Lynn's Breeding

Written by Paul / Oct 10, 1999


Lynne's First Breeding: by Paul

Lynne and I had been swinging for about 6 months, when I asked her to let her men cum in her pussy. Up to that point, Lynne had been letting them use condoms before any penetration had occured. Several years ago, Lynne had to get off the pill so we had been using either diaphrams or condoms as birth control. Lynne and I were both in our early thirties and had already 2 kids. Lynne is a tall, 5'10" brunette, 34D-25-37, 140lb beauty, with lovely eyes.

Lynne agreed and I loved eating her creamie pie afterwards, which she really loved. We would usually go out once a month for her to get a man or to call up one of her lovers over. One night while we were out, we ran into one of her lovers and he joined us for dinner and drinks. I could tell, Lynne was in the mood for a good fucking so I invited him home. Jim said his apartment was closer, lets go there. We agreed. On the way, Lynne remembered that her diaphram was at home, and that she was nearing her fertile time. I told her not to worry, we would just ask him not to cum in her this time.

We arrived and soon Lynne and Jim were hot at it. Jim does not mind if I watch. When Jim went to penetrate her, Lynne asked him to pull out before he came. Jim said ok and soon they were fucking away. Lynne had come several times when I could tell Jim was getting close to cumming. Lynne moaned for him not to stop now, begging him to continue. Jim glanced to me, I nodded for him to continue. Jim stroked away in my wife's pussy. Lynne moaned loudly, as she did, Jim groaned and began to flood her fertile womb with his seed. Jim continued to stroke until his balls were empty.

Jim pulled out and it hit Lynne's mind that he had just come in her. She looked at Jim and asked him if he came in her. Jim told her yes. Lynne looking concerned, saw me. I told her not to worry about it.

One the way home, Lynne told me the reason she came so hard was that the thought he was fucking her without any protection was a total turn on. Lynne told me she had to let him finish in her. I asked her what if she got pregnant? Lynne said, lets hope I am not that fertile. She did get her period on schedule in about 2 weeks.
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