Red's Big Birthday Fantasy

Written by MM / Oct 10, 1999



by "MM"

It had been a long day, and as usual, the traffic on the way home had been heavy. It was after seven when I finally pulled into the garage. I got out of the car, closed the garage door, and walked into the house. To my surprise, Sheri had supper ready. What's more, she was singing softly as she set the table. She looked up at me with a big smile. "You must have had a nice day." I said. Most of the time, we were both pretty well exhausted by this late in the evening. "I'm just in a good mood. Why, are you complaining?" she asked, giving me a quick kiss. "No way, Red." I said. I washed up, and we had a very pleasant meal. Sheri's mood seemed to be catching. I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to be able to come home to someone like Sheri. After 12 years of marriage, she was still my fantasy girl. A few inches less than five feet tall, Sheri's long, curly red hair flowed in waves down her back. Her soft, pale white skin was highlighted with a sprinkling of freckles across her nose and spreading into her pink cheeks. Her big, green eyes sparkled when she smiled. She reminded me of an elf... in fact, the first time I'd seen her, I'd wondered if her ears were pointed. Sheri had been rail-thin when we first met, but over the years her tiny frame had filled out to a perfect 105 pounds. Not bad at all for a woman about to turn 40. After supper, we watched a movie on TV, and later went to bed. We made love... well, not exactly. Sheri jumped me like a mink in heat. We fucked like bunnies until we both were totally spent. I laid back on the bed, still breathing hard. "So, you want to tell me what brought this on?" I said. This whole evening had been unusual, to say the least. "Oh, nothing really." she replied. "Robbie was flirting with me at work today." "Like that's unusual? And besides, you flirt back." I trusted Sheri. While she has a playful nature, I know she wouldn't carry it too far. "Yeah, but today was a little different... he asked me out." I gave her a look. "Can I assume you said no?" "Of course, silly. At first I was a little miffed about it. But, any time a 40 year old woman gets hit on by a man more than 10 years younger, well, it's flattering. It just sort of made my day." "You won't be 40 for a month yet." I pointed out. "Besides, you LOOK ten years younger." " So you say... but then, you could be prejudiced by the events of the past hour." She snuggled up to me for the night. "Maybe I should look up this Robbie and thank him." I said. Sheri giggled and gave me a sharp elbow in the ribs. I pulled up the covers. "G'nite, Red." "'Nite."

Nothing unusual happened for the next month. Sheri's birthday fell on a Thursday, and we had always waited until the weekend to go out to dinner and celebrate. This year, however, would be a little different. We had just settled into bed and I switched off the light. "Where do you want to go tomorrow for your birthday dinner?" I asked. Sheri didn't answer right away. Instead, she rolled over and snuggled up against me. "I want to do something different this year." She said after a pause. "You're the birthday girl... what have you got in mind?" Again there was a long pause. Whatever it was, Sheri was having a hard time telling me. Finally, she spoke. "I want to act out a fantasy." She said. "Just for one night, I want to pretend that I'm 20 again. I want to be wild, daring and even a little bit wicked." She stopped and rested her head on my arm. She was really having a tough time getting this out... and I was starting to worry about where it was leading. "Is this part of that "40" thing?" I felt her nod her head. My fantasy girl was having a mid-life crisis! I wrapped my arm around her and drew her tight against me. My heart was pounding, and I thought I knew what was coming next. "It's okay Red... spit it out." "I want... " she swallowed hard and took a deep breath. "I want to go out tomorrow night... on a date... with Robbie." Seeing it coming didn't help a bit. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. I tried to take a breath, but couldn't. "Honey, are you okay?" "Yeah. I guess." I finally got my breath. "The big question is, are WE okay?" I'd never, in 12 years of marriage, worried about Sheri with another man. She sat up and looked straight into my eyes for a moment, then kissed me gently. "Of course we're okay. If we weren't, I could never even have mentioned it. I love you... I love our life together. This is just a fantasy... a game. It will last just one night. I could never do it behind your back, and I won't do it if it will hurt you... or us. It's totally up to you. Say no, and we'll just go out to dinner like we'd planned." She was looking into my eyes again, trying to see what I was feeling. Hell, I didn't know what I was feeling. "How far will this fantasy go?" She lowered her eyes. Not a good sign. "I don't know... I'll probably get cold feet before it goes too far." She said. "Ha! You've never had cold feet in your life. Or cold anything, for that matter." She looked up at me again and grinned. "Yeah, I guess your right there. Okay... if you're alright with this, you set the limits." I took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then let it all out. "Let me get this straight. You want me to give you this fantasy as your birthday present?" "Yes." "And you'll play your fantasy by my rules?" "Yes." I took another deep breath, then let it out. "Alright. No limits." I saw her eyes widen in surprise. "But, a few conditions. First, I have to know that you'll be safe. Can you trust this guy?" "Of course. I've known him for several years. I can trust him." "Second, if this is MY gift to you, then anything that "happens" will happen HERE. I want to be a part of it." She hugged me, then said "I was hoping you'd say that. I don't think I could do anything behind your back, even if you said it was okay. Are you sure you can handle this?" "Being a part of your fantasy is a lot easier to take than sitting home alone, knowing that you're out somewhere getting screwed in the back seat of some young stud's convertible. And there's one more thing. You haven't forgotten any of your pills lately, have you?" "No way... I don't want to give you that sort of surprise for YOUR birthday!" Sheri was fiddling around under the covers, and suddenly grabbed my cock. I was surprised to discover that it was rock-hard... I actually hadn't noticed. Sheri pulled back the covers and grinned. "Maybe this won't bother you as much as I thought!" She lowered her head and took my swollen bone between her lips, bobbing up and down until she had it all. "Hey... I thought this was YOUR birthday!" Sheri raised up just long enough to say "I think I'll get mine tomorrow night." Rolling her eyes up to look at me, she again plunged her mouth down over my throbbing dick. That was all it took. I felt the first spasm, and I started to erupt. I must have shot a cupfull as Sheri sucked and made little gulping noises. When I was finally done, she looked up at me and smiled. The sight of those big green eyes and my cum still on her smiling lips was too much to bear. I pulled her up to me and kissed her, cum and all. "Happy birthday, Red."

The next day was torture... I thought it would never end. By the time I wrapped up the week's business and fought my way home through the Friday night traffic, Sheri was already gone. Dinner and dancing, she'd said, and she wouldn't be too late, since the most important part of her fantasy was to happen right here. There was no way I could eat anything, so I showered and settled in for the wait, feeling the knots in my stomach. In fact, I was scared to death... my wife, my fantasy girl, off making up her OWN fantasy, and one that topped anything in my wildest dreams. Everything would be different from this day forward. I just hoped that we could handle it. It was after ten when I heard them drive up. I heard a car door... just one. Perhaps, I thought, she'd changed her mind and would be coming in alone. Then I heard the second car door. My heart raced as I heard them come into the house. Taking a deep breath, I got up and walked into the front room, coming face-to-face with Robbie... he was obviously scared silly himself, after spending the evening out on a date with another man's wife. As for me, my jaw dropped halfway to the floor. Robbie was young, tall, thin... and black! Sheri walked up then, seeming to enjoy the sight of two men staring at each other with wide eyes and gaping jaws. She chuckled, and said "Guess who's coming to dinner?" Robbie grinned wide, but still looked a little sheepish. I tried to stifle a grin, but wasn't very successful. Finally, we all three broke out laughing, and I shook Robbie's hand. The knots in my stomach were beginning to settle down. Sheri looked beautiful in a short, silky black dress that clung to her curves. Not only did it show a lot of leg, but it was open down the front, and more than a little loose. When she turned just right, you could see most of her perfect orange-sized breasts, creamy white skin sprinkled with freckles. Her nipples stood out like strawberries. It was obvious that she was wearing nothing under the dress at all. Sheri took Robbie by the hand and led him to the couch, and I went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Finding the right one, I turned around and Sheri was standing behind me... she hugged me, then gave me a big kiss. "You could have told me." I said. "And spoil the surprise? Oh, the look on your face was priceless." Her smile faded, and she looked me right in the eyes. "Are you okay with this? Robbie knows what we're doing, and if you say no, he'll leave. It's up to you." "I'm fine... as long as this is what YOU want." "What I want is to be fucked 'til I can't walk. Robbie's had his hands all over me for the past two hours, and I'm hot." I could see her nipples poking out through the silky material of the dress... I pinched them gently, and they stood out even farther. She grinned. "Then go for it." I said. "After all, I said no limits, and I won't back out now. It's your fantasy, Red." Sheri went back into the front room, and I got three glasses from the cupboard, grabbed the wine, and followed. When I got there, they were on the couch, kissing. He was feeling her breast with one hand, and the other was working it's way up her thigh... the contrast between his big dark hands and her tiny white body was striking. I sat down on the other side of the couch so that Sheri was between us, and poured the wine. I took a big gulp. Sheri broke the kiss and rolled back, both arms over the back of the couch. She moaned and threw her head back, her body going stiff. I pulled the dress up to her waist... Robbie's hand was at work, two dark fingers disappearing into the wetness below her bright red bush, while his thumb moved in a circle over her clit. Sheri came hard on his hand, gasping and moaning as she buried her face against my shoulder. Finally, as her orgasm subsided, she lay back on the couch and tried to catch her breath. Since the dress was already above her waist, I took the hem and pulled it up over her head. She lay back, still short of breath, stark naked. She was absolutely beautiful... perfection in miniature. Robbie and I just sat back and looked at her. "Damn." he said. "Yeah." I agreed. We drank a glass of wine, and then Sheri got up, took us each by the hand, and led us upstairs. Once in the bedroom, Sheri undressed us both, starting with me. She gave my rock-hard dick a kiss, smiled at me, and turned to Robbie. His clothes were soon in a pile on the floor. Shari sat back on the bed, staring with astonishment. Robbie, to put it bluntly, had an enormous cock. Mine is seven inches, and fairly thick... Robbie's dick was at least a third longer and nearly twice as big around as mine! Sheri's hand didn't even reach all the way around it! What could my tiny wife ever do with such a monster cock? Sheri, however, seemed fascinated. She stroked Robbie's huge pole with both hands, and as she squeezed, a big drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip. She looked at me for a moment, to be sure I was watching, then she reached out with her tongue and licked the clear fluid from his cock. She then opened wide, and I saw her roll her eyes up at Robbie as she sucked the huge head into her mouth. Robbie closed his eyes and let out a moan... I knew the feeling. I laid down on the bed and rolled over onto my side, and with my head propped on my arm, watched the fascinating sight before me. Sheri's pretty pink lips were stretched tight around Robbie's huge black pole as she worked more and more of it into her mouth. Robbie had his hands on the back of her head, but it was clear that he wasn't forcing her. He just held her head and gently stroked her flaming-red hair as she worked to stuff his huge black cock down her throat. When Sheri had a little more than half of it, it was obvious that she couldn't take any more. She bobbed her head up and down on Robbie's glistening black pole while using her hands to stroke the last few inches that her lips couldn't reach. Over and over that massive cock plunged into her mouth, just a foot away from my eyes. "Oh, man, I'm gonna cum!" Robbie gasped. Sheri started bobbing and pumping even faster, and soon was gulping and swallowing. Pulling back, she milked his cock with her hands, pumping jet after jet of cum into her open mouth. After she had squeezed the last drop from Robbie, she she looked over at me, just inches away from her face... and what a face! Sheri had a thick coat of cum on her lips, and it trickled down her chin. Some dribbled down onto her tits as I watched. She parted her lips, and I saw that she still had his cum in her mouth. It was, simply, the most erotic sight I'd ever seen. "You're beautiful." I said. She grinned... and kissed me! I struggled, but it was too late. I found myself with a cum-covered tongue in my mouth. I gave up and swallowed. Shari giggled, enjoying the look on my face. "Don't worry... it won't hurt you. I just drank a pint myself!" Robbie was sitting back on the bed grinning. His cock was only about half-hard now, and he was still breathing hard. "Let me watch you two for a while while I sit here and recharge." he said. I grabbed Sheri's legs and lifted them, and she leaned back against Robbie's chest. He reached around her and cupped her breasts in his big hands while I bent down and parted her pussy with my tongue. I gently sucked her clit into my mouth and circled it with my tongue. I felt her body stiffen, and in a few minutes she started to buck against my face. Robbie, still working her nipples between his fingers, held her as she started to moan. Suddenly, Sheri squeezed my head between her thighs and let out a squeal that should have awakened every dog in the neighborhood. After a moment, she pushed my face away, struggling to catch her breath. "Your turn." she said. The next thing I knew, Sheri's head was in my lap, red hair flowing as she bobbed up and down on my rock-hard cock. After all that had happened, I was already on the edge, and in less than a minute I shot my first load of the night. I don't think I'd ever cum so hard in my life... it seemed to go on forever. Sheri looked up from my lap, and once more her lips and chin were covered in cum. Suddenly, she spun around and gave Robbie a long, wet kiss... this time I grinned to see the look on HIS face! Sheri drew back, wiped the last of the cum off of her chin and licked it from her fingers. "Now you two are blood brothers." she said. Robbie and I looked at each other. "I don't think this is quite how the Indians did it." I said. Robbie nodded. "I've always heard that these little red -haired white ladies have some pretty strange ideas." He looked down at Sheri, who was again sucking his cock. "Not that I'm complaining!" Sheri pulled her mouth off of his huge black pole, which was once more fully grown. "Are you going to talk all night, or would you rather fuck me?" She laid back onto the bed. Drawing her feet up, she spread her knees wide, exposing her pretty pink pussy. I looked at Robbie's monster cock, nearly a foot long and as thick as my wrist. I didn't see how it could ever fit into Sheri's little body... it would reach past her navel! "Red, do you think this will work?" I said, fear for my tiny wife creeping into my voice. Robbie was worried as well. "I don't want to hurt you." he said. Sheri sat up and pulled Robbie down onto his back. His enormous black cock stood straight up like a telephone pole. "If you guys are going to chicken out on me, I'll do it myself!" she said, climbing up so that she could straddle him. Slowly she squatted down over his cock until the head was pressing against her opening. She leaned forward and put both hands on Robbie's chest, then shifted her weight back against his rigid pole. Rotating her hips, she pushed and pushed until somehow, that giant head forced it's way into her tiny, distended pussy. She stopped and closed her eyes for a moment, getting used to the girth, then once more started to push. First an inch, then two, then three inches disappeared up into her belly. Sheri started bobbing up and down slowly, coating Robbie's incredible shaft with her glistening juices. Each time she went down, she managed to take a bit more of it. I was fascinated... never in my life had I seen such a sight! Finally, with about eight inches of hard, black cock inside her tiny pink pussy, she hit bottom. She looked up at me. I could see the lust in her eyes... she was in another world. She reached one hand around the back of my head and pulled my face to hers, kissing me, then whispered in my ear "Watch this." To my utter astonishment, she lifted her legs, impaling herself on Robbie's monster cock, and slowly engulfed the last few inches, his black pubic hair finally meshing with Sheri's flaming red bush. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... my tiny red-haired wife, no bigger than the average 12-year-old, had just taken a black cock the size of a salami into her pussy... to the hilt, no less. With a sudden twinge, I realized that her tiny pink pussy would quite probably never be the same. As soon as she hit bottom, Sheri started to come. She bucked and jerked, her red hair flying around her as she shook with spasm after spasm. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she settled down to fucking this monster cock that had her nearly split in two. After a few minutes of riding the pole, she raised up and rolled over on her back. "Fuck me!" she demanded. Robbie moved in between her legs, and with one long, slow thrust, fed his giant cock into her belly. As soon as he hit bottom, Sheri started to come again, bucking and squealing as Robbie's huge black shaft pistoned in and out of her. As her orgasm subsided, Sheri reached out and grabbed my throbbing cock and guided it into her mouth. I could feel her hot tongue swirling as I gently but deeply fucked her mouth, timing my thrusts to coincide with Robbie's. What a sight! Sheri's tiny body was totally filled with cock at either end, and she moaned and twisted as we ravaged her together. In a few minutes, Sheri started to build to yet another peak, and I pulled out of her mouth as she threw her head from side to side. I squeezed her hand as she rode the crest, her back arched, her legs locked tightly around Robbie's waist. Robbie, too, threw his head back and stiffened, and buried his cock in her pussy as he flooded her with cum. Finally, totally spent, he collapsed onto the bed beside her. Sheri was just starting to come back to Earth... she squeezed my hand, and I bent over and kissed her gently on the lips. "Do you still love me?" she asked? "Of course I love you." I answered. "You're my fantasy girl." "Do you love my pussy?" "Yes, I love your pussy." "Then show me... I want you to kiss it." She gave me that wicked little grin that she uses when she's daring me. "Don't give me that look." she said. "you've already tasted Robbie's cum on my lips. Now show me that you love my stretched out, sloppy pussy." Sheri spread her knees apart, and I moved down between them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... her pussy was gaping open, stretched beyond belief, and cum mixed with her own juices ran freely out of her. "My God... I can see your belly button from the inside!" I remarked. Sheri giggled, making more cum ooze from her pussy. Taking a deep breath, I bent down and softly kissed her battered, distended mound. She sucked in her breath, and I ran my tongue up her slit. Actually, the mixed juices combined to make an interesting flavor... not at all what I had expected. I licked her clean, paying special attention to her tiny clit. I stuck my tongue up her gaping hole as far as it would go, and sucked the cum from her pussy. Sheri started to arch her back, and soon started to come. As each spasm shot through her, a new glob of cum was squeezed from deep inside her, and I sucked it all up, licking her clean again when she was through. I finally laid back on the bed with Sheri and Robbie. "Wow. That was the strangest thing I've ever done." I said. "You're one kinky thing up on me." Robbie replied. "Just you wait." Sheri said. I noticed that my cock was rock-hard again, and Sheri was guiding it tward her gaping pussy. She was hot and sippery, but I met no resistance at all when I plunged in balls-deep. "Holy smoke, Red. Can you even feel it?" I asked. "Give me a minute." she said. Slowly, I felt her stretched muscles contract, and soon her pussy was gripping me... not as tightly as usual, but unbelievably well considering the abuse her poor insides had been through. I kissed her, and buried my face in her hair. We fucked slowly and gently, and after a time Sheri had another orgasm. I shot my second load of the night deep into her pussy. I rolled off and laid back, spent, onto the bed beside her. Without a word, Robbie moved down between Shari's legs and licked her dripping wet pussy. I held her as Robbie ate her to yet another orgasm. "Now we're even." Robbie said, his face glistening. He looked at Shari lying back on the bed, totally exhausted after her last orgasm. "Damn. How can just one of these little red-haired white ladies wear out two big, bad men?" "God, don't say that... she'll want THREE next time!" I said. Sheri giggled. I smiled and pulled her close. "How was your birthday fantasy?" "Unbelievable." she said. "But I think there's one thing I forgot to ask for." "What's that?" "A wheelchair. I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow!"

The three of us slept together in our king-sized bed, and the next day, much to our surprise, Shari could still walk. Her poor, battered pussy needed time to heal, though, but she gave us each a blowjob for breakfast. Before Robbie left for home, he swore that no one where he and Sheri work would find out about our night together from him. So far, no one has. I was afraid that Sheri's fantasy would change our relationship, but if anything we're closer now than before. We've shared an experience few people ever will, and it's strengthened our bond. Her pussy has even returned to near- normal. Robbie has become a good friend, and Sheri still insists that we're "Blood Brothers." We've talked about doing it again... not as a regular thing, since I doubt if either of us could handle the intensity on a steady basis, but now and then, as a "special fantasy," it will happen. Sheri has even hinted that I could act out my own fantasy some time, but so far I haven't been interested. There's no need for that... after all, I have my fantasy girl!
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