Anniversary Trip ch.1 - Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Written by RLM / Oct 10, 1999


Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

Paula and I have already submitted two stories describing some of our more erotic adventures after my wife began to have sex with other men. We have enjoyed writing these stories so much that we decided to write a few more. After some discussion, we decided that we would write about the most erotic two weeks we ever had. This occurred during a vacation to Las Vegas that we took over our tenth wedding anniversary. In order to keep the narrative to a reasonable length, we're going to write about this two weeks covering a few days at a time. Sometimes I will be doing the writing from the perspective of Paula's incredibly turned-on husband and, at other times, Paula will describe the vacation from her perspective.

Although we have had to invent some of the dialog due to our faulty memories, everything happened essentially as we describe it. When known, we have changed the names of the participants, but we have kept the first letter of their names the same so that those who made our tenth anniversary so memorable may recognize themselves if they should happen to read these descriptions. Paula and I hope all of you enjoy reading about our trip to Vegas as much as we enjoyed the experience and talking about it ever since. RLM

The First Day - Teenage Cock

The car was packed and I was ready to leave, but, as usual, my wife was late. She was still upstairs getting into the clothes she had laid out for the trip. After 30 minutes, I was getting impatient, but when my wife finally showed up, I forgot all about my irritation at her tardiness. Her blonde hair was piled high on her head with strands cascading down either side of her face. Her lips gleamed with ruby red lip gloss and earrings were in each of her earlobes. She had two rings on each hand and bracelets on each wrist. The only garments she wore were a skin-tight sweater made of stretchable material, a pair of short shorts that looked to be two sizes too small, and a pair of four-inch high heels. When she climbed into the car, I saw that I was wrong about her being naked beneath the sweater. The outline of a bra could be seen although it did nothing to hide the tops of her large breasts.

"God. You look fantastic!" My wife smiled at the compliment. She knew she looked like a hot slut in the outfit. "Why the bra", I asked. "Well, I tried it without a bra, but my tits look sexier with this bra on. Besides, it's a very thin bra. Just barely covers my nipples." "Are you wearing any panties?" Her smile broadened. "No, just the shorts."

She was certainly right about the bra. It thrust her 36 D-cup breasts out like cannons. And the bra was so thin that there was no problem seeing the indentation of her nipples through the material as well as their darker areolas. The shorts were so brief and tight that some of my wife's ass cheeks were exposed and the crotchband molded the slit of her pussy perfectly. Even though she wore no stockings, her tanned legs looked great. I felt myself getting an erection even though we were still parked in our driveway.

Our plan was to drive to Albuquerque the first day arriving around 5 or 6 PM, get a hotel room and then enjoy the evening. From Albuquerque, it would be about a 10 or 11-hour drive to Vegas the next day. We each drove for 100 or so miles and then switched off. I was behind the wheel for the second time when I passed a large semi. We were going about the same speed so I was just slowly moving ahead of him. I was startled by the blast of his horn and looked to my right to see if anything were wrong.

"What was that for", I asked my wife. "I think he's just showing his appreciation for the view", she laughed. "What does he see?" "Just what you see, except he's up higher and can look down the top of my sweater into my cleavage as well as my legs."

I slowed down enough to stay abreast of the semi.

"It's turning you on, isn't it", my wife asked. "Yeah. It's making me hard." "Really hard? Really big and hard?" "Feel for yourself."

My wife did just that. My cock gave an intense throb when she wrapped her hand around and squeezed. " really are hard, Honey. You know, the truck driver can see me playing with your cock." That thought make me throb even harder as my wife slowly jacked me through the material of my pants.

Suddenly, her hand pulled away causing me to groan in frustration. "Sorry, Honey. I don't want you having a wreck before we even start our vacation."

The truck horn blasted again. "Now what", I asked. "I think he wants me to continue jacking you off." "Do it", I begged. "No, it's too dangerous. But I really ought to do something to ease the guy's disappointment."

I continued to watch my wife out of the corner of my eye while I drove beside the semi. In my rear view mirror, I saw another car approaching. I speeded up and moved in front of the semi so that the other car could pass and then moved to the left lane again so that the semi could catch up with us. The driver wasted no time in doing just that. When we were again abreast of the truck, I saw my wife rubbing her hands lightly over the thrusting mounds of her tits. Her nipples were so hard they made huge indentations in the front of her sweater. While I drove, I was doing my best to watch my wife. The truck driver was having the same trouble.

The next time I looked over, my wife had worked the sweater down over her bra letting both breasts thrust out. She looked out her window at the driver and cupped both tits for him. The truck horn blasted out. She pulled the bra lower and two more horn blasts followed. Then her left tit popped out of the bra. She looked incredibly slutty with her sweater pulled down and one breast sticking out. Paula pinched the nipples amid several more blasts from the semi's horn. I was rubbing my own cock through my pants. It was hard as steel. A few moments later, Paula had both tits out. She leaned back in her seat, put her hands behind her head and thrust her chest out giving the driver a full view of her huge tits.

Another car was approaching so I speeded up and pulled away from the truck. The driver honked his appreciation. Paula made no effort to put her breasts back into the bra and sweater. She kept them out for the other drivers until we were running low on gas and had to stop.

We had pulled into a large truck stop and I asked Paula if she wanted to grab a bite to eat. She nodded and told me to go ahead that she'd be along as soon as she fixed her makeup. Twenty minutes later, I was still waiting for my wife to show up. I had told the waitress to wait to take our order until Paula arrived. She had returned several times to ask if I wanted to go ahead and order, but each time, I had said no. It was a full 30 minutes or more before Paula finally appeared.

"Where have you been", I asked? "Fixing my makeup just like I told you." "For a half hour?" "Yeah. fixing my makeup and other things." "Like what?" "Like talking with that truck driver who was always honking his horn." "He's here?" "Un-huh. When he saw our car, he pulled into the truck stop. I was putting on fresh lipstick when he came over to talk to me." "What happened? What did he want?" My wife laughed. "Now what do you think he wanted, Honey?" When I didn't answer, she answered for me: "He wanted to fuck me." I looked at my wife expectantly but said nothing. I could feel my cock hardening. "I told him no. That I was with you and besides there was no place to go." "So what took you 30 minutes", I asked?

My wife didn't replay immediately. The waitress arrived and took our orders. After she left, I waited for Paula to answer my question. "Well, after I told him no, he asked if he could see my tits up close. When I refused, he got agitated and said that I had shown them to him on the highway, why not here."

My cock was now not getting hard, it was already steel hard as I imagined the trucker taking out my wife's tits and playing with them.

"When I told him that I couldn't take out my breasts right here in the parking lot, he invited me back to his truck. He said he had a sleeper right behind the cab where we would have all the privacy we needed." "Did you go", I asked, my cock throbbing even harder. Paula hesitated and then confessed. "Umm-huh. I was really turned on and after all, I had already shown him my tits. I didn't think it would matter if he saw them again. Anyway, we went to his truck and got into the sleeper. I pulled my sweater up above my breasts and let him pull the bra down. He cupped them and said, 'My god, Lady. You got great tits.' I loved it." "Is that all that happened", I asked, half hoping that was more. "He cupped my tits, squeezed them and then began to suck on my nipples. That was really making my pussy throb. Finally, he unzipped his pants, took out his cock and began to stroke himself while he played with me." "How big was he?" "Just average. Maybe 6 inches or so, but it was really hard. It was standing straight up against his belly. I had to pull it down to get my hand around it." "You jacked him off??" "Yes. Was that all right? Are you mad?" "No. I'm excited. My cock is hard as steel right now." My wife smiled. "Good. I like for your cock to be hard. The truck driver certainly was. He started humping his hips back and forth as soon as I started jacking him off." "What else happened?" "That's it. I kept stroking his cock until me moaned that he was going to shoot. I pointed it straight at my tits and he drenched both of them when he shot off. It took a few minutes for me to clean up. Then I kissed him and came back here."

I stayed hard all the way through the meal. When we returned to the car, Paula got behind the wheel and the rest of the trip to Albuquerque was uneventful.

The story I told my husband when I returned to the diner was only partially true. This will be the first time he's been told what really happened during the 30 minutes I was with the trucker.

Everything happened just as Gordon described it up the point when I began to jack the guy off. The rest of the tale was a lie. I made the story up because that was the first time I'd been with a guy when my husband wasn't around and I wasn't sure how he would react. When I found out later in the week, it was too late to change my story so I just let it go. But now, dear Hubby will learn his wife wasn't very nice that day.

The guy was really hard! I mean incredibly hard. His cock was about 6 inches and moderately thick, but it was as hard as any I've ever seen. I had been stroking it for a couple of minutes when he told me to put it in my mouth and suck it. "Do it this way", I said. "Like Hell", he roared. "I can jack off anytime. Open your hot mouth and suck it. NOW!"

To be honest, he was so forceful and determined to stick it in my mouth, I was afraid not to suck him. Besides, my pussy was very wet and I could feel my clitoris beginning to throb. I really wanted to suck him, but still I hesitated. Apparently, I hesitated too long. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me against his cock. Reaching down, he removed my hand from his shaft and held the purple head right against my lips. He pushed, but my mouth stayed shut. Reaching down, he took my nipple between his fingers and squeezed it really hard! When my mouth opened in shock at the sudden pain, he shoved his cock inside and said, "That's better. Now suck me."

I began to suck and the feel of the steel-hard shaft in my mouth, throbbing every time I ran my lips up and down its length, was beginning to really turn me on. He was the first guy I had sucked since my marriage that my husband didn't know about. While I sucked him, his hands were roaming freely over my exposed tits, squeezing each mound and then stroking my nipples until they were both nearly as hard as his cock.

He was throbbing harder now and I knew he would cum in just another minute or so, but before I could bring him off, he pulled it out. "Take off them shorts. I wanna see your cunt." He stroked himself while he said it. I didn't respond at first. "Come on, Baby. I know you're hot. You wanna show it to me. Lose the shorts, Honey. Show it to me!", he ordered. He was so dominant and forceful, I felt like I was going to climax without even touching my pussy. I leaned back and spread my legs. I could feel the tight crotchband sinking into my slit. "Isn't this enough? You can almost see every thing."

"Yeah. almost, but not quite. Jeez.. those shorts are nearly cutting you in half. Take'em off. Do it, or I'll have to tear them off." My pussy throbbed under his gaze and I could hardly unzip and pull my shorts off fast enough. When he saw that I wasn't wearing panties, he groaned.. "God.. you're a hot Slut. No panties! Spread'em, Baby. Wide. Spread wide open. Show me your hot wet cunt."

I opened my thighs and let him see the top of my slit where my hard clitoris was extended outside its protective hood. He touched it and a huge spasm rippled through my vagina causing my clit to throb against his finger. He rubbed it. I throbbed harder. Two fingers entered my cunt and I couldn't stop it from contracting in a hard spasm around the fingers as they probed deeper. Then he was finger fucking me while he jacked off. I shrieked as the orgasm hit me. My asshole and vagina contracted in one hard spasm after another as my clitoris pumped in and out of its hood throbbing along with my contracting pussy.

"Pull your legs back. Spread wide. I wanna see your cunt when I cum."

This time I didn't hesitate. Leaning back on the bed, I pulled my legs up and held them with my hands behind my knees. "Goddam..spread, you hot Bitch.. Wider.. Open them legs. Show it to me!" I pulled my legs up and back and then spread as wide as the sleeper would allow. Looking between my spread thighs, I could see him staring at the pulsing wet hole of my cunt. My juices were seeping down the crack of my ass and knew he could see it. His hand stroked the length of his cock, which he had aimed right at my pussy. I held my legs open and waited for his load.

"I want to fuck you. Can I put it in you?" "No", I responded. "Do it this way. Shoot it all over my hot pussy." He jacked it faster then stopped. "Shit! I want in that cunt. Just a few strokes. I can't last very long. I'm about to cum." His cock head was only inches from the opening of my cunt. "I can't let you fuck me. My husband might get very mad." "Hell, I'm not gonna tell him. Just a few strokes, Baby. Lemme put it in."

I watched him between my upraised legs. He pulled his shaft a couple of more times and leaned forward. I felt the big head rubbing against my slit. "No.. don't put it in me. NO.NO."

He kept rubbing it up and down.up and down.up and down. Then he put it against my clitoris. My entire pussy exploded in violent contractions as my second huge orgasm ripped through me. When my hole began to throb and contract in hard spasms, the trucker had had all the refusals from me that he was going to tolerate. He centered his cockhead against my opening and pushed. It went in easily, I was so wet. The entire shaft drilled into me in a single stroke. His cock was buried inside my cunt. Hands went under my ass pulling me toward him so he could get all the way into me. Then he started to fuck me.

All I could do was lie there with my legs up and take the fierce fucking he was delivering. On every stroke, his cock ground against the bottom side of my clitoris and his pubic bone crushed it when his cock finished its plunge into my vagina. He had told the truth though about being about ready to cum. My pussy was contracting hard, over and over, around his cock. There was no way he could last. After a minute of hard fucking, I felt his organ beginning to throb and expand against the walls of my vagina. His strokes became shorter. He started to grunt each time he thrust it into me. His hands were on my ass, pulling my pussy against his hard penis. It was all the way inside me when it contracted in one huge spasm deep inside my hole. It seemed like it expanded to twice its size. The guy groaned and I felt his penis jerk hard. Once. Twice. Then a third time as the semen exploded into me. After the third spurt, he pulled back and began to fuck me again, his cock pumping more of the load into me on each stroke. I could feel his cum being forced up and out of my vagina and then running down my upturned ass. A minute or so later, I had his entire load of cum in me.

He pulled out and I sucked his cock clean. His penis was still twitching while I cleaned my pussy with some tissue, pulled on my shorts, replaced my tits inside the bra and pulled down the sweater. He was still lying in the sleeper when I left.

Now, you know all about what your darling wife did with the trucker, Dear Husband.

We arrived in Albuquerque around 6 PM. The Four Seasons motel is right off I- 35. We took a room there and got cleaned up. I now know why Paula was so anxious to get into the bathroom to clean up.

Having just learned about the trucker, I understand why my wife seemed so eager to please me that night in Albuquerque. She was feeling guilty. At the time, I was just enjoying it. When we left for dinner, her shorts and sweater had been replaced with a skin-tight sheath whose hemline was four inches above her knees. The low cut neckline exposed a third or more of her big tits, which her half-bra thrust up and out. She had on thigh-high stockings with elastic tops so no garter belt was needed and she wore a pair of black four-inch spikes. Several rings, bracelets, etc. made her look really hot.

All though dinner, the men kept staring at my wife. She took every opportunity to cross and uncross her legs so that they were all treated to many tantalizing glimpses of her legs and thighs. I was half hard all the time.

After dinner, we went to a night club, danced and had several drinks which really seemed to turn my wife on. I suggested a porno movie, remembering what had happened the last time we had gone to one in Dallas. It took some searching before we found an adult theater and it was a disappointment. The theater was small and somewhat run down. Except for the two of us, there were only two other patrons, both men. Paula led us to the back of the theater and took a seat right in front of the younger of the two men. I glanced at him and saw that he was really young. I thought he might not even be 18 years old, which was the minimum age for admission. He had his cock out stroking it, a fact that was not lost on my wife.

The movie itself was standard fare. To be honest, I don't even remember what it was about. After we had been in the theater for about 30 minutes or so, Paula leaned over to me and whispered, "Are you really interested in this movie?" "Not particularly", I responded. "Do you want to leave?" "No. I don't want to leave, but I want you to leave. Go outside. Browse through the dirty books in the bookstore, get a cup of coffee, whatever. Just leave and don't come back in." "Why", I asked. My wife whispered, "I'll tell you later. Do you mind?" I shook my head. "Good. Say that you're tired of this rotten movie and that you'll wait for me outside. Tell me I can see the end of it if I want." I rose and did as my wife had requested. Before I left, I noticed the young kid behind us was still jacking off, but he seemed to be ignoring Paula and concentrating on the movie.

Once outside, I busied myself looking through the sexy magazines and books. Then I inspected the big dildos and vibrators. I saw one really huge black dildo and on impulse, I bought it for my wife. Then, I picked out an evil-looking butt plug and bought it. The coffee from the machine was awful, so much so that I threw most of it away. Forty-five minutes had passed and there was still no sign of my wife. After nearly an hour, she came out alone.

On the way to the car, I could hardly contain my curiosity. "What happened? What was that all about?" "Did you notice that very young guy sitting behind us?" "Yeah. He was jacking off the whole time I was there. I think he's only 18 or 19 years old. Why?" Paula leaned over toward me in the car as I pulled out of the parking lot. "He's 17", she said. "And he's a virgin!" "How the hell do you know that", I asked. "I asked him and he told. At least he told me after some urging." I waited for her to continue. "While you were there, he was leaning forward trying to see down the top of my dress. He was leaning away from you so you probably didn't notice, but I could see him trying to see my tits." "Can't say that I blame him. You have fantastic tits, Honey." My wife beamed and squeezed my cock. "Mmmmmmm. You're hard. Big and hard and ready. Anyway, I kept leaning back to give him a better view and to let him know that I didn't mind. Finally, he got up enough nerve to put hand between the seats onto the side of my breast. When I didn't stop him, he began to rub and cup me. Later, he got up enough nerve to start rubbing my nipple. It was dark enough that I knew you didn't know what was happening." "Did it turn you on?" "Oh yes! One of my hottest fantasies has always been to have sex with a young virgin guy. He kept feeling me, but every time you would move, he would pull away. I knew we were never going to get anywhere as long as you were present. So I asked you to leave."

"After you had left, announcing that you wouldn't be back, he got up more courage. First he put both hands around me and began to play with both of my breasts. I leaned back and thrust my tits out for him. He loved it. He kept moaning and telling me that I had fantastic breasts. At one point, I asked him if he didn't have any girl friends with big tits. He said no and that mine were the first he had ever gotten to play with like this. He may have been lying, but let me tell you, Honey, that really got me hot to think that I was his first."

"It's getting me hot too. Then what happened?" I was having trouble concentrating on my driving.

"He put his hands into my dress so he could feel my tits with nothing between them and his hands. He said that he felt like he might cum. I told him to take my tits out of my dress. He said, "You mean it?? Right here. Can I?" He was like a kid with a new toy. He had my breasts out in seconds. This went on for a long time. Then he told me to pull up my skirt. I lifted my hips up off the seat and yanked it all the way up to my waist. When he saw that I wasn't wearing any panties, he just kept saying, "oh god", "oh god", oh god", over and over. As soon as he touched my pussy, he began to beg me for sex. That's when he told me that he was virgin. He really wants to fuck me and I'm so hot that I can hardly stand it."

"Did he fuck you in the theater?" "No. He didn't have the nerve. So I invited him back to our hotel. I hope you don't mind. I got so hot at the thought of fucking a 17 year old guy, that I couldn't resist." "Of course I don't mind. It'll be fun to bang you, Honey. I'll take one hole and he can have the other. I'll even give him his choice." I laughed at my own joke. My wife was silent for a moment and then said, "There's a problem. He's too nervous to fuck me if you're there. I don't think he could do it or even get an erection. Would you mind terribly staying in the lounge for an hour or so until he's fucked me and gotten over his nervousness. Then you can join us for a threesome. Is that OK?"

What could I say. It was our vacation and I wanted my wife to have fun and, to tell the truth, the thought was turning me on as much as it was my wife. "Ok. I'll call you a couple of times just to be sure you're all right though." "That'll be fine." "Where is he?" "He's driving to the hotel in his own car. I told him to give us a half-hour or so before he came to our room. I assured him you would be in the lounge." "Pretty sure of me, aren't you?" "Yeah. I know you pretty good, Honey. I particularly know just how hard you get when some other guy is about to fuck me."

I was nursing my drink in the lounge at the Four Seasons as I had been for last 30 minutes or so. The live music was good but my mind was elsewhere, in Room 215 to be exact. Finally, I could stand it no longer. Taking my drink with me, I walked up the stairs to the second floor. Our room was just down the hall. There was a "Do Not Disturb" sign hanging on the doorknob. Standing outside the closed door, I listened but could hear nothing. I moved closer. Still nothing. Checking the hallway in both directions to be certain no one was there, I pressed my ear to the door. I could just barely hear moaning and grunting sounds. Very indistinct, but clear enough to tell me that my wife was being fucked. Occasionally, there was a louder thud, which I realized was the bed's headboard banging against the wall. Being afraid to stand in the hallway listening at the door, I returned to the lounge.

After finishing my second drink, I called Room 215 on the hotel phone in the lobby. I heard the sound of the receiver being lifted. "Hi, Honey. Is everything ok?" "Uunnnahhhh. Uunngh. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" "Paula are you all right?" "OH! OH! OH! OH! OH!.UUNNNGGHHHH. Oohhhh, Honey, he's in me. Deep. Fucking me! Oooooohhh. HARD.. getting fucked.. can't talk now. ungh. ungghhh." The line went dead, but not my cock. It was hard as steel as I listened to the dead phone line, the grunts of my impaled wife still ringing in my ears.

After an hour and a half, I went back to Room 215. The "Do Not Disturb" sign was still hanging on the doorknob. Again I pressed my ear to the door. I heard a man's voice: "Oh yeah, Baby! Suck it. Suck it all the way into your mouth." Paula was sucking his cock. I returned to the lounge.

Two hours had passed, and I could stand no more. Taking the stairs two and three at a time, I was back at Room 215 in a flash. Inserting my key, I slowly opened the door. As soon as the door opened, I could hear my wife moaning. Slipping inside the entrance hallway, I closed the door behind me and moved to the corner of the hallway. When I peeked around the corner at the bed, I saw Paula on her back. She was naked except for the black spikes and thigh-high hose. The spikes were pointed straight at the ceiling and jerking back and forth. My wife's knees were pressed back on either side of her big tits which were being jarred back and forth in response to the steady stream of hard fuck strokes that were being driven into her cunt. The teenage boy mounted on my wife was naked. The muscles of his buttocks rippled each time he drove his cock into my wife. He had her legs hooked over his arms so she couldn't lower them or bring them together. All she could do was groan and grunt and take the hard fucking he was giving her.


My wife was babbling almost incoherently. Her mouth was wide open; her tongue lolling out.licking her fucker's chest. Looking between her thighs, I could see the thick male piston slugging in and out of my wife's vagina. A thick white froth covered her cunt lips and the big penis. It was obvious that the guy had already cum inside my wife several times. His cum loads and my wife's secretions were being churned into a thick white forth that so thoroughly lubricated her hole, he was having no problem driving to the very bottom of her cunt on every stroke.

I took out my cock and jacked off as I watched the 17-year old boy fucking my wife. He had been doing it to her for almost two hours and was showing no signs of stopping.

Suddenly. he pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy. His cock was about 8 inches and very thick. He slapped my wife's ass and ordered her to roll over onto her belly. Paula couldn't do it fast enough. She got on her elbows and knees and spread herself wide. "Lower your head to the bed, Paula, and stick that beautiful ass up in the air." My wife's head immediately fell to the bed and her ass arched up. She even reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open for him, exposing both of her holes. He put the cockhead against her pussy and pushed himself in. My wife groaned as the thick spear stretched her open. He began to fuck her hard. The squishing sounds of his cock slugging in and out of my wife were incredible. She was so full of cum, I could see it forming long strands, white cum ropes, hanging from her cunt lips. One strand was swinging back and forth in time to the fuck strokes as it hung down from her clitoris.


"YEAHHHH.I'M SHOOTING, BABY..SHOOTING IT. IN YOU. IN YOUR HOT CUNT." I watched the two of them in the midst of their orgasms. He was pumping hard, fast, short jabs into my wife. She was grunting each time his penis thudded into the bottom of her vagina. I climbed onto the bed just as they were finishing.

My wife looked up as I pushed my cock against her mouth. She smiled. "John, meet my husband, Gordon. Gordon, meet John."

It seemed ridiculous to shake hands with a 17-year boy who still had his cock buried in my wife's cunt. So, instead, I shoved my cock into Paula's mouth and she began to suck me. I was so hot, I shot off within a minute. She swallowed every drop.

By the time my cock was hard again, so was John's even though he had already fucked my wife several times. This time, I got behind Paula and fucked her while she sucked John. She gagged several times as he shoved the big shaft in and out of her mouth hole, but she kept her mouth open and never stopped him, even when he pushed the head all the way into her throat. The sight of the huge cock in my wife's mouth triggered my second orgasm and my load was added to those already pooled in the bottom of vagina.

I'll fill in the details that my husband didn't get to see.

After I left Gordon in the Four Season's Lounge and went to our room, I was trembling with excitement. I really wasn't sure John would ever show up. He had been so nervous in the theater. I had been waiting for him for 10 minutes, getting more and more anxious with each passing minute. My hips were squirming as I sat in the big lounge chair waiting from my virgin, teenage lover. Then I heard John open the door with the key that I had given him. He nervously peeked around the corner of the hallway. When he saw that I was alone, we came into the room. The huge bulge in his pants told me was already hard.

I was so turned on. My wetness was coating my thighs and I could even feel my vagina throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. He stopped in front of my chair and stared at my wide expanse of my legs and thighs that were exposed. His hand dropped to his cock and began to squeeze the stiff erection. I felt a small spasm between my thighs each time he squeezed it.

"Hi, Lover. Do you like staring at my thighs? Your cock is hard, isn't it. You like looking at another man's wife exposing herself, don't you? Would you like for me to pull my skirt higher so you can see my legs and thighs better?"

I didn't wait for an answer. Slowly, I pulled my dress up to the tops of my thighs. John leaned forward, his eyes burning holes into my crotch. I tugged the dress high enough to expose my cunt. Then, I let my legs separate until he could see the slit. He was rubbing his cock through his pants as his eyes roamed over my tits, legs and wet pussy. "Please", he begged. "Open your legs wider. Let me see." "You want me to open my legs wider so you can see my wet pussy? You know my husband would likes for other men to see my cunt. Is this wide enough? No? You want me to really show it to you, don't you?" I put my legs up over the arms of the chair. "Now you can see it all. Get closer, Honey. Get really close and look at my naked cunt."

I couldn't resist running my fingers into my wet slit. I was already on the verge of my first orgasm and I hadn't yet touched my clitoris. John watched my fingers sliding between my lips until I had my clit between them. I arched my hips up off the chair. A low moan escaped my lips when I squeezed my clit and began to stroke up and down the hard shaft.

"Can I jackoff while I watch you", I heard John ask. I almost laughed. Here I was with my legs spread obscenely wide, masturbating for him and he was asking permission to jackoff.

"Of course you can, Honey. Just don't cum too soon. Now get close, really close, and watch me. See how I've got my clit trapped between my fingers. Look at it. See how hard my clit shaft is. That's because I'm very hot. A woman's clit gets hard just like your cock when she excited. Now watch. here's the way a woman does it."

I watched as John fisted his bloated cock, staring at my fingers sliding up and down my wet slit. I managed to pull the hood back away from my bulging clit on every stroke. "See how I have my clit trapped between my fingers, John. As I slide them up down my cunt, I'm squeezing the shaft of my clit. Watch what happens when I move up my slit."

John moved closer, his mouth open, his hand jacking his cock steadily. His eyes were only a few inches from my sex opening. I let my fingers slide up the length of my soaked cuntal gash and then stripped back my clit hood until my bulging clit was naked and throbbing between my fingers. "See how hard it is, John. Look at it. Look at it! I can feel it throbbing. It's almost ready to explode, Baby. When a woman's cums, her clitoris jerks and pulses just like your cock does when you cum. Look at my cunthole! Can you see how my hole opens and closes every time my clit throbs? I'm going to do it faster now, Honey. I'm very very hot. Almost ready to cum. See how I'm spreading my legs wider.. Oohhhhhhh, I'm a hot Bitch. see my toes curling.. I'm about to cummmmm. Unnghh.see how I arch my hips.. just like a man is fucking me."

John's cock throbbed in his hand. I increased the spread of my legs and arched my butt upwards. I knew he could hear the squishing sounds of my fingers churning just inside my vagina. " Aieeeeeee..cumming.. CUMMING. OH! OH! OH! OH! . YESSSSSS." My clit erupted in a series of spastic contractions that caused my cunthole to open and close in a rhythmic throbbing as my orgasm ripped through my vagina and ass. I was still panting in orgasm, but I lifted my legs up off the chair arms and pulled them all the way back with my hands underneath my knees. "Can you see my asshole, John. Can you see how it throbs while I'm cumming?"

John was now just inches away from me, jacking himself furiously. I raised my legs until my spike heels were pointed toward the ceiling. Then I spread myself wide. I could still feel my cunt jerking with pleasure. Suddenly, my young, would-be lover moaned. I looked at his big cock and saw precum oozing from the slit. "Which one of my holes would you like to fuck, John? Do you prefer to fuck my cunt? My husband really enjoys sinking his cock into my cunt." I spread my pussy lips open for him so he could all the way in. "Or would you prefer my asshole? Look at my asshole, Honey. See how tight it looks. You'll have to put in some lubricant before I'll be able to take that huge cock of yours."

I could tell that John was awestruck. It was obvious that he had never fucked a woman before or seen one cum. His cock was so hard and swollen, I knew he couldn't hold the load much longer. "I can't hold it. I've got to cum. cum. Ooohhhhhhh!" , he screamed. "Please, can I cum in your cunt? Can I fuck you?" "Do you want to put it in my pussy? Do you really want to shoot your big hot load of cum into my husband's private vagina? Are you going to fill my married cunt with cum, Lover? Here, I'll hold myself open for you so you can get into me better..There, now I'm wide open. Put it in me, Lover. Put that huge cock in me. FUCK ME!"

John moved between my thighs and mounted my throbbing, convulsing body. His steel-hard cock rammed forward and hit my clit dead center. The impact of the huge cock with my clit triggered a series of spastic throbs inside my vagina. "Lower, Honey. Put it lower. Ram it into meeeeeee", I screamed as my ass arched upward.

John aimed lower and slammed into my upturned crotch. The iron rod of his prick hit my labia just to the side of my vaginal opening. The bloated cockhead slid off my wet cunt lips and into my gaping hole. Then he sank his entire length into me on the first thrust. His powerful stroke rammed the cockhead up against the neck of my womb and I felt his big balls slap my ass. My vagina contracted in hard spasms as I felt him pull it out for the second fuck stroke. I shrieked in sexual heat when I felt his cock sliding out of my hole. My hips automatically arched upward to keep him inside me but failed. He held my legs open, aimed and drilled it back into me. I took the second thrust in deep, his balls again banging against my asshole. My vagina began to contracted in hard spasms. Incoherent grunts of female passion ripped out of my belly. "Unnuunnn! Unnghh! Ugh! Unnnnnnn!"

After several strokes, John grunted like a bull and filled my cunt with huge streams of his cum. His hands held my thighs to keep my throbbing cunt up around his cock while he fired off inside me. I kept my hips elevated and my legs fully raised and spread to allow him maximum penetration. The cock hit my womb and intensified my orgasm. He ripped one groan of ecstasy after another out of me. His huge cock was pulsating deep inside my cunt filling me with one huge cum jet after another until it began to run out of my filled hole and down my ass cheeks to the bed.

That was just the first fuck. He kept his cock inside me and was hard again almost immediately. He started fucking me. ========================================================

I was cleaning up in the bathroom while I waited for John to get dressed and take his leave. I was waiting in vain however. My wife came in and shut the door. "Did you mind? Are you angry with me for making such a total slut of myself?" "Angry.. I was hard the entire time. I tried to listen outside the door, but all I could hear were faint sounds of you moaning." "He's got incredible staying power. This really is his first time to fuck a woman and he just can't get enough. The first time, he didn't even undress me. I was sitting in the chair showing off my body to him. He just pushed up my dress, lifted my legs and mounted me. He fucked me with all my clothes on. I don't think he lasted more than two minutes. When he shot off inside me, it was like a fire hose. He came and came and came. one huge jet of cum after the next. It was so erotic, I had my second orgasm while he was filling me with his load." "How long did it take him to get hard again?" "He never even got soft, Honey. He didn't even take his cock out of me. When he had stopped cumming in me, he pulled down the top of my dress and bra so he could get at my tits. All the time, he was moving his cock back and forth inside my cunt. After a minute or so he was hard as steel again. This time I made him let me up so I could undress. I left the spikes and hose on because he told me it turned him on." "How many times did he cum in you? You looked like you were brim full of his cum." "Four times. Three times in my pussy and once in my mouth." "Has he left yet?" "No. That's what I came in her to talk to you about. He wants to spend the night. Is that ok?" "I suppose so. The bed's big enough." Paula hesitated and then said, "I want you to sleep on the couch. It makes him nervous when you're too close. Do you mind?" "What do I get out of this? You're having all the fun."

My wife considered this. "You're right. It is mean and selfish of me. Actually, it pretty much makes a dirty slut, but I'm having intense orgasms when this teenage boy is fucking me. If you will sleep on the couch, I'll be your sex slave for two days when we're in Vegas. I promise to do anything you ask."

That was more than I could refuse. So, I slept on the couch that night in our beautiful hotel room at the Four Seasons while a 17-year old teenager slept with my wife. I was too tired to fuck Paula again, but John wasn't. I fell asleep to the sounds of Paula grunting as John's cock pleasured her pussy for the fourth time.

Around 3 AM I woke to the sound of my wife grunting and begging: "Oh god! Not in my ass. It's too big.. Put it in my cunt, Honey. Nooooooo, don't.Aaaaeeee..ITS TOO BIG..OOOHHHHHHH GOD.. ITS GOING INNNNNN."

I sat up on the couch and watched John ass fucking my wife. The night light in the bathroom provided enough illumination for me to see that he had her legs up on his shoulders and pressed far enough back to elevate her ass into fucking position. Paula's feet were shaking and I could see her toes arching backwards as her asshole was stretched wide open by the big cock. She moaned as it went in, but she was so lubricated with cum, it slid into her without much trouble. I could see the entire shaft of his cock as it was being pushed into my wife. He didn't put all of it into her on the first thrust. Four or five inches were pushed into her ass as he shoved her legs higher to elevate her butt into better fucking position. There were still several inches of cock still outside her ass when I saw it being withdrawn. When it was all the way out, he rubbed the cockhead in her cunt juices and then pressed it back against her ass. This time he pushed it much deeper. "Oohhh god. it's huge. How much more cock? How much more?" my wife moaned. "Three inches more", he answered as he pushed two of them into her. Her mouth opened wide and out came her tongue. It waggled around in the air, her mouth stretched wide open. The last inch was pushed into her ass. My wife's tongue stretched out even more and she began flicking it over her top lip as John began to fuck her ass with long measured thrusts. all the way in. most of the way out.. All the way back in. Back and forth. in and out . until my wife was babbling in helpless ecstasy. She exploded in orgasm. He never slowed his fucking even while my wife's ass clenched and throbbed around his cock. He fucked her until she came a second time. Then her ass was filled with his cum. When he pulled out and let my wife lower her legs to the bed, I went back to sleep.

4:30 AM. Aaahhunnnn. Aaaahhhunnn. Uunnnnnn. Uuunnnn. The bed springs squeaked. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh. Ummmmmmm. More squeaking. The bed began to move. I open my eyes. He was in my wife again. Uunnnn.. Ugh, ugh , ugh. My cock got hard. I wanted to go over to the bed and fuck her too. John started to grunt. He was shooting cum into my wife.

7:30 AM. The shower felt good. I had the hot water on and the bathroom was all steamed up, almost like a sauna. Afterwards, I shaved. Slipping into clean shorts, I walked back into the bedroom. They were both asleep. I didn't want to wake them so I slipped out and went down for some breakfast.

9:00 AM. My wife had still not come down for breakfast. I went back to our room and when I reached the door, I could hear them fucking. This time, Paula was on top of John pounding her ass up and down on the thick 8 inch fuck stick. I stepped behind her and watched her impaling herself on his cock. I laid down on the bed behind so I could get a good view. "Can you see his big cock fucking me, Honey? See how big it is. Look how it stretches my hole every time it goes into me."

I watched them until Paula had had two orgasms. Finally, John groaned, grabbed my wife's hips, and rammed himself all the way into her. He held her steady while he pumped short strokes into her pussy. I saw his ass cheeks clench as he spewed more cum into my wife. After that, he was finished. I finally got Paula up and dressed. Before we left, she gave John our phone number and told him to call her. It was almost 11:00 AM before we were on the road again to Vegas.


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