Teacher Wife

Written by New Man / Oct 10, 1999


TEACHER WIFE by New Man Part 1

My wife is 36 and teaches English and drama in a secondary school for boys. She is slim ,dark and still very sexy and is very popular with her pupils judging by some of the things she says and the cards she gets at holiday times. When I ask why most of them like her so much?, she honestly believes its because she has a good sense of humour and a cool taste in music. I think I know differently Testosterone!

Most mornings when she is getting dressed for school she chooses quite demure clothing a long dress or skirt , jeans etc .But occasionally when we are behind with the washing she has to wear one of her slightly shorter skirts and this cannot have failed to get the attention of the boys as she has got a lovely pair of legs. Some mornings at home just before leaving for school I stand at the bottom of our stairs and have a fine view up her skirt as she rushes around unknowingly .I would imagine that the boys in her school are equally adept at following her up the long flights of stairs at an appropriate distance feasting their eyes on her legs and panties before attending her lesson or knowing how na?ve she is, allow herself to be stopped on a stair landing to discuss something with a pupil while a group of boys look up from the landing below. Her naivet? has finally got her into big trouble as I have recently found out however the effects and repercussions have so far been contained.

It began one Thursday evening at the tail end of the summer term as we were sitting in the garden she told me that she had offered our living room as a quiet place away from school where two of her pupils could practice their interview and camera techniques as part of a project on consumerism. I thought this was most unusual but Maggie said she had agreed because all the school rooms and hall had been taken up with the end of term exams .

I said "are you sure ? isn't that against the rules and anyway who are they?" My wife looked at me and said "Look...they haven't prepared very well throughout the year which is partly my fault.. and they came to me yesterday really worried about the project. I'm a teacher, I want to help them and it suits me to do it at home ,anyway it wont take more than an hour. I know what I am doing they'll be here tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock please don't worry about me !"

The next morning as I changed for work I couldn't help but feel slightly apprehensive for Maggie at the thought of her at home alone with two boys she hardly knew I must admit though that the thought of them taking a few liberty's with her did cause a stir in my trousers. and I had to hide my erection as I silently moved about the house .It was nearly nine o clock but I decided to let her sleep on as I thought it would be more fun to put her at a disadvantage if she had to drop into teacher mode immediately on waking up. The other thing was if I could rush her into getting dressed she may well choose the short black dress that she wore for school the day before, as opposed to something more unappealing for the boys like jeans or trousers, I'm sure they would appreciate the efforts I was going to give them what I thought was a cheap thrill. Little did I know that her pupils were ahead of the game and had their own plans.

It was now 8 :45 as I woke her up just as the door bell rang downstairs. "oh my god "she said "why didn't you wake me?" I aplogised and said "look I'll go and let them in.. get dressed and come down as soon as you can ,I'm late for work as it is."

I went downstairs and answered the door to two scruffy lads in school uniform carrying a tripod and two large bags of camcorder equipment ."Come in boys "I said "she wont be long" I showed them through to the kitchen and made them a coffee As they drank it I asked them what they were going to film ?

"Oh Mrs. Smith is going to help us with a project on consumer testing you know interview techniques and stuff .."who's going to work the camera" I said as I nodded at the large pile of apparatus they had brought from school." Mrs. Smith mostly" they said . I laughed as they said that because she cant take the simplest of pictures and said "It wouldn't surprise me if you ended up filming more then her."

I noticed them exchange a glance , but took no notice. Just then Maggie began to come down the stairs . As she walked in I watched as the boys eyes travelled quickly up and down her body , which confirmed my suspicions that they were definitely thinking themselves lucky to have my wife to themselves for an hour. Sure enough she had quickly washed her face brushed her hair and dressed herself in the short black dress which finished just above the knees and accentuates her bare legs She had also slipped on the small heeled black shoes to, I presume ,try and regain the teacher/ pupil relationship she would have had in school and not to be too relaxed and over friendly at home. Her hair was slightly ruffled and she had hurriedly applied some red lip gloss she looked .perfect!

As I left the house I had butterflies in my stomach as to the possible predicament in which I was leaving my wife .However as she said she is a teacher and I was not to worry they were only two teenage boys !.

When I arrived home that evening the house was silent. I called upstairs for Maggie but there was no answer. I checked the lounge , it seemed a bit untidy with the couch having been pulled away from the wall . I noticed too that there was a packet of crackers on the floor with crumbs all around. When I took the plates out to the kitchen I counted 6 coffee cups and assorted glasses in the sink. As I went back into the lounge I saw a yellow 'post-it' note on a 3 hour video cassette which read: Dear Mr. Smith Don't worry, but Mrs. Smith insisted on trying an Ecstasy tablet that one of us had.so we put her to bed to sleep it off. We wont tell anyone if you wont. Enjoy the video .we made an extra copy for you.

I couldn't believe that Maggie would knowingly try any drugs but sure enough she was in a deep sleep with the bed covers up under her chin her skin glistening with what I presumed to be perspiration. but just as I turned to leave I noticed her black dress lying crumpled on the floor. That meant that the cheeky bastards must have undressed her. My heart was pounding as I gently lifted the covers off of her sleeping body. My hands were now shaking at the view of my naked wife lying before me. My mind began to race now about how she would cope knowing that two of her pupils had undressed her and put her to bed. My God ..the VIDEO!!

As the tape began to play I saw in crisp quality our lounge clearly lit by the morning sun , the sofa had been pulled round away from the wall with Maggie sitting alongside one of the boys , they were obviously discussing how the form of the interview would take place and her knees were together and pointing away from camera although our sofa is quite low and she would have to watch herself if she was to retain her decorum. My eyes were glued on Maggie and as she looked back at the camera lens the boy behind the camcorder zoomed in to her face ! was this a taste of things to come? The sound quality was poor but I watched as the boy next to Maggie produced a large Tupperware box. He carefully opened the lid and chose one small biscuit with what seemed to be potato salad on to which my surprise she ate laughingly saying "did you make them yourself?" Just then I heard the front door bell ring on the video and Maggie left the couch to answer it, As she left the room the other boy grinned into the camera and with a thumbs up said "she's only gone and eaten it!"

I could hear some commotion off camera and finally another four boys entered the room and stood around the couch looking a bit sheepish as Maggie said "Right.If you are going to stay here in my house ..you must be quiet and not interfere with Tony and Peters work ..is that clear? " they all nodded but as she turned back to talk to the boy next to her on the couch I watched as they began laughing to themselves and looking around the room casually. Maggie seemed to have forgotten about the camcorder filming her and I could just pick out watch she was saying "You should have asked me before inviting anyone else this is not a school trip."

There now followed about ten minutes of rehearsals as she directed the two boys through their presentation and questions and I began to relax ,laughing at myself for thinking the worse of them. When I noticed that Maggie who was standing up directing the boys began to sway and hold her head as if she was having a dizzy spell. She sat down quite heavily on the couch holding her head and I must admit I felt sorry for her as she looked so vulnerable.

Somebody fetched her a glass of water and she sipped it quietly as she sat on the couch. The boys were getting restless and Maggie agreed to remain seated and take part in survey herself. She sat on the edge of the couch as the cameras rolled and she was offered cream cracker to taste and then going to answer ten questions from the other boy with the clipboard. This continued with about four different manufactures of dry biscuit and I watched as she valiantly tried to answer each question truthfully to make the survey and the boys project a decent piece of work . She put her head to her brow a number of time and more significantly tied in vain to control the four boys who were standing behind her as they ignored her repeated requests to keep the noise down. Something was up with her , this wasn't just a dizzy spell her words were distinctly slurred and she was swaying quite noticeably. This had not gone unnoticed within the room! I now sat forward on the same couch with a feeling of apprehension as to what I was about to see.

I said earlier how na?ve Maggie can be some times but what happened next defies belief. One of the boys said to her quite matter of factly "Okay Mrs. Smith now can you taste the same items but this time you'll be blindfolded."

Before she had time to consider her position one of the boys removed his school tie and I watched as Maggie let herself be blindfolded in front of 6 teenage boys. The atmosphere within the room now quieted down as if the seriousness of the situation had finally sunk in and the boys watched avidly as she ate the first cracker. It had now been about half an hour since the video had started and by the way that Maggie was tamely answering any question I knew that the tablet must have been given to her mixed up within the dressing on the first cracker. I watched helplessly as a another small white pill was passed from one of the boys behind the couch and was placed inside a sliver of cheese on yet another biscuit. She was given a glass of water to help wash it down which she only just managed without spilling down her lap I noticed that two of the boys standing behind her had removed their cocks and were openly masturbating no more than two feet behind there teacher as Maggie ,blindfold securely covering her eyes, continued to answer their questions.

"Now Mrs. Smith , for the last part of the survey you have to rely on taste and smell only do you understand?" She nodded ".Tony's going to lightly tie your hands behind your back so that you wont be tempted to touch the samples. is that okay?" To everyone's surprise she nodded again and before she could change her mind one of them had tied her hands tightly behind her back with his leather belt.

Maggie was now sitting on the edge of the couch in a small black dress her eye blindfolded and with her arms secured behind her back as six of her pupils looked on. The action of her arms being pulled behind her back had resulted in her breasts jutting out against the black material of her dress and I watched helplessly as a number of the boys began to silently gesture and point at her breasts motioning towards the camera. At this point the camcorder was removed from its tripod and taken behind the couch and we watched as in the pretense of tightening the blindfold, the clasp at the top of her dress was undone and the zip pulled down a few inches. Maggie couldn't have felt it as she sat their quietly and said nothing.

Tony the boy who was asking the questions now changed sides on the couch and sat on the other side of her and said " Mrs. Smith do you want to face me on this side now please and we can continue."

We all watched as she struggled to shift her position on the couch with her hands fastened behind her back and still keep her knees together modestly. She failed. the dress rucked up and exposed about six inches of her thighs above her knees of course she couldn't adjust her dress and the situation now was highly erotic as the boys sensed that their carefully laid plans seemed to be working perfectly.

The camcorder was now being hand held rather unsteadily as it panned round my wife as she was told to open her mouth, the first piece of biscuit was placed at her lips and to their obvious delight her pink tongue began trying to find the morsel being offered.

The boy if front of her whispered softly "that's it. .open wide ..lean forward "the camera zoomed in to my wife's face as he finally placed the biscuit on her tongue but he didn't let go in fact he let his fingers casually go inside her mouth until his fingers were touching her tongue .Not a word was spoken as she chewed the mouthful until she quietly said "no more please"

A glass of water was again placed at her lips and she drank it down greedily .As she was preoccupied with this two of the boys seemed to be adjusting something behind her back. I soon found out what as once gain the camcorder was taken behind her to show that they had released the zip of her dress all the way down her back her black bra straps and clasps were now exposed. If Maggie was aware of the state of her undress ,she didn't show it . She didn't question them either when she was asked to stand . She struggled to get off the couch and one of the boys put his hands on her shoulders and helped into position, he had cleverly peeled the top half of her dress off her shoulders and when she finally stood upright before them her neck and shoulders were bare and we all watched as the dress now unsupported began to slowly fall and expose more . She now stood before her boys blindfolded , hands tightly fastened behind her back and her dress top around her waist a black bra the only thing protecting her modesty .I think at this stage she may have realised the situation she was in as she whispered "Please boys can we finish the survey now?" No such luck.

Her hands were untied and she didn't resist even as they helped pull her arms out of the dress and down her legs in fact she even accommodated them by stepping out of it without being asked. She now stood before them in only her black bra and panties her hands were again retied behind her back and she was left there alone for a few minutes as the boys now seated themselves upon the sofa as if preparing themselves for the show. After a few minutes one of them carefully turned Maggie to face the couch where five of her pupils were now seated the other one just slipped her bra straps off her shoulders which of course resulted in the cups falling slightly forward although still just covering her breasts. but for how long. What happened next will stay with me forever as my teacher wife was used as a sexual plaything by her pupils as they put into practice all the things they had only heard about!

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