Unforgettable Vacation

Written by Pogus / Oct 10, 1999



My wife and I had planned this vacation for a couple of months. I guess I should describe my wife Angie, she is a 5 foot redhead at 105 pounds and 36 D tits. She has very perky pink nipples and a beautifully rounded ass. She has silky straight strawberry blonde pussy hair that would drive any man wild.

On the day we were to leave for our trip to the coast she was up early telling me to hurry up and lets go. When I saw her that morning I knew why I worked so hard for this vacation. She looked stunning in a short white halter dress that showed off her beautiful legs as well as her pert nipples poking through the material. We decided to stop for breakfast at the first truck stop we saw on the road.

It was about 6 am and there was only a couple of farmers and my wife and I in the place . As I sat eating breakfast I noticed the farmers staring at us, and with good reason I looked down to see my wifes legs open far enough for them to get a good view of her silky see through panties. When we got in the car I mentioned the stares she was getting and she replied "I found a couple of your magazines and read some stories, and decided that this vacation doesn't have to be as boring as all the others does it ? "

I nodded my head no and as we traveled down the road she began to start letting her dress ride up and showing me those sexy panties. A couple of hours later we stopped at a rest area and I went to get an apple juice. When I got back to the car and looked in the drivers window my wife had untied her her halter dress and pulled down her top so her tits were in perfect view, she had also left her dress hiked up and removed her panties. I figured I would stand outside the car and enjoy the view.

I noticed a rather good looking dark haired man walking down the walk toward our car but I just stood there until he looked in the window and saw my wife. He looked at me and smiled and walked away which made me want to jump in the car and fuck my wife right then. I began to think about getting arrested if a cop came through but the dark haired man had a different idea. He came walking back down the walk with a blanket his hand and opened up the car door and got in on my wife. He pulled the blanket over them and my wife made no effort to stop him. I was sort of stunned but I just drank my apple juice and watched. Th blanket slid down and I could see this stranger biting and sucking on my wife's nipples. I watched them shuffle under the blanket a little and I could see by the way my wife's head was moving back and forth that this guy was getting some pussy. He fucked her for about fifteen minutes then he got out of the car, looked at me then walked away smiling. I got back in the car and drove away not really knowing what to say.

I finally blurted out " Well how was it?" She said " Pretty good, kinda quick but he did make me cum twice." At this point I couldn't wait to get to the next rest area. On the way she kept teasing me by showing her tits and rubbing her pussy in front of every trucker we passed.

When we got to the next area it was the same, I went for a drink and came back to the car to find my wife's body fully exposed for all to see. At this point one of the trucks pulled in and parked right in front of our car. A muscular black man got out and walked straight back to my wife's window. He looked at her and then at me and said "You sure do have a pretty wife." Before I could say anything she rolled down her wndow and said "Thanks, is that your big rig?' He said "Yes, deluxe model velvet interior, bomb stero and full sized sleeper." She asked if we could take a look and I said "Sure." I escorted my wife to this man's truck and he offered me a brewsky . She went straight for the sleeper and he wasted no time getting his mouth on her pussy.

I sat and watched him eat her for at least 45 minutes and watched her nipples grow a full quarter inch everytime he made her cum. I've never saw my wife cum so many times in such a short period of time until he pulled out his 12 inch black cock and started to fuck her. Then she started to cum about once every four minutes and I watched him fuck her for over an hour. When he was finished shooting his hot load in her he said he was running a little behind but thanked us for the great time. By the time we got to the coast I wanted to fuck her badly, but she said there was only a couple of hours of sunlight left and she needed to work on her tan. When I saw the new bikini she bought I almost blew a load in my shorts.

It was a small neon green thong two piece that barley covered her nipples. I was the proudest man on the beach and she was receiving a lot of attention. Nightfall came soon and we had been drinking Jack all day when she asked if we could go for a walk. As we walked along the beach we started smelling the aroma of sweet smoke and we followed it to a bonfire party of a few young men who I had noticed checking out Angie earlier. "May we share your fire?" I asked. They were quick to say yes and offered us some smoke. As we started to get high Angie pulled her bikini strings off her shoulders and showed these young guys her nice tits.

I watched in complete satisfaction as these young men moved in, stripped off her bikini bottoms and began fucking her mouth, tits and pussy all at the same time. I really loved watching every hole she has get filled with their young hot cum.

I watched them fuck her till sunrise, then I took her back to our room and fucked her till noon . Our whole vacation went like this and I cant wait till next year.
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