Alice in Wonderland

Written by Photoman / Mar 23, 2000


Alice in Wonderland

By Photoman

My handle is the Photoman. I'm a professional photographer and her name is Alice. Alice had been to my Studio several times and each time she got a little bolder. Showing me just a bit more flesh each time.

Alice was a fun model. She was compliant and tried hard to please. A few weeks back she was in for a photo shoot and about mid way she came out of the dressing room wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a tank-top and obviously no bra. Alice cute as can be and a bit short for a lot of modeling work but professional modeling wasn't something she wanted to do anyway.

She has a great pair of tits (from what I could tell) and maybe just a tiny bit on the heavy side. On Alice it didn't seem to matter because she carries it well and she is sexy, very, very sexy. Anyway Alice was in the cut-offs and tank top and I snapped a couple shots and said without taking my eye from the viewer, I said mater-of-factly "Lift the top, Alice."

She did and Wow, She did have a delicious set of knockers! Perfect in every detail and I should know. I've seen thousands of the wonderful things and while I love them all, very few are perfect.

I turned her a few time and then asked her to remove the top completely. Alice didn't even hesitate.

Over the next several minuets I had her to get on her knees, her back, sit on some boxes, lay down, and stand up. She was really with it.

"Ok, Alice," I said nonchalantly, "Lose the shorts."

She did and there she stood in all her glory. Nude and looking proud of it. I went through several more rolls of film. She did most of the mens magazine poses. Holding her tits full, spreads and holding the lips of her pussy open for me. I was having a ball and she was as hot as a pistol.

"Think hubby will like these?" I asked while I reloaded the camera.

"I think he would," She replied with a laugh, "But I put him on the road a few months ago."

"Oh," I found myself at a loss for words. That statement killed my theory. I had just made an assumption that she was getting photos for her husband.

"I just like getting my picture taken," She said laughing. "I didn't know if you did nudes or not. Now I know."

"There isn't much I won't do," I answered laughing with her. "Don't do kiddy porn or photos of anybody who don't want them."

"Kiddy porn I can understand," She said "But who comes for pictures and don't want them?"

I told her that every once in a while some guy would bring his wife or girlfriend for nudes or even action shots and if it was obvious that she wasn't into it I called a halt.

"Consenting adults," I said. "Got to be consenting and got to be eighteen or over."

She didn't comment and we got back to the serious business of having fun. In the bright lights of the studio I could see traces of moisture on her pussy.

"How do you think these pictures will turn out?" She asked. "Any way to make it better?"

Well it was time to stop fooling around. I answered her honestly, "The only way you would look better is if you had my cock in your mouth and cunt." Her eyes flew open and she flashed red from her forehead to her tits. The look she gave me was strange and I couldn't figure out if I had pissed her off or not. fortunately I didn't have to wonder long she strolled over to me and leaned in, "Which shot do you want first? Mouth or pussy?"

I really couldn't answer her. My mouth had suddenly gone very dry. She knelt down and unzipped my fly and took my hardening cock out. She stroked it for a moment and then put it into her warm velvety mouth. She watched my face as she administered to my manhood

The thought went through my mind that this young woman could kill an old fart like me. As soon as that thought came another came that said, "What a way to go!" Alice sucked me completely off and then sucked me hard again. That hadn't happen in a while. We fucked each other like rabbits for over an hour. After I had been totally and completely worn out we lay, cuddled and talked for a while. Actually she did most of the talking because I was too tired to converse.

"You know something?" She said rolling up on one arm, "You're a dammed good fuck. Thanks I needed that."

" Thank you for the compliment," I managed to croak, "I really enjoyed it myself."

That was the start of our relationship. Sometimes she would just show up and if there wasn't anyone there but me and no appointments we jump each others bones.

It's a fairly well known fact that I am a card carrying voyeur. I like to watch. Oh sure I like the hands-on thing too but watching is my joy. Interracial sex is my biggest turn on. I like to see a hard black cock working a white pussy. No I don't like it, I LOVE it. It was just a matter of time that I turned Alice out to some of my black friends.

There are a lot of stories about the wimp husband or wimp boyfriend who is brow beat or forced into his lady having sex with someone else but that ain't me. I set it up and I control it. Another thing I am not gay or bi In fact I a bit homophobic if anything. My black friends know better then to shove that cock my way.

As I said, I love it. I guess it's a control thing or some part of my brain got a kink in it. What ever the cause or reason I begun to think of Alice getting a royal fucking from some hung black stud. Over the next few weeks when we managed to get together I would mention my favorite subject but she didn't respond as well as I thought she should. I was a little frustrated. I really wanted to see my friend and fuck buddy getting black-fucked.

One afternoon A friend came by the studio just as I was closing up. I've known Ron for a couple of years and have thrilled to his sexual abilities. Ron is darkly complexioned and while he doesn't have a monster dick he does have a respectable eight inches and is pretty thick but his real claim to fame is his stamina and the ability to keep it up. I've seen him fuck a woman for one solid hour with out stopping except to change positions. Ron is simply a fucking machine.

We sit in the reception room and shot the shit for a while. He was at loose ends and I wasn't in any hurry to go home. We had been talking for a while when Alice came in.

"Hi," She said glancing at Ron, "Didn't know you were busy. I'll see you later."

"No," I called to her retreating back, ?Ron is a friend. We're just talking."

"Are you sure?" She said. "I don't want to interrupt anything."

"No problem," I said.

"Hell, I know this guy," Ron spoke up. "He'd rather talk to a pretty lady then me any ol' day."

"I just came by to tell you I bought a new outfit." Alice said. "I wanted to see when we could do some photos."

"No time like the present," I said. "Ron won't mind. By the way, Ron this is Alice, Alice this is Ron."

"Oh it can wait," Alice said. "There no hurry."

"Go get it," I encouraged, "Ron loves to watch me work, don't you Ron?"

"Yeah man," Ron said, "He is a magician in the studio. Maestro might be a better word."

Alice laughed, "I'm not sure," she said, "This outfit is pretty skimpy. I don't think I'm ready for an audience."

"Don't be silly," I said kindly. "You look like a million dollars and we both know it. Go get it."

"Well, I'll get it and let you see it," She said. "But I don't think I'll put it on." After Alice had left Ron looked at me and said with a smile, "Is this going where I hope it's going?"

"I don't know," I answered honestly. "Let's see where it goes. We'll just have to play it by ear. Come on into the studio."

Alice was back in a few minutes carrying a plastic bag from a local naughty nighty shop. She took two little wisps of black material out of the bag and held it up. "Well what do you think." I glanced at Ron and he was shaking his head.

"I think it is great...what is it?" I said laughing. "Go put it on Alice so we can see what it's supposed to be."

"I don't know..."She started but I gently push her toward the dressing room.

"Go " I said sternly. "You are going to love this." She stopped at the door and looked back at me. "Are you sure?"

"I'm positive," I assured her. I went to her and nuzzled her neck. "We are going to like the show but you're going to love it." I whispered to her."Now go change." I added patting her on the butt. Alice gave me a nervous smile and went to the dressing room.

"Stand-by ol' buddy," I said to Ron. "This is looking real good for us."

Ron and I were still grinning in anticipation when Alice came back into the studio. She walked over to the spot and stood striking a pose. She looked like a goddess in a very brief, lacy panty/bra set.

The bra just barely contained her large tits. I just stood there gazing at her and holding the camera.

"Well," Alice prompted. "Are you going to take pictures or not?"

"Sorry," I said shaking my head. "Whew, you look great in that outfit."

"I'll second that," Ron said softly. "Looks good enough to eat." Alice moved and posed as I instructed but her moves were not as poised and fluid as I had come to expect. Her breathing was faster then normal, too. I could tell she was nervous but that was to be expected.

"Let one strap fall off the shoulder," I said. She complied. "Now let the other one drop." Again she did as I said. "Bring your arms up and push your breast up," I said. "I'm looking for a real deep cleavage." She did that also. We had arrived at the moment of truth. If she balked here I knew that we were not going any further.

"Expose one tit," I said. I was aware that my voice was strained but Alice didn't hesitate. One lovely breast spilled over the bra cup and came into full view. Even from several feet away the nipple was obliviously hard. It was standing up proudly.

"Now the other one," I said. Alice did and now she was standing there topless both tits displayed with nipples standing at attention. They were not the only thing standing at attention. My dick was so hard a cat couldn't have scratched it. I would have bet a lot of money that Ron's cock was also approaching the "diamond cutter" state.

I placed a posing table near her and put a white drape on it. "Loose the bra completely and lean over the table," I instructed. "Squeeze your breasts with your upper arms. Make them stand out" Alice was now really getting into the shoot. She had lost most of the embarrassed look and was now flushed with excitement. This was going extremely well.

"Alice slip out of the panties and lay back across the table with your knees pointing this direction." When she had done that I said, "Bring both knees up and spread your legs. We want to see a lot of pink.....that's spread your legs even more. Open your pussy up and show Ron and I that beautiful gash." She was flying on automatic now. We could see the tell-tell signs of moisture as she spread for us. I could hear Ron's heaver breathing from behind me.

"Now honey take your left hand and open your pussy lips for us....that's great.... Now slip a finger into your with your clit for us." At this point both Alice and Ron were huffing and puffing and of course I was too. I was taking pictures but photos were only secondary in my mind. I glanced around at Ron who had his eyes glued to Alice's cunt.

"Get ready, Ron," I said softly.

Ron removed his shirt, shoes, and socks with out taking his eyes from the lovely Alice. I set the camera down and moved around behind the reclining woman. While she worked her clit I gather up as much of her tits as I could and leaned down to kiss her nipples. I heard her moan softly. Alice has super sensitive nipples. I have made her have an orgasm just from teasing and sucking her nips.

I rolled the nipples between my thumb and forefinger and nibbled on her lips. Her hips had started an involuntary movement of their own.

"Are you ready?" I softly asked.

She nodded her head ever so slightly.

"Tell me," I insisted.

"I'm ready," She said so soft I could barely hear her.

"Ready for what?"

"Whatever," She responded.

"Tell Ron and I what you want," I said. Ron had disrobed and had moved to a position between her legs. His cock looked like a black lance. He was a knight going forth to do battle not in defense of a women's virtue but to take that virtue. He knelt down and put his lips to Alice's pussy lips. I saw her raise her hips to meet his thrusting tongue.

"What do you want?" I demanded again of Alice. I have always felt it important for a woman to verbalize exactly what she wants

"I want..." she softly cleared her throat, " I want to be fucked."

"Oh you can count on that," I said "How do you want to be fucked? Who do you want to fuck you?"

"I want you to fuck me," Alice said.

"How about the man eating your pussy? Do you want Ron's hard black cock?"

"Yes" It was almost a hiss. Ron's oral execution was working its magic. Other women have told me that Ron is an expert. You can always tell when a man enjoys his work. He'll put a lot of effort into it.

"Tell Ron what you want," I said. "Tell him how you want it, where you want it and how much you want."

She didn't answer right away but I knew she was in that special zone. Just enjoying having her nipples toyed with and having her pussy eaten.

I pinched her nips hard to drag her back to us. "Say it!"

"I want Ron to fuck me," She said slowly. "I want him to shove that black cock into my pussy and fuck the shit out of me. I want it all!" Her voice rose with every word so she was nearly yelling the last few words.

Ron rose to his feet. The modeling table is adjustable and I had it placed where I could stand and my cock would be just at the right height to fuck with out bending my knees. I hadn't changed it as Ron and I are within half an inch of the same height. Alice had let her legs drop and relax while Ron was sucking her cunt and I watched as he pushed her knees up and out.

"Get ready sweety," I said. "The fucking is about to start."

Ron took his throbbing hard cock and roughly moved it up and down Alice's now soaking slit. He let his cock head bounce her swollen clit once, then again and again. Each time Alice raised her hips up to meet it. Alice reached for his cock and took it in her hand and guided it to her opening. Ron leaned in and buried about half of his hard weapon into her.

Alice's eyes flew wide open and her mouth made a silent O. They both stayed in that position for a few minuets the only movement was a gentle rocking of Ron's hips. His cock was only moving in and out of her cunt about a half an inch. I took the opportunity to get out of my clothes. While I was undressing Ron had picked up the pace and was moving his cock in and out about two inches now. He still had not buried it all the way. I knew that was about to come soon.

I went back to stand at Alice's head again. Her mouth was slightly open so I laid my cock on her lips. She smiled and reached back to guide my dick into her mouth. I could tell she was distracted but the worst blow job in the world is wonderful. I watched as Ron picked up the pace and was working the half into her pussy faster. I took my cock out of Alice's mouth and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Do you like it?"

"Oh God yes," She said, "I love it!"

"Do you want all of his cock?"

"Hell yes," She said almost screaming. "Give me all of it!" No sooner said then done. Ron drove his full length into the woman's cunt putting his full weight behind it.

"Oh shit!" She screamed bring her head and shoulders up off the table. Ron begun to lay into her hard and fast. Alice started screaming and cursing and most of the words I didn't know or understand. I do know that she had never been that vocal with me before but I also knew that there was a hard cock in places that had never had cock before. I love this part so much. Someone I really like and care for is getting something so great! One jim-Dandy black fucking! After about twenty minutes of blitz her pussy Ron pulled out long enough to get her off the table and onto the padding I had placed on the floor. Back drop and drapes have more then one purpose you know.

Ron rolled her over and mounted her like a stallion or like a dog takes a bitch. I knelt in front of her and let her take me into her warm mouth. Alice was getting hard cock at both ends. Pussy fucked and face fucked at the same time. I have no idea how many times Alice climaxed. My best guess would be a dozen smaller ones and five or six grand slam orgasms.

Ron was a bit off his game on that day. He only lasted forty minutes or so until he came with a mighty gush. He had worked her onto her back and her legs were over his shoulders. I had come twice in Alice's mouth. Alice is a sometimes swallower and sometimes splitter. On that day she was a swallower. She didn't spill a drop. Ron let his cock stay in her cunt, soaking as they regained a normal heart rate and breath. When his soften cock came out of her cunt it was followed by a teacup of come. Her pussy was swollen and puffy red. Looked just like a well fucked cunt. I laid down beside her and kissed her.

"Well what do you think?" I said

"Wow, It feels like he's still in me. That was wild and wonderful." She pulled me face back to hers and gave me a deep, deep kiss. "Thank you." She smiled up at Ron, "And thank you kind sir. That was a great fuck."

"Any time," Ron said. "Anytime you all want to get it on just call me"

"I hope it's soon," Alice said, "My pussy is still tingling."

Well that was Alice's first trip to wonderland but it wasn't the last. We had several more sessions with Ron and then there was the time I turned her over to a group of guys for a black gang-bang. We did a double penetration several times and Alice grew to love them.


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