Rhonda At The Farm

Written by Rhonda & CL / Oct 10, 1999


My husband and I are posting these stories about happenings from our past 25 years of marriage. Most of them happened in the early 70's before sex was such a dangerous proposition. We have had a great time recalling these times and after my husband writes them and I edit them we usually end up having a great fuck.

It has been really great to hear from other couples who have enjoyed themselves like we have over the years. We appreciate your comments and sharing about your little adventures.

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After Rhonda's adventure at the fair, all she could talk about was Strauss' offer to visit his farm and get to know his Shetland ponies. It was obvious that she wasn't going to be satisfied until she saw, or felt for herself if she really could fuck one of them. About two months after the fair I suggested that we go for a drive to find a horse so she could look and see if she could take it. After a bit of driving we found a farm that had a few ponies in a field. As we parked and watched them we finally saw what we came for. Once Rhonda saw the big, black dick beneath the horse she knew she wanted one inside of her. It was all I could do to keep her from sneaking into the field and grabbing the horse's cock. I told her to call Strauss and ask him if the offer was still good.

Strauss was delighted when Rhonda called. He assured her that she was very capable of fulfilling her fantasy and that it would be a great time for her. She told him she would love to try but only if I came along. Strauss was more than happy to invite me and he asked if he could invite a close friend of his. Rhonda set the date and that night she fucked me like a mad woman.

Rhonda couldn't have picked a more beautiful warm fall day for her escapade. As we drove to Strauss' farm I admired her long slender legs. Rhonda was wearing a black one piece wrap-around dress. Underneath it she was wearing her favorite garter belt and sheer black stockings. A tiny pair of panties and a lacy black bra hid her nice pussy and tits. Rhonda also wore a new pair of black high heels she just bought to complete her outfit.

After the three hour drive, we approached Strauss' house, and he came out to meet us. He grabbed Rhonda and gave her a big hug. She was much shorter than him so she stood on her tip-toes to kiss him deeply. Seeing them embrace I remembered how she kissed him like that after he fucked her in the barn at the fair. Strauss introduced us to his best friend Carl. Carl politely reached his hand out to shake hers but she wrapped her arms around him and pecked him on the cheek instead.

Strauss and Carl had prepared a nice light dinner for us and we talked about several things. Both Strauss and Carl were widowers who had developed their friendship over the years through their horses. As we adjourned to the living room, Carl poured some homemade wine. It was smooth but packed a great punch. As we talked some more and enjoyed the wine the sun began to set.

Rhonda recounted the experience she had at the fair for Carl and filled us in on the details of her thoughts and feelings during that fucking. Strauss glowed as Rhonda told how warm and good she felt getting her cunt filled with his sperm. Strauss asked Rhonda if she was willing to give herself completely to him tonight. "I want you to become the wife of who or whatever I choose," he told her. He went on saying, "I will be your master. You will be my willing whore. Do you accept this?" Rhonda, who was sitting between Carl and Strauss leaned over to him and kissed Strauss passionately. "From this point on, I'm not CL's wife until you give me back to him," Rhonda gasped. Strauss put his hands on Rhonda's shoulders and turned her to face Carl. He pushed her toward him and she kissed Carl deeply. While they were kissing, both Carl and Strauss explored Rhonda's body with their hands. Both men were sporting hard-ons that Rhonda willingly stroked through their pants.

Strauss finally pulled Rhonda close to him and told her it was time. He actually roughly pushed her from the couch, ordered her to stand up and strip naked. Rhonda shyly stood up and in a few fluid movements removed her dress, panties and bra. As she was starting to remove her stockings Carl told her to stop, he wanted to see her in stockings and heels.

Once she was nude, she turned slowly, rubbing her body and allowing us all to enjoy her. Strauss asked her if she bought what she was supposed to. Rhonda got her purse and produced a giant tube of K-Y Jelly and handed it to him. He stood up, took her hand and led her out of the house to the barn. Walking behind her, I was very pleased with the way the setting sun made Rhonda's skin glow. It was beginning to cool off and Rhonda's nipples hardened from the cool air and sexual anticipation as she was led naked along the path to the barn. She walked between Strauss and Carl, holding their hands with no hesitation and she obviously had given herself to these two men to do what ever they wanted of her.

Once in the barn I was amazed at how nice it was. We were in a large paneled room with a clean wood floor almost as nice as you would find in a house. A small fire was burning in the fireplace and I sat in one of the overstuffed chairs admiring the room. This was obviously not just a barn. Strauss told us that this was his tack room and study, where he spent most of his time.

In the middle of the room, Strauss had built a narrow bench about 10 inches wide, 4 feet long and about 2 feet off the ground. The bench was padded with a stuffed leather covering. One end of the bench was lower than the other. Near the bottom of the posts holding the bench up, Strauss had tacked on leather straps. There was also a small ramp built around the sides of the bench. Rhonda looked at it and then at Strauss, "Is that for me?" she asked smiling seductively.

Strauss came up behind my naked wife. He placed his hands on her shoulders and faced her toward the bench while he explained what was going to happen to her. I noticed that he was holding her rather firmly, looking for Rhonda to play the submissive. He explained the bench was similar to the one he remembered seeing in the stag film many years ago. He said that Rhonda would lay on her stomach on the bench and have her arms and legs tied to the posts. The pony would walk up the ramp with his legs on either side of Rhonda so that his front hoofs were higher than his back giving him a more natural angle. He explained that if the pony was with a mare, he would climb up on the back of the mare and enter her but since Rhonda couldn't take his weight, the ramp would overcome the problem. As he kept talking his hands reached in front of Rhonda and roughly massaged her tits and pulled on her nipples while he held her tightly in place. He assured Rhonda that the ramp would support the pony and that she would be in no danger. While he was explaining the process I noticed Rhonda squeeze her legs together trying to massage her pussy.

Strauss continued to hold Rhonda by her shoulders and told Carl to go out and bring in the pony that he had picked for her. When Carl returned, Strauss told us the pony's name was Coco and this was his favorite of all his horses. Coco was the most experienced with his mares. Strauss pushed down on Rhonda's shoulders so she was kneeling by Coco's side. "Now my beautiful little slut, rub your new husband's cock," Strauss ordered. Rhonda's hand shakily reached under Coco and began stroking the horse's balls. Coco's head shot up when he felt my wife touch him gently. As her strokes became more deliberate, the tip of Coco's cock appeared. Once visible, Rhonda turned her attention to his growing shaft. As more of it became available to her, Rhonda's strokes became longer and more intense. I remember feeling quite in awe of my beautiful wife watching her crouched by this animal giving it pleasure.

Strauss gave Rhonda a small basin with water and a towel in it. "Wash your husband's cock," he told her. Rhonda took the basin from him and said "Yes, master." She began lovingly washing Coco who looked like he was really getting into the attention. When she was finished, Rhonda pulled the long hunk of horse cock to her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue over the dark head. She later told me she just had an urge she couldn't resist to feel it with her tongue.

Strauss grabbed Rhonda by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her up so she was looking at him. "His cock is for your cunt, not your lips," he sneered. "It's time. Get on the bench Rhonda." Once on the bench, Rhonda found she could lower and raise her ass with her legs. This way, she could get her cunt at the right height for her new lover. The bench stopped just short of her pussy and spread her legs enough so that her ass and cunt were open and exposed, ready to get filled. Strauss placed a pillow under her stomach to make her more comfortable. "Is my beautiful little slut ready to get fucked by her stallion?" he asked Rhonda as he gave her ass a slap with a leather shaft. Rhonda jumped a little when she got slapped and said quitely, "Yes master."

He told Carl to prepare their slut's cunt. Carl tied her wrists and ankles, rather tightly I thought, to the posts with the leather straps. He then used his fingers to stretch my wife's cunt wider and proceeded to squeeze the whole tube of jelly she brought along up into her. Rhonda moaned as she felt herself get filled with the clear gel. Carl took the leather shaft Strauss used to slap her ass and slowly worked it into Rhonda's cunt. He explained that this was the butt end of a whip that had broken and he was using it to get Rhonda prepared. Rhonda groaned as he slid a good eight inches of it in and out of her. When he took it out the last time her cunt make a slurping noise as if she were trying to keep it in.

With Strauss leading him behind Rhonda, Coco stepped on the ramp and began to gingerly walk up it. It was obvious that Strauss had practiced this with him before we arrived. When he had his front hooves completely up the ramp, he was standing straddled over Rhonda and his cock was resting on Rhonda's ass. It was long and black against her white skin. I was sure it was longer than anything she had taken but it wasn't really that big around. "It feels so warm and heavy on me," Rhonda cooed. Strauss looked at Rhonda and said, "Become his wife. Take him in, NOW!" Rhonda began moving her ass up and down and from side to side guiding the tip of that big black dick against her pussy. Flexing her slender legs, she rubbed her slit up and down the horse's cock as if to pry herself open for it. "IN," Strauss commanded.

Rhonda pushed back onto the cock and it slipped under her belly but not into her. She gave a loud sigh when she realized the promised shaft missed its target. Coco twitched a bit when he felt his cock get pinned between Rhonda and the bench. As Strauss calmed the horse, he barked to Rhonda, "Again, try again." Rhonda lifted up and Coco pulled his cock from under her. She adjusted her body so that the tip of the horse cock was parting her pussy lips and plunged down. It entered her momentarily but popped out causing Rhonda to scream from the pain. On her third attempt she clasped her thighs around Coco's shaft and plunged back. This time it slipped upward between her ass cheeks before it ever got near her hungry and frustrated cunt.

Rhonda began to get teary-eyed and said, "I can't get him in me." From the frustration in her voice, I could tell she was totally committed to having this long stiff prick in her body. Strauss yelled to Carl to untie Rhonda's hands so she could guide the horse's cock. Carl quickly complied and Rhonda's hand shot underneath her body and grabbed Coco's shaft. She lifted up and placed the head of the cock at her hole and moved it around spreading herself open for him. When she felt opened enough, she pushed back.

With a satisfying moan from Rhonda, the head of the black cock disappeared into her pussy. Rhonda closed her eyes and had a look of total bliss on her face. She began rocking forward and back as more of the shaft entered her. By this time, Coco realized he had just invaded something really sweet and he began to buck. He was obviously trying to get more of his stiff prick into Rhonda's soft opening but couldn't because of the ramp and bench. True to Strauss' word, Rhonda was in complete control of the fucking. As her pussy adjusted to the size of Coco, she took more of him into herself. It was getting easier to stroke her gorgeous red-bushed snatch on and off the cock as the horse was holding stiff wanting frantically to get deeper into her.

Rhonda was beginning to let Coco do more of the pumping so she grabbed onto the bench post for support. With each buck, Coco pushed Rhonda forward on the bench. She pushed back after each stab at her cunt so she was in position for the next plunge. She was beginning to sweat and groan with passion. Remembering back, I thought to myself that this wasn't really happening, Rhonda couldn't be fucking a horse, it just wasn't possible. But, right there in front of me I was watching my new wife getting her cunt pounded by a pony.

Coco was really starting to hump at Rhonda but the ramp was keeping him from his goal. The K-Y jelly that Carl squeezed up Rhonda's pussy was squishing out of her with each stab. The bench was getting covered with the excess jelly and Rhonda kept getting pushed forward so that Coco's cock plopped out of her. Rhonda nor Coco could get it back in her. To get back to him, Rhonda reached out and pushed herself back using Coco's front legs for leverage. She got her ass back far enough to meet Coco coming at her with another thrust. He drove his cock back into my wife's cunt and Rhonda squealed with pleasure. Rhonda groaned "Oh fucking great."

In no time, Coco took full control of the situation and began pumping rapidly into Rhonda. Rhonda was screaming "Fuck me Coco. More. Fuck me." I looked at Strauss and Carl and realized they were standing with their cocks out stroking them. At that point I joined them. "I love your black cock. Fuck me," Rhonda kept screaming. Strauss said "Yes. Keep talking to him." Rhonda looked at Strauss and noticed his cock a few inches from her face. She reached out to grab it but he pulled away. "You are the horses' whore wife now. Fuck him," Strauss said. Sensing his tone, Rhonda responded by saying "Yes master. I am the horses' whore. I'm fucking his big cock. He's going to fill me up with his hot white sperm. I'll make him cum into my warm tight cunt."

After about 10 minutes of pounding, Rhonda was getting what appeared to be about 10-12 inches of the pony cock into her cunt. I could see the concentration on her face as she was working to make herself cum. She lifted her head and bit her lower lip. However, Coco began neighing and beat her to an orgasm. As the pony continued to pound at her, globs of almost clear cum leaked out of Rhonda's pussy. When she felt the gooey mess leak out of her and realized she just made a horse cum, she broke down into a gut-wrenching orgasm. The tack room filled with a musty, just fucked pussy fragrance. As she finished cumming, Strauss began to pull Coco back from my wife's sweet pussy. It was a real mess. She was puffy and red. Her cunt was wide open and we could see up into her. The walls of her pussy were coated in frothy, creamy horse sperm.

As Rhonda began to get up, Carl told her to lie back down. "You're not done yet, a slut fucks more than once," he said as he stroked her back. "This is Stilt. In a bit you will see why," Strauss said as he led another horse behind Rhonda. "He has been waiting outside to fuck you and has heard Coco and you," Strauss told her. "Do you notice how ready he is to make you his wife?" Strauss asked. It was true, Stilt had an enormous hard cock bouncing under his belly. It was bigger around and much longer than Coco's. He must have enjoyed listening, and smelling Rhonda service Coco and was showing her how much with a new prize for Rhonda to conquer.

Rhonda laid her head on the bench, closed her eyes, smiled and said "Make him fuck me master. I want him to be my husband." Strauss seemed to enjoy Rhonda's submissiveness. "This time on your back," Strauss commanded. Rhonda got on her back and Strauss led Stilt over her. As Stilt stood above Rhonda I noticed that he was aware of the wet, soft, mess under him. With his huge cock laying across her slippery, tight belly, Stilt began trying to get into the pussy that was being offered to him. On cue from Strauss, Carl grabbed one of Rhonda's legs and Strauss the other. They pulled them around Stilt's sides and tied her ankles as close together as they could get them over Stilts back. In this position Rhonda's pussy immediately began sucking Stilt's cock in. Stilt began moving into Rhonda. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled her body close to him. "I love you Stilt. Fuck me lover. Harder. HARDER!" Rhonda screamed. From her expression I could see she was cumming again.

Carl and Strauss stood with their hands rubbing up and down on Rhonda's legs. They also helped slide her on and off the powerful horse cock. As Stilt began to stiffen and get ready to cum into my wife, Strauss pulled the knot and released Rhonda's legs. The two men pulled her off of Stilt's cock just as he was beginning to cum. Thick ropey streams of cum sprayed across Rhonda's stomach and tits. She laughed and began massaging the hot sperm over her face and neck. She opened her mouth to catch the last few spurts. Wanting more she scooped the cum from her tits and licked it off her fingers. "Its delicious. I love the taste of my husband's cum," she groaned.

Strauss pulled Stilt away and took the horse's position at the bench. He grabbed Rhonda's thighs and slid her back down the bench toward his cock which was pointing directly at her gapping pussy. He spread her wide and rammed his cock up into her. He pumped in and out until he grunted and shot his load into Rhonda. All the while he fucked her my wife was begging "Fuck me. Make me your wife too my master. Harder. Your horse fucking whore wife needs to be fucked." As he withdrew he told Carl to take his place. Carl also filled my wife up with a load that he must have been saving for years. During his pumping, Rhonda again encouraged her other master to fuck her. I couldn't take any more and pulled Carl aside as the last drops of his come leaked out the tip of his cock. I managed to get my cock in just as I came, adding my sperm to the mixture in Rhonda's pussy. She was stretched so that I couldn't feel her insides but I did feel an incredible warmth and wetness.

Strauss moved to Rhonda's face and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around his head and sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. When they broke the kiss, Rhonda looked at Strauss passionately and asked, "Does my master have any more animals for his slut of a wife to fuck?" Strauss told her no as he pulled a Hudson Bay Blanket from a shelf and covered Rhonda. He helped her up as she was quite wobbly. She wrapped the blanket around herself as she sat on the bench, still shivering from her last climax. Once Strauss put Stilt back into his corral, we went back into the house. Carl drew a bath for Rhonda and both he and Strauss took turns washing Rhonda's body while I sat out in the living room watching a game on the television.

When they finished giving Rhonda her bath, including what Rhonda later told me was a very sensual douche, Strauss led her to the bedroom. Carl joined me in the living room while Rhonda and Strauss had an incredibly loud fucking session. When he was finished screwing her, he came out and sent Carl in to take a turn with "their" wife. Strauss told me that he wanted Rhonda to stay for the rest of the weekend. He didn't give me a chance to protest but said that she was now the horse's and his and Carl's bride until he would return her to me the next day. He had already told Rhonda this and she had said yes like a good little slut wife. I asked if I could at least say good-night and he agreed.

When I went into the room, Carl was kneeling behind Rhonda and fucking her cunt from behind. When they saw me, they slowed down. While Carl continued slow deep pumps into Rhonda, she asked if Strauss told me what was going to happen. I nodded and she smiled her approval. Between her grunts from each stab at her pussy she said, "I love you."

Rhonda didn't come home until two days later. She told me that the two of them continued to fuck her every minute they could. She also had the horses fuck her three more times as well as Carl making his German Shepherd fill her cunt with her first dog sperm. She also got to give Coco a blow-job and a face full of watery cum as a reward. If somebody wasn't in her cunt, they made her fuck herself with her fingers or the leather whip handle. During supper, or when they sat around, she had to keep the whip deep in her cunt. Rhonda wasn't allowed to get dressed the entire time she was at the farm. She said that during the rest of the weekend they alternated between treating her as a slut who was to do their bidding or became very tender, bathing, grooming and feeding her. Once they tied her up in the barn and coated her body with a molasses spread. They took great pains to fill her red bushed cunt. They then released Coco into the stall. He proceeded to lick the sticky-sweet mixture off of Rhonda, sticking his tongue up her pussy to get all he could. Rhonda said she had several orgasms as Coco cleaned her off. Since she didn't come home until Monday, I wasn't there when she arrived. She said that Strauss had to fuck her one more time and took her on the floor of our living room.

Rhonda never again went to Strauss' farm or had another animal. She said that she did it just to prove to herself she could and didn't need to do it again. However, if the opportunity arose, she said she wouldn't mind taking advantage of it. Strauss and Carl did stop by frequently to enjoy Rhonda's company and body. When we moved, Strauss gave Rhonda the Hudson Bay Blanket he used to take her back from the barn. Wrapped in the middle of the blanket was the leather whip handle that was used as Rhonda's substitute lover that weekend. It still has a place of honor next to our bed.
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