Jessie Earns Extra Credit

Written by Mr Xaver / Oct 10, 1999


NOTE:(If you are reading this and and have not read "Jessie Learns a Lesson", and "Jessie Goes to Gym Class" you should read them first.)

PROLOGUE Poor sweet Jessie. Such a lovely young girl but very, very naughty I'm afraid. One day she is a respectable married woman with an education and good job as a Medical Tech and the next day she is forced to go back to High School and complete two days of classes. All because of a mistake that was made 17 years earlier. Her husband Mike, who loves her, but also loves to use her as his fuck slut, talked her into wearing the sexiest outfit she owned so that when she got back home he could hear about all the teenage boys who wished they could fuck his beautiful 35 year old wife. What he didn't know was that several men did much more than just WISH they could fuck his wife that day. As our story begins, Jessie is just arriving home after her second very hard day at High School...

Jessie Earns Extra Mr Xaver

Jessie was filled with conflicting emotions as she drove toward her and Mike's home. On one hand she felt completely sexually satisfied, which she should with the cum of several men still inside her pussy and ass, but she felt other things as well. She felt gratified that she had exacted her revenge on that jerk Krusher and she knew he would never bother her again, she thought as she smiled to herself.

On the other hand she felt guilty that she had had sex with so many men and her dear husband Mike had no idea. It was one thing that he liked to fantasize about watching men fuck her and she knew he even liked her to cocktease and show off her hot firm body but she also knew that if he found out she had really been gang banged that night he might be really upset. And it was late now, after midnight and she had no idea how she would explain to him why she was so late.

As she pulled into the drive way Jessie squirmed and felt the cum of several men oozing out of her cunt and ass. Then to her horror she realized that she actually had a wet spot on the back of her leopard print dress from all the cum that had been pumped into her that night. The tiny little dress and her high heels was all she had on since the men who had gang fucked her had taken her panties, bra and nylons as souvenirs. As she climbed out of the car she felt the cool night air blow up her dress onto her dripping cunt causing her to spread her long legs and revel in the feeling for just a moment. The lights were on inside and she knew that she would have some serious explaining to do to Her Hubby once she got in the house.

When Jessie walked inside though she got the surprise of her life. There stood Hubby and he had obviously just come out of the kitchen and he had a soft drink in each hand. He had a huge shit eating grin on his face and he barely glanced at Jessie as he hurried toward the livingroom. Over his shoulder he said, "Hey Jessie, one of your friends from school stopped by to say hello but don't worry I've been making her feel welcome". Then he rushed into the other room leaving Jessie to wonder what the hell was going on.

Now Jessie had no idea who in the world could be visiting at this time of night but she was relieved since it gave her a chance to slip into the bedroom and quickly slip off the cum soaked leopard print dress and toss it into the laundry hamper. Then she grabbed a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and went into the other room to see who was there.

As Jessie entered the room she saw Mike smiling like a Chessie Cat as he stood there staring at none other Missy Ryan! The eighteen year old blue eyed cheerleader sat on Jessie's couch like she owned it, her long tanned legs tucked seductively under her tight young body. Missy got up and smiled a 500 watt smile in Jessie's direction and gave her a peck on the cheek before Jessie even knew how to react. "Hi Jessie!" she said with obviously faked enthusiasm, "How's my new best girlfriend?" Jessie was at a loss for words and she just mumbled, "Fine, I guess", as she sat down in one of the chairs.

Jessie had by now figured out that she had been set up by Missy Ryan. She knew that the whole reason she had gotten put into the Boy's Gym Class had been due to some dirty trick that Missy had pulled. And that it was Missy's fault that Jessie had been gang fucked and had been forced to suck Krusher Kovaleski's cock and lick his asshole. And when she gets home the little bitch had the gall to be here in Jessie's own house!

As Jessie sat down she couldn't help but notice the way that Her Hubby was staring at the 18 year old cheerleader. Just then Missy stood up and began to look over the pictures sitting around the room. Mike's eyes followed Missy as though they were glue to her body and really Jessie could hardly blame him. He was after all a man and Missy was a gorgeous young woman even if she was a spoiled little bitch.

"This is a great picture of you Mike", Missy said with a smile as she tossed her long blonde hair over her slim tanned shoulders, "But then a good looking guy like you probably never takes a bad picture I'll bet"! Mike's actually blushed as Missy gave him a wink of her big blue eyes. He hardly acted like he knew his wife was in the room as he stared at Missy's ass in the tight pink short-shorts she was wearing. Her lean midriff was bare and her firm baseball shaped tits were covered only by a tiny little top made of a thin T- shirt type material with a sexy black bra. Then Missy bent over at the waist without bending her legs to look at a picture on a lower shelf. When she did, her tight round ass was almost thrust in Mikes face and Jessie seethed with jealousy as she noticed a huge bulge in the front of his pants.

"Wow!", said Missy excitedly, "Is this your High School Graduation Picture Jessie?" Jessie nodded that it was and then Missy flashed a sugary sweet smile and said, "I hardly recognised you but I guess that it is a really old picture isn't it?"

Jessie wanted to throttle the little bitch right on the spot. How dare she come into Jessie's home and not only shake her tight young tits and ass at Jessie's man but insult her as well! Jessie bit her tongue and decided to bide her time, two could play at Missy's game she decided.

"So Missy", Jessie said sweetly, "What brings you here tonight?" "Mr. Xaver sent me to give you a message", Missy replied, "He wants you to report to his office first thing tomorrow morning". "You could have called you little slut", Jessie thought to herself, but what she said was, "Gee thanks so much Missy, we have to get to bed now and get some sleep but I'll see you tomorrow at school, OK?" Then she ushered her towards the front door. On the way out Missy went up to Mike and gave him a peck on the cheek and said, "Thanks for being such a good host Mike, you're a Sweetie". Then she looked at Jessie as she twisted her index finger in the curly black hair that peeked out of the top of Mike's open necked shirt and said, "You better take good care of this handsome husband of your's or someone might take him away!" And then she turned and wiggled her tight little ass out the door.

"Damn", said Mike with a sigh, "I'm sure glad that Missy told me she just turned 18. Otherwise I could be thrown in jail for what I'm thinking!" Then he chuckled and headed for bed, leaving Jessie fuming as she thought about how to get back at Missy Ryan.

The next day Jessie got up to find Mike picking out the clothes he wanted her to wear to school that day. "I don't know if I should wear anything sexy today Mike", she said softly, "I just want to attend my last day and get the hell out of that place, that's all." "Look Jessie", Mike said impatiently, "If you want to dress like some fucking middle aged housewife go ahead Iguess. Then he grabbed a frumpy old dress out of the closet and threw it at Jessie and said , "I guess there is no way you can compete with a hot young piece of ass like Missy Ryan anyway. Damn, that girl has some fucking firm looking tits on her doesn't she? And what a fucking ass! I'd sure like to stuff my cock up that little cunt some time!" Then he turned and walked out of the bedroom and left for work.

Jessie was furious as she did her makeup and brushed out her long chestnut hair. "That nasty little bitch", she thought to herself, "I'll find a way to make Missy pay for crossing me". When the idea came to her she had to chuckle, it was so simple and yet she was going to really enjoy this.

She was also pretty upset with her Hubby. How dare he talk about fucking another woman in front of her like that. Maybe she needed to have a little fun herself and anyway he might finally realize he had something pretty damn hot right in his own bedroom if he would just quit staring at Missy's skinny ass long enough to see the truth!

"Yes", she said to herself, "I'm going to really have fun and get my revenge on Missy at the same time." Then she put a touch of perfume on each of her firm D-cup breasts and a touch behind each ear. Next she wiggled into a pair of white lace thong panties and her high heeled, white, ankle length boots, the ones that had a row of buckles up the side. Finally she pulled the white Crotcheted dress over her head and pulled it into place on her firm body. As she adjusted it she smiled with satisfaction at the way her 35 year old body looked in the dress. Her big brown nipples were clearly visible through the holes in the crotchet net material and you could see her panties and her almost naked ass as well. Her incredible long legs looked even better in the high heels and the dress barely covered her ass at all. Jessie planned on making every young man in the school want to fuck her that day especially Missy's sexy young boyfriend. And she also planned on coming home with a pussy full of other men's cum for the third day in a row. Maybe then Mike would realize how damn sexy his wife was if he got stuck with sloppy seconds again!

When Jessie got to school she walked confidently through the halls as every one of the young virile high school boys stared hungrily at her incredible body. Their heads almost spun as they did double takes trying to get another look at her big 34D tits as she walked past. She saw several of the boys who had been in her Gym class the day before and she smiled flirtily and blew them a kiss, her crotch growing moist at the thought that all those handsome young men had seen her pussy and tits.

That was when she saw Jimmy standing shyly beside his locker. Jimmy was the thin young man who she had met the day before in the locker room, the one that she had taken pity on and given a blow job. Truthfully though Jessie had to admit that once she had seen the gorgeous horse cock that hung between the young boys skinny legs she had loved every minute of it including the moment when he had cum all over her big tits and in her greedy slutty mouth. Jessie could see that Jimmy wanted to say hello to her but he was far too shy, especially around all the other kids. She decided that this was the perfect chance for her to build up his self confidence once and for all.

She stopped and turned toward Jimmy, walking right past several of the jocks who stood there and walked right up the the shy teenager. Then in a voice loud enough for all the kids in the hall to hear her clearly she said, "MMMM Hi Jimmy! I LOVED our time together yesterday in the locker room. It was great to spend some private time with a REAL man like you!" Then she took the shocked young man in her arms and hugged him closely, rubbing her firm tits against his chest and kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue snaking down his throat. "See ya later Jimmy!" she said cheerfully as she turned and left. Jimmy's friends stared in admiration at their lucky friend. Jimmy stood a little taller and Jessie knew that self confidence would not be a problem for him any longer.

When Jessie reached Mr Xaver's office she had to wait in the outer room for a few minutes. When the secretary slipped out to go to the restroom Jessie took a quick peek at the student files and learned just what she needed to know about Missy Ryan's schedule that day. Just after she closed the file on the cumputer Mr. Xaver opened his door and asked her to come into his office.

When Jessie entered the room Mr Xaver's eyes moved from her eyes down her body stopping on her firm tits, the big brown nipples clearly visible through the mesh fabric of her dress. Finally he pulled his eyes away from her chest and said, "Well young lady, I can see that you don't seem to have learned much from the punishment you received the other day. I tried to explain to you in the most graphic way I could imagine what happens to little girls who come to school in nonappropriate attire and yet here you are again dressed in something which is wholly unsuitable!" Xaver walked up closer to the young wife and took his index finger and poked it through one of the holes in the crotcheted dress and toyed with her stiff nipple. "For goodness sake Jessie", he said as he teased her already swollen nipple, "I can see your nipples right through your dress. What's more I can see the color of your panties!" He then poked his finger through her dress and ran it across the crotch of her lacey thong panties causing her to inhale sharply.

"Look me in the eye young lady!", he ordered her as his finger slipped into the small triangle of fabric covering her cunt, "You are dressed like some kind of cheap whore Jessie. Do you know what happens to cheap little sluts who wear clothes like this?" His finger suddenly plunged into her wet pussy and he twisted it viciously. "Answer me you little whore!"

Jessie was a bit nervous now. Mr Xaver had been firm but kind the other time she had been called into his office and she didn't understand the way he was acting now. "Please sir, I just dressed this way to teach a lesson to my husband, he likes me to show off for other men and I wanted to show him how sexy I am, that 's all!". she said breathlessly.

"I'm sorry I lost control Jessie", he said as he regained his composure, "But I have tried to teach you and you don't seem to learn. I think perhaps you need a more strict lesson this time. A girl who dresses like this could get into all sorts of trouble Jessie", he said as he stroked her cheek with his hand. "For all you knew Jessie, we might have been taking Senior pictures today or something like that". He opened his desk drawer and pulled out a digital camera and continued, "Just think how you would have felt if someone had taken your picture while you were wearing a slutty dress like this one". His hand ran down the front of her dress, brushing against her stiff nipple and then rested on her firm hip. "Imagine Jessie, if someone had taken your picture while you wore something so shameless and then those pictures fell into the wrong hands. Some men would be driven to extreme behaviour by the sight of you in that dress, now wouldn't they?"

"Yes sir", Jessie said as she hung her head, "I guess you're right." "Of course I am Dear", he said gently, "But you still need to learn how humiliating it might be if something like that happened". Suddenly he backed up and shot a picture of Jessie in the little crotcheted dress, capturing for eternity the incredible eroticism of her beauty. "Now there you have it Jessie", he said, "Now I have your picture dressed like whore, don't I? And some men might use a picture like that to blackmail you into doing unspeakable things and I am going to teach you why you must learn to dress more decently."

He pushed Jessie onto the couch and her little dress flew up exposing the crotch of her lace panties and he just as quickly snapped her picture again. "Men with less moral compunction than me would treat you like a prostitute if they had you in this position Jessie, just like this!" He grabbed her firm tits in his hands and squeezed them, rubbing the nipple till it was swollen and engorged with blood. His breath was ragged and he was almost panting as he said, "You need to learn Jessie and I am going to teach you. If you continue to dress like a whore men will even talk to you like a whore, now stand up you fucking little tramp, do it now!"

He took her picture again then ordered her, "Turn around and show that ass, hurry up". Jessie could tell by the tone of his voice that he meant business. She did as she was ordered and he snapped several pictures from that angle and grabbed her roughly and turned her around to face him again. "Now start playing with those big slutty tits of your's Jessie, I know you like to do that don't you slut?"

"Please, don't take pictures of me doing that", she said quietly as her head hung in humiliation, "What if someone I know sees them"? Jessie had posed for many graphic pictures for her Hubby but always with her face covered to protect her identity. She was terrified that if she posed without covering her face that her family and co-workers would see what a slut she really was.

"Listen you fucking whore", Xaver said roughly, "If you ever want to get your diploma and get back to your job and Husband you need me to sign the paperwork. Now shut up and play with those fucking tits like I told you to!" Jessie had no choice and she knew it. Her slim feminine fingers went to her full breasts and began to squeeze and fondle them while Xaver took picture after picture.

"That's it Honey", he said, "Now take off that cock teasing dress and be quick about it. You may as well be naked as to wear that anyway." The young wife slowly worked the tiny dress up over the full curves of her hips and then tugged it over her head and stood before him in nothing but her lacey thong panties. The flash went off several times and Jessie's naked tits were his for eternity. "Turn around and let's see that fucking hot ass bitch", he told her, "Now bend over the couch and pull those little panties off Jessie, that's it."

The flash was still going off as Jessie posed in every way he could think of. "Now spread your ass cheeks wide open and show that tight little asshole and cunt. Whores that dress like you do shouldn't be surprised when someone wants to take a closer look at them should they Jessie?"

"No sir", she moaned as she parted her pussy lips and looked directly at the camera, "I want men to look at my cunt, I want them all to want to fuck me like the whore that I am!" Xaver suddenly set the camera down and unzipped his pants releasing his throbbing manhood as he walked toward the vulnerable young wife. "Your husband wants to show off his whore of a wife does he?", he said as he rubbed his cock against her naked dripping wet pussy, "Then he shouldn't be surprised when she gets fucked like a little slut, should he Jessie?" He plunged his throbbing cock deep into Jessie's dripping pussy in one violent motion and then reached forward and roughly gripped her big tits, one in each hand and he began fucking her with no mercy.

Xaver's manhood pistoned in and out of the young wife's body causing her head to bang against the back of the couch. "Admit that you love to be fucked like a whore Jessie, say it bitch!", he almost screamed at her, "If you don't admit it I'll take my cock out of your worthless cunt and send you home right now". "Oh God Yes". Jessie cried out as the big cock savaged her tender vagina, "Please don't stop fucking me, I love to be fucked, treat me like a whore, fuck me harder!"

Xaver's balls slapped against Jessie's tight young ass as he gave her the fucking of her life, making her scream in orgasm several times and beg him not to stop. "This is how sluts like you get treated Jessie", he said as he flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style, "Bad little girls get fucked and have to be spanked too". His hand smacked her upturned ass with no mercy as his cock continued to move deeper and deeper into her womb. Suddenly Jessie felt her orgasm build to a fever pitch and she began to buck and wiggle her ass as she screamed, "I'm cumming so hard, OH DAMN IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, I'M CUMMING!!!! FUCK ME!!

Jessie felt Xaver reach over to the desk and pick something up and then he grabbed her long chestnut hair and as he pulled back on it he said, "Look at me when I cum in your cunt whore, LOOK ME IN THE EYE!" When Jessie turned toward the man who was fucking her she saw the flash of the camera and realized in horror that he now had a picture of her being fucked.

She then felt his dick throb and begin to fill her fertile cunt with sperm. "That's what you need slut", he hissed at her, "I'm breeding you for your husband right now slut, I'm cumming in your naked cunt like you deserve!" His body twitched and he collapsed over her, overcome with the erotic pleasure of leaving his mark on such a beautiful woman, especially the wife of another man.

When he climbed off of her he snapped one more shot of Jessie lying there naked, her cunt splayed wide open with cum dripping and oozing out of it. Jessie was too spent to get up right away and she could only watch as Xaver calmly dressed and then stood above her still naked body. Jessie suddenly felt more vulnerable then ever as he stood above her in his suit and tie, fully dressed while she still sprawled naked on the couch with her legs spread wide open and his cum running out of her well fucked pussy. He took one last picture and then said calmly, "Are you satisfied now Jessie? Is that what you want, to be treated like a whore by every man you meet, to be used and then left in a pool of cum? I should hope that you have learned something young lady!"

Jessie felt embarassed and her face turned bright red. She sat up and put her legs tightly together to hide her naked pussy and then cupped her delicate hands over her 34D tits but of course there was no way she could cover them completely. Her head hung in shame as she said softly, "May I put my dress back on now Sir?" and looked at the floor. "Look me in the eye when you address me Jessie", he ordered her. Jessie looked up at him, her big sexy blue eyes locked on his and said quietly, "Please Mr Xaver, may I please put my clothes on Sir?" He motioned toward her dress and watched with a smirk on his face as the young wife pulled it over her head and into position. Then she pulled up her panties as he stared at her jiggling tits and full ass and smiled inwardly, knowing that this young wife was his for as long as he wanted her.

"You realize Jessie", he began, "That these pictures show not only your naked breasts and vagina but also your face and anyone I show them to will know what a whore you really are." "PLEASE", she begged him, "My husband will never forgive me, please don't show them to anyone!"

Xaver grinned and replied, "I think perhaps you have learned your lesson Dear but I will keep these pictures so that you will have added incentive to be a good girl from now on. Keep in mind that if I ever see you acting in an inappropriate way again I may be forced to use them to teach you and your husband a lesson."

Jessie quietly accepted her fate, knowing that there was nothing she could do. "Now Jessie", said the principal, "Let's get to the reason I asked you to come here this morning. As you know I am very attuned to the needs of my students and I know that you have experienced some problems adjusting to school after being away for a few years. Therefore I have arranged something special for you." He looked pleased with himself and continued, "We have a program for our students in which they get extra credit for working with those less fortunate than themselves. Orphanages, elementary schools, hospitals and other government and charitable institutions get a helping hand and our students learn the joy of helping others."

"This afternoon you will be going to one of these facilities and helping out.", he said with a smile, "And you will get extra credit and will graduate with honors, now how's that Jessie?" She thanked him for thinking of her and he told her to report to the front of the school after luch for the bus to take her to her chosen facility. Jessie wondered where she would be working but assumed they would send her to a hospital since she had so much experience in the health care field.

When she left the office she checked her watch and saw that she had just enough time to put her plan for revenge against that little bitch Missy into action. She knew that Missy would be in the Gym right now having Cheerleader practice and she went straight there and entered just as the girls were finishing. They all went into the locker room to shower and dress and Jessie slipped into the coach's office. She knew from the day before that he had installed a monitor so he could see everything that went on in the showers. As she watched she noticed that while the other girls quickly stripped and hopped into the showers, Missy seemed to be stalling as though she were waiting for them to leave before she disrobed.

Soon they were all gone and Jessie watched as the beautiful blonde cheerleader pulled her spandex leotards down over her perfect firm 18 year old ass and then stepped out of her panties as well. She then pulled her top over her head and tossed it into her gym bag and then looked around to be sure no one was around. Only then did Missy reach behind her back and unsnap her 34C-cup bra and lower it away from her torso.

Jessie began to snicker to herself when she saw that Missy Ryan's bra was filled with foam rubber! She was as flat as a board! Missy had a great ass and legs to be sure but her firm baseball shaped tits were falsies and Jessie knew then how she would get her revenge on the snotty little whore. She would teach her not to mess with Jessie's man!

When Missy stepped into the shower , Jessie hurried into the locker room and picked up all of Missy's clothes including her foam filled bra. She left in their place a very thin silk dress which she knew would barely cover Missy's tight little ass. Then Jessie hurried back into the office and watched in amusement as her nemesis came out of the shower and found her clothes gone. Missy's firm young body glistened with water and since she had no towel, (Jessie had even taken that!), she had no choice but to cover her wet body with the silk dress and it clung to her naked body as if it were painted on. Jessie giggled as she saw that when Missy bent over to tie her shoes her pretty little blonde pussy was visible from beneath the tiny dress!

Next Jessie slipped out into the hall and when she saw no one was around she pulled the fire alarm. BRINGGGG!!!!! The sound filled the halls and all the students started to file out into the yard of the school. The last one to come out was Missy who after having stalled in the locker room finally grew afraid that if there was a fire she might be trapped. When she walked out into the yard all of the boys let out wolf whistles as her long tan legs came into view, the short dress hardly covering her at all. Then one of the boys nudged another and whispered, "What the hell happened to Missy's big tits?" Then others asked the same thing and they started to snicker as they realized that she had been wearing falsies all along!

Missy's face was red and burning as she stood beside her boyfriend Bobby. His face was red as well and it was obvious to him now why Missy had never let him feel up her tits when they had parked on Lover's Lane. Just then Jessie went up to Missy and said, "Oh Hi Missy, I see you found my silk dress in the locker room. I really can't let you keep it because I'm leaving school early today and I won't be back tomorow. Sorry about that!" Jessie grabbed the front of the thin, flimsily sewn little dress and ripped it off of Missy's tight young body leaving her totally naked in front of the entire student body!

Missy looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Her eyes got huge and she tried to cover her flat chest with her hands only to have one of the boys beside her say, "Damn, look at that sweet little blonde pussy, I'll bet that's a tight fuck!" Missy franticly tried to cover her cunt with her hands only to expose her tiny titties to the boys stares. "She ain't got no tits at all, she must have been wearing falsies!", laughed one of the other boys. "Nice fucking ass though, I'd still fuck her just for the hell of it.", laughed a third young man.

Finally the students had formed a circle around Missy and her boyfriend Bobby, shielding them from the view of the teachers and the rest of the faculty and that was when Jessie walked up to Bobby and pressed her big firm 34 D tits against his chest and said, "How about it Bobby, how would you like to fuck a REAL woman, one with tits like these?" She ran her hand down the front of Bobby's 18 year old cock, which was forming a tent in his slacks and then she said, "You can fuck me if you want to Bobby but only if you pull that big cock out and shove it in me right here in front of everybody."

Bobby looked over at Missy's flat chest and then back at Jessie's mouthwatering 34 D's and that was all he could take. He grabbed Jessie's tits and began to squeeze and fondle them like there was no tomorrow. The little crotcheted dress did nothing to stop his roving hands and then Jessie turned her back to him and as he continued to play with her tits she leaned forward and pulled her dress up over her hips. Then she reached back and pulled out his young hard cock and guided it into her pussy and he began to fuck her doggy style as Missy and all the rest of the students watched.

As his cock slid deep into Jessie's tight cunt he grunted, "Oh damn this is a tight pussy! I love these big fucking tits, what a hot fuck!" His hands were all over her tits and then he plunged his cock the rest of the way into Jessie's cunt and screamed, "It's so fucking tight, I'm gonna cum, Oh Damn I'm cumming!!!!

Jessie pulled his dripping cock out of her pussy and adjusted her dress as all the men eyed her hungrily. Then she turned to Missy Ryan who seemed to be almost in shock and said, "Don't you EVER cock tease my man again you little flatchested whore!" Just before Jessie turned to leave she looked at the naked and humiliated young girl and whispered in her ear, "Your man wasn't even a good fuck Missy but I fucked him in front of all your friends and don't you ever forget it!" Then she wiggled her tight sexy ass towards the parking lot to get on the bus that would take her to her Extra Credit Community Service Assignment.

When Jess climbed onto the bus the driver looked at her in complete disapproval. The old gray haired bag driving the bus was a lady about 55, overweight and with a face like she had been french kissed by a Mack Truck. She gave Jessie the look that Jessie had gotten from other women since she was a teenager. The look that all beautiful women get from those less blessed by Mother Nature. The look that said "I hate you for being so damn gorgeous".

Jessie still had no idea where she would be doing her extra credit work. There were 6 other students on the bus and one by one the bus stopped and their names were called and they were dropped off. A couple went into an orphanage, one into a grade school and then to Jessie's surprise two others were dropped off at a hospital but Jessie's name was never called. The driver just kept going and after quite a long ride they finally stopped outside a huge complex of brick buildings surrounded by tall hurricane fences.

"This is where you get off", said the driver with a smirk on her homely face. As Jessie got to the door of the bus she looked out and read the sign on the front of the main building. To her horror it said: "State Maximium Security Facility For Men". "Wait a minute this can't be right", Jessie said almost in a panic, "This is a prison for God's sake!" "You just figure that out Honey?", the driver laughed, "Xaver told me you might be a pain in the ass. He also said to remind you that if you want to graduate you better get your trampy little ass in there! Now go right in that door there. They are gonna love you in that dress Sweetie!"

Jessie walked in the door marked visitors and proceeded to the front desk where a gruff looking guard with a huge pot belly was doing paperwork. When he looked up he did a double take at the sight of this 35 year old beauty, her long brunette hair shining and cascading down around her big full breasts which were clearly visible through the net-like material of her tiny white dress. "Well, I'll be damned if you aren't as pretty as a picture", he said with a leer, "What are you doing here Sweetcheeks, visiting your pimp or something?" Jessie indignantly explained that she was there as part of the Extra Credit program and he just smiled and said, "You'll be working in the library, sorting books and so forth. But first you will have to be searched, we can't have contraband smuggled in here you know."

A huge woman who looked like a bull dyke in a guards uniform came up and said, "Ready for me to search her Sargeant?" "No Gretta", he answered, "It's time for your break, go ahead and I'll take care of this one myself." He led Jessie into a room behind his desk and shut the door with a slam.

"Stand with your feet on the tape there Miss", he ordered Jessie. She looked down and saw the tape on the floor and she obediently stood there with her high heeled feet in the place he had indicated. "Now raise your hands up over your head and hold them there Sweetheart, hurry up now!" Jessie's arms shot upward and the gruff guard walked around her staring at her firm young body from every angle. "Just relax, I have to make sure you aren't hiding anything in your clothes", he said as he began to run his big rough hands over her back and shoulders. His hands went down each of her bare shapely legs and then back up again and came to rest on her full round ass. He kneaded and massaged her ass and finally his hands moved up Jessie's torso to her 34D breasts where they squeezed and felt them from every angle.

He cleared his throat and said in a raspy voice, "I don't seem to be able to do as thorough a search as is needed. You are going to have to be strip searched." "Now just a minute!", Jessie said indignantly, "You can't just strip my clothes off for no reason you fat bastard, I'm a married woman!"

The sargeant got right in Jessie's pretty face and said in a threatening voice, "Listen cunt, if you want to get in there and earn your fucking extra credit you have to be searched. Now either get your fucking clothes off or get the hell out of my prison bitch!"

Jessie desperately wanted to get her diploma and put the last few days behind her before her Hubby found out what had been going on. She knew she had little choice but to do as she was ordered. She slowly took the hem of her little white dress in her trembling hands and pulled it up over her head and laid it on the table as the sargeant stared hungrily at her incredibly voluptuous young body. "Take off them pretty little panties now Honey" he said in a hoarse voice. Jessie did as she was ordered and then turned to face her tormentor, her gorgeous tits pointing sraight out like the front bumper of a 1959 Cadillac.

"Damn", he said as he shook his head slowly and stared at her body, "If you ain't one fine looking piece of nookie, just ripe for the picking. Now bend over that table there Sweetie while I give you a body search." Jessie was no stranger to mens hands on her beautiful body but she still shuddered as the fat sargeant began to probe at her breasts, lifting them as if he as weighing them with his rough dirty hands. He was standing behind the naked defenseless young wife, his cock bulging in his pants and rubbing against her firm round ass as he bent forward to feel her tits. His thumb and forefinger pinched at her sensitive brown nipples, causing her to groan slightly with pain.

Next he ran his hands down her long smooth legs and then back up again over her ass and then around to the vee of her crotch. "Spread your feet wide", he barked at her. She spread her long sensuous legs and the sarge ran his hand up to her pretty cunt and Jessie grunted as his callused fingers spread the lips of her pussy apart. "A tight little cunt like that couldn't hide too much contraband now could it Honey?" he said with an evil grin, "But I better make sure huh?" He plunged his index finger into Jessie's pussy and started to work it in and out, causing her to shiver involuntarily. Jessie hated the fat bully but in spite of that fact she felt her crotch grow moist from the work out he was giving it. She began to pant slightly and he shoved another finger and then three fingers into her tight pussy and finger fucked her roughly.

Just as Jessie began to respond he pulled his fingers out and pushed her head down flat onto the table. "Get down there and get that ass in the air bitch, I want to search that asshole now!" His slimy fingers probed at her tight brown asshole and then he slowly pushed one finger inside and Jessie made a little crying sound which was muffled by the smooth surface of the table. He rotated his finger, little by little loosening her tight ass until he was deep inside her up to his knuckle. "You like it in the ass do ya whore?" he sneered, "I'll bet your Hubby gives it to you in the ass doesn't he slut?", he sneered as he pulled out his finger.

He continued to hold her head flat against the table and she heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper opening. "What the hell are you doing?", she asked him. "Keep your fucking mouth shut and your gonna love this slut, I just need something a little longer than my finger to probe you with that's all Honey."

As she struggled helplessly she felt the head of his cock against her pretty pussy as it split her lips open and he began to shove it inside her. He massaged her clit with one hand as his big cock head was pushed into her firm body. Jessie's cunt betrayed her and started to respond to his attention, and soon her juices rolled down her long legs and she could not deny herself any longer. Her fabulous ass moved back and forth toward his cock and he finally released her head and fondled her tits as he continued fucking her harder and harder. "Your a real slut aren't you Honey" he chuckled, "Does your husband know what a fucking whore he married? Huh does he bitch?" "YES DAMN YOU", she cried out as she neared her orgasm, "He knows I'm a slut and he likes to watch other men fuck me! FUCK ME HARDER YOU FAT PIG! MAKE ME CUM DAMN IT!" The sargeant plunged faster and faster into Jessie cunt until she began to scream and shake, "CUM IN MY CUNT! I"M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK!" "Here whore", he laughed as he filled her fertile pussy with sperm, "Is that what you want bitch!"

He finally pulled his cock out and zipped up his pants and looked at Jessie with a smarmy grin and said, "Get your fucking clothes on slut, they got some work in the library for you. Hurry up." Jessie pulled her panties and net dress back on and silently followed him down the long hallway toward the library and the inescapable fate which was hers.

"Right in there Babycakes", sarge said as he pointed toward a door marked Library, "Don't worry Sweetstuff, this is the minimum security part of the prison, you'll be fine." As Jessie opened the door he stuck his hand up under her dress and squeezed her ass once more before he turned to go back to his post.

Jessie went in and found the inmate who was in charge of the library. To her relief he seemed quite nice and was an older man of about 65 who was in for forgery. He asked her to straighten up and dust some shelves of reference books and told her otherwise there was not much for her to do. He laughed and said he would sign her attendance card and all she had to do was take it easy.

In no time Jessie had her work done and she just started exploring the library. She was over in the corner when she saw one of the guards coming toward her and she thought she had died and gone to heaven. He was one of the most handsome men she had ever seen in her life! At least 6'4" tall and with a great physique and medium length blonde hair with big sexy blue eyes. His biceps bulged in his rolled up uniform sleeves and every time he moved his arms they seemed to dance before her eyes. And oh my did he have a great pair of buns. Jessie couldn't take her eyes off of the handsome guard and he was headed right for her.

To her delight he struck up a conversation with her and she noticed that he never took his eyes off of her hot young body. He watched transfixed as she turned and twisted while she flirted with him, her firm tits bouncing beneath the white crotcheted dress. They giggled and flirted like high school students and then finally, Jim, (that was his name), leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I really want to make love to you and I know where we can go and be alone". He took Jessie's soft hand and placed it on his crotch and she felt a nice thick 7 inch cock, hard as a rock and her's for the taking.

Jessie struggled with herself. She wanted so badly to fuck this handsome young guy but she had always been faithful to her husband Mike. I mean sure she had been fucked by several men in the last two days but they had forced her and somehow this was different. This was an affair and she felt a bit guilty but God she wanted to feel this man's big cock inside her so badly! And then she remembered how mean Mike had been that morning to her and she made her decision. She was going to get fucked by this handsome stranger and she was going to love it this time!

She took Jim's hand and followed him out the door and down the hall. He checked at each doorway to make sure no one was coming and then they ducked down another hall. At one point they passed through a metal gate and Jessie realized with a start that she was now in the maximum security part of the prison. She was with a guard though, what could go wrong?

Jim led her into a section that seemed to be a deserted cell block. He used his key to open one of the cells and led her inside, his hand on her full round ass as he pushed her into the cell. As soon as they were inside he took her in his strong arms and pulled her against him kissing her deeply. Jessie's tongue probed his mouth and she felt his cock swell in his pants as he ground it against her already wet pussy. "I gotta see those fucking tits Honey", he said as he tugged her little dress up and over her head. His mouth covered one of her nipples and she moaned softly as he gently bit and licked it. His hands were all over her firm youthful body and Jessie feverishly started to paw at his cock trying to get the zipper down. In spite of the heavy belt and holster he wore she soon had his zipper down and his cock out in the open air and she dropped to her knees and began to suck him into her mouth.

"That's it slut", he groaned as she took the head in between her full ruby lips, "Damn you know how to suck cock don't you Babe." Jessie worked her hand into his pants and began to fondle his balls as she continued sucking his cock and soon Jim grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth and began to cum, "Drink it you greedy whore", he grunted as he emptied his balls into her mouth, "That's what you love isn't it Jessie?"

Jessie licked him clean and then laid back on the hard prison cot and pulled off her panties. She knew she must have looked like a total slut as she laid there completely naked, her legs spread wide open and with a man she had just met, but she was beyond caring. "Please, Oh Please FUCK ME! I need to be fucked so bad!", she moaned in passion.

Suddenly they heard the sound of the cell block door opening. CREEEEAK!!! Jim quickly cupped his hand over Jessie's mouth and whispered, "Shut up or we'll get caught!" They hovered in the back of the cell, him with his cock hanging out and Jessie totally naked as the Warden and one of the Janitors walked by not five feet from where they were hiding. That was when Jessie realized that in Jim's haste to strip her he had tossed her panties out into the hall! The warden bent down and picked them up and said, "How the hell did these get here I wonder?" The janitor just laughed and said, "Who knows boss, you know the inmates smuggle all kinds of stuff in here, they probably made one of their little boyfriends wear those before they fucked them!" Then the warden tucked Jessie's panties into his pocket and they started down the hall. "I'll run down and get my cleaning supplies and then I'll start on this block", said the janitor. And then both men started out the door.

Jim was in a total panic. He hurriedly pushed his shriveled cock into his pants and said, "I have to get back to my post, if they see me I'll lose my job!" Jessie tugged her tiny dress on but when she started to go with Jim he stopped her. "Are you crazy?", he said, "We can't be seen coming out of here together. You wait five minutes and then start back. Just remember, go three cell blocks down and then turn to the right and you'll be fine". And then he was gone.

Jessie was frustrated and horny but scared too. Just her luck that just as she was going to get a nice hot fucking something had to go wrong. She waited as long as she dared and then started back to the library. The only trouble was that Jim had given her the wrong directions. He had told her to go three cell blocks down and turn right when he should have said four blocks. Jessie's wrong turn took her deeper yet into the prison.

Jessie was really turned around by now and completely lost. Here she was, lost in a prison full of men who had committed all sorts of heinous crimes and she is wearing just her little white crotcheted dress and her high heels. As she walked she could feel the cool air on her naked pussy as it blew up under her little dress. She did the best she could to walk quietly but her high heels made that unmistakable sound that only high heels on concrete can make. Finally Jessie heard voices and decided she would just have to ask directions before she spent the whole day wandering about. She followed the voices down a narrow hallway and then peeked carefully around a corner into the room

What Jessie saw grabbed her attention at once. She had wandered into the showers and there, standing under the hot water, were three of the biggest, baddest, blackest men she had ever seen in her life. Jessie knew a few black people but no one who looked like the men she saw now. They were huge, all three of them at least 6'4" tall and with incredible chiseled bodies covered with tattos. She knew that many inmates worked out to pass the time but these guys were beyond anything she had ever seen in real life. Their black skin shone like it was oiled from the water that ran off of them as they showered. Her eyes were locked onto their round asses that looked as hard as rocks and she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to go to bed with men like these. Men that were hard and tough as nails, their bodies sculpted out of granite. Men with little or no scruples about the way they treated a woman. Men who would do anything it took to satisfy themselves even if they had to ravage her tender white body to do it.

Jessie had been staring so intently at one of the men's asses that when she glanced back up she realized that there were only two of them still in the shower. The biggest man, a huge black with a shaved head and a gold tooth in front, seemed to have left. As Jessie stared at the two magnificient ebony studs who were still there, her hands unconciously went under her dress and began to gently rub her crotch. Her unsated yearnings for the tall blonde guard still haunted her and as she stared her hand went between her legs and began to rub her clit, softly at first and then harder. To her delight the men turned part way around and as she stared open mouthed they began to wash their huge balls and cocks. Each of them was hung like a horse, at least ten inches of meat hung between their legs and Jessie couldn't contain herself any longer.

As she stood there in the center of the prison Jessie hiked her dress up to her waist, baring her ass and crotch totally and began to finger fuck her pretty cunt, first with one finger and then with two and then three at once. She held her dress up to keep it out of her way and was franticly finger fucking her white married cunt as she stared hungrily at the huge black cocks only twenty feet away. "Oh my God", she moaned softly to herself, "I want to be fucked by those big black cocks so bad. Please fuck me, Oh Damn I want to cum so bad." she groaned softly. Jessie was just about to cum and it was all she could do not to run to the magnificient black gangsters and beg them to fuck her pretty white pussy.

"Oh God what's happening!", Jessie said to herself as she felt a huge hand clamp over her mouth and another around her slim waist that lifted her up off the ground! She struggled and tried desperately to pull loose from the powerful hands that had ensnared her but it was no use, her attacker was far too powerful. She felt helpless as a baby as she looked down and saw the man's other huge black hand groping at her firm breast and suddenly she was being carried toward the two men in the shower.

"Hey home boys, look what I found! Can you fucking believe the body on this little white bitch? Look at the fucking tits on her would you?" Jessie's captor turned her around so she could see him and she realized it was the huge bald headed black who she had seen earlier. He was still totally naked as were the other two men who stared ravenously at her white body and between his legs she saw a black rod at least 10" long and thicker around than any cock she had ever seen in her life. He still held his hand over her mouth as he said to his friends, "Since I found this piece of ass I get to fuck it first but don't worry boys, your old pal Jake will share with you guys too. Hell, when I found her this slut was over there fingerfucking herself and talking trash about how she wanted to be fucked, no shit!"

Jake suddenly grabbed the front of Jessie's tiny white dress and yanked it over her head and threw it on the floor leaving her totally naked in front of them. "I'll be damned" said one of the other men whose name was Max, "That fucking whore ain't even got no panties on, she must really want fucked bad Leon!" Leon was the third man and he laughed and said, "That's for sure Max, hell what kind of fucking whore comes into a prison in a dress like that with no panties? We are gonna have some fun with this slut!"

Jake looked Jessie in the eye and said, "Now listen bitch, we don't want to hurt you so when I take my hand off your mouth don't you scream or you'll be sorry, OK?" Jessie knew she had no choice so she shook her head yes and he slowly removed his powerful hand. "Please don't rape me", she said wide eyed, "I'm a respectable married woman, I didn't come here for this please let me go." Max began to laugh and soon all three men were laughing uproariously. "Are you fucking kidding you gorgeous white slut?" Max said as he looked deep into her blue eyes, "You come in here in a see through fucking dress with no panties and wiggling an ass and tits like that around and then we are not supposed to fuck you just because you are a married woman? If your Hubby had kept you well fucked you wouldn't have been in here dressed like a slut in the first place bitch!" Leon walked toward Jessie and took her hand and placed it on his huge 10" black cock and said, "I ain't fucked a bitch in three years lady and there is no way you're leaving here without getting my cock shoved up your cunt."

Jessie's little white hand had to struggle to wrap around the big black cock but as scared as she was she found herself fascinated and soon her hand began to stroke up and down the length of the magnificient staff she was clutching. "That's it slut", he groaned, "Hell you white whores love big black cocks anyway and you know it. Get on your fucking knees and kiss it, you kow you want to Honey." His strong hands pushed Jessie by the shoulders and she dropped to her knees in front of him and watched in awe as the ebony fuck stick came toward her eager and open mouth.

"Suck it bitch", Leon said as he guided it into her mouth. It was so huge it was all Jessie could do to get the head in but as she licked and sucked she gradually took it between her greedy lips. Leon gripped the back of Jessie's head and forced her to take more and more of it until she was deep throating him, his balls bouncing against her pretty chin with each thrust. The other two inmates were on either side of Jessie, their hands exploring every inch of her firm white body, playing with her big 34D tits and pinching and grabbing at her perfect round ass. "Hurry up and cum in the slut's mouth Leon", said Max impatiently, I want to fuck this whore's cunt man!" "Yea man", complained Jake, "My big black cock's got a date with that little white girl's ass and I'm tired of waiting!"

"OK, OK", said Leon as he started to pull his huge cock out of Jessie's mouth. Jessie was by now really into sucking his gorgeous cock and she resisted him taking it out, gripping his black ass cheek with her right hand and trying to hold onto his cock with her left hand, her wedding rings sparkling in the harsh light of the locker room. "Please don't make me stop sucking it, God it's so beautiful!", she moaned as he pulled it from between her ruby lips. "The fucking slut don't want to stop sucking my dick man, can you believe this whore is some guys wife!", laughed Leon as he finally got Jessie's prize away from her.

"Lay down on your back on that bench Max", Leon said. Max layed on his back on the rough wooden bench and held his big black rod straight up in the air. It glistened in the light, throbbing obscenely as the other two men lifted Jessie completely off the ground. Each one of them had one arm and a leg and they held her over the top of Max's big cock and slowly started to lower her down on it until her tight pussy was against the big mushroom shaped head. "Spread my cunt open so it will go in easier, please" begged Jessie as she dangled in the air above the huge ebony monster. The two men laughed and each held her tightly as they reached between her legs and each one one grabbed one of her pussy lips and pulled it wide open and then lowered her onto Max's waiting cock. Even then Jessie's tight little hole was no match for the monster about to be forced inside her. As the head entered her body her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed, "Oh my God it's so fucking big, go slow, please but don't stop, I want to be fucked so damn bad!" The men holding her smiled evily as they lowered her onto the gargantuan dick and then began to lift her up and down as though she were nothing more than a fuck toy for their amusement. Finally they let her drop onto the huge cock and it went deeper into her cunt than any cock she had ever felt before. "FUCK ME YOU BIG BLACK BASTARD!" she hissed, his cock pistoning in and out of her body, as she straddled him on the bench and her big juicy tits dangled in his face. "Suck my nipples while you fuck me, suck them hard damn it!", she ordered him as she fed her big tits into his full sensual lips.

Jake's cock was suddenly in Jessie's face as he said, "Get it good and wet bitch if you want it in that pretty ass of your's". Jessie wasted no time taking the turgid black tube into her mouth, her tongue running circles around the huge head. "That's it whore ", Jake grunted as he fed his cock into her lips, "Suck that big black dick and make it wet and slippery Baby". Soon Jessie's saliva was running down his shaft onto his oversized black balls and he yanked it out and said, "That's a good little whore, it's your turn to fuck the bitches mouth now Leon, I'm gonna have that sweet white ass!"

Leon wrapped Jessie's long chestnut hair around his big black hands and guided her mouth toward his cock and she willingly opened it to accept his length. "Ah yea", he groaned, "Can this broad suck cock or what man? Her Hubby trained this bitch good." As Leon continued fucking Jessie's mouth Jake walked behind her and straddled the bench and then reached down and gripped her gorgeous white ass in his hands.

"There ain't nothing better than a white chick's ass", he grinned as he began to lightly spank her upturned butt. Jessie twitched slightly but more with ectasy than pain. "I love the way their lilly white asses turn all pink when you spank em", Jake laughed as he smacked her pretty ass again. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart exposing her asshole to his leering eyes. "Damn that's a tight little asshole, I'm gonna love fucking this for Her hubby.", he said as he probed her ass with his finger. He guided his huge black cock up to Jessie's sweet ass and pushed and was surprised to feel the young white wife push back toward him. "I'll be damned", he laughed as the head of his cock popped into Jessie's ass, "This fucking whore wants me to fuck her ass. Hubby must have broke the slut in right for us!"

He pushed harder and Jessie was right there to meet his thrust. She was now being fucked in the ass while at the same time she had a huge cock in her cunt and was sucking a third black rod. All together Jessie had almost 30 inches of cock in her body and she was enjoying every long hard inch. The men continued using her hard, sending her into one orgasm after another causing spasms of erotic delight.

Jessie's mind was awash with conflicting emotions. On one hand she knew that these men were hardened criminals and she was terrified that they might hurt her somehow. On the other she had never been so thoroughly fucked in her life and she couldn't help but revel in the gorgeous black cocks that were invading her body. Besides she knew that there was no way that she could make them stop until they were finished using her as their whore. And she decided right then that if she was to be their slut she would enjoy every moment.

Leon held her head firmly and shoved his cock in till his balls touched her chin, "That's it bitch, suck that big fucking dick! Faster slut I'm gonna cum in that sweet mouth for you." Even though Jessie had warning she was still overwhelmed by the sheer quantity that flooded into her pretty mouth. Leon hadn't been with a woman in over two years and in one second he filled Jessie's throat with a load he had been saving for her. She swallowed what she could but still it erupted from her lips and ran down her chin onto her beautiful D-cup breasts and he could hardly believe his eyes when the young white wife scooped his cum off of her tits and sensuously licked it off her hand as though it were the nectar of the Gods. Then she pulled his black monster back to her mouth and licked it clean like the good little black cum slut she had become.

As Leon collapsed onto the floor to watch the action Jake and Max fucked Jessie's holes harder than ever. "FUCK MY ASS HARDER", Jessie hissed to Jake as she wiggled her sexy ass back at him, "Make me cum damn you, fuck me!" Max's cock was still pounding at Jessie's cunt and she writhed as she felt the two huge cocks rub against each other inside her feverish body, the only thing between them being the thin layer of skin between her tight little cunt and her pulsating asshole. "Both of you fuck me harder" she ordered them, "Shove those hard cocks in me and make me cum please!"

Max grabbed Jessie's firm tits and squeezed them in his rough black hands and began to fuck her as hard as he could, making her bounce up in the air on each thrust of his manhood. "Take That You Fucking White Whore!" he screamed accenting each word with a thrust of his cock into her pussy, "Is that enough cock for you slut!" Jake shoved his dick deep into Jessie's asshole and began to cum, flooding her ass with his hot sticky fluids, "I'm cumming in your fucking ass bitch", he screamed.

Jessie picked up the rythmn and delighted in the massive cocks invading her, screaming "Oh God Keep fucking me! I'm going to cum all over your big fucking black cocks! I'm Cumming !!!!!!!!!" Her body pulsated and shook as finally Max let loose of his load, drenching her womb with his potent black sperm.

The three men then made Jessie crawl from one to the other and take turns as she slowly sucked each of their cocks till they had covered her face with cum. Then they tied her to the bench and each fucked her pussy, filling her womb with load after load of their seed.

Jessie thought that surely they were done with her but she was wrong. The three black inmates tied Jessie to the bench with her ass in the air and then sent word among their friends that for a fee they would share their good fortune. In just a few minutes there were 9 of their friends lined up and for a carton of cigarettes each they used the young wife's ass and pussy over and over again until none of them had anything left.

Only then did they turn Jessie loose from her bondage. They told her she could go but to their surprise she dropped to her knees and kissed each of their cocks goodbye before she would leave. Jessie made quite a sight as she stumbled out of the prison, her tiny crotcheted dress ripped and stretched out of shape and her face and body coated with cum. As she stepped onto the bus the old bag driving the bus stared at her in shock and Jessie looked her straight in the eye and said, "I guess no one can say I didn't earn my extra credit now, can they?"

The following day Jessie received her diploma from Mr Xaver's office. She was so thrilled to get it that at first she didn't notice the extra slip of paper that fluttered to the floor. The handwritten message was from Mr Xaver and it said, "Jessie, The pictures turned out wonderfully, let's keep in touch".
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