The Mark of the Cuckold (Part 3)

Written by Mark / Oct 10, 1999


The Mark Of The Cuckold....PT3A.......By Mark

In part one of this series I told you about Roger, a wimpy husband who had fantasies about seeing his pretty wife Kimberly being fucked by another man. I also told you about Kimberly, Roger's prim and proper little wife. They thought they could cocktease and play games and then go back to suburbia and resume their boring little lives. I taught them differently. They now belong to me and they know that unless they do as they are told I will send pictures of Kimberly being fucked and sucking my big cock to everyone they know.

As you may remember, Kimberly is in her late twenties and has big brown eyes and long light brown hair past her shoulders. She is 5'4" tall and weighs around 135lb.s with a nice pair of full C-cup tits, a narrow waist and sexy hips that were just made to support a man's weight while he pounds his cock deep into her tight little housewife cunt. I'll never understand why she married a pussy like Roger, I mean why would she want a man with such a pitiful little dick that he can't even properly fuck his own wife and he has to have me do it for him?

I thought about this as I stood at a distance and watched Kimberly as she walked through the Mall. It had been a few weeks since I had contacted her and Roger, (Or Pee Wee as I like to call him), and just in case they thought I had forgotten how sweet her tight married cunt felt when it was wrapped around my cock, I thought I would remind them that they still wear the Mark of the Cuckold.

Kimberly tries to act like such a respectable little housewife as she goes around her home town but I could see that my attentions toward her had changed her in subtle ways, even when she was not with me. For instance today she was doing her shopping and had worn a pair of tight blue jeans that really showed off that fine round ass of her's and a pair of black high heels as well. The top she had chosen was made of a thin cotton fabric similar to what a T-shirt is made out of but it had a deep vee neckline and was open in the front and then tied beneath her big round C-cup tits. It was obvious that the little whore wasn't wearing a bra because with every step she took her big tits swayed and jiggled and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin maroon colored fabric. As Kimberly walked through the Mall, with her ass swaying and her boobs jiggling, every man she passed turned and stared, wishing that they could crawl between her smooth thighs and shove their cocks deep into her wet tight pussy. I already had, on several occasions in fact, and I smiled as I watched her from a distance.

I was very pleased as I noticed what a hot little cockteaser Roger's wife had become. She slipped into a shoe store and I went in behind her and stood a few feet away to see how she acted when she thought no one was watching. Kimberly was looking at some boots that were displayed on a low shelf and she was making quite a show out of it for the young salesman who was watching her as she bent over, displaying her hot little ass to him. He was watching her intently especially when she reached over her head to check out some other boots and her big firm tits jiggled invitingly beneath the thin top.

I could see the bulge in his slacks as he approached her and began his sales pitch. Soon he had her sitting down on a chair with her shapely blue jean covered leg up on the fitting stool and he was pulling her high heels off of her tiny feet. I stood across the room and watched as Kimberly purposely bent over at the waist and leaned forward, pretending to look at the boots, when in reality she was letting her tits jiggle in the young man's face just to tease him. Next the little slut bent forward with one arm on each side of her big tits squeezing them together and displaying her cleavage for him and every other man in the store. In no time at all she had talked her victim into giving her a deep discount on the boots and she walked out of the store with her purchase. I had to laugh at how my efforts with Roger's innocent little wife had turned her into such a shameless little cockteasing slut.

I followed her at a distance until she reached her car and then, just as she was getting in, I said, "Hello Kimberly, Did you have fun cockteasing the shoe salesman?" She jumped slightly and looked up and said, "I, uh, I don't know what you're talking about. What do you want from us now, haven't you humiliated us enough?" "You're becoming quite the little slut aren't you Kim?", I said as I stared deep into her brown eyes, "I saw your performance with the salesman Kimberly and so did every other man in the store you hot little whore!"

I climbed into the front seat beside her and reached out and began to stroke her big slutty tits through her thin blouse, causing her nipples to stiffen and poke through the fabric. She started to protest until I said, "If you prefer not to cooperate Kim I can just send some lovely pictures of you sucking my cock to your nice little "Walton-type" in-laws. I'll bet your father-in-law would love to see you with cum all over your face, don't you think so?" She immediately relaxed and let her hands fall to her sides, all part of the game that Kim likes to play. She prefers to pretend not to be a slut but in reality she loves our little games. I reached over and loosened the knot that held her shirt closed and pulled it open, exposing her nipples to the cool afternoon air. As I massaged her big firm tits she began to moan with pleasure and soon she had her head thrown back against the headrest with her eyes closed.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and pulled her head toward my lap. "Suck it bitch", I said, "You know you want it in your mouth slut". "I can't suck your cock right here in the parking lot", she whined, "What if someone sees me?" "They will know the truth Kimberly", I sneered, "They will know that Roger has a cheap cocksucker for a wife. Now do your job!" I pushed her head down and she eagerly took it into her mouth and began to lick the head as she massaged my over sized balls with her tiny hands. Soon she had the entire shaft in her throat and my hands were entwined in her long brown hair as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. I was almost ready to cum in her mouth when I noticed a man standing by the next car watching her performance. I motioned to him to come over and get a better look.

As he watched in fascination I shot my cum deep into Kim's mouth and she tried to swallow it all but some of it ran down her chin and onto her naked tits. When she raised her head my load was still on her lips and her tits were naked to his incredulous stare. "Oh my God", he said when he saw her pretty face, "Is that you Kim?" Kimberly's face turned bright red and I realized it was one of Kim's co-workers who had witnessed her enthusiastic endeavors. "It's me Kim, It's Tim! Wow have you got a great pair of tits! I always thought you were pretty but damn are you stacked, and I didn't know you could suck cock like that. Wait till I tell all the guys at work about this!" Kim started the car and threw it into gear, leaving black marks on the asphalt in her haste to get away.

"Drive to your place Kimberly", I told her firmly, "Roger should be getting off work about now and I think we should include him in our fun, don't you?" When we walked into the home, there was Roger with the same dull look on his face that he usually has. "Hello Roger", I said, "How was your day? Kimberly and I have been having a great time, but then I always have a good day when I cum in your wife's mouth."

"I want both of you to get ready to go out", I said firmly, "Kim you can wear that sexy little maroon top you have on but instead of the jeans I want you to wear this for me." I threw her a bag containing a sexy black skirt which I had purchased just for her. It was very short and cut in a loose A-style so that it would sway with every step she took. I took her by the hand and led her into her and Roger's bedroom to dress her. I always like to make sure my sluts wear just the right clothes. I looked in her underwear drawer and chose a pair of teal green Vicky's Secret panties that were cut very high on the legs and told her not to wear anything except those under her new skirt. With her little skirt, her teal panties and her maroon, bare midriff top tied under her big tits, plus her black high heels, she looked very sexy indeed. On the way out of the house I tossed Roger his little red bow tie and said, "Don't forget this Pee Wee, you look so natural in it!"

I didn't tell them where we were going. They would have only whined and what they wanted didn't matter anyway. I pulled over to the curb in front of my old buddy's place and told them to get out and come with me and keep their mouths shut. When we got inside, Roger looked at me with wide eyes and said, "This is a tattoo parlor!" I laughed and said, "What was your first clue Pee Wee, the sample tattoos on the wall or all the equipment? I led the two of them into the back room where my friend was waiting for us.

"Hey Mark", boomed Ace's big voice, "How's it going man?" Roger's eyes got as big as saucers as he looked up at Ace. Ace was a 6'6" tall biker who must weigh about 300 pounds. He was dressed in his usual black leather vest with a T-shirt and his beer gut hung down over his jeans. "I'm doing good Ace", I answered, "Hey this is one of my new slut's, Kimberly, and this is her pussy husband Roger". Roger and kimberly both looked down at their feet as Ace looked Kimberly over from head to foot as if he were inspecting a piece of meat at the supermarket. "You sure can pick em Mark", he said as he stared at Kim's body, "This fucking slut has got some big fucking tits, that's for sure and look at the legs on her. I'll bet she really wraps those things around you when you're fucking her cunt."

"So you want the usual Mark?", Ace said casually. "Yes", I replied, "Treat her like all my other whores". With that Ace grabbed Kimberly and before she could protest lifted her up in the air and into a modified barber chair that was in the room. Each one of her long tanned legs went into an extension in front of the chair and then he quickly strapped her ankles down firmly. When she started to protest I took her wrists in my hands and stretched them up over her head and buckled them behind the back of the chair. "SSHHHH", I said softly, "No one will hurt you Kim, you're going to love this Baby". She struggled just a bit for her husband's benefit and then calmed down and relaxed.

Next Ace reached under the front of the chair and unhooked the two leg extensions and they began to spread apart until he clicked them back in place and Kimberly's long legs were spread as wide as they would go. As Kim looked on helplessly, and Roger stood back and watched, I reached down and untied the front of Kim's slutty maroon top and displayed her naked tits to Ace's admiring stare. "Look at those fucking tits", he said as he wiped his arm across his mouth, "Those fucking nipples are just begging to be sucked." then he reached out and began to roughly twist and pinch her big nipples causing Kim to moan and whimper in a mixture of pleasure and fear. Then Ace lifted her tiny black skirt and folded it back exposing her pretty teal panties. Next he picked up his straight razor from the table beside him and Kim looked terrified as he stuck his dirty fingers in the waistband of her teal panties and cut them off of her, leaving her cunt naked and spread wide open in front of the huge biker. "Don't worry Baby", I said softly, "No one will hurt you, you are much too pretty for me to allow anyone to harm you."

Then Ace began to apply baby oil to Kim's pretty crotch, taking more time than he needed to rub it in until he had her moaning and undulating her hips up toward his probing fingers. "Damn Mark", he laughed, "You got one hot little slut here, this little bitch is about ready to cum already, can you believe that! Now calm down Baby, I don't want to nick that pretty cunt of your's." Then he began to shave the hair off until Kim's pussy was as bald as a cueball.

He ran his hand over her smooth naked mound causing her to moan with pleasure and then picked up his tattoo pen and give her a small mark that she would have for the rest of her life. When he was done he sat back and I saw Roger move in to stare at his wife's cunt and the small capital M that was now permanently above her pussy. "From now on Pee Wee", I told him, "When ever you look at your wife's cunt you are going to know who owns it. That is the Mark of the Cuckold. You can think about me fucking your wife in the ass, the mouth and the cunt every time you look at her for the rest of your life and don't forget it".

"The usual fee?", I said to Ace. "You bet", he grinned, "it's my pleasure!" With that Ace dropped his jeans and walked between Kim's obscenely spread legs and began to massage her naked shaved cunt with his huge cock. She struggled against her bonds but it was no use and before long she gave in to his manipulations and began to lay back and thrust her cunt against his cock.

"You want to be fucked housewife?", Ace said mockingly, "If you want to be fucked I want to hear you beg slut. Tell me what you are slut!" "Please", Kim begged as her husband looked on, "Please fuck me with your big cock! I'm nothing but a whore and I want you to fuck my hot little shaved cunt, PLEASE FUCK ME!"

Ace spread her cunt wide open with the head of his big rod and then in one thrust he shoved his 8 inch cock all the way into Kim's pussy and began fucking her mercilessly. She screamed and begged him to keep fucking her as he roughly mauled her sensitive C-cup tits, twisting and biting the nipples and licking them until they were covered in saliva and bite marks. Before long Kim uttered a low moan that began to build in her throat until she let out a scream and cried "I'm Cumming! Keep Fucking me harder! Oh God cum in my cunt now! Oh damn I'm cumming so good!" Ace stiffened his back and plunged his cock all the way in and filled Kim's slutty pussy with his load. When he slowly pulled his cock out his cum ran out and dribbled onto her ass.

Roger had a dumbstruck look on his face as he stared at his wife's shaved and cum covered pussy. "Make yourself useful Pee Wee, you know what your job is!", I said as I pushed him toward his wife. Roger wasted no time and got down on his knees between his wife's legs and then pulled out his cock and began stroking it as he sucked and licked another mans cum from her pretty pussy. In no time Kimberly was having another orgasm and Roger shot his own load onto the floor while Ace and I stood above him, watching and laughing at what a wimp he was.

Mark Of The Mark

I drove Kimberly and Roger back to their home after making one stop along the way to pick up some special clothes for that night. When we arrived at their place I told Roger to get his ass in gear and get the place cleaned because I had some friends dropping by later on. He whined about Kim doing it and I told him she would be busy getting ready and to quit bitching and get his chores done.

I had Kimberly make me a bite to eat and then she filled a tub with hot water and we crawled in together for a long relaxing soak. As the hot water soothed my muscles and Kim sat in front of me I played with her big sexy tits and before long my cock was hard so I ass fucked the little slut right there in the tub. Just as I was cumming in her ass I heard Roger start the sweeper and I laughed to myself, wondering if he had any idea what would happen to him and his precious wife next. When I finished with the slut I had her soap up my back and massage me all over and then slapped her on the ass and told her to go start putting on her makeup while I relaxed. Life can be so good.

After a few more minutes I got out and went to dress Kimberly. I wanted the night to go well so I had to be sure she wore just the right outfit. I grabbed the purchase I had made at the mall and took it into the bedroom where Kimberly was just finishing up her makeup. "This is what you're wearing tonight baby", I said, "Put it on". She pulled it out of the bag and her eyes lit up with pleasure. "It's so beautiful", she said, "It's much nicer than anything that my husband ever bought me!" She held it up admiring the soft jade green silk of the wrap around dress I had picked for her. "What color underwear do you want me to wear with it Mark?", she said, batting her big brown eyes at me. "None Kim, not even panties", I grinned, "Just the dress and your high heels. You are going to love the way silk feels against your skin Honey". She giggled and wrapped the slinky dress around her naked body and tied the sash that held it closed. It was nice and short and displayed her long sexy legs to the max and her big hard nipples showed through the thin silk. When she moved her big tits swayed freely and her ass looked like heaven as it moved beneath the shiny fabric.

When Kim was finished dressing I took her out into the livingroom and glanced casually up at the ceiling. Sure enough while we had been at Ace's my buddy had installed the sturdy metal ring in the ceiling just as he had been instructed. Just about that time the doorbell rang and I said, "Get the door Pee Wee, that must be my guests".

When Roger came back in he had an odd look on his face as though he had been caught doing something he shouldn't have. Behind him were my guests. Jon and Hal were both tall black men about 6'3" tall who were old boxer friends of mine. With them was Bambi the beautiful blonde transexual that Roger had fucked in the ass the last time I saw them. I could tell by the look on Roger's face that he hadn't told Kim that he had fucked Bambi, not to mention the fact that Bambi used to be a guy and in spite of her 36 D- cup tits, she had a 6 inch cock hanging between her long silky thighs!

Bambi looked damn good in a black spandex minidress with a low scooped neckline that really showed off her big firm tits and sexy round ass. It was obvious that Kim was jealous as hell that another woman was stealing her thunder and she really turned on the charm to try to take back the attention of the two good looking black strangers.

"This is Kimberly gentlemen", I said, as I gently pushed her toward them, "Isn't she everything I said she would be?" Jon looked at Kim with a gleam in his eyes and said, "You aren't kidding Mark, this little white broad has got one hell of a tight looking body, that's for sure." "Uh huh", agreed Hal, "She's got some big sexy tits too, look at the way those nipples are so high and proud looking". Jon pulled a big roll of bills out of his pocket and handed it to me, saying, "Five hundred bucks each right? And we get to fuck her any way we want to, right?" I took the money and grinned in agreement.

"Wait a damn minute", said Kimberly, "You can't just sell me like some cheap whore!" "Yes I can Kimberly and you know it!", I said harshly, "Now shut up and just relax, you know there is nothing you like better than getting fucked anyway you hot little slut." Then I grabbed Kim and stripped her dress off, leaving her totally naked except for her 5" heels. Then I held her and pulled a soft cotton rope out of my pocket and tied it around her wrists and then looped it over the ring in the ceiling and pulled her arms up over her head and left her there to struggle.

Roger started to protest so I grabbed his wimpy ass and had Bambi strip his clothes off and then I tied him face down to the coffee table beside his slutty wife Kimberly. Bambi, Jon and Hal all stripped out of their clothes and I sat back to enjoy the show.

I was amused to see that Bambi went straight over to where Kim was tied, ignoring Roger completely. Jon and Hal stood back to see what would happen next. Bambi went over in front of Kim and began to run one long red fingernail over Kim's right breast, down the side and then up to the nipple. Her graceful manicured fingers pinched gently at kim's nipple causing it to stiffen and swell. Kim hadn't gotten a good look at Bambi since she had taken her clothes off because Bambi had been behind Kim as she had stripped. Bambi ran her hands sensually down Kim's voluptuous body finally reaching her naked shaved cunt. As Bambi's hand's began to stroke Kim's pussy, Kimberly moaned, "Please don't do that, I'm not gay, I like cocks!"

Bambi laughed softly and then walked a few feet in front of Kim and turned to face her. "So you like cocks do you Kimberly?", she said as she stroked her 6" hard on, "You mean like this one?" "Oh my God", said Kim as she stared at Bambi's gorgeous body, "I don't understand, you mean you aren't a REAL woman?"

"Why don't you ask your husband if I'm a REAL woman you bitch!", Bambi said as her eyes flashed with anger, "I was more than enough woman for him three weeks ago when he stuck his hot little cock up my ass and fucked me till he filled me with his cum! Then when I E-mailed him to ask him out again he said he didn't like fucking me, didn't you Roger?"

Kimberly looked confused and turned her head toward Roger and said, "Is that true Roger, did you really fuck this, this creature? Answer me damn it!" Roger looked up from where he was tied to the coffee table and replied, "I didn't know Kim, I mean, I thought she was a woman when I fucked her. Mark tricked me into doing it."

"You little prick, don't try to blame it on Mark, can't you even be responsible for where you put your own cock?", Kim hissed, "I'll get you back for cheating on me. I've been forced to do the things I have done but you did it on purpose!"

Bambi walked up to Kim and looked deep into her big brown eyes and then brushed Kim's long brown hair back from her face. "So you think I'm not a real woman, is that right housewife? Well then maybe I should treat you like I was still a man, don't you think so Kimmy Dear?" Then we all watched in fascination as Bambi took Kim's pretty face between her hands and held her head and began to kiss her long and deep, her tongue pushing deep into Kimberly's pouty lips. Kim struggled against the ropes but was helpless to resist as Bambi moved her lips to her breasts and began to lick and suck, first one and then the other, and they quickly sprang to full attention. "Stop that, please stop that damn you!", Kimberly moaned. Bambi moved her hand between Kim's thighs and stroked her bald cunt making Kim shudder with involuntary spasms of pleasure. Next Bambi moved forward and began to stroke her big hard cock against Kim's shaved pussy, causing the lips to spread open. "MMMMMMMM, doesn't that big cock feel good on your bald pussy Kim", Bambi purred in her ear, "Do you still want me to stop touching you slut? Answer me Kim, what you want me to do to you?" "I want you to fuck me", Kim moaned softly, "I want you to put that cock in my cunt and rub those big sexy tits against my tits, please."

Jon, Hal and myself were all spellbound at the sight of this beautiful young married woman brazenly begging to be fucked by the equally gorgeous blonde transexual. Bambi rubbed her stiff cock head against Kimberly's pussy and said, "Did you hear that Roger? Your slutty cocksucking wife wants me to fuck her. What should I do to your wife Roger? Say it you wimpy bastard!"

"FUCK THE WHORE!", Roger said suddenly, "I want to see you fuck her, I want to see all of you fuck her, please, I'm begging you to fuck my wife!" Bambi laughed and grabbed Kim by the hips and pulled her spread open legs around her waist and plunged her cock into Kim's sweet married pussy. Kim's hands were still tied to the ceiling but she wrapped her long legs around Bambi and began whimpering and moaning as Bambi shoved her hard dick in and out of the tight cunt. "Oh yes" Kim moaned, "I love your cock, fuck me hard, oh it's so much bigger than my husband's little dick, it feels so good, please keep fucking me!" Suddenly Bambi stopped and pulled Kim's legs from around her body and jerked her cock out of Kim's cunt. "Please don't stop, put it back in and fuck me, PLEASE FUCK ME", Kim whimpered and begged.

"What a fucking slut", Bambi laughed, "That's some little wife you've got there Roger. And to think you could have had me instead. I would have been so good to you, but you rejected me! I'll show you Roger." Then Bambi walked over to where Roger was tied face down on the table and held her hard cock directly in front of his face. "Do you smell your wife's cunt on my cock Roger? That's the cock that's been fucking your wife, the one she was begging for. And now I'm going to fuck you!" Then she walked behind him and began to work her cock, still wet with his wife's juices, into his asshole, causing him to groan and jerk. "I'll teach you to fuck my ass and then drop me Roger!", she hissed as she began driving it deep inside him.

Meanwhile, Jon and Hal had gone over to where Kim was trussed up like a prize turkey and they both began rubbing her body, pinching her breasts and massaging her bald cunt. "Oh damn, I need to be fucked so bad", Kimberly groaned, "Please put those beautiful big black cocks inside me and make me cum, please fuck me." Jon grabbed her hips and lifted her so she could wrap her legs around him and she worked her wet sloppy cunt down over his black cock and began to piston her slender hips, making his cock plunge in an out. Hal was behind her , fingering her asshole and then he began working his cock up her sweet married ass and started to fuck Kim while Jon continued plowing into her cunt. "Oh yes Keep fucking my ass, oh damn I'm going to cum, I love being fucked by both of you!"

Roger was still being ass fucked by Bambi, but in spite of his predicament he couldn't take his eyes off of his slutty wife and the two huge black cocks she was begging for. Soon his cock hardened in spite of himself and Bambi laughed as she reached in front of him and began stroking his little weinie as she continued fucking his ass. "Look at your wife Roger", she sneered at him, "look at the whore you married. She loves having those two big cocks fucking her, you married a slut Roger, admit it!" "I admit it, she's nothing but a whore", he groaned. "Oh damn I cumming, oh damn, fuck me hard, I'm cumming!", Roger moaned as he shot his load into Bambi's hand. Bambi stiffened and began to spray her cum inside him and then pulled her cock out as he collapsed onto the table. "Thats what you get for dumping me Roger", she said with an evil grin.

Kim was still whimpering and begging to be fucked as the two huge blacks plowed their cocks in and out of her tiny white body. "Fuck me harder", she screamed, "shove your cocks in me harder, fuck my ass, I'm cumming! Oh yes, I'm cumming like never before!" Jon gave a mighty shove and pushed his cock deep into Kim's pussy and said, "I'm filling your wife's cunt Roger, Oh yea, this slut is milking my cock with her cunt muscles, what a fucking whore!" Then he grunted and dumped his potent black seed deep into her white cunt. Hal was ready now and he pulled his black rod out of Kimberly's asshole and began to spurt his seed all over her perfect round ass. Then he took his hand and scooped up his load and pushed his cum deep into Kimberly's unprotected cunt. "There you go whore", he laughed, "Just in case you and the wimp want to start a family!"

That was when Roger and Kim realized that I had my video cam and had recorded the whole night for future use. I untied Kim and she collapsed into my arms and gave me a deep, loving kiss and said, "Damn you Mark, you are such a bastard but I love what you do to me." I left Roger tied to the table and after my friends were gone Kimberly and I sat down and watched a movie as she lovingly sucked my cock and her husband watched. I finally took Kimberly into her and Roger's bedroom where we slept soundly and then I fucked her several times the next morning before we got up.

That was when I realized that Roger had never been released. When I untied him I said, "You had better get to work Pee Wee, this place is a mess after the party last night." As I walked out the door I turned to the two of them and said, "Don't worry, I won't forget you two, I'll be in touch".
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