Boss's Pretty Wife

Written by Black Demon / Oct 28, 1999


Boss's Pretty Wife by Black Demon

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Leroy was determined to get even with that white prick of a boss who had passed him over for the promotion. He was far more qualified that the white punk who got the job. In frustration, he quit the job rather than put up with the asshole of a boss and the new supervisor. And now he was broke.

In the past year, Leroy recalled seeing the boss's wife on a couple occasions and the mean hardon he got just looking as her long beautiful white legs. She was so beautiful, petite in size at about 5'3" and he guessed a little over 30 years of age. It seemed that she came to the workplace each Friday evening, an hour or so after the workday. He had learned that his boss and the lovely wife went out to a nice dinner every Friday night, leaving the children home with a sitter.

Leroy knew the layout of the workplace well. It was easy for him to gain access telling the guard he was seeing old friends. Once in, it was easy to keep out of sight in his old place to grab a smoke. As all the employees had departed for the weekend, he heard his boss's footsteps approaching the office. Once punch and that prick of a boss was out cold. Tying him to the chair, Leroy then awaited for the punk's beautiful wife to arrive.

Carol Hendricks happily arrived at her husband's office building, looking forward to an evening out at a nice restaurant. Slim milky white legs under a white skirt, with white heels, set this lovely beauty apart from other women. She had just entered the building, calling out for her husband, then darkness. Suddenly, here she was at the black intruder's mercy. Dennis, her husband was tied up and gagged, forced to watch the degradation of his lovely wife. Carol was laid out on a low open couch fully clothe, drowsy from the brief dose of chloroform. Carol's mind was clearing but her body was limp and she could not get up nor move much.

Leroy leered at the beautiful young wife at his disposal and grinned over to her tied up husband as he stripped off his clothing. Both Carol and her husband had their eyes captivated by the long 12" cock that was 4" in diameter. It was twice as long and twice around as her husband's. He grabbed innocent wife's left hand and placed it around his black stalk. Holding her hand, he assisted her limp hand in jerking the stalk till the cockhead was oozing with juice. With Carol's tiny hand held at the base, another 8" stood out menacingly. Leroy yells to her husband "Pass me over for a promotion you asshole. Your beautiful wife is going to make you pay for that. I'm gong to 'ruin' her for you. When I ram this up her cunt, she won't even be able to feel your tiny little pecker".

Then Leroy went about the enjoyable task of stripping Carol of all her clothing. White skirt, yellow blouse, white bra, white panties, and white heels were slowly removed from her beautiful body. Carol could only shake her head slowly in trying to plead with the black. Tears welling in her eyes and now beginning to trickle down her cheeks.

Leroy stood above the milky white body of this beautiful young wife, his massive black cock twitching in anticipation. He begins to walk around the beauty rubbing his black cock on her white skin, smearing his sticky goo on her skin, all the while watch both Carol and her husband cringe in the disgusting scene. Carol's husband could hardly bare to watch this black bastard soiling his beautiful young wife.

Walking up to her husband, Leroy stood sideways so her husband could get a full view of was his wife would be getting. Carol's husband swallowed in fear for his wife. "Tell you what hubby, since that beauty is your precious wife, I'll let you decide where I should fuck her. It's your decision, where I stuff this 12" black dong. Tell me if its her cunt, mouth, ass or I could fuck her dainty white feet." Repeating the options, Carol's husband shook his head no to the first three options. Thinking that the black soiling Carol's dainty feet would be the least of all evils, he nodded yes to that option. "I'm going to love fucking her dainty white feet and cumming all over them" spoke Leroy.

With that, the Leroy walked over to Carol to taunt her "Your husband just gave me permission to fuck your dainty white feet. I'm going to cum all over your beautiful feet and toes bitch". He then stands directly over her anguished face and masturbates till the cockhead is covered with slime. He then dips his cockhead to gloss her pink lips with the slime. He then drifts down to Carol's dainty white feet, lifts them to his face and inhales. He begins to lap at her tender soles and sucks each toe and tongues between the tiny toes. Then he wraps the beauty's feet lengthwise on the sides of his black cock. The black cock extends 5" out beyond the length of her feet. Next he begins to fuck in between the width of her soles, moving her feet so he could fuck between her toes. Carol's feet begin to get slick from the oozing cum.

"Oh, I'm going to coat your wife's beautiful white feet with nigger cum" he announces to Carol's husband. "God, her feet are so beautiful, white, and soft. Has she ever fucked you off with her beautiful dainty feet? Ahhh, it feels so good. I'm going to shoot my load on her beautiful feet". With that, the Leroy brought Carol's feet together and he unleashed spurt after spurt onto Carol's beautiful feet. He guides his spurting cockhead across her soles and tiny toes, being certain to web her toes together with sticky cum. He then points Carol's slime covered feet to her husband and snickered "Look at all the nigger cum on your beautiful wife's dainty white feet. Imagine if all that nigger cum was shot up her tight pussy. Bet you'd be the proud papa of a black bastard if that happened". Carol's husband could only groan in disgust seeing his beautiful wife's beautiful dainty feet totally soiled and dripping with the nigger's slimy cum.

Leroy sat on the couch, his huge black hand now gliding up Carol's milky white legs and grinned to her husband "What's your choice next? Her tight cunt, sweet mouth or possibly virgin ass?" "Better give me an answer, or I'll cut your little pecker off" growled the black. Repeating the options, Carol's husband nods to the choice of her virgin ass. "Have you ever fucked your wife's beautiful ass?" asked the black. Carol's husband shook his head. Laughing "You mean I have the honor of fucking your wife's tight virgin ass".

Going over to the couch, Leroy grins at the beautiful young wife. "Have you ever been fucked up the ass before bitch?" asked the black. Carol could only tearfully shake her head. She was in fact a virgin there. He smiled and turned Carol over and lifted her waist so her beautiful white buttocks was up in the air. He then lay his huge cock on top of her buttocks. Looking over to her husband, he smiled "I'm going to enjoy busting this white cherry ass apart". Carol's husband looked at the huge 12" black cock on top off his wife's milky white ass and closed his eyes in despair. "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee" screamed Carol at the top of her lungs as the black ripped her ass by shoving 4" inches of his cock into her unused rectum. Carol continued to scream as the black continued to rear back and plunge forward till all 12" was imbedded in Carol's tight ass. Her ass was so tight that the black cock was being skinned and in no time Leroy shouted "Ahhhhhhhh, here it comes". Carol's virgin ass was flooded by the nigger's cum and it overflowed down her milky white thighs.

Carol collapsed on the couch as her attacker pulled his softening cock out. Leroy sat next to her pawing her beautiful breasts and tweaking her pink nipples. Carol's husband hoped the black had his fill for he knows he won't be able to stand either seeing his beautiful young wife sucking on this filthy black cock or having that monster cock shooting its slimy filth in her treasured pussy.

Resting again, giving time for his huge dong to recuperate, Leroy then placed his head at Carol's crotch and began to lap at her moist cunt. "Ohhhhhhh" moaned Carol, head shaking from side to side whipping her silky black hair from side to side. He stuck his long tongue out and insert the tip in her groove, allowing Carol's husband to witness his wife's embarrassment. Then Leroy had his mouth right at her slit, with his tongue exploring into her moist cavern. Carol began to writhe to and fro. Suddenly her manicured fingers dragged Leroy's head even tighter to her cunt. Carol's body stiffened as a huge orgasm over came her.

As she came back down to earth, her body went limp. Carol's husband sat dejectedly, having witnessed his wife's degradation and the taunting from his former employee "Your wife's got a real sweet honeypot". Dennis had never had the pleasure of tasting his wife's sweet honey. He and his wife had always been rather reserved in their lovemaking. He has now witnessed his wife coming with a black tongue in her. The black intruder was licking his lips to savor the taste of the young wife's juices.

"Well hubby, shall I stuff my nigger cock up her pussy now? I'll plant my fertile seed up her tiny white belly. Or shall I give her some juicy black meat to chew on?" asked the black. Approaching her husband again with the knife, he repeated the two options. Carol's husband couldn't contemplate that 12" dirty black cock possessing his beautiful wife's treasured jewel nor the thought of her lips sucking on it. But he was forced to choose or have himself castrated. Thus, he nodded to the black at having Carol suck him off. Better that than him planting his nigger seed in her womb. The black commanded "Tell me exactly what you want me to do. Shall I stuff my dirty black pecker up your wife's cunt and make her a black baby or do you want me to feed her some black sausage to chew on?" The black approached Laura's husband, knife in hand. Fearfully he answered "I want you to feed her your black sausage".

Carol was beginning to regain some strength but not enough to get up off the couch. The black's cock was at full mast again. Cockhead glistening with slimy goo, he approached the couch. Carol put her arms up to try and push him away but what little strength she had was no match for the black monster. He straddled her breast and the cock loomed out in front of her face. "Your hubby now wants me to feed you this juicy black sausage. Carol began to cry and shake her head begging "No, please, I've never done this before, not even for my husband". Leroy laughed and looked over to her husband "Boy, you're a fool. Now I've got to teach her how to suck a cock with her virgin mouth. I'm going to make her choke on this whopping nigger cock".

Holding her hair so Carol couldn't move her head, Leroy painted her lips again with slimy gloss and ran his leaking cock up to her cheeks, eyes and nose. He then place his cockhead at the entrance to her tiny mouth and held her nose. Carol had to breathe and was forced to open her mouth a little. That's all he needed and in went 5" of the black sausage. In and out went the cock until all 12" was down her lily white throat. Carol's husband couldn't believe his beautiful young wife was capable of swallowing the monster black cock. What a contrast the couple made, pitch black nigger with his long black cock sunk into his lily white wife's throat. Carol's throat bulged by the presence of the black sausage and her eyes bulged in disbelief.

Leroy was easily brought off by her tight little mouth and the sight of this young wife sucking and choking on a cock for the first time. "Here it cums bitch" he yelled. The first spurt went directly down Carol's throat. Carol gagged trying to retch out the slimy contents. He then pulled back so only the cockhead remained in the soft mouth. Four spurts filled her mouth to overflowing. Then the black pulled out completely and shot his last three spurts all over Carol's beautiful face. Leroy turned Carol's face toward her husband "That the way a beautiful bitch should look, covered and coughing up nigger cum. Guess my sauce is to rich for her". Carol's husband gave a look of disgust, seeing his beautiful wife's face covered with a nigger's cum, with Carol coughing up cum to flow down her chin.

Sitting on the couch again, Leroy roamed his hands over the beautiful white body. "Do I have to tell you where I'm going to fuck next?" smiled the black. Looking over at Carol's husband, he boasts "I'm going to show you how to knock up a beautiful bitch like this. I going to cum a gallon up her little belly and I'm going to make it swell up with a nigger baby".

Leroy's black body was now between the trim milky white legs of the innocent young wife. He laid his 12" cock on Carol's white tummy, with the base of the cock at her crotch. It's like a huge black snake squirming on white snow. "See how far I'm going to be when it's all in your beautiful wife. I'll be up to the middle of her tummy" Leroy tells his former boss. "Ready? I'm going to make you a proud daddy now". With that, Leroy reared back and lunged, spearing 4" into his prey. "Nooooooooooo, it hurts" cried Carol. Driven on by her screams, Leroy slammed away till all of his cock disappeared. The beautiful young wife never had such a long thick cock before. The black weapon made her husband's seem like a purity pup. Carol screamed at every lunge by the black cock.

Carol's husband couldn't believe his eyes. The black and white contrast was horrid yet fascinating. Huge black buck spearing into the delicate milky white body of his lovely wife. Suddenly Carol's trim white legs raised up to encircle the black's back and she began to hump back at him. Her arms crossed over the blacks head and Carol moaned "Oh, nooooooo, you're making me come. Ohhhhh... Noooooo, pleaseeeee". With that Carol's body tensed in her orgasm. Leroy looked over at her husband and yelled "Here I cummmmm! I'm 'ruining' your precious little wife and I'm sure as hell am going to knock her up with a kid". The black body tensed, then shivered, as it became obvious that load after load of the filthy mucous was being shot into Carol's tight pussy. Then streams of cum overflowed the joined area to puddle on the couch.

Leroy walked over to Carol's husband, cock semi-hard and still throbbing in its glory. "Thanks for the use of your precious little wife. Hope I didn't 'ruin' her too much for you! She probably won't even feel your tiny pecker now that she's had a real man" Leroy gloated. Carol lay on her side, cum drooling out of her cuntlips while she continued to cough up the nigger cum. "Imagine how much cum is still up your wife's little belly. I must have shot a gallon of cum up her. Enough to make a set of triplets. You won't have to feed her for a week with the load I shot into her mouth and throat". It was over a month before Carol and her husband got somewhat back to normal. Love-making was all but satisfying for Carol. Her husband now got so excited, his mind picturing the black raping his wife that he always came quickly, leaving Carol in a horny rut. Carol in the meanwhile kept picturing the black rapist fucking her instead of her husband. How she longed for the thick sturdy length of the black cock instead of the puny excuse of a cock that her husband possessed. Carol dreamed often of the orgasms she had reached with the black rapist. She longed for another such orgasm.

Due to her husband's lack of control, Carol became increasingly frustrated sexually. She had no control on the night she was raped. But now she was feeling so guilty right now, thinking back to the past weekend when her husband was out of town. Why had she driven to the seedy side of town and sat at the bar, knowing she would be hit upon by unsavory characters. She had rebuffed the first two men that approached her. But why had she accepted a drink from the third man, a man over 60 years of age, and allowed him to take her to his small dinky apartment. But deep down she knew it was because he was big and black. Carol licked her lips in remembering how the old black man showed her that he still knew what to do with his long thick cock.

The old black buck couldn't believe his luck in getting this beautiful young white woman to accompany him to his apartment. This bitch just oozed class and obviously didn't belong in a run down joint such as this. He had seen the two white guys quickly get shot down and hesitated to make a move. Once she had accepted a drink from him, he knew she was craving some dark meat. Her sparkling diamond ring made it obvious she was married and frustrated with her limp dicked husband. But even he was in for a surprise when he took her to his apartment. He was certain he'd have to wear a damned raincoat, but to his delight the white beauty threw the condom aside when he was ready to open it. He couldn't believe she could turn into such a wanton slut begging him to fuck her harder and harder, begging him to shoot his 'black baby' juice in her.

Carol had regrets for going the bar and letting herself get picked up by the elderly black man. But she had gotten rid of her sexual frustrations. She especially felt guilty for allowing him to fuck her without any protection, let him shoot his thick cum deep in her womb. But now, that guilt was erased for she had just discovered that she was already pregnant. Five weeks pregnant. Pregnant from her black rapist, conceived on the couch of her husband's office. She knew her husband would have her get an abortion right away, thus she decided not to tell him till it was to late. She would let him think it was conceived in a different time period. She wondered how he would react when the baby was born with kinky black hair.

End of Story.
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