Turn Me Out

Written by RMDragon / Oct 10, 1999



My name's Darlene, and I'm a rich, bored, Jewish housewife. Your typical forty year-old JAP, married twenty years to a high powered executive. My husband Ron, is a snake, a poor Jewish kid out of the Bronx, who worked his way through Harvard, and got to the top with vicious determination and backstabbing tactics. He gives me no appreciation for what I do at home or for taking care of our two kids, yet he forbids me to work. He controls every aspect of my life, he buys me expensive clothes so that I'll look elegant for his friends and clients and tells me how to act and what to say. If I don't he punishes me very harshly.

One day I'd simply had enough and something inside me snapped. I was tired of dancing to Ron's tune, the drudgery of taking care of the house and kids constantly, never having money of my own, or any friends and outside activities. I wanted to get even and punish my husband for taking me for granted and to somehow make some money. After a great deal of thought, I came up with the perfect revenge.

The idea came about when I overheard Ron talking on the phone about one of his business associates. It seems that the white wife of one of our leading citizens was arrested, along with her black pimp, for prostitution. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to do. I listened closely for any details that I could use. The more I heard, the more excited I became. What better way to get back at Ron than for his white wife to become street walking whore with a black pimp.

Two weeks later, when Ron was working late again, I set my plan in motion. I put on my tightest, micro black leather miniskirt and only a silk, white see-through blouse without a bra, so that my 36D tits bounced around and my large cherry red nipples could easily be seen. A white garter belt, white seamed, fishnet stockings and five inch black heels and no panties completed my outfit. I put on my makeup extra thick. Heavy black eye-shadow, bright blush and a deep, bright red lipstick. I was pleased with the results. I looked like a cheap and easy slut.

I found the bar Ron had mentioned on the other side of town, in the poor, rundown section. It was a sleazy place, smelling of beer, cigars and men. Looking at it I almost lost my nerve, but the thought of Ron working away at his office while I was fucking and sucking some stranger's cock gave me the courage I needed. Walking up to the bar I asked for Big Leon, the pimp I'd heard Ron mention and was shown to a back room. There were black men scattered about the tables and they eyed me as I strutted by. I could feel myself getting wet with desire. If I had my way, one of those black men would be my first customer.

As I walked into the room, Big Leon looked me over suspiciously as I stood against the door. He was the biggest black man I have ever seen. He wore tan slacks and a suit jacket. I couldn't keep my eyes from looking at the huge bulge in his pants.

"What you want white bitch?" he asked in a menacing tone.

I had to swallow to find my voice, and said "I--I--I want you to turn me out. I want to whore for you."

He smiled and laughed. "Shit," and laughed again. "Get out of here you stupid white slut, and quite wasting my time."

"No, I really want to whore for you. I want you to put me on the street and sell me." As I began to tell him my story, he eyed me with a little more interest.

"No way slut, you're too classy for a simple black pimp like me. You ain't got what it takes to go through with it, spreadin your fine, lily white ass for ten to twenty rough and sweaty niggers a day. Shit, baby I'd have to hold your hand the whole time."

"No you wouldn't," I snapped at him.

"Oh yeah? Then prove it, whore."

I went over to him with a slow, ass swinging walk. Extending my hand, I rubbed the enormous bulge in his pants and felt it swell even larger. I tilted my head back and looked deep into his hard black eyes, saying "I've never fucked or sucked a black man before, but I've always dreamed of it."

Big Leon grinned. "Then what are you waitin' for slut?"

Quickly kneeling before him, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive black cock. It was bigger than I ever imagined, three times as big as Ron's, and as black as night. It was beautiful, standing tall and proud. I tasted his long shaft with my tongue, taking quick little licks, then growing more confident, grabbed the shaft with both hands and took him deep into my mouth, wrapping my red lips tightly around it. I sucked him hard and deep, rubbing his huge black shaft up and down.

He groaned, "You fucking white slut, kiss and lick my balls."

I ran my tongue underneath his huge nut sack, taking each ball into my mouth, tasting his musky, sweaty flavor. I licked and hummed with pleasure, my red lipstick leaving crimson stains an his shaft and balls. I continued to suck that enormous black cock, slurping and smacking up and down that thick ebony shaft, which glistened with my saliva. I was enjoying the taste and smell of him, loving his steel hard shaft deep in my mouth.

Could I really do this? Could I really go through with sucking and fucking strange black men's cocks and have them use and abuse me in any way they wanted for a few bucks a throw? I thought of Ron and his smug easy life. Of course I could and would love every minute of it.

My wet cunt began to ache with longing. Vision's of Leon's big, beautiful, black cock pumping away inside of me, filling and stretching me like never before, danced through my head. Big Leon must have wanted that too, as he grabbed my head and began fucking my face, ramming his bulging black dick hard in my mouth. So hard he was slamming it into my throat. After five minutes he was cumming, and cumming very hard.

"Swallow it whore," he ordered, as his huge load of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed fast, trying to keep up, but his load was so huge, it soon began to run out of my lips and drip in long, gooey, ropy strings from my chin, neck and onto my blouse.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot the last few spurts on my face and hair. He then began slapping my face back and forth with his still hard black cock, smearing his cum all over saying, "That don't prove anything, except you got the hots for black dick. My whore's don't use no condoms or birth control, and always do what the customer wants. How do I know you can handle all the black cock I throw your way."

Leon wiped the excess cum on my face, cleaning and drying his dick in my long black hair. I knew he was trying to humiliate and degrade me, but I stood my ground and told him, "Just wait and see."

Straightening my clothes, but leaving the cum stains visible, I went out to the bar. There were no women there, much to my relief, as all of the men started watching me. I chose a young, rough looking black man sitting alone, drinking a beer.

"I'm trying out for Big Leon," I told him, "So this fucks on the house. Tomorrow though, it'll cost you fifty."

Needless to say, he couldn't believe his luck. I eagerly pulled open his pants and started sucking on his black dick, just as I had done with Leon. I was waving my tightly clad miniskirt ass in the air for all of the others to see. Very quickly the place became a mad house with all the men swarming over me. One grabbed me from behind, shoving up my miniskirt and rubbing his hard black cock between my ass cheeks. Reaching underneath me, he inserted a finger into my dripping wet cunt.

"Hey!" Leon yelled above the noise of the eager men. "You dumb fucks think this white ho comes free? It's fifty a shot for any dick that wants my new piece."

The man behind me quickly reached for his wallet and tossed the money onto the table. My first paying customer. I was now officially a whore. I then felt my hips being raised, and soon he was shoving his hard black cock into my eager wet pussy. I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth, trying to vacuum the seed from his balls and was soon lost in a swirl of ecstasy as the men fought to grab my tits and pull on my nipples or shove their cocks in my mouth, ass and cunt.

They quickly stripped me of my remaining clothes and lowered me to the floor and I was pounded and sucked on the black cocks before me. They played with my tits and shoved there fingers in my ass and cunt, setting off a constant stream of orgasms in me. I was so hot and aching for them, that I began to scream and moan each time I came. Glancing over at Leon as I took black cock after black cock, their sperm filling me and running out of my ass and cunt, I saw his nod of approval as he counted the money he had made off me. I quickly lost sight of him as more black cock was shoved into my mouth and cunt.

This has been going on for six months now. After the kids are sent to school, I dress in my whore clothes and head down to the bar, where Leon has me walk the streets. I fuck anyone who has the money for my services. They've been as young as thirteen, God, what a cock on him, and as old as seventy. I fuck in alley's, doorways and cars. I never use condoms as my clients just love their bare black skin going into white pussy. I'm having the time of my life. Ron wonders where I'm getting all of my extra money from, but I just smile.

My fondest desire for him to find out the truth, has come to fruition. He'll find out all about my whoring for black cock when my black baby is born in six months. He thinks it's his and I can't wait to see his face in the hospital when the head of my black baby first comes out. What sweet revenge!

Story written by RMDragon 1998

May distribute freely. May not be used for commercial gain or on any paysite without prior consent from the author.

This story was inspired by an unaccredited magazine article. I wish to acknowledge the author of that article.
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