn't quite sure yet but lay there quiet waiting for the back massage to resume....

She seemed confused that Earl didn't have his shorts on, and it was then that Earl told her that he took off his shorts to be more comfortable and that the most sensual part of the massage is always the excitment of the unexpected. His dick was starting to harden a little, (now it was only about 7") and he was sliding it in and around her crack of her ass and the tops of her legs. She seemed to get used to that and it was at that moment that I started thinking of how would she react to having this beautiful hard black cock slide into her pussy. I know that even my small hard dick, when I ram it in when I'm real hot, she yelps a little from the sudden intrusion. I was beginning to imagine, of how was she going to react. Was she going to object and try to wiggle away?

How was he going to enter her? Was he going to be rough? Was he going to be quick and hard? Was he going to be gentle? The main question was what was she going to do with a hard cock, bigger then she had ever had in her life, being inserted, and filling up her tight little pussy?

Earl at that moment took some oil and dripped a large amount on the small of her back and told her to hold on the bed because he was going to do a body rub. He then proceeded to rub his trim sweaty body and slide his groin up and down her back and legs. She seemed to enjoy it but the best sight was seeing his massive sausage, start getting harder and harder, as it slid up and down her back, crack or her ass and legs. She still kept pressure squeezing her legs together, although I could see that they were starting to open up a little at a time starting to expose her wet glistening pussy. Earl was almost lying on her body, still rubbing up and down as he looked at me with a smile and waited for my approval. It was then then my dick started to get rock hard at the same moment I nodded to him to go for it.

As Earl lay on top of my wife with the so called body massage and looked at me for approval to insert his now rock hard black dick, which was poised at the entrance to my wife's moistened pussy, many things ran thru my mind. Was this the end of my pure little sweet and innocent wife? Was she going to let the black cock in and not protest? Would she hate me for the rest of our relationship? Would we even have a relationship after this incident? Would she call it rape? It was at that time that I had to let all the years of planning go. I signaled to Earl to go ahead and continue on with the plan we had set up.

He rubbed his lean oiled body back and forth, just stopping short of the opening to her vagina. It looked like he was building up a rythmn at which time he was just going to continue his bodily movement upwards, where he would then simply slide into her. This continued for what seemed minutes which was actually only about 15 seconds and at which time he looked at me and with that look did the final thrust which caused a smile on his face but a horrified awakening for my wife. She gasped and turned to look at me standing at the doorway, at the same time looking at Earl in disbelief of what had just happened. Here was a massive black dick, inside her little tight pussy, she then started to cry and say no.... no .... don't do this to me...... no please....... she looked to me for help and that's when I walked over to her.

I knelt down to her level on the bed, and said to her, really honey, this is for all the times that I was selfish and couldn't satisfy you. You need this, I want this professional masseur who is certified in sensual therapy (I made that up) to massage you like you have never ever felt. I want you to relax and enjoy this, for this is my dream to see you in heaven, to feel what you've been giving me for all this time, I want you to experience this with me here. At that point, her tension left and either she gave up or decided it would be useless to fight. She just lay there.

Earl started whispering something in her ear that I was unable to hear. He then started slow long thrusts with her still laying on her stomach. This continued on for about 5 minutes and I started to see her pushing back to his slow thrusts. Occasionally she would murmer a slight ohh...very soft.... It was the most beautiful sight I have seen, to see this hard glistening cock, about 8 inches actually fucking my wife. This had been the moment I had waited for. My own dick was also hard and it looked like it had grown an extra inch. I wasn't stroking it, because I knew that if I touched it I would immediately cum.

Earl then told her to turn over and he would do her front. She without opening her eyes obeyed his command. While his hard dick was out, her pussy lips kept open. It was obvious that she had never had anything that big in there before. I asked Earl if he would let me guide it in and he said be my guest. As he balanced himself, I placed my hand on his member and couldn't believe how hard it was. I then rubbed the head up and down on my wife's pussy lips and gently pushed it in. I almost came then without touching myself. It was an indescribable moment.

Earl then started to thrust himself deeper and she started gasping, I wasn't sure if it was pain or pleasure. I leaned over to her and asked her if everything was OK? She didn't answer me....she layed there silent. Was she mad at me? Was she every going to speak to me again? I then asked her, if she wanted me to leave? She said that it would be better for her. I said ok, but if you need me, I'll be in the other room.

I looked at Earl, and he said he still had a lot of massage to do and that he would call me, since he had a part later that the husband needed to participate in. I left the immediate area, and made it look like I closed the door.

Earl then started by raising her tiny little ass on a pillow, so that he could get every inch of his black tool in my little wife. A couple of minutes later I could hear her moaning with every thrust he was doing. I could hear the slap of hot wet sweaty flesh, as his legs hit her ass and thighs. I glanced thru the door opening and could see the beautiful black prick vanish totally in my little wife's no longer tiny pussy. Would she every be happy with my inferior dick? How would her pussy feel now, would it be no longer tight? Then a thought came to me, she wasn't on the pill and Earl wasn't using a rubber. Oh. Shit! Now what should I do?

As I stood there in the doorway, looking as the masseur was hard fucking my wife, seeing her pussy lips hug his thick dick, while it went in and out was so hot. It was definately the hottest thing I have ever experienced. But the problem was still there. Would he cum inside her or shoot it all over her, would he try to have her give him a blow job, (she hates giving blow jobs, but she does get hot after them), should I stop and tell him? If I came into the room and said, Earl, be sure and cum on her titties or whatever would it totally change the hot mood?

My mind raced but suddenly stopped from the load moaning that started coming from my wife's mouth. She actually started saying yes, yes, with every thrust that Earl was doing. My, she was actually enjoying this, YES, my dream had come true..... Earl then whispered something to her and she again turned over, this time she kept her eyes open and I could see that she was carefully looking at the tool that was expanding her tiny pussy. Her eyes were mesmerized because I doubt that she had ever seen a dick that big, let alone a black dick, in her life.

He pulled her ass up in to the air, with one quick reach and started to place his dick again into her pussy to fuck her doggie style. She cried out, either in pain or surprise when he thurst his dick all the way in. After all, 8 full inches is twice the size of what she had had with me. Especially since his was as hard as a rock...

He then started to slowly saw in and out. Again I saw the skin of her vagina grasp in both the in and out stroke, it was sort of like a gasket to protect any semen from leaving the scene. I was again hot. I couldn't resist to stroke my hot dick, and with about 3 strokes I shot my cum out about 4 ft from where I was standing. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever had in my life.

She kept on moaning and started screaming yes....yes....yess, in a low by hushed tone. Meanwhile, Earl started picking up his pace, looking like he was ready to cum, it was then that he pulled out and layed her out on her back and started to eat her wet and red pussy.

While he was eating her pussy he motioned for me to come back and come over to her face. I leaned over to her face with my half hard dick and he said to her, Baby I want to see you suck your old mans dick......She looked at him and turned her face and did exactly what he said without any hesitation.....

This was turning out the be one of the best blow jobs I was having. After 4 or 5 minutes, he asked her "Baby, you sweet little thing, would you like to suck on a big blck dick while your hubby continues to eat this sweet pussy."

OH Yes was the answer, without any hesitation she said, I want to taste it right now, with that I pulled out my freshly cleaned cock, and Earl came with his still hard cock and I saw my sweet wife start to eat it like it was a melting popsicle.

I started eating her pussy which smelled like a combination of hot sex and lust, I enjoyed the smell but was not thinking if Earl was going to cum in her mouth or not or was I going to see his cum flow out of her freshly fucked pussy?

One of my other thoughts was that too bad I didn't have a video camera for this action was totally unbelievable. See her innocent face having a black cock pistoning in and out of her mouth was priceless.

Earl then asked her what she wanted, more fucking, sucking? He said that this was her party and he was there for her pleasure. She then said that she wanted him inside her again. He pushed me off the bed and said to bring his kit bag over. At the same time he rolled her over on her stomach and started to knead her ass cheeks. She all of a sudden realized that he may have her virgin ass in mind. He opened his bag and removed a tube of KY Jelly and a small butt plug. He then proceed to lick her ass cheeks and down to her rose. He darted his tongue in and out of the opening for about a minute and then put a little of the KY on his finger and started to apply pressure at the opening. She started to wiggle around and say NO, not there, he forced the finger all the way in and left it there wiggling it in and out, after a minute he took the butt plug and slowly pushed it in. Again she tensed up but he was able to get it in. He then rolled her over and put his cock into her with one thrust, bringing her a little discomfort, which went away.

He started fucking her slowly again and after about two orgasms, he asked her how she was feeling? She said that she was feeling good but that she wanted more...He then rolled her over and slid the butt plug out. As it came out it left her asshole open about the size of a quarter. He then reached into the back and got one that was about 6 inches long and about the size of a large banana with a slim neck the size of a half dollar. Again with the KY he put it in her ass, which took about a minute, again he rolled her over and started fucking her. This time she was had her eyes open and looked at him as every thrust pushed her further toward the head board. He was really fucking hard and I mean hard.. The flesh of both of them hitting each other made a firecraker sound, and her whole body rippled from the hit each time.

Her voice got louder with the yes, yes, and he then asked her, if she was enjoying herself being fucked? She didn't answer..... He immediately stopped and she looked up at him, and he asked her again, "Are you enjoying the fucking you're getting?" She again didn't say a word.... He then said to her" OK, then I'm going to enjoy the fucking I going to give you, roll over you cunt."

With that he removed the butt plug and said to her "You need to learn a lesson to answer the man who's fucking you!" His cock was dry, and he grabbed the KY and spread a little and positioned the knob of his dick at her hole and with one thrust drove it in all the way.

My wife screamed with pain and said for him to take it out that it was too big and it was going to kill her. He then told her it was her fault for not talking to her, she started crying and said that she was sorry, but to take it out. He continued to stay in her ass, until a little of the pain subsided and she was used to the intrusion in her virgin ass. He then started pumping away, and after about 3 minutes I could see that she was moving her ass toward him to recieve his thrusts. After 5 minutes he asked her "Do you like getting fucked in the ass?" She said yes, but she liked it in her pussy better.

He kept fucking her, for about another 2-3 minutes and stopped. He then motioned for me to come by the bed. He said that for her new adventure, she was going to now fuck him. He layed on the bed and with his massive hands picked her up and positioned her pussy on top of his hard prick. She slid down on his prick and stayed there adjusting herself to the impalement. She then started sliding up and down on it, and he said that now we are both going to fuck you. He told me to get on the bed and put my dick into her ass. I got the ky, but he said that her ass was wet enough for an army, so I was to put it in. I tried and it went in the first time. I couldn't believe that I was ass fucking my wife. And feeling a black dick thru the thin skin in my wife's vagina.

We continued this for a few minutes until I kept falling out of her ass, and I got off the bed. She kept fucking him and moaning, Again seeing the black dick disappear into my wife was something else. He then said that he was going to cum and asked her if she wanted him in her pussy, mouth or tittes. With that question, my wife said, "Fuck my pussy."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, didn't she remember that she wasn't on the pill? With that he rolled over and started fucking her from the top, he told me to come over and watch how to fuck a wife.

As Earl got the go ahead from my wife, he no longer was a masseur. He became a strong athletic stud paid money to service a needy timid white wife. It looked like his dick grew two inches. What he did was put on a leather cock ring which made his dick like a stone rod. He proceeded to insert this tool, while he said to her to hold on honey because this was going to be the ride of her life. She laid back and he started to pound his rod into her without any regard for her comfort. He looked like he turned into another person.

She meanwhile adjusted her motion to compensate for his wild thrusts. He then started saying "You baby are being fucked by the best, and you hubby has to watch while I fuck his sweet little wife." He turned to me and said watch, because, your little wife won't be happy unless she gets at least 8 inches every day, can you do that???

With that he said baby, get set, because I am going to pump you now, she continued to rock with his movements, as his tempo got faster. He said "Take all of this you little tramp" as he hit her harder with his loins. "Take this black meat, so that your hubby can see you like to fuck other men....... Take this cock, that you sucked so well, this cock that filled your virgin ass, show your hubby that you need cock every day. Do you like it your little cunt?"

She remained quiet. HE asked her again. Bitch do you like this? She shouted yes, yes I LOVE it! Give it to me. Fuck me fuck me.

With that he pushed and started bucking and filling her tiny stretched pussy with his foreign semen..... he kept pumping for what seemed like 5 minutes, and finally removed his dick, it slid out and made a vacuum sound.

My wife laid there on the bed with her eyes sort of glazed over. He then asked her if she wanted more, she said no. Not now, she just wanted to lay there and sleep.

It was then that I saw the climax of the evening. To see the globs of semen start dripping out of her swollen red pussy was the creme de la creme. I had a fantasy of licking up another man's semen and this was the chance. I layed next to her and started to lick her swollen pussy lips, the combination of her juices and his come was salty and sweet at the same time.

This is what years of fantasy had brought. I thought that this is what it was all about and that couldn't get any better. I was about to be proven wrong.

As my wife got up from the bed after having Earl inject what looked like a pint of his semen into her body, she went to the bathroom. Earl again went to his magic bag and rummaged around and brought out a leather cock ring. This one was a little smaller and different than the one he was using. He told me to come over and that he would show me how to propely use one. He said that part of his expertise and ability was that the ring kept his cock as hard as a stuffed salami. He then showed me how to put it on, and within a minute my cock was at full attention and appeared to grow an inch. I can't remember when the last time my dick was a full and firm, but it felt great.

With that he called to my wife "Hey you little cunt, come back in here!" She came out of the bathroom and saw me standing there with a hardon and Earl also quite full. He then said to get on the bed again because he wasn't finished with her and that both of us were going to fuck her some more. As she layed down she still had a look like she didn't know or didn't still quite understand of what had and what was happening.

Earl came to her face and told her to start licking his cock, while I was going to fuck her like never before. She started licking his hard dick, and treating it like it was a popsicle that wouldn't melt.

I rubbed the head of my hard dick on her cunt lips and gently pushed the head of my dick into the easily enlarged opening. It was a great sight to see my shy wife, savoring the hard piece of black meat between her lips. Earl then started telling her that she needed to be fucked every day and that he was going to see to it that either I or someone else was going to fuck her hard each day. With that she moaned a sign of agreement and coninued to suck on his cock. I then started to tell her that she needed to be fucked and that I expected her to be willing to be fucked hard all the time.

I came immediately and shuddered to one of the hottest cums I ever remember. Earl took his hard cock and came over and jammed it into her open cunt and again proceeded to fuck her hard, repeating that she needed to be fucked, hard and regular. (I now think that this was some subliminal reinforcement.) She shuddered with climax after climax until Earl withdrew his cock and slid up on her torso and started to cum on her face and lips. She tried to turn her face but he grabbed it and told her to eat and enjoy it because she was going to get a lot of cum from now on.

With that Earl stood up and told her if there was anything she wanted. She hesitated for a second and said, I want you to.....

As she started to tell Earl what she wanted, she grabbed his relaxed prick, which was swinging like a clock pendulum, and pulled him toward her mouth. She whispered something to him, and Earl confirmed that message with "Ha,ha, you bet I will and we will both enjoy it." Shit , I couldn't believe that my shy wife, wanted to have Earl fuck her again!, I started to turn and tell them that I was going to order room service, but Earl came to me and said that we weren't finished and for me to get on the bed.

Wow this was great, here we go again, all my prayers had been answered, my wife was ready to be fucked again and I would be there again in the action.

As I got on the bed , Earl said for me to get on my stomach and lay down. As I layed there he grabbed the hot massage oil and poured it on my back and let it run down the crack of my ass. He then got on his knees and told my wife to come over to the bed. He raised one knee and put it over my legs which locked both my legs together. He then said "Ok, baby, (to my wife), do your thing. At which time she grabbed his cock and started sucking on it. It was hurting my neck to look, so I just lay there and after a minute he said Baby, I'm ready, the next thing I'm feeling is that this hard black rod is being rubbed on my asshole. And with one plunge Earl is ramming his dick into MY virgin ass. My wife is saying to him, that although it didn't hurt as much as she thought, she wanted me to experience the same pleasure that I arranged for her.

The pain was as bad as I have ever felt. But within about a minute, I started sweating and the pleasureable feeling started to overpower the pain. Within a few minutes I noticed that I was pushing my ass to meet his thrusts. Could I actually be doing and enjoying this? Within about 5 minutes, Earl had driven about a thousand feet of dick into my ass and I felt him starting to shoot his semen, (if he had any left), into my ass. It felt pretty good!

He got up, laughed and said, "You guys are something else" and went to the bathroom to clean up. Both my wife and I laid and looked at each other and smiled. Earl came back and said that my wife should be ready for 3 or 4 of his friends within a month, and that Earl would give us a discount from now on.

We can't wait until our next trip to town.
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