Making Movies

Written by Richard & Sharon / Oct 10, 1999


"TRIXIE #3... MAKING MOVIES" by Sharon and Richard

"How'd you like to make a porno movie?" Trixie felt her pussy quiver and go all wet. "Oh Freddie, you KNOW I would! I've been asking..."

"Yes you have, sweetheart, and you're my best girl." Freddie smiled and ruffed up her hair. "Trixie, you've made more money for two or three of my girls put together... but this is a major project, not just some loop. We're talkin' big budget here and frankly I wanted you to hone your...techniques... before you went on to the big time. You have the body and the face...I mean you HAVE the body and the face...and now I think you have the ... expertise." "Expertise?" Trixie's put on a wide-eyed innocent face. "You mean I know how to turn guys on, Freddie? Even tough guys like you?" Trixie looked down at her skin tight, bright yellow minidress, then brought her eyes back up and looked at Freddie. She knew he had a thing for her but they'd never... "Guys like you, Freddie?" "Trixie, sweetie," Freddie said, a catch in his voice. "You know you turn me on." Trixie peeled the thin spaghetti strap off her slim right shoulder and pulled down until the thin yellow material hung from her right breast. Her tits were full and high. They looked very large on her small frame. Guys loved them. Guys like Freddie.

Trixie looked at him with her lips open on a loose pout and ... slowly... tugged the top of her dress down. She felt the cool air wash over her nipple, make it pucker, and heard Freddie suck in his breath. "Christ, Trixie, your tits are fantastic..." he mumbled, staring. Trixie noticed a swelling in his jeans. The other girls said Freddie had a big one. Trixie thought this might be a good time to find out for herself.

"You like?" she crooned, teasing her right nipple with the fingers of her left hand. "Fantastic," Freddie repeated. "Show me more." "Ummm, I love how you say that!" Trixie smiled. She pulled on her left shoulder strap and pulled her dress down to her waist. Her bare tits stood up and out, both nipples all puckered and erect. She shifted her shoulders side to side and made her bre asts sway heavily. Trixie loved this kind of tease. She felt her pussy creaming.

"More..." pleaded Freddie, smiling and now rubbing his cockbulge. Trixie beamed. She loved attention. She sashayed over to a nearby armchair, dragged it back in front of Freddie, sat back and made a big production out of putting her long lean legs up over the arms of the chair. She wore no panties.

"Oh yeah!" Freddie cried. "I LOVE it! See? This is why I want you in movies." "Why, baby?" Trixie crooned. "Because you know how much I like showing off my pretty cunt?" She pulled her knees back and showed Freddie her pink pussy. It WAS pretty. Her outer lips were naked, shaved smooth as a baby's ass. Her inner lips protru ded wetly, all swollen and ragged, glistening with juice. Trixie brought one fingertip down and teased her clit, jerking a little with the wild sensations that rushed through her anytime she showed herself off like this...

Freddie reached down, unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. His prick was thick and long and stiff as hell. The head was perfect. "You like, Trixie?" he breathed. Another one like me, Trixie thought. Look how turned on he is by showing me that h andsome prick! "Oh I LOVE it, stud!" she crooned, rubbing her clit faster. "Bring it here!" Freddie struggled to his feet, his cock standing out damn near a foot and came to Trixie. She took his prick in both hands, brought it to her mouth and kissed it sluttily. "Ummm" she gurgled, rubbing his slippery precum on her lips and chin. "Ummm, Freddie, you're all juicy! I love your prick!" Trixie popped her mouth over the head and slowly swallowed Freddie entire erection, letting it glide down her tight throat, all the while looking at him with big doe eyes. Then she slowly sucked her mouth back up the shaft until it popped free and lay, hugely, against her face. "Freddie," Trixie said. "Fuck me." He couldn't speak. Stepping back he took his cock in one hand, gently pushed Trixie back into the chair, lined up his cock with her pussy and oozed it right in.

"Ummmmm!" she groaned. His cock filled her completely, just the way she liked. So tight, so hot, so hard! She felt herself spiraling up and out of control. "Ummmm! Oh Freddie that feels so GOOD! Baby, I'm gonna cum so fast! Oh! I can't STAND it!

Oh honey can you hurry up! Fill me up baby! Fill me!" Freddie felt his balls pulse and his cock expand. No need to pace himself. This chick was hot as a firecracker! Freddie stroked in and out, in and out...Trixie's tight cuntflesh pulling at his and and out...until his ball tightene d and pulsed. Freddie roared out his climax! "AHHHHHH!" He drove in to the hilt, held it and felt his balls flash white hot, his anus pucker and his prick leap! A big gush of sperm surged into Trixie. Then another! And another! "Oh Freddie! Oh Freddie!" Trixie's clit exploded, her anus twinged very hard and her cunt sucked and pulled at Freddie exploding dick. "Freddie! Freddie! Oh baby I'm cumming so fucking hard! Oh! Oh! Oh! God!!"

Rick couldn't believe his ears. "Freddie said what?" "I've got the part! I'm going to make that porno feature that he was talking about!" Trixie was very excited. "And guess what? Freddie wants you to co-star!" "All right!" Rick smiled. It was their dream come true...starring in a real porno movie! Rick's mind swirled! The money...the fame... and getting to strut their stuff for millions to enjoy! THAT was the big thing! He'd fuck Trixie so well that ever yone would pay just to see them go at it! What a rush! Rick hugged Trixie and gave her a hot kiss. "Baby! This is fantastic! Come over here and we'll practice a little. I think I want to eat that gorgeous cunt of yours..." "Well honey, someone got there before you." Trixie said, blushing.

Rick's cock pounded as he realized what she meant. "Sweetheart, have you been playing this morning?" "Yes." "With Freddie?" "Yes, I got so hot when he gave me the part." "And did you fuck him?" "Yes." Rick gave a little gasp. He was breathing harder and squirming on the sofa where they sat. "And did you cum?" he asked.

Trixie could hardly suppress her smile. "Ummm!" Rick unzipped his fly and hauled out his cock, big and thick and 9 inches long. He was super hard. "And did Freddie cum" he asked.

"Well now I'm a little insulted. Of course, sweetheart. He just BURST!" Rick's eyes widened and he stroked his cock. Trixie reached out and cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. "Trixie?" Rick asked, "did Freddie cum inside you?" "Yes, sweetie, and so much too," Trixie's voice was soft. "Do you want to see?" "You are so fucking sexy! Yes, honey, show me what that lucky bastard gave you." Trixie giggled and pulled back her knees. Her little cunt flared open wetly, the inner lips even thicker and looser than before... pretty pink curtains... and Trixie tilted up her pelvis. Her cunt was just brimming with thick, white sperm. As Rick wa tched, she squeezed her vaginal muscles and a thick drool of cream welled up, out, and down her hairless crevice. Trixie took the sticky goo on her fingertip and smeared it over her erect clitoris, shuddering with the nasty sensation.

"God, girl!" Rick raved. "You are so fucking sexy! I'm gonna fuck your brains out right now!" "Ummm! That sounds wonderful baby...but you can't." "Can't? Why?" "The movie, sweetheart. You have to save up all your delicious cream so you'll fire off those lovely big juicy cumshots that I love so much." "Three days?" "Just two," Trixie laughed. "Just two. But I don't HAVE to store up my juice. How'd you like to eat this juicy pussy, baby?"

They'd arrived on the set t 10 am. "Get a good night's sleep!" Freddie had phoned to say, but they'd cuddled together and tossed and turned all night, so excited! And they felt like real movie stars. "Don't wear any underwear. It gives you ugly line s," Freddie had cautioned. So they arrived in jogging outfits and let the costume girl take over. She was already dressing the other two actors, Barbie and Stefan. She was tall and blonde and bouncy. He was Hispanic, dark, handsome and looked like a body builder. He wore loose tie on pants and a sleeveless undershirt that showed off a dark tan and bulging muscles. Trixie knew she'd be fucking Stefan soon and it turned her on.

"Hi Stefan," she smiled. "Looks like I'm a lucky girl." "Oh no, bonita, I'm a lucky guy," Stefan replied, curving his arm around Barbie waist. "Two beautiful women to enjoy." Barbie leaned over and gave him a kiss. She looked like Elle McPherson, gorgeous and curvy, with a tiny waist, terrific tits, long lean legs and a fantastic ass. Freddie said the film would feature all kinds of sex, including anal. Trixie couldn't wa it to see Barbie's ass reamed by Rick's prick! -0- The director, Giardo, gave his pep talk. "OK you guys and gals, the goal here is to be very very natural...very very hot. Most of the time ignore the camera, even if Joey here gets in real close...but you ladies, Trixie and Barbie, every once in a whi le look right into the lens. Think of thousands of guys watching your act and stroking their dicks!" "God!" said Trixie. Her heart was pounding but her pussy was soaked! "OK," said Giardo. "In this first scene, Rick, you're a photographer. Gloria give him that Nikon. OK. You're shooting Trixie and she's stripping and posing with Stefan. Barbie is your assistant. Just let nature takes it's course. OK? Action!" Trixie walked to the bare black chair on the seamless black paper and began posing for Rick. She wore a bright red thong bikini bathing suit and bright red spike heels.

"OK honey," said Rick, beginning to snap pictures. "Lemme see some cleavage. Great! Perfect!" Trixie showed off her tits, bringing her arms together to deepen the dark d?collet? between her big breasts...then lifting them high on her chest. "Stefan , now you!" ordered Rick. Stefan walked over, in a little speedo that showed off his muscular chest, ripply stomach and huge bulge. He and Trixie posed together like beach models...she looking foxy...he looking hunky... Trixie pressed her big tits aga inst Stefan's chest...

"Stefan, baby...."Trixie cooed. "I'm tired. Let's take a break." They kissed, slowly at first and then with more passion. Stefan sucked his way down Trixie's neck while she ran her fingernails over his chest and teased his nipples. He kissed his wa y onto her chest and into her cleavage. Rick kept "shooting." When the video camera came in for a closeup of the little clip that held Trixie's bikini top together, Stefan knew what to do. Trixie's breasts tumbled out, heavy and swollen, her nipples already dark and erect.

"Oh baby!" raved Stefan. "What great tits!" "Taste them" purred Trixie, glancing at the video camera. She was so turned on by performing that she was afraid she'd cum as soon as Stefan kissed her nipples. And when drooled warm spit on her tit tips and nursed on them like a passionate baby, she DID.

"Uh! Oh my! Oh Stefan! That feels so good! Oh honey, you're making me cum!" Trixie, a porno natural, let her eyes roll back dramatically and shivered thru an intense climax as Stefan sucked wetly on both her nipples.

As Trixie recovered, Stefan stripped. His body rippled with muscles and his cock was huge...hanging half erect over a big set of balls. "Trixie baby," said Rick. "Oil Stefan up. Barbie, honey, you help her." Barbie wiggled over carrying a big bottle of clear baby oil, spilled some in Trixie hands...Trixie was still a bit unsteady after her sweet climax... splashed a big puddle of oil in her own hands....and the two women began applying oil to Stefan's skin

"Baby," said Barbie, "your muscles are so big. You must work out all the time! God, Trixie, feel his ass! It's hard as steel!" Barbie oiled Stefan's buttocks, then ran her oily hands into his asscrack, over his anus and then his balls. Stefan arch ed his ass back... loving the sensation. Rick wondered if Stefan had ever had his ass fucked... but he was distracted by Trixie oiling up Stefan huge prick! "Oh God girl!" Stefan cried. Trixie was stroking his dick with a firm oily rhythm. In seconds, Stefan was huge!...his cockhead a deep red, the shaft fat 9 inches long...almost scary! Trixie came to Rick...took his camera and whispered in his ear. 'Now you get naked baby. You get naked...and we'll oil up your big dick too..." Barbie was pulling off Rick's clothes...

Barbie spilled more warm oil in her hands...and dumped it all over her little tee shirt and mini skirt. "Oooooo!" she pouted right at the video camera. "I better get out of these clothes." Barbie stripped naked in seconds...Stefan and Rick gaping at her incredible body...firm tits, flat belly and jutting curvy ass. She turned away from them and posed with her legs together and her bubble butt wiggling at them. "You like?" she asked teasingly. Barbie wanted her ass fucked.

First she went to Rick and poured oil on his immense cock. The head was purple and very wide...and leaky. Barbie ran her hands up and down the pretty prick lovingly. Rick's balls swelled dangerously. He'd held off fucking Trixie and felt like he cou ld cum right away! Trixie put the camera down, went to Stefan and whispered in his ear while she stroked him. "You want to fuck Barbie's cute little ass, Stefan?" "Oh God!" groaned Stefan.

"Rick, honey, lube her up," said Trixie. Barbie smiled, and bent over the big armchair, her gorgeous little ass high in the air. Rick gently oiled her anus, teasing it and running his finger up inside. Barbie wiggled her ass back at his fingers. Trixie's came over and stroked Rick's cock ma ddenly as he worked on Barbie.

"Mmmmmm," Rick moaned pleasurably as Trixie stroking his dick to a burstingly full erection. God he felt like he would just explode! "Rick, honey, Stefan is SO big...I think I need even more lubrication." Barbie stifled a giggle. "Don't you think so Trixie?" "Ummmm. Yes I do," giggled Trixie... and she brought Rick immense prick up suddenly to Barbie pussy. "Rick, get your prick all wet..." With a load groan, Rick sank his cock in to the hilt in Barbie's clasping cunt.

"Oh God! Rick! That feels so fucking good!" Barbie screamed. Trixie went back to stroking Stefan as they both watched Rick fucking Barbie.! "Oh! Oh! Girls! I - I - I'm gonna blow!" Rick groaned.

Trixie leaped to Barbie and Rick's juicy connection. "Not yet baby. Hold on. Now...pull out of Barbie pussy for me, Rick. That's right, pull out...good boy. Oh wow! Look how big your prick is!" Trixie almost lost it seeing her guy's cock that way ...almost pushed him down and climbed on, but she tried to be "professional" for the movie. "Good boy! Now put your prick right her on Barbie's little asshole...Ummm...that's right..." Barbie quivered as she felt Rick fat cockhead nuzzle up warmly against her sensitive anus. Stefan stared and felt his prick quiver as he realized what Trixie and Rick were about to do. He stepped in close....

"Lovely, sweetheart," said Trixie as she began stroking Rick's steely prick, her hands sliding in the oil and in Barbie's cunt juice. "Now sperm up a big load right here on Barbie pretty little asshole, so Stefan can fuck her." "Oh God," whispered Barbie, swishing her perfect ass from side to side pleasurably. "Come on Rick, sweetie! Give me a lot!" "Christ!" said Stefan, staring at Barbie's ass and Rick's big prick.

"Ugh...Ugh...UGH...UGH..." moaned Rick, his cock swelling to its max, the slit on the end of his dick gaping open... He was crazed at the idea of pumping up all his jizz while the three of them watched! "Do it baby," Trixie urged, her fist barely able to fit now around the immense penis, as she stroking him firmly, her fist bumping against his bloated balls.

Suddenly, Rick shuddered! His cockhead swelled to a purple ball and a big gush of semen lashed out of his prick! It bathed Barbie anus, thick, clinging,white jizz... then another shot and another! Thick snotty clogs of cum...very white and lumpy...f illed up the little socket in Barbie's wiggling butt until her anus disappeared in the gooey puddle. Rick ejaculated again and again...groaning with each rich burst.

"God, Rick!" Barbie raved. "Your jizz is so HOT! It feels so nasty! It's just boiling!"

Rick was shuddering so hard that his cock bucked up, and before Trixie could force it down, Barbie's little buttocks got decorated with sperm, but most of the cream splashed onto her deep asscrack and pooled on her quivering anus...that Barbie was dyin g now to have filled.

"Oooooooo," Barbie crooned. "Ummmmm, my little asshole feels so hot and juicy...but Soooo empty..." "Stefan. honey" Trixie urged. "Barbie needs you. Look at her pretty litte anus just waiting for you..." As Rick staggered away, Stefan stepped in behind Barbie, took his erection in his fist and aimed it at the quivering pool of jizz. "God," he said, "Look at all of that cum!" "Fuck her, baby!" urged Trixie glancing at the video camera as it zoomed in to Barbie's ass.

Stefan pushed his cockhead into the thick sperm. "Jesus!" he cried, "it's so fucking hot! Rick, man, your cream is scalding!" Stefan loved it; his cock was super stiff and as he pressed down, it began to disappear into Barbie asshole, sliding in Ri ck's slippery semen.

"Oh God, Stefan! That feels so good!" Barbie cried. Rick felt his cock harden at the sight. Then he felt Trixie's fingers gliding up and down his stiffening shaft. Stefan hit bottom and he and Barbie began assfucking like lunatics, she banging he little butt back at him while his huge prick gored her guts again and again.

"Oh Stefan! Stefan!" screamed Barbie. She was rubbing her clit now but still driving her ass back in time to their strokes. "Baby! Oh Baby!" cried Stefan, throwing his head back in ecstasy, "Your ass is so tight! So good!" "No baby, it's`'cause your pretty prick is so big! I love it!" She pushed her little ass back at the plundering erection.

"Barbie!" Stefan groaned, looking down at her cute butt, thrusting powerfully into her anus, "I'm cumming in your ass! Oh! God! I'm cumming in your ass!" "Oh Stefan! Yes!!" Barbie cried. She threw her head back, her blond hair whipping cross her back, her eyes were wide open in ecstasy! "Ugh! Ugh! Stefan! Stefan!" Barbie's ass and cunt and clit exploded into a powerful orgasm. "St-Stefan!" sh e choked. "UGH! UGH!" It was a perfect simulatneous orgasm. Stefan was ejaculating squirt after squirt into Barbie's bowels, groaning and thrusting, lost in the nasty pleasure of it all. Stefan rolled his eyes to the video camera but his orgasm was too intense and his eye s turned glassy and rolled back as another wave of spasms shot through him and his prick belched up more powerful squirts. Barbie's whole body was shaking and vibrating, as the pleasure shocks shot through her taut frame, again and again and again! Trixie was so aroused by Barbie and Stefan's sexy show that she couldn't even speak. It wasn't necessary. She turned her back to Rick, bent over, and wiggled her ass. Her pussy stuck out between her slim thighs, the lips all ragged and wet. Rick c ame to her, his prick stiff and bladed his cock into Trixie's pussy. "Ummmmm!" Trixie moaned. "Thank you, sweetie. Ummmmm! That feel so GOOD!" Rick reached around and held her dangling breasts and they began to fuck...

Stefan pulled out of Barbie's ass, his cock still thick and barely drooping, a silvery strand connecting his prick and Barbie's ass. She looked very contented, her hips still quivering in little aftershocks. Then she turned and looked at Rick, saw him watching her as he fucked Trixie... and she pressed with the muscles inside her ass.

A big gush of cum, welled up and out of Barbie's anus, juicy and thick and spermy-looking...drooling heavily and warmly down over her pussy. Barbie looked Rick in the eye, reached down and rubbed the jizz into her clit. "Oh ! UGH!" Rick cried. His cock swelled up inside Trixie and exploded...big gushes of cream flinging themselves against the clasping walls of her pussy.

Trixie began cumming too. "Oh Rick, I FEEL it! God! GOD!" Trixie was staring at all the cream drooling out of Barbie's ass and feeling Rick's Frsh jixx spurting into her pussy. Trixie's cum love boiled over and she felt herslf spiral up nd over int o an intenbse climax, her cunt pulsing and pulsing!...

Rick groaned loudly, his cock blowing out spurt after spurt...not as much cream as before, but still some nice squirts...his eyes locked with Barbie's... She just swishing her butt from side to side as Stefan's cream oozed out of her ass .

"CUT!" yelled Giardo. 'HOLY SHIT! You guys are fantastic!

"Trixie, honey," Giardo, the director asked over breakfast the next day, "How'd you feel about doing a gang bang scene?" Trixie felt her nipples tingle. This porno movie business had her sexually aroused all the time. She'd even dreamed about sex last night, in a wild montage of huge cocks, cunts and mouths, and she'd awakened aroused. "Giardo, I-I don't know. I don't think I could handle sex with more than three people at once..." "I'm not talking about a rape scene, Trixie, honey. I'm talking about affectionate group sex. When you're...working...what's your limit?" Trixie was a very high priced, part-time call girl.

"Three." "Then lets make it three, OK? Rick, Stefan and...I think you'll be pleased by this...we have Peter North! "Oh God! Giardo! Peter North! THE Peter North?! He's sooo sexy...not too macho...gentle...and that PRICK! You really have Peter North? I love to fuck him!" "Thank you," the voice was high and almost squeaky, but the guy behind it was a hunk and a half.

"Peter!" Trixie cried. "I-I-I...." "Pleased to meet you," the porno legend said, rescuing Trixie from her babbling embarassment. "Giardo, you were right! She is gorgeous! And what a body!" He kissed Trixie's hand and it was all she could do to resist dropping to her knees and hauling out his lengendary beer can cock. She'd have her chance soon enough.

"OK! Listen up, everyone!" Giardo had them all in the best suite of a nearby hotel...the finest fixtures...and a huge bed. "Trixie has come to meet the publisher of a new men's magazine, with her photographer, Rick and his assistant Barbie. It's Stefa n who introduces them. Peter is the publisher. They all get very well acquainted. Barbie, honey, this is Trixie's show. All the guys focus on her, but you get to help...and I know you love that..." "I do," replied Barbie. And I'll get all the sex I want, she though. Her nipples erected and pressed saucily against her tight tee shirt. The whole scene had her pussy boiling.

"Action!" cried Giardo and the cameraman, Joey, rolled tape.

"Honey," said Peter. "I think we ought to sign you to an exclusive contract. When I saw these shots for your last session I knew you'd be a hit." "She's a natural!" said Rick.

"Which is why I wanted you to see the proofsheets," added Stefan. Trixie ignored Stefan and Rick, and locked eyes with Peter. "How?" she asked. Trixie was wearing a lycra minidress, black and shiny, with matching high heeled pumps. She sat on the edge of Peter's desk.

"What do you mean, how?" he asked "How did you know that guys would get a hardon from my photos?" "Did I say hardon?" "That's what you meant." Peter chuckled. "I like your style honey. Yes, you're right. And I knew guys would get hardon's from your photo set because I did." Trixie felt her cunt flush hot at that and struggled to stay in character. "You did?" she croaked. "And what poses did you like the best?" "I love your tits. They're so firm and high and they look so big on your little frame. Definitely I loved the shots of you topless." Trixie reached down, pulled one shoulder of her dress down to her upper arm and lifted one of her breasts out of her dress. She looked at North and pouted. "I like it when guys are turned on by my tits." "You're gorgeous," he said, shifting in his chair.

Trixie leaned over and her breast swung heavily back and forth. She ran one fingernail over the stiff nipple and shivered from the sensation. "Ummm. I love touching them while you watch. Want to see the other one?" "Show me both and I'll show you my cock," Peter replied. Two exhibitionists! Trixie sat up very straight and pulled her dress down to her little slim waist. Her big tits stood up and stuck out, the nipples fiercely erect and puckery. She pursed her lips at Peter and brought both hands up to cup and squeeze her breasts for him . "Ok, sweetie" she said. "Show me yours." North skinned easily out of his pants. His body rippled with muscles. His cock was half erect...and huge. Rick's was almost as long and almost as fat, but North's was a perfect specimen...smooth and fat...and just pretty. He stood up and his cock sw ung free, heavy and getting stiff by the second. Trixie looked up and saw Peter was staring at her breasts.

"Wanna fuck them?" Trixie teased. "I'd love it." "Sure!" he smiled.

"Go for it baby!" Rick cheered. Trixie turned and blew her boyfriend a kiss. She knew he loved to watch her in action! Stefan was already stripping and so was Barbie. God! This was so intense! Trixie knelt on the desk, her tits swinging, and reached for the famous cock. It was even hotter and stiffer and longer than she'd fantasized! Trixie kissed the fat head, drew back, pursed her full lips, and drooled saliva all over Peter's huge prick.

North hissed. She pushed her lips down over his big cockhead and swallowed half of his perfect penis. He pumped his cock gently in and out of her mouth and rolled his eyes back in ecstacy. It's no act, Trixie thought. I'm driving Peter North crazy!

Then Trixie pulled her mouth off the huge cock, sat up and let her breasts bounce off Peter's erection. He watched with his mouth open. A real boob man, Trixie thought. She lifted one breast and raked the erect nipple up and down the underside of pe ter's stiff cock, from his wrinkled balls to the shiny cockhead, up and down slowly, her stiff nipple tickling his oversized sex organ. He hissed with pleasure, put his feet flat and tilted his hips back so his cock stuck up like tower! Trixie let her nipple tickle Peter's anus. He shuddered and a fat, clear cocktear popped out of his cockslit. "Oh look. Did I do that?" Trixie giggled, and brought her stiff nipple down, dipped it in the glittering drop of precum and pulled back so her big breast and Peter's big cock were connected by a gossamer thin string of crystal cum. Peter was breathless with excitment, his heart pounding. Trixie looked into his eyes, looked over at the video camera and very deliberately brought her face closer to his pri ck again, fitted her lips over the head and swallowed it again.

"God! Trixie!" said Barbie. "That is soooo hot!" Barbie stepped behind Trixie and peeled up Trixie's tight lycra minidress, revealing her tiny black thong panties. Trixie's ass looked fantastic, high in the air, her round buttocks split by the sexy swath of black silk that held her drippy pussy in a lacy pouch. Barbie ran her long fingernails over Trixie's ass, down over her cunt bulge and tickled her clit. "Oooooo!" whsipered Barbie to the three men. "She's all wet! Her little pussy is soak ing!" Trixie was giving Peter the blowjob of his life!... sucking and bobbing her head, running her wet fingers up and down his huge shaft, humming madly and all the while looking right into his eyes with a sexy look of surrender on her face...

"Ugh! Ugh!" North grunted in time to Trixie's sucks. "God! You are soooo good!" With Barbie tickling her cunt, Peter raving praise was all it took! Trixie took one slim hand off of the straining shaft, plunged it between her legs, drove two fingers deep into her juicy cunt, flicked her clit fast with her thumb and she was cumming!

Tears welled up out of Trixie's eyes and big shocks fired through her little frame. She slammed her face down on Peter's cock and held that position, loving how his huge prick jammed into her throat. She wiggled her ass, wiggled her wet fingers and came hard, with sexy little grunts and whole body shivers.

"Go baby go!" cheered Rick. "Cum hard lover!"

"Trixie, you're the hottest!" cried Stefan. "That's it honey!" added Barbie, tangling her wet fingers with Trixie's, in Trixie's soaked and swollen cunt. "God! Rick! Stefan! She is SOOO wet!" Joey brought the camera in close so show Trixie's mouth filled with Peter's cock and her eyes rolling back in her head with tears of lust rolling down her cheeks.

"Dolly back!" Peter suddenly cried. "Ugh! Pull back!" Barbie realized what was happening and jumped around the desk to where Peter stood thrusting his cock into Trixie's mouth. She ran her fingers over his straining ass and reached between his muscular thighs to his balls.

Trixie felt Peter's cock go steely hard and swell menacingly in her mouth. She sucked tighter and bobbed her head. Her wet fist slashed up and down the porn star's immense erection. She ached for one of his patented gushers, and got just what she wan ted...

Peter pulled his cock out of Trixie's mouth and threw back his head with a grimace of lust! "Ahhh! Oh Baby!" Trixie was still climaxing herself but continued stroking him slowly but very firmly, her fist sliding in her spit and the juice oozing from his cockslit. "Ugh! Ugh! UGH!" he groaned in ecstasy.

A huge gush of jizz fountained out of Peter's prick! It flew high into the air then all over Trixie's face, the thick cream splashing across her lips, up her cheeks and all over her forehead and eyes! "UMMM! UGH!" the crazed cockstar cried, and a se cond plume of cum surged up and into Trixie's hair.

"God!" raved Rick. "Look it all that fucking cum! LOOK at it!" "Oh my..." murmured Barbie, transfixed by Peter North's amazing ejaculations. "Oh my! Look at him! So much!" Peter glared at her, then Rick, thrust his cock into Trixie mouth, shuddered, and her mouth was overflowing! Trixie looked, white cream cascaded out of her puckered lips around Peter's huge jolting cockshaft and down her chin in thi ck, lumpy rivulets. But she was loving it ...

And so was Rick! "Christ, honey! Look at you..." he whispered. Rick's cock was immense! He took it in his fist, stepped up to Trixie's wiggling ass, ripped aside her thong, raked his cockhead thru her dripping pink pussylips and slid his cock into h er cunt balls deep! "Ugh!" she grunted pleasurably, as his fat cock stretched her quivering vagina. He pumped her hard...fuck fuck fuck...

Stefan's cock too was stiff and gigantic! He stepped up next to Peter, who withdrew his prick from Trixie's mouth even as it kept juicing up sperm. Stefan pushed his cock into Trixie's mouth, into the dense mass of Peter's hot cream. Trixie locked eyes with Stefan, her lips widened in a smile, she moaned, and Peter's jizz drooled out of her mouth, down her chin and all over Stefan's tense balls, as she sucked Stefan's prick deeply into her throat.

Peter stroking his prick, lowered it toward Trixie's big jiggling tits and, with his eyes widened insanely, his orgasm flared again! "Ummmm! Ummmm!" he moaned and ejaculated all over Trixie's chest! Once... then again! The hot sperm hosed all over Trixie's stiff nipples and up and over her bulging breasts and thickly down into Trixie's freckly cleavage. She looked up at Peter, her mouth full of Stefan's cock and pushed her pussy back down on Rick's cock.

Trixie felt herself spiral up and out of control! Three guys!! And she could handle it! She felt like superwoman! It was wild! She looked at the video camera with an insane expression...and exploded into a powerful climax...her eyes widening and rolling back in her head. She shook, spasmed, groaned and ... came again! ...Her clit throbbing and spasming... the thrills zinging thru her ass and up her spine and all through her body... until...finally... she slumped to one side, in a half stupor..

.weak... her beautiful face... her gorgeous breasts... her trim tummy... and her tingling cunt... all slathered with sperm. "Oh my God!" breathed Barbie. Trixie's wild exhibition had her clit burning. Barbie pulled her minidress up and over her head, ripped off her lingerie and was naked in a flash. Stefan slumped back on the sofa, his erection dripping with Trixie's sali va. Rick's cock dripped Trixie's pussy juice. The two men looked at Barbie and both stroked their cocks. "Stefan! Rick!" crooned Barbie. "I NEED you guys now." "Oh yea!" hissed Stefan, feeling his balls draw up tight. He was close! "Come on gorgeous!" cried Rick. He looked off the set to the director, who looked confused by Barbie's unscripted outburst. "Giardo?" "Fuck him!" cried Barbie. "I NEED you NOW! OK? Tape if you like. I don't even care." Barbie stepped up to Stefan, shoved him backward on the sofa so his big cock stuck straight up, straddled him with her gorgeous long legs, grabbed his face in two hands, drove her tongue into his mouth, then began licking and chewing on his lips.

"Ummmm!" Stefan moaned and his cock flexed into a steely column! Barbie reached behind her curvy ass, pulled Stefan's cockhead to her drooling cuntmouth, sat up very straight with her shapely tits sticking out and sat down on Stefan's cock until it was buried to the hilt! "Ugh! Oh God! Ugh!!" Barbie groaned and t hrew her head back in ecstacy! "That's it! Ummmm!" "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" chanted Stefan, fucking up and into her tight vagina.

"Christ!" cried Giardo, the director. "Joey! Get this! God, Barbie, honey, slow down. Let Joey get in position!" But Barbie was bobbing her perfect ass up and down and Stefan's cock was sluicing in and out of her without a pause. Her long blonde hair raked her back, shimmering as she fucked.

Rick came up behind Barbie lifted the mass of her hair, felt it, smelled it, and rubbed it all over his juicy erection until it was streaked with glittery precum. "Barbie honey?" Rick asked. "You want more?" Barbie turned and smiled at him, never stopped her frentic fucking of Stefan. "Yes, baby! Do it!" Barbie kissed the head of Rick's prick wetly. "But kiss it first...kiss it. Oh! Ummmmmmm!" She arched her back and tilted her little butt higher i nto the air. Stefan's cock looked huge, goring into her pussy. Her little anus winked open and closed as she pounded Stefan.

Rick dropped her hair, fell to his knees and Trixie giggled. He began licking and kissing and sucking her cute little asshole. "Ooooo! Rick!!" crooned the crazed girl. "I love that! Do it more!" Rick held her little butt in his hands, wiggled his tongue back and forth on her anus, then pointed his tongue and pushed it inside her...timing his probes with her fuckstrokes that tightened and relaxed her sphincter. "Ummmm, Rick! That feels SO good! Fuck me in my ass, sweetie. I'm dying for it!" "Oh Barbie!" cried Trixie, jumping to Rick's side. "Let me help!" She joined Rick behind Barbie, then knelt, dragging her nipples down Rick's stomach. He was totally erect, blue veins popping out, his cockhead purple and leaky. "Wait honey," Trix ie whispered in his ear. She wrapped her hand around his prick and brought the bulging head to Barbie anus. "Not yet, stud," she giggled and Rick could hear her gather a mouthful of saliva. He pressed his prick against Barbie asshole. "Un uh," moaned Trixie, shaking her head, her mouth brimming now with spit. She brought her full lips right to Barbie's butt, puckered up and kissed Barbie right on her anus, then opened her lips and drooled slimy saliva all over it, then all over Rick's steely throbb ing cock. It was so sensuous that Rick nearly climaxed! Trixie' hot spit rolled down his erection. She took his prick, pressed it into position, Rick pushed and drilled his dick right into Barbie's hot anus.

"Oh God!" Barbie cried, "that feels so fucking good!" Stefan felt his cock compressed by the pressure of the second prick bulling its way into Barbie's little pelvis. He felt Rick's bulging cockhead slide into Barbie, UP his cock inch by inch until the two cockheads were pressed together deep in Barbie's body, just a thin membrane apart! The two guys began stroking in and out of her...her asshole and her a delicious double fuck. Stefan and Rick went in and out together, their balls banging together on the in stroke. Barbie was delirious w ith pleasure! Her clit was so big she thought it would burst...her labia bulged out around Stefan's big plunging penis, yanking her clitsheath up and down on her little lovespike with every thrust. And the warm burning in her anus, the feeling of fulln ess in her butt, fed the fires in her clit! On the tenth or so stroke, as Stefan and Rick oozed their cocks into her simutaneously, Barbie exploded! "AGHHHH! UUGGGHHH!" she groaned and her whole body was orgasming. Her ears roared, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, her nipples twinged almost painfully and electric shocks ripped through her pelvis, from back to front. Barbie's head fell back, her eyes rolled up so only the whites showed, her toes curled and uncurled spasmotically, she drooled from the corners of her mouth. And big shudder s went through her one after another.

Then Rick and Stefan! Rick grunted, his prick jumped and a huge splash of jizz blasted into Barbie's rectum! "Ummm UGH! UGH! UGH!" he cried, filling her ass, firing again and again! Stefan felt Rick's prick jerking and pumping, and his balls boiled over. "Ummmmm! Ummmmm!" he cried, almost in a whimper, and his prick swelled hugely.

"Bar--Bar--Barbie," Rick tried to talk but he couldn't and then his cock suddenly belched out a huge hot burst! "OH BARBIE!" he cried, looking down t where his prick penetrated her cunt. "OH!' he cries again and blew another big surge of juice int o Barbie's belly.

Barbie loved the scalding spurts in her ass and cunt. "Guys! God, guys! I FEEL it! I feel you shooting cum in me! Let me see some! Let me see some!" Rick tugged his cock out and, a beat later, juiced up all over her tummy... a big, thick sploosh of cream that hit near her navel and oozed down... then another! It was hot and nasty and Barbie loved it. A rich spermy smell filled the air.

Stefan was paralyzed, locked in Barbie ass, pumping out spurt after spurt of cream. Barbie turned around over her shoulder. "That's OK sweetie," she crooned. "I like the way that...OOO! Another one!... I like the way that feels! ...OOO! STEFAN!...A nother one! ... Where'd you get all that nice cream for me?" Peter North had cuddled up to Trixie and the two of them watched the hot trio squirm and shudder through their three way climax, until Rick put his head on Barbie shoulder and his prick drooped down against her stomach, oozing out the last of his jizz..

.and Stefan dropped his forehead against Barbie hair, his cock still driven deeply into her ass. "Cut!" cried Giardo. "Fucking cut! Jesus fucking Christ! I have never...ever!" Barbie looked at him then at Trixie and the two girls giggled, then broke into hystrical laughter! "What?" asked Peter North.

"I think we wore you guys out!" smiled Trixie. "Wore you out!" giggled Barbie.

And they all laughed, even Giardo and Joey...who were so horny their balls were blue! "OK, OK," said the director. "Here's what we do tomorrow..."

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