Cum Stains On My Pillow

Written by Pleaser / Oct 10, 1999


Cum stains on my pillow,a true story from pleaser

I want to relate the beginning of my true erotic adventures.I had a very beautiful, young blond girlfriend.Her name was Sybil.Her only interest in life was to use and demonstrate her sexuality.She and I lived together in New York City's Greenwich Village.She did not work but stayed home during the day and in the evenings,we were regulars on the music club scene.

If she felt that she was not getting enough attention,she would flirt shamelessly with every young man that we met.After a few months this wasn't enought to keep my undivided attention.One night when we were out,she disappeared for a while.I was at the bar,when she came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lip and stuck her tongue into my mouth.She gave me a mouthful of someone's cum! Saying not a word after that she just smiled and all the way home I pressed her for details but none were forthcoming.We had a very hot night where I repeatedly fucked her and imagined her giving a blow job in the club that night.

I became so turned-on by this behavior that I must admit I encouraged it.Sybil was very willing however and began to see other men and often would bring them home to fuck during the day.I often came home from work and found her still in bed and the heavy scent of sex in the bedroom.There was a day when,she came to my office and as she spoke to me I could see what looked like dried cum on her chin and when I asked her about it,she reached down and took off her panties and gave them to me.They were wet with a mixture of cunt juice and still wet semen and a few dark pubic hairs.Sybil left and I went to the bathroom to jerk-off and lick the crotch of her dirty panties.

I had never seen her fuck another man and was really focused on this,when I would ask her.She would promise but always left me out.After a while I stopped fucking her to see if out of sheer hornyness,she would let me watch.

Soon the night arrived.We went to a club together,but she told me as we arrived that she wanted to be alone and that I was not to return to our apartment till the morning.I stayed at the bar as long as I could stand it then left and went to a friend's house.I told him that Sybil and I had a fight and asked to sleep on the couch.I couldn't sleep,I could only think about Sybil getting fucked.At about 3.00am I left and went back to my apartment to catch the lovers in the act.

When I arrived home,I let myself in and crept up to the bedroom,but heard no noise from within.I did hear voices in the kitchen and I soon found Sybil and a young man,whom I slightly knew, seated at the kitchen table having a beer.The young man was immediately embarassed and wanted to leave.He left and Sybil went into the bedroom.I begged her to tell me and she said that if I wanted to see her fucking I was 20 minutes too early.She told me that they had "made out" in the club and that she had his cock in her mouth in the taxi home,but that I had broken up the party.She said that she was very horny and wanted to fuck.I begged her to call the fellow back and that I would leave.She looked at me and said that I should get down on my knees and eat her cunt while she phoned and that I had to help her get ready.I quickly helped her off with her jeans and panties and while she lay on the bed with her legs spread,I gently licked and carressed her cunt and clit.She picked up the phone and called this young fellow and told him that I had left and that he should return right away.She then had me fetch her diaphram from the bathroom and put spermacide on it and insert it in her cunt.She told me to go out the back door and not return till she summoned me.

I waited in the back hall for what seemed an eternity and then returned silently to the living room.I could hear the two lovers in the bedroom.The bedroom door was not fully closed and I stood just outside it looking through the open crack.Sybil was on her back getting fucked with her legs wrapped around the waist of her lover.He was thrusting rapidly in and out and was on the point of orgasm.Sybil saw me through the open door and smiled at me.I took out my cock and started to jerk off furiously.I was so intent on my own orgasm that I was startled when the door was slammed in my face.I guess that I was making more noise than Sybil and her lover.

I waited in the kitchen for a while till I heard someone leave the apartment.I quickly went to the bedroom and found Sybil in the bed.I got in bed with her and begged to hear the details.She had a swollen cunt and there was a strong smell of semen about her.I started to lick at her cunt but she said no,put it inside me,I want another cock.I started to fuck her face to face and I asked her to tell me.She said that he had come three times(in one hour!) twice in her mouth and once in her cunt.She told me that his cock was not very large but it was long and thin,but he had a lot of energy and that his cum was a lot even the third time.I was very excited and about to come,when she pushed me off and said stop that she was sore.I lay there with a huge hard on and only my own hand.Sybil said to jerk-off and that she would watch.This happened rather quickly and when I came she told me to lick it up that was all the cum I was to have now and with that she went to have a bath.

Sybil and I went on to have other adventures,but this was the first and in someways the best.
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