Jessie Goes To Gym Class

Written by Mr Xaver / Oct 10, 1999


NOTE:(If you are reading this and and have not read "Jessie Learns a Lesson", you should read it first.)

Jessie Goes To Gym Class By Mr Xaver

PROLOGUE Poor sweet Jessie. Such a lovely young girl but very, very naughty I'm afraid. One day she is a respectable married woman with an education and good job as a Medical Tech and the next day she is forced to go back to High School and complete two days of classes. All because of a mistake that was made 17 years earlier. Her husband Mike, who loves her, but also loves to use her as his fuck slut, talked her into wearing the sexiest outfit she owned so that when she got back home he could hear about all the teenage boys who wished they could fuck his beautiful 35 year old wife. What he didn't know was that several men did much more than just WISH they could fuck his wife that day. As our story begins, Jessie is just arriving home after a very hard day at High School...

When Jessie arrived home she rushed into the house, thankful that Mike wasn't there yet. While he had constant fantasies about watching his pretty young wife get fucked by other men and he loved it when she cockteased strangers, she wasn't sure that he would be happy about the way things had gotten so out of hand. I mean it was one thing that he fantasized about his wife getting fucked, but Jessie had been fucked that day by several cocks. Two men had cum in her pussy, one in her ass and two different men had fucked her mouth and then cum on her face and gorgeous 34D-cup tits. The thing is though, who could blame the men for wanting her. Her 35 year old, 5'10" body in that outfit was more than any man could resist.

So Jessie decided that she would just have to keep the day's events a secret from her husband Mike. Truthfully it was his fault that his wife had been used as a whore, after all it was Mike who talked her into wearing the naughty schoolgirl outfit that had gotten her in so much trouble. Still though, she didn't think he would understand and it just seemed better this way. Right then and there she decided that since she only had one more day of school to attend, she would wear something nice and conservative tomorrow and get through the day without any more mishaps.

Mike would be home any minute so Jessie rushed into the bathroom to clean herself up. She was quite a sight to say the least. Her little pleated skirt had cum stains all over it and was terribly wrinkled from being torn off her body and tossed on the floor of the principals office. Not to mention the cum stains all over her see-thru top. She smiled as she remembered how Mr Xaver had jacked off all over her and shot his load onto her blouse and cleavage.

As she looked closer in the mirror she realized why so many people had looked at her so funny when she walked through the halls on her way out of the school. She had dried cum smeared on her face as well as her clothes and there even a string of it in her long brown hair. She pulled off her clothes and threw them into the washer and then turned on the water in the tub.

As she climbed into the steaming bubble bath she noticed how sore she felt. Her tits were red and covered with bite marks and she could only hope they would go away before her husband got home. Most of all though she noticed how sore her stretched and well-fucked pussy was. Her silky brown pubic hair was matted with her own juices and that of the men who had used her body as though she were nothing more than a street whore and not what she was, a respectable married woman with a good job as a Medical Technician.

"It wasn't my fault that I responded as I did", she thought to herself as her hand slipped beneath the warm water and between her long smooth thighs. "After all" she told herself, "It was Mike who insisted I wear that slutty little outfit and those big black men almost raped me and I can't be blamed for being only human. Devon and Jake's cocks
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