Baby Train

Written by Penfold / Oct 10, 1999


BABY TRAIN. by Penfold

So many of your readers write about husbands sharing in the thrills of their wife's extra- marital activities. But there is no way I could ever confide in my husband concerning my escapades. Perhaps that is why I am writing this - perhaps I need to feel that I am sharing my secret life with someone.

It all began many years ago in the first four years of married life. I had two babies, my husband changed his job and we moved house - leaving me, at 25 years of age, with no social life and no friends. I had taken the children to nursery one day and was complaining to one of the other mothers about my monotonous lifestyle when she said that she and some friends had solved that problem by having a girls' night out once a week, and that, if I wished, I was welcome to go with them. I told my husband what she had said and he said he thought it was a good idea. So, on the following Thursday night, I had my first night out with the girls. After the first couple of weeks I realised I had fallen in with a pretty racy crowd but I reasoned that what they got up to when I left them and went home was none of my business. One night one of the girls was celebrating her birthday and we all had a bit more than usual to drink, and, by the time I left the pub, I was quite tipsy.

When our taxis arrived there was a real mix-up and I found myself in one with two of the girls who were going on to one of the late night clubs instead of going home with the others. When I realised the mistake my first instinct was to stay in when the other two got out and go home but when we got to the club I let them talk me into going in with them. We had not been in the club very long before we were joined by a group of five men who seemed to know my companions very well and for the next couple of hours the drink flowed freely. When it was time for the club to close they all began to discuss where to go next, although I said that I thought it was time for me to go home.

One of the men had a house where he lived on his own, so it was decided to go back there for a party and I can only blame it on the drink because I found myself agreeing, against my better judgement, to go with them. Once in the house these men made their intentions quite clear and I soon found myself dancing with one of them. I say dancing but what he was really doing was rubbing and pulling at my buttocks as he ground his body against mine so that I could feel his erection digging into me. After a while he led me to an armchair and pulled me down to sit on his knee. As he did so I glanced around the room and saw one of the other girls sitting on a man's knee in the other armchair, her skirt pushed right up so that her stocking thighs were completely visible, enjoying her partner's caresses. The other one was on the settee with a man on each side of her and one of them was kissing her as his hand groped down the inside of her dress whilst the other one had his hand up beneath her dress and it was obvious what he was doing.

The fifth one was sat on the floor with his back to the wall, smoking a cigarette, as he enjoyed the spectacle before him. While my attention was distracted, the man whose knee I was sitting on seized his opportunity. The dress I wore had a high neck and zipped up the back, so as he kissed me, he went for the direct route and pushed his hand up under my dress and up my thighs. It took me a second or two to realise what was happening and then I let out a shriek and clamped my thighs tightly together. Immediately everybody else stopped what they were doing and all eyes focused on me, and I could only stammer, "No, you mustn't do that I'm not like that, I'm not that sort of person.

And then I began to cry, the other two girls came across to me and began to console me, telling me it was only a bit of fun and that I did not have to do anything I did not want to. They kept talking to me, saying I didn't want to spoil a good night out and suddenly I was felling guilty for ruining their fun. I began searching for excuses, saying things like I didn't think it was right to do these things in front of other people and as they realised I was calming down somewhat one of the girls suggested to the man whose knee I had been sitting on that he should take me somewhere quiet and more private. I let him take me by the hand and lead me upstairs to one of the bedrooms. We sat next to each other on the edge of the bed and he put his arm around me and asked me if I was all right. When I said I was he pulled me closer and kissed me on the lips, and, after a slight hesitation, I responded to him. This was all the encouragement he needed because his hand immediately cupped my breast. I stiffened at his touch and he said, "What's the matter, a little feel won't do any harm," so I relaxed and let him carry on. Soon his attentions began to have the desired effect and my breathing became heavier and I returned his kisses more passionately. I felt the zip on the back of my dress sliding down. He began to pull my dress forwards off my shoulders. I felt the back of my bra loosen and the straps of my underskirt being drawn down my arms until I was naked from the waist up.

He pushed me back until I was laying across the bed and his fingers were pinching and teasing my already sensitive nipples. For a time he was content with this, then his hand began wandering up and down my body, sometimes caressing my breasts and sometimes my belly, but all the time going lower and lower until I felt his fingers slipping inside my knickers. I moaned despite myself. I felt his fingers scrabbling through my pubic hair and then he was rubbing me where only my husband had been sexually before, and even my body betrayed me as my thighs parted to give him easier access. I suddenly realised he was whispering in my ear, asking me to remove my dress and underskirt, and, almost as though it was someone else, I found myself levering my body up and sliding the clothes over my hips until they fell to the floor. "Now what about your tights and knickers?" he said, and, though a few hours before I would have said such a thing was ridiculous, I found myself submissively removing my final items of clothing.

As I lay back on the bed again he lowered himself on top of me, his knees spreading my thighs even further apart. He did not remove his clothing and the roughness against my skin seemed to excite me even more. I felt his steel-like hardness between my legs and my voice was hoarse as I asked him to use something as I was not on the Pill. He told me not to worry, adding that I would be all right, but I started to tell him that I did not want to take a chance, but before I could finish it was too late and I felt him sliding into me. Suddenly everything changed and nothing mattered anymore except for the feel of that long stiff rod pounding in and out of me, and I was urging him on and telling him how good it was as I felt my orgasm building up inside me and then it exploded.

As my reeling senses came back I was conscious of him doing me with increased frenzy and then he was squirting all he had deep into my belly. He rolled clear of me and we lay there, side by side, panting for our breath. Then he turned to me and said, "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" There was no point in denying that what he said was true. He suggested that we should go downstairs and see what the others were doing, but when I picked my underclothes up off the floor he told me I wouldn't need them and just gave me my dress to go down in.

When I walked into the lounge I was feeling very embarrassed by my state of near nudity, but the sight of the other six all naked, except for one of the girls who was just wearing stockings and suspenders, made me feel almost overdressed. The two girls came over to me and asked if I was okay and I could only nod numbly. I noticed that the man who had been with me upstairs had now shed his clothes so he obviously thought the party was not yet over. I suddenly realised that I was the centre of attention and the fact that I was the only one wearing anything, especially being dressed so scantily, seemed to arouse a wantonness in me that I had not known existed. One of the men came over and stood next to me, and, lifting the hem of my dress, began to stroke my bottom. When I did nothing to stop him he led me to one of the armchairs and eased me down into it with my bottom hanging over the edge. He raised my dress so that I was open to everybody's view and then he lifted my legs up and rested them against his shoulders. He leaned his hands on the back of the chair so that I was rolled up ready for him and then he asked me to put his cock in for him. I reached down and found the spot and I could not suppress a moan as I felt his cock penetrate me. This time I had an audience and it really did not matter. From the position I was in I knew that they could all see exactly what I was getting as he plunged in and out, but the morality of what I was doing and the possible consequences of unprotected sex were far from my mind.

My body convulsed as spasm after spasm coursed through me and then my partner announced loudly that he was coming and I willingly accepted his seed into my receptive womb. This time there was no chance to get my breath back before someone was helping me off with my dress and I was guided down onto all fours and somebody mounted me from behind. After that I lost track of time as the five men took their pleasure with me and I never seemed to be without a partner - whether it was because of my earlier reluctance to join in their fun or because I was a new body to be savoured I do not know. Eventually everybody had had enough and we got dressed and made our way to our homes. I was glad my husband was fast asleep when I got home because there would have been no way of hiding the evidence of the night's exertions from him. After that I knew which of the girls I was staying with when we had a night out. It quickly became the norm to end up sprawled across the back seat of a car, or in somebody's flat or even behind some bushes in the local park, but always with my knickers down. One thing I always insisted on after that first time was that the men took precautions, but it turned out that my prudence was too late... one of those first five had managed to hit the right spot and I was well and truly "in the club". My husband never doubted that the baby was his, so after she was born I was able to resume my nights out again without raising any suspicions.

However after a period of time I realised that I was not getting the same satisfaction from my nights out as I had previously, something was missing. It came to me one night after I had sex with three men down a filthy alleyway. It wasn't just sex with other men that I wanted, it was unprotected sex that really turned me on. I wanted the thrill of risking getting pregnant by some unknown stranger. I quickly threw my contraceptive pills away and told my husband that I had come off the Pill on doctors advice, and that we would have to rely on condoms. After that I was like a bitch on heat, I would have sex with almost anyone, young, old, fat men, thin men, looks and hygiene didn't matter either. Two pregnancies followed, one after another, my husband still suspected nothing, he accepted the excuse that the condoms had failed. I was now the mother of five children with possibly four different fathers. About six months ago I was on my way home in a taxi from one of my nights out. It had been a poor evening, most of the pubs and clubs seemed empty, I had not managed to get myself picked up. I noticed the taxi driver was looking at my legs through his driving mirror. The driver was coloured, Indian or Pakistani I assumed, I purposely let my skirt ride high up my thighs and parted my legs so that he could look at my skimpy knickers. He asked me if I was married, I replied that I was, to which he then asked if I was happily married. I said did it matter, he then asked if I would like to park up somewhere. Up to this point, despite my wanton unfaithfulness I had never had sex with a coloured man. My knickers now felt wetter than I had ever known them, as I considered the ultimate thrill of unprotected sex with a coloured guy.

The risk of producing a coloured baby was making my senses reel, and I just nodded my approval to the driver. I think the guy sensed my arousal as his attitude suddenly changed, he became very vulgar and assertive. He told me I was a dirty cow and that I was to remove my knickers immediately and finger my cunt, after which he was going to stop the car and shoot his spunk straight into me. This talk sent me over the top and I did as I had been instructed, orgasming almost immediately. He finally stopped the car up some dark lane and asked me if I had ever been fisted. I said I did not know what he meant, and when he told me I almost passed out from the desire of wanting it. I watched with disbelief as first his fingers then his knuckles and last of all his hand slid with embarrassing ease into my cunt. I felt no pain, just pressure, then a tremendous orgasm racked my whole being. The next thing I felt was the sensation of him fucking me, I felt him speed up and then shoot his spunk right up inside me, I orgasmed again. As I regained my senses, I heard him talking in his native language over his car phone. Within a matter of minutes, I saw car headlights appear a short distance in front of us, three sets in all. I then made out the dark figures of three men walking towards us, I made an attempt to cover myself up and look presentable. The taxi driver just laughed and wound down his window as the men approached, they too were coloured.

He spoke to them in his native tongue and they all laughed and leered at me. He said to me that they had come here to fuck me, and that more of his friends were on the way. Before I could say anything, the men opened my door and dragged me out onto some wasteland. There they stripped me of my clothes and started to maul my body, I made no attempt to stop them, I didn't want them to stop. In all I was fucked by seven coloured men that night, all of them came inside me. When I got home I was in a real mess, my cunt and tits were red and swollen and I had a number of love bites. I had however no regrets and found the experience a real turn on. I had the telephone number of Rajiv the taxi driver, and next morning as soon as my husband had gone to work I rang him. We arranged to meet, and I quickly phoned my mother to ask if she would have the children for a few hours. When I arrived at the taxi office where Rajiv worked I was shown into the back room by the owner, a big fat coloured guy probably in his sixties, he smelled strongly of body odour. Within a short space of time quite a few more men arrived along with Rajiv. I asked him what was happening, he said that all the men had come to look at his white fuck slut and that he was going to share me with all his friends and relatives.

Instead of my being angry with him, I could only groan with lust as they started to remove my clothes. Two hours later I had been fucked by no less than eleven men, my unprotected cunt awash with coloured men's spunk. Of course the inevitable happened and I missed my next two periods, I was well and truly pregnant. I don't know what I am going to tell my husband this time as the baby will be coloured. Rajiv wants me to leave my husband and five children and move into a flat. He wants me to get pregnant again and again, to provide coloured babies for himself, his friends and relatives. I do not know where all this will end, but I feel very tempted to take him up on his offer. I will write again in the future and let you know what I decide to do. I am completely hooked on sex with coloured guys and being made pregnant by them.

Story by Penfold.
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