Filipina Wife's First Black Dick

Written by Prochman / Feb 17, 2000


To: Everyone who loves Asians (especially Filipinas) From: Prochman

Filipina Wife's First Black Dick

I have a story to share with you all. First off, my wife, Liza, and I have been married for 15 years. I was Liza's first and she was only my third. So we were fairly inexperience when we first met. Liza's a Filipina, 4'11", 90lbs, with a petite firm body , and very young looking. Till this day, she still gets carded. The very thought of cheating or having a threesome never really crossed either of our minds. Lately, however, I've been having this fantasy. It involves either another guy, or girl, or both, joining us. If not for sex, then some oral and/or voyeurism. I didn't know how to suggest it to Liza. I didn't know what her reaction would be. Our sex life is awesome, but its just between us. I started hinting at it slowly, to see how'd she react. She thought I was crazy at first. She started warming up to the idea if there was no sex involved. Just teasing, voyeurism, and maybe some oral.

One night we were getting ready to go out to a club with our best friend, Carl. Carl is about 44, 6'1", black, construction worker, and from what I've heard, the stereotypical black man (if you know what I mean). I knew that Carl really liked Liza, but would never say or do anything because we were friends. Liza was getting dressed. She was putting on a tight black skirt made from this really soft material. It barely reached her mid-thigh. It also had a three-inch slit up one side. She put on a lavender top, with spaghetti straps, that barely reached her mid-riff. It was loose against her skin. She was looking extremely sexy. Kind of slutty. I couldn't believe I was going to ask her to do what I was going to ask. First I asked her if she'd wear no underwear (bra or panty). She's done this before, but never for the whole night. Usually near the end of the evening, she'd go to the bathroom, remove her panties, and we'd continue on with the night with this little "secret" between us. It would really turn us on. She was hesitant at first, but then gave in. Then I suggested that she be a tease, and flirt with Carl tonight. To see how he'd react, and where it would go. She didn't mind teasing, and being flirtatious with Carl. It could be fun, and a turn on for us, but when I said "and see where it would go", she wasn't quite sure where I was going with it. So I came out and said it, "be a tease, flirtatious, and depending on how Carl responds (I knew how he'd respond!!), see how far it can go. You have my permission and approval" She thought I was joking. I told her that I wasn't. That it sort of turned me on. She didn't know if she wanted it to go that far, but she said she'd tease him, be slutty for him, and then play it by ear. If she wasn't comfortable, it would stop right there and then. I said fair enough.

We went to Carl's house to pick him up (I was the designated driver). We went inside, talked for a little bit. Liza started flirting right away. She gave him a big hug (when she reached up to hug him, her skirt rode up and I got a good view of her ass) When she sat down on the couch, she crossed her legs very slowly, ensuring that Carl saw plenty of leg (and possibly more). After they both had a drink, we went back to our car. Liza hooked unto both of our arms and we escorted her back to our car. I could tell she was going to be a slow tease for Carl all night. A little here, a little there. Getting bolder and bolder all the time. Carl and I sat in the front seat, and Liza was in the back. Liza started up a conversation with Carl, knowing that he would look back at her in the back seat. When she sat down in the back seat, she purposely pulled her skirt up to just below her pussy. I looked over at Carl's eyes when he looked at my wife, and even though it was dark, I could tell that he knew our little "secret". All the way to the club, Carl was looking at Liza quite a lot.

We finally made it to the club. She got out of the car, let the skirt ride up a little and made sure Carl got a good look-see as she pulled it back down. We started walking into the club, arm-in-arm again. Then she let go of mine and was just arm-in-arm with Carl. We went inside, and got a booth. Liza sat in between Carl and I. Sometimes she'd have a hand on my leg, sometimes Carl's, sometimes both. Everytime Liza got up, she made sure to let her skirt ride up so Carl could see. I could see him trying to look at her without me seeing him. I was laughing so hard inside, and getting really turned on. I could see Liza was too. Liza and I danced a couple of times. She was bumping and grinding against me. Then she asked Carl to come out on the floor with us. At this point Liza was fairly drunk (it only takes about three drinks and she blitzed), and Carl was feeling pretty good too. Anyway, we're dancing with Liza in between us. At first she's facing Carl, grinding her but into my crotch with her hands on Carl's arms. Then she switches, and is facing me. You should have seen Carl's face when Liza started grinding in his crotch. Her skirt was riding up and down a little. I'm sure by this time, if Carl didn't already know Liza's "secret", he did by now. Liza told me later that she could feel his dick rubbing against her pussy. If you were lucky enough to be sitting near the dance floor, and looking at the right time, you'd have a nice surprise, also. At this point I left the dance floor to go to the bathroom. When I returned, a slow song was playing and Liza and Carl were dancing very close. Carl had both his hands on Liza's firm but. Every once and awhile raising it up a little, as a tease for everyone watching. Liza continued doing stuff like this all night. I was getting very turned on. And needless to say, so was Carl. Every man in the club was getting turned on too. Everytime Liza got up to go to the bathroom, every mans eyes followed her. When she was returning from the bathroom, she was constantly getting propositioned. She didn't pay them any attention. She just kept looking at Carl. By this time I knew she was drunk and I had to be prepared for just about anything. At one point we were sitting in our booth, and Liza grabbed Carl's hand (which was already on her knee) and let him know (first hand) her little "secret". By this time, Carl was ready for whatever else was going to happen.

The night was getting late, so we went back to our car to call it a night. This time, however, Liza got in the back with Carl. As I was driving, I could see them in the rearview mirror. It was hard to see clearly, but with the street lamps, and the lights from passing cars, it was very erotic. At first she was just rubbing his dick through his pants and he was fondling her breasts. Then she unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge erect dick (about 11"). It was so thick that Liza's hand couldn't even wrap around it (let alone two) She started to jerk him off. I wasn't sure how far she would go. She continued to jerk him off, then put his thick, cut, dick in her mouth and gave him a long, slow blow job. Liza has some awesome oral techniques!! I could see by Carl's expression, that he was definitely enjoying himself. I found a secluded street and parked so I could watch. She continued to give him a combination blow job/hand job. She would lick his balls. Put both his balls in her mouth while licking his ass. It took her awhile, but she finally got his whole dick in her mouth. She'd slowly pull her mouth back up his dick (all the while licking it with her tongue) and just before it was all the way out, back down she'd go. After about 20 minutes of this, she got up, pulled up her skirt, and mounted him. I was shocked!! I thought she was only going to suck him off. I was also extremely turned on, and continued to watch. She took it real slow at first, but once she got use to his big dick (and was stretched), she was riding him faster, and faster. She had both feet on the back seat, his big hands were holding her ass, and he was lifting her up and down his dick. He was also licking her big, hard nipples (which drives her crazy). The noises she was making!!!!!! I've never heard her make noises like that before. I was getting really jealous, but still enjoying the scene. Then she turned around so she was facing me. Carl's dick never left her pussy as she turned around. Carl grabbed her by the top of her thighs, lifting her legs up, and started moving her up and down his dick. I could see his huge dick going in out of her pussy. Liza was looking at me with this big, smug, satisfied, smile (in between screams, that is). Then Carl lifted Liza off his dick and set her in the seat next to him. Liza immediately started to suck his dick again. I knew, from prior experience, what was going to happen. Liza was stroking , sucking, stoking, sucking, sucking, and sucking harder.. Finally Carl let out a holler, and Liza swallow every drop of his hot cum (a habit she's develop over the years with me). I started the car, and headed towards Carls place. Not a word was said. We dropped Carl off and went home. The next morning Liza tried to play it off. To blame it on the alcohol. But I could tell by the look on her face, and the screams that night, that this would not be our last adventure. I'll keep you posted on any other adventures we might have.
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