My Dilemma Argument

Written by Mattrules / Nov 16, 2000


My Dilemma Argument

My name is Roger Carver and I'm not sure where to actually begin. Let me start by introducing myself, I am in my late thirties and my wife just turned 31. I'm a well built European man at six feet tall and broad shoulders. I have what my wife would call a baby face and I am a looker. I have never had a problem getting a date or meeting women, but when I meet my wife I new it was love at first sight. She was so attractive, long blond hair, a nice c sized chest and her body was built and well curved. She moved with a seductive swaggle and I could do nothing but drop jaw, bugged eyed, stare. After the initial meeting our relationship built for many weeks, almost four months, we shared our lives and got to know each other and enjoyed all our different outings.

Her favorite places to go were to an underground night club in the city, it was a sort of rave atmosphere, with a mix of people, ethnicity and age. We had fun and would dance the night away. Some times I'd lose her in the crowd, but we eventually found each other and had a great time. After about a year we decided to move our relationship up a notch and make a sexual commitment.

I had been avoiding this for quite a while. Besides my looks and my build, I was quite underdeveloped in the penis area, my small white dick was soft about an inch and hard almost four inches. I had masturbated most of my life and avoided sexual encounters. In highschool I had one interaction with my first girlfriend. We started to make out in my car and when she reached in for my penis, she asked me where it was, when she found it she started to laugh, but restrained herself and apologized. I was not her first and she asked me if I'd had my growth spurt yet, I was seventeen and I had, but I lied and she seemed to believe me. We tried sex, but I could tell she was bored, she played along with it, but we never had sex again. I tried to play it off as if we were busy, but I new it was my penis size and I have always been a little humiliated and insecure over it. When word got around school of my size, I never got another date. I even had to wait until after everyone had showered in the gym, so I wouldn't get jabbed and ridiculed. I became a living legend in high school. I never really lived it down, so I avoided sexual acts.

The first time my wife and I had sex, was after I asked her to marry me, I had just received a promotion in the music industry, where I worked. I was to become the new talent advisor, my occupation was to interview and test the new talent. I work out of my home where I have a studio and I send reports via e-mail and online chat with my bosses. This was convenient because I got to spend more time with my wife. With this promotion I had double the work load, so we hired a maid to help around the house and a gardener. We found a wonderful African American woman to help with both jobs. Shania and sometimes her boyfriend came once a week every Friday, which allowed for me to continue my work and my wife and I to spend more time together.

So let me get back to our first sexual encounter. Much like my first girlfriend, she couldn't believe it. She smiled, but did not laugh, she had only one partner before me, so she was not disappointed, but she definitely was surprised. She didn't mention it and I think our love held us together. Our sexual life was not very good though, and we have only had sex about three times in the last six months we've been married. I do spend a lot of time giving oral sex, which she says I am very good at performing. I can usually bring her to about three or four orgasms a night. Where she will usually blow me or jerk me off, until I cum.

Things were going well, until about a six months into our marriage. She began becoming very demanding in bed. I could tell she was not satisfied, but there was nothing I could do. Then it happened and changed my life forever.

One evening I was interviewing a new possible artist for a new rap album. His studio name was Big BD and he was from new York. His real name was Brian Decker. He was a large black man about six three, but built like a bull, huge biceps about twice my size. My wife had just come from our hot tub in her bikini, when she stopped in and said hello, he waved and gave her a look, which made me feel uncomfortable so I told her to leave. She turned to leave, but gave his body a once over look. Big BD said "your wife is a hottie, your one lucky man." I said, " thanks, things are a little rocky right now, but we are a pretty happy couple." He smiled and said, "I'm sorry to hear that, well what do you think, should I record a song for your company to listen to." I said, " Yes I would definitely like to hear what you've got" The phone started to ring and it was my boss, he wanted me to go downtown and meet a new band to set up an interview. I told Big Bd to set up in my studio and record a song and I would be right back.

It only took about an hour to get downtown and back, but when I got home my whole life had changed. I went to the studio, but Big BD was not there, I heard some talking outside and when I walked out there I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my wife, topless, in the hot tub with Big BD. I screamed, "honey what are you doing." She looked at me with a wicked smile and said, "oh look it's my small dicked hubby. Glad you could make it back, I've got a surprise for you." Big BD was huge, his biceps and chest were built and glistening from the sun hitting off the water. Big BD got up from the tub, when he stood up, I noticed he was actually naked and I was shocked. My wife was smiling. I saw the biggest blackest Dick I had ever seen. It was soft, but was still hanging down about seven inches, as big as a coke bottle. It was huge. I couldn't get my eyes off it, it was the biggest blackest dick I had ever seen. Why wife reached over and grabbed his huge black cock. She smiled and said "Surprise." Big BD smiled dat me and said "I see you can't get enough of my big black dick either." I looked away for a second and then at Big BD. He said "Your wife couldn't say no once she told me about your pathetic member, I told her that some men don't come in child size. She was more than wiling to playfully test me, but when she saw my big black dick, she had to try it out." He walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and he told me I should get a good look at what my wife will be pleasuring herself on from now on. As I was forced onto my knees, I could hear my wife giggling like a school girl, when she said, "show him your big black dick BD, show him what makes me cum."

I was forced to look right at his huge choad, this big black python, so soft and hanging so far down. He grabbed his dick and smacked me across the face with it, back and forth his huge swinging stalk of black meat kept hitting my cheeks and lips. He laughed and said, "this is what a real man's cock looks like, kiss the tip." I resisted at first, so he kicked me in the gut, I fell to the ground, whimpering like a little girl. My wife chimed in, "You better do what he says you sissy boy, he's a real man and he'll kick your ass." I got up and BBD was holding his huge black dick in front of my face, "kiss it" he said. I leaned up still in pain and again I stared right at his huge black choad, seven inches of soft dark chocolate man meat, his purple head was huge, I couldn't believe it was real. "Go on, show your woman, your nothing but a pussy boy, a white boy who deserves to worship, clean, and be used by the black superior race." I leaned forward to comply, so he would not hit me again, and kissed his big black dick on the head. They both broke out in laughter. My wife said, "get used to that position honey, from not on there are some guidelines in this house, for a small dicked loser like you.

First, you'll be at our beck and call and do whatever we want, BBD will make sure your financial stable by his record career, which you were kind enough to give the go ahead, so you just relax and get used to being a black man's slave." My wife got up out of the hot tub and walked next to BBD, she grabbed his dick and started to massage it. "We're going to the bed room now, we'll call you up in a little while." BBD said, "while your waiting why don't you get undressed and wait for us in the living room, I've got a surprise for you later." I felt enraged, but I knew there was nothing I could do, if I wasn't just intimidated by his big huge cock, it was also his size. I meekly obeyed and undressed in the living room.

All I could hear was my screaming about how wonderful a real cock can be. As I stared at my soft one inch cock, I thought about how my wife was upstairs getting fucked by his big black cock. I just couldn't believe it, but I should have guessed it was bound to happen, it's been the same since high school. About an hour after they went upstairs, I heard my wife call me, "Hey little dick, get your sissy boy up here, we need your help."

When I arrived at the door, I could smell the sex in the air. BBD was standing up, his seven inches of black meat dangling between his legs, covered in both his and my wives juices. He looked at my little willy and said, "I still can't believe that's all you got down there white boy, your smaller than my nephews three year old dick. I don't think you ever made it past puberty, from now on I'm calling you little willy, your pathetic ass, is now at our service, little willy, first your wife needs her pussy cleaned."

My wife looked at me and smiled and said, "come on over little willy and clean your wife out, she's just been had by a real man, a big black dick, he unloaded a lot of cum into me and I need your help." BBD grabbed me and pushed my face down, until it was right in front of my wives abused pussy. Her once tight pussy was now splayed open, and leaking semen. Her lips were stretched out and I could see right up her gaping hole. BBD pushed me again and I stuck my tongue out and began caressing her lips and licking up there combined juices. His semen was not so bad, not as bad as I had thought it would be. My wife spoke, "come on little willy, lick up a real man's cum, put your mouth, where your tiny little boy's dick will never be again. Suck it up sissy boy." As soon as I was done cleaning my wife, BBD grabbed me and slapped his cum covered wet dick in my face, soft but still seven inches of black meat hung in front of my mouth, he said, "go on little willy, clean me up, so I can get back to work." I proceeded to lick his huge black shaft from tip to balls, I even took his egg sized balls in my mouth and cleaned them off, when I had finished, he said, "good job sissy bitch your learning what it takes to be our little willy, now cuckold go sit in the guest room, you'll be staying there for now, while I live here with your wife and finish my record." He slapped me across the face with his big black choad a couple more times and then told me to leave. I could hear them both laughing as I left.

When I woke up the next day I found, that all my clothes had disappeared. I could hear our maid, shania working in the kitchen. I wasn't sure what to do when BBD walked in, he was naked of course and his huge black dick was swinging back and forth. His thigh slapping against his balls ever couple swings. He said "sit down little willy, its time we had another talk. Since you don't really work anyway I called your producer and told him you quit and that your going out on your own, from here on out you'll produce all my albums and I'll make the money around the house. You'll be our bitch boy and your not allowed to wear clothes at any time. I want your wife to be reminded about how small your little white boy's penis really is." "You can't do that BBD, I have to go out, I have to..." "You don't have to do anything, you sissy bitch, now to make this official, we told shania all about your tiny prick and your new role, she has agreed to help us out. Shania come here" BBD yelled. I was so embarrassed I had no clothes on and all this talk had made my four inches of erect cock stick straight out.

Shania walked in the door and here jaw dropped, "I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't told me BBD, he really is huge like an infant." They both started to laugh. BBD said, "little willy you'll do whatever shania wants you to do from here on out. Enjoy." Shania said, "finally, its pay back time, for being unpaid and underappreciated. My boyfriend would love to see you, it would be a good laugh for us both, I can't believe you call yourself a man. My boyfriend fucked me hard this morning with his ten inches of black cock, something you'll only dream about from now on." She took off her pants and stood there in her blue g-string panties, and then took them off and said, "his cum has been leaking out of me all morning here taste it." She shoved her panties in my face and made me lick off the dried cum that was on her panties. I licked it until it was clean, then she told me to lie down and get ready for some chocolate cream pie. She lowered herself down onto my face and almost instantly a large clump of semen dripped into my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and started licking, she screamed "come on white boy make me cum, lick up my big black boyfriends love juice, suck my pussy sissy bitch." Her dark hole had long hanging lips and a small puckered asshole. A rather large clit and a huge ass, she started grinding her pussy back and forth across my face, I was covered in her and her boyfriends love juice.

She screamed in orgasm and then told me to hold still, she had a surprise. The next thing I knew she was pissing in my mouth. I started to move, but she grabbed my dick and told me if I moved she'd tear it off. So I started gulping down as much as I could, her light yellow urine tasted very bitter. She yelled, "Drink up white boy there's plenty more where that comes from." She laughed and finished peeing on me and stood up, she dressed and told me to clean up and meet her in the living room so I could help with the chores. I worked all morning with shania and helped clean the house. My wife and BBD were busy gathering a back-up band, BBD was going to rap old school with a jazz band behind him. They said the band consisted of four members, Willie "bones" Lewis the drummer, Robert Hammonds the stand- up bassist, and Roger "slides" Washington. They were coming tomorrow to play and practice, and use my wife. BBD said, "tomorrow will either be your worst nightmare or your sissy boy's dream little willie.....To be continued in Chapter Two...

By Mattrules
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