Rita In Las Vegas

Written by Rita / Oct 10, 1999


Rita in Las Vegas (mmm/wife) by: Rita E-mail: rita_tom@hotmail.com Please mail comments _____________________

I have been told that I have a very sexy body. My husband Tom loves to display my legs and my 34C cup breasts to his friends and in public.

You see, I am deeply in love with my husband and very rarely I have courage to disobey him. Tom knows my weakness very well and he freely takes advantage of this situation. We have been married over ten years, he is a good husband, a good provider and very generous in giving me gifts and buying me dresses of my choice. He also makes me wear dresses of his choice (mostly sexy), revealing dresses where my smooth body is exhibited to the full extent of law but occasionally crossing the line of obscenity. He also has ordered me to buy high skirts, tight semi-transparent blouses, and wired bras. I am only allowed to buy tiny, transparent panties so that my pubic hairs will shows if he has to lift my skirt in front of his friends. But hey, like I said, I am in love with him and being his wife, I trust his judgement on what i should wear and how I behave in public.

Anyway, on last last vacation we went to Las Vegas and stayed in Hilton towers. Tom's colleague Jack who works with him with the same comapny was taking the vacation as well with him and was staying in the same Hotel on the same floor. You see they decided to go to Vegas togather, except that Jack is divorcee, more aged than my husband.

I never liked Jack because he always lusts for me. Whenever he came to our house, he would always kiss me longer than normal and he always tries to move his hands on my back way down like he is trying to grab my butt.

Everytime Jack plans on having dinner with us, Tom always makes me wear either a tight blouse of thin material so that curves of my breasts are clearly visible or a low cut gown with side slits so that my one leg is exposed every time I walk or sit ( I had to be very careful in front of Jack).

Also, I am only allowed to wear a soft bra so that my nipples are clearly visible through the material. Everytime I am told to serve Jack drinks, i.e. when I bend down in front of Jack, he would have a clear view of either my breasts, or my theighs. I compalints to Tom many times and asked him not to make me wear sexy clothes in front of Jack but Tom does not listen to me in these matters.

As a result, everytime Jack is in our house, he always try to denude me with his eyes. Many times i complaint to Tom that Jack looks at me with lusty eyes and I don't like him. He always replied that hey he is just paying you a complementr on yout beauty. Besides he is single guy, let him enjoy a looking at your hot sexy body. You see i like flattery so I generally get wet hearing this from my husband, and I never seriously objected to Jack's lusting for my body.

Anyway, here we were in Vegas and Tom caled Jack and told him to meet us at the black jack tables area. I had a green dress on, which accentuated my 34 C breasts by thrusting them out. The dress had six buttons in the front, a belt and short skirt. Everytime Tom takes me out for vacation, I am allowed to cover no more than 6 inch above my knees. I knew Jack gonna have fun looking me over, but heck I was with my husband so I did not care.

Anyway, Jack came down same time as we did. Tom and Jack started playing and I was watching the game and drinking margeritas. You see I have a weakness for margeritas, I can not say no to margeritas. and by 11 O'clock in the night, I was feeling that I was fully drunk. Also, all those margeritas were making me go pee.

I wispered in Tom's ear,

"Honey I need to go pee"

"Then go" Tom said.

" I am too drunk, plesase take me to the bathroom"

Tom was enjoying the game, he got a little irretated. In my drunken state, I heard Tom say in a rather lound voice:

"Rita, i can not leave now, I am in the middle of a game here"

Jack asked Tom, "what is the matter?

Tom "she needs to go pee but I can not leave the game"

Jack said no problem. I will help her out, that is if you don't mind?"

" Heck, why would I mind, But she is too drunk. I don't think she can go to ladies room by herself."

Jack " No problem, she can use my room."

Tom " OK. just take care of her, while I finish the game"

Next thing I remember, Jack was grabbing my arms and lifting me from my stool. As soon as I stood up, I realized, I had no strength to walk straight and felt I may fell down unless I hold on to something. I must have grabbed Jacks shoulder.

I thought I saw a wide smile on Jack's face. Like I told you, I do not like this guy Jack, but I was the needy person here so I grabbed his arm and shoulder tightly with my both hands so i would not fall down. Jack put one of his arm on my waist and virtually pulled me to him so that my body was touching his body. You know i am a good wife and i would never cheat on my husband so i was very careful that my body do not come in contact with his crotch area so he gets no funny ideas. However, for safety reasons, I had to cling to him.

While he was dragging me to the evevators, I distinctly remember his hand grabbing my butt. At that time, i did not see any harm in that. After all the guy left his game for me. I remember vision of Jack pressing the elevator button which were in a remote location. we had to wait for the elevators.

Next thing i remember was that my head was buried in Jack's chest and my eyes were closed. I was in front of him, with every inch on my body touching his body. He was holding me with both hands massaging my back and occasionally my butts. I was feeling his eract cock touching my stomach through our clothings. My both hands were over his shoulders, behind his head.

I am not sure when the evevator door opened or who came out because my head was burried in his chest and he was holding and massaging my buttocks. I can not tell you if any one saw us in that state or if anyone came out of the elevators but I remember that we were alone in the elevator when the doors were closing.

I had a feeling that till I go back to my husband, i would be at the mercy of this guy who I just do not like. And I was correct. The minute, elevator moved, Jack made me stand by the side of the elevator so that his hands were free. He immediately started grabbing my breasts and pinching my nipples through my thin dress. Well I did not protest. After all the guy left his game for me.

Then he got encouraged and decided to unbutton two top buttons of my dress so that he can look at my milky white globes. Once he parted the dress, he has clear view on my half domes popping out of black lace bra. I could feel his cock on my stomach. I started to protest. "Jack please, don't do this"

He responded by opening two more buttons of my dress. Now my bra covered melons were fully exposed except that his hands were coving them. I became a little concerned. Elevator was probably OK but what if someone comes in the elevator? And exactly same thing happened. Suddenly elevator stopped, door opened, and I saw two men stading outside. I immediately clung to Jack so that my nudity would be covered by Jack's chest and hoping that no one would notice that my dress is open in front. I had to stay clung to this guy that I hate for next few floors, all the time he holding me by my buttocks and showing me of to other two men. All three males in the elevators were smiling and exchanging glances.

I was feeling so humiliated that I decided to closed my eyes, which relaxed me. Finally, our floor came and Jack dragged me out of the elevator virtually lifting me because I was clinging with him so close. We were in the gallery with rooms on both sides. In the gallery, He made me stand by the wall and unbuttoned, rest of my dress. My dress dropped off my shoulders and piled up at my waist held only by the belt. I could hear myself mumbling meekly, "Jack please do not do this... "Jack why are you doing this... "Jack please someone will come... "I am feeling so ashamed."

"Rita, I do not want to get your dress ruined when you go pee. We need to take your dress off." I had no resistance left in me.. I begged him.. "Jack can you do it in your room" "please don't take my dress off here... someone may come"

"Oh! come on Rita, it is 1 O'clock in the night. No one will come. Besides, we are right outside my room." He raised both my hands above my head and held them their with his one hand. With his other hand, he unbelted my waist belt and through it on the floor. Along with it, my pretty green dress also went to the floor with me standing naked in the hallway with my black bra and semi transparent panties. I know he must be having a time of his life looking at my pubic muff visible though my panties. I did not have pantyhose or stockings.

In my drunken condition, I tried to console myself.. OK that is it... he can not do much now. He had his fun.

I begged "Jack.. Please I have to go pee".. can we go to your room now?'

"OK. Rita. But first take off your panties. I don't want you to ruin your panties." Jack grinned.

"Can we do it in the room?" "Oh come on, you are a big girl, don't be shy, give me your panties." I felt I had no choice but to obey him. which I did. I bend over and pulled my panties down, In the process, I was gonna fall down but thanks to Jack who held me by grabbing both my breasts in his hands. I was able to take off my panties without collapsing.

Suddenly, I saw those two men again standing in the gallery about 5 rooms away, they werer witnessing the whole thing.

I think i shrieked, which made the situation worst. I flung my nude body at Jack and clung to him asking him to please cover me with his body. He oblized me gladly with his hands now on my totally naked buttocks. I closed my eyes. I said to my self: it is a bad dream, these men would disappear. If I do't see them thewy don't see me.

Jack took his time opening the door. Finally I was in Jack's room in his arms, naked except for my bra.

Suddenly I remembered, in the rush I left my green dress, my belt and my panties outside in the gallery.

Jack said don't worry about your clothes, those men just want to smell your dress and your pussy smells on your panties. Let them have their fun.

I felt very humiliated but i had to go pee.

Jack took me to the toilet, made me sit on the seat. I said" you can leave now."

"I think I will stay, no taking chances in your state." Jack said. "I told Tom I will take care of you"

At that time I did not care, i had to go now, I spurted a thiick yellow colors stream of piss from my pussy lips right in front of Jack. After the thick stream, small streams of pee came out intermittantly, while Jack was examining my pussy and smiling.

Then he took some toilet paper and went down and cleaned my pussy. I never thought that I would be naked in front of Jack and allow him to touch my pussy.

I could not get up, I said "Jack can you help me get up from the seat"

"With a wide grin he said "of course".

His one hand grabbed my pussy and other on my arm. He easily lifted me by my pussy. While in the room, he said are you sure you are not leaking piss?

I said "No"... "I am OK." He said "Rita, lay down on the bed and spread your legs. I need to ensure that you are not leaking piss from your pussy"

I did't know what to say. I was just feeling dizzy. He sorts of pushed me onto the bed. I closed my eyes and spread my legs so he can examine my pussy. By this time i realized that i was totally on mercy of this person and I better obey what he says.

I do not remember what Jack was doing in my pussy, I think he was massaging my clit and putting his fingers in my hole. I only remember that I was feeling great, and I was feeling my pussy getting wet and suddenly, I realized I wanted him to message my pussy.

I must have been moaning in my drunken state because Jack knew I was now his sex toy. Next I remember, he was removing my bra muttering something like "you don't need it now."

When he went down between my legs to lick my pussy, I heard him say... "I better make sure your pussy is very clean". I spread my legs to full extent to give him as much room as possible.

Next I remeber his thick hot prick inside my wet pussy. He was on top of me clawing sqeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples. I remember lifting my legs and putting on his butts so that all his penis would be inside me. I must have been moaning and making loud sexual sounds because next I remember was a knock on the door. Jack got off me and went to answer while I was laying totally naked in his bed. What if my husband is at the door? How would he feel seeing his young sexy wife laying in his colleague 's bed totally naked?

Jack was talking to someone at the door... I could hear .. green dress... sounds ... what's happening... When I opened my eyes, I saw those two men staring at my naked body. I felt like dying... there I was a conservative loving wife here lying fully naked, legs spread with fully open pink pussy in front of these three men.

Somehow, I tried but i could not move my hands or my legs to close my nudity. I guess in that horny state, i was ready to take every strong men in the hotel.

I distinctly remember, all three of them taking turn with me. I remember getting fucked by all three, saparately and in groups. Jack was saying "Rita.. keep your mouth open, don't close it". I wasn't gonna disobey Jack now can I?

They took turns fucking me in every hole from every direction. They enjoyed my body for hours. I felt cum dripping from my mouth, from my pussy and all over my body. I must have cum many times. All I remember is that I was getting very wet and was enjoying the fuck. They all came many times on my body. By the time the men were gone, I had cum over my breasts, inside outside my pussy, my mouth was full of cum, my hair full of cum. I must have passed out.

I remember clock struck five when I heard Jack say... "I don't think I will take you back to your husband now Rita. You can sleep in my bed. I do not have any night gown, just sleep naked.

It was about 12 noon when I heard noises in the room. It was Tom with Jack. Tom was a little irritated... "You slut.. I just sent you for pee and here you are fucking Jack all night long"

I was too embarassed to say anything intelligent. "Tom, honey, its not what you think, Jack made me do it"

"Oh yah... he told me all about how you started to undress in the hallway and how you seduced him and begged him to fuck you." Rita it's OK. I don't mind. Jack is a good friend. I am not angry with you."

"so you don't mind about the other men" I said meekly.

"What other men"

OOps suddenly I realized Jack had not told Tom about the two other men he let fuck me.

"Oh nothing nothing at all"

"what do you mean nothing at all"

"Oh you know the dealer at the black jack table.. he was staring at my breasts."

"What wrong with that. That's why I make you dress seducively."

"Oh! OK honey, let's go to our room." I tried to get up but suddenly realized I was naked. I wasn't gonna ruin my green dress with cum all over my body.

Jack's threw a shirt at me and I put it on.

He said don't worry returning the shirt. I will come by your house some day and get the shirt back. I wasn't sure if i was happy to hear that or not. I just nodded my head in acceptance. I did not want to disobey Jack. __________________________________


Do you think I acted as a slut? Please be honest with me and let me know. I feel I have been a faithful wife only a happy and willing victim of circumstances.

Please! send your reply and comments to me at rita_tom@hotmail.com I also have a few pics of mine, tell me if you want.

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