Written by Robb / Oct 10, 1999


Vacation by Robb

My wife, Ann, and I just returned from a vacation which has changed our life forever, and I had to write all it down. I'm not sure what it means and what will happen, but I know life will be interesting.

We had planned a vacation during the summer but last minute glitches in an important work project delayed our trip. My boss offered to make it up to me and found us a cottage rental in south Florida for a week and paid for it. Anyway we arrived in the middle of a rainstorm. As if that wasn't enough to start off on the wrong foot our airline lost one of Ann's bags.

The cottage was a three hour drive from the airport and the rental car company screwed up and didn't have a car for us even though we had a reservation. We ended up in a cheap motel near the airport. Ann was pretty cranky, to say the least. Also, we had gotten in late and missed dinner, and had a pizza delivered that tasted a week old.

Ann and I had been having some problems. We'd been married for 18 years, with a couple of great children. We loved each other but couldn't quite connect. If I was in a good mood she wasn't and vice versa. The last couple of years after my promotion to regional manager I had been working longer hours and on weekends so we were seeing less of each other. And our sex life had suffered. We had been looking to this vacation to recharge our batteries. And the delay in vacation plans had not gone over well with Ann. So, these problems were not a good start to the week.

We woke up the second day. The sun was shining; not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect. Our luck had definitely changed. The rental car company gave us a convertible at no extra charge and Ann's bag arrived safe and sound. When we got to the cottage we were in awe. This cottage was a two story bungalow with a private secluded back yard that was mostly a pool and sundeck. Palm trees and tropical plants surrounded the yard making it invisible to the neighbors whose cottages were only one story. It was about 10 blocks to the beach and 10 blocks to a historic old town. Kitchen, large bathroom with a hot tub, air-conditioned, oversize king bed, TV with cable, stereo, VCR; the cottage was perfect for a second honeymoon. We unpacked and changed into swimsuits. Ann came out wearing a bikini I had never seen before. I have to describe Ann. Although she is in her 40's, she has kept her good looks. Long auburn hair with green eyes and long eyelashes: that is what I noticed when we met. She's added a few pounds around her hips over the years, but her breasts are still remarkable - 38DD's that barely sag with large dark nipples.

Her suit accentuated her figure, her breasts overflowing the top and I could see her nipples trying to burst free. I stood there and stared as she ran and jumped into the pool. We played around a while in the pool. After an hour of enjoying ourselves and letting our worries wash off in the Florida sun and water; our play turned sexual. We were rubbing each other like teenagers in heat. We didn't even make it back to the house.

Taking advantage of the seclusion we took off each others' clothes and soon I was inside Ann thrusting hard. I grabbed her nipples which are extremely sensitive. Soon, she had her first orgasm, followed by a second before I exploded. We lay together hugging and laughing in the sun.

We spent a few more days just like that. We would go to the beach, come back and make love in the afternoon sun on the deck. It was glorious. Our sex life had dramatically improved. And we were getting along with each other.

The next to the last day in the cottage, we went to the beach in the morning and early afternoon, enjoyed the waves and the salty water. We frolicked like young lovers. We came back to the cottage for lunch. After lunch, Ann decided to stay and work on her tan; while I wanted to explore the town. So I left Ann and we made plans to go out to dinner.

I got back to the cottage about five hours later after a great walk, exploring the town, making mental notes of places I thought Ann would like to see before we left.

When I came inside, Ann was not to be seen. I called out, and Ann responded "Come upstairs, I have a surprise for you". The bedroom which was a loft was dimly lit by candles. Ann was dressed in a see through very short dress. Her ass was almost peeking out. Her face was glowing, as she pulled me towards her she said "I want to eat in tonight". No problem, said I. Ann dropped to her knees in front of me and slowly undid my pants zipper and began lightly caressing my dick with her fingernails. "Honey, I have a couple of confessions to tell you". She said this as she was running her tongue along the base of my manhood which was definitely rising to the occasion. Gently, she pushed me back onto the bed and pulled off my pants. Ann now had my balls in her mouth.

Okay, this was most unlike Ann. She hardly ever gave me oral sex and here she was acting like a wild woman, as if she couldn't get enough of my dick. Our sex life was mostly a few positions and rarely would she consent, even this week, to giving me a blow job. I was certainly not going to complain, but I wondered what was going on. Ann talked in between tongue lashes,

"Honey, this afternoon while you were gone something happened to me. It was indescribable. You know I love you very much". At this point she swallowed my entire dick and ran both hands along my sides lightly scratching me with her fingernails. As she came up for air she continued,

"After you left, I went out to the deck. Since we are secluded, I took off my top. I must have fallen asleep face down on the lounge. The air was wonderful, the salt from the ocean felt terrific on my skin, I felt young again."

Ann stood up and in silence performed the sexiest strip tease slowly pulling her dress off one breast at a time, slowly, ever so slowly and then turned her back to me stepping out of the dress and wiggling her ass at me as she dropped her clothes to reveal her nakedness. I lay on the bed staring wondering if a magician had cast a spell on my Ann.

Ann turned to face me one hand squeezing her nipples and the other playing with her clit. She swayed in front of me rhythmically. I could smell her heat and sex through every pore of my body. She slowly approached me. She had enticed her nipples to swell to a ripe size. "Oh, honey, I couldn't wait for you to return to tell you about today. I'm so wet." With that she began licking my legs beginning at my feet tracing a line for my dick which was straining to meet her touch. Ann continued, "I half woke up on the lounge to hear you say I needed more lotion before I got sunburned; and you began rubbing my back so gently with the warm lotion. Oh, it felt so good. And then you rubbed my legs, my arms and then you lightly traced the outlines of my breasts on the lounge." She engulfed my dick once more with a passion I had never seen.

Imagine this, my sexual nerve endings all over my body are screaming in delight; and at the same time my brain is trying to regain control saying - Just a Minute! - I wasn't on the deck with her today, what is she talking about?

Leaving my dick Ann slid her hips up my legs pushing her bottom along my flesh and raising up above me pushed down with all her strength impaling herself on my dick. Up, and down she went, hair flying, breasts swaying. Her nipples were huge under her expert guidance. She screamed in ecstasy. Ann slowed her frantic pace down as she continued;

"You held my tits from the sides, so I lifted a little to give you a better feel, and you squeezed my nipples till I came. And then you began rubbing the lotion between my legs. Oh, baby, it felt so good. I was pushing my hips to meet your hand. And then you pulled my bikini bottoms off. I was so wet and the lotion made me squirm in delight. You pushed one finger inside me, then another, then a third while your other hand was working my clit just the way I like it, fast and hard. I came twice. Right then and there. And then you began eating me with your tongue. I raised my hips up high to give you better access to my privates. I thought I might be dreaming - it felt so good. And then you pushed your tongue into my asshole. And I came again. And, I knew I was definitely not dreaming".

What the hell is she talking about, I wondered. Maybe this is something she read in a magazine to spice up our loving. Not too bad, I thought.

"And then you entered me. Oh, did you ever. Oh, but honey, it wasn't you". Having said that Ann began to pick up speed again slamming down onto me with all her might. Her breasts flew in a hypnotic motion. She arched her back and climaxed with a scream and sank onto me. She looked me in the eyes, "I know your penis and this wasn't you. This was fatter. Not as long as yours but wider. This woke me up out of my blissful state; but hon, I have to tell you I was enjoying myself. I was really feeling good. I came as he entered me. And again as he was pounding me. His hands were magic. I couldn't help myself. He flipped me over. It was my first look at him; he was blond, young 20's tanned and gorgeous. Hon, he could have any girl and he wanted me. He began licking my cunt again."

My dick was still hard listening to her. I didn't know if Ann had been dreaming or if it really happened. She began stroking my dick again with both hands as she talked. "I don't know how many times I came. He then told me to suck him. He tasted of the ocean and the wind. When he came he filled my mouth and it was so much it splashed onto my tits. He then told me to rub my tits. Oh God, that never felt so good. So, I began rubbing my cunt. Hon, he stood up over me and he was still hard"

So am I, I thought and I pushed Ann onto her side and entered her vagina from behind with slow deep thrusts. My hands went around her squeezing her tits and rolling her nipples between my fingers; and allowing her to continue the story, "Hon, when he stood up, all I could think of was doing it again with him. And then he whistled. I didn't understand I thought he was whistling at me, but he wasn't. There I was spread out on the lounge with his come dripping down my mouth and tits, playing with myself pulling on my nipples, and with my other hand playing with my clit and thrusting into my center, when in walked two of his friends. Hon, I couldn't believe it. I wasn't a bit embarrassed. Just excited.

"They must have been watching blondie and me, because their dicks were poking holes in their shorts. One was tall and skinny; the other was shorter. As they got closer they stripped. The skinny one had the longest dick I have ever seen and the shorter one's dick was even fatter than blondie". At this point I'm thinking what a great story Ann's made up; but it doesn't matter because our sex is better than it's been in ages and I'm not going to spoil it. I can feel her close to coming again. So, I pinch her nipples harder.

"Hon, blondie turned to the others and asked how the show was. Better than yesterday, the tall one answered. Yeah, this sure beats watching through the fence, said the short one, and they high fived each other. But not as good as this, watch me, said the short one. He put his dick to my face, and began slapping me with his dick. He wouldn't let me suck him, he kept rubbing his dick all over my face, my eyes, my hair.

"The blond began sucking my nipples. And the skinny one jerked my legs over the lounge edge and pushed his big dick all the way into me in one hard thrust. I was so wet my body accepted his dick warmly. He was pounding me, harder and harder. I finally got hold of that fat dick and began sucking as if it was the last dick on this earth. All I could see was his dick. All I could hear was my heart pounding. My cunt was on fire. My nipples were a direct line down through my insides to my cunt. All my wires were crackling. Both dicks exploded deep into me simultaneously. It was so intense, I must have cum so hard I blacked out for a moment."

Ann was breathing hard now, and the story was coming out in spurts. Ann was cuming in spurts as well. I was amazed that she could continue talking and holding her focus on this story. I mean, I was having a hard time concentrating on her and listening at the same time. She continued,

"They rolled me over on my stomach. Blondie felt my cunt. Man is she wet. I think she's ready. He entered my cunt, God it felt so good, and then he pulled all the way out. He did that five or six times. Or more, I lost count. He was teasing me. Meanwhile, the long dick came to my mouth and all of a sudden I had two dicks in my mouth. The fat one and the long one. I was concentrating on the dicks in my mouth I didn't realize blondie had a finger up my ass. And then two. And then, suddenly, it wasn't his fingers, it was his dick. It hurt a little but then I began to feel warm all over. He was so good. And then his fingers were inside my cunt and playing with my clit.

"My tongue was rolling from one dick to the next as both swelled, filling my entire mouth. I was stuffed full of penis. Hon, I've never felt like that before. I felt like a total woman and then blondie pulled out of my ass and came all over my back. I could feel his semen flowing down my ass and my cunt lips. And the two dicks in my mouth shot their loads all over my face." As Ann's story had continued my thrusts were more potent, a little harder a little longer, a little deeper. When she told me about her anal penetration, I was confused; Ann hadn't liked anal sex when we had tried it many years ago. I mean she really didn't like it so we never tried again. And yet, here she was telling me how much she enjoyed it. And oral sex, she was talking about two dicks in her mouth. It was difficult enough for me to have my one dick in her mouth before tonight. I began to wonder.

And then I thought okay, lets try something here; so I pulled out and I began to lubricate her ass with my fingers from her cunt. I rolled her onto her tummy. She stopped talking. And moaned in anticipation. She was ready and I entered her ass. For a second, I thought she isn't as tight as I remember and then I was inside and lost that thought. Man, did it feel good. And Ann was loving it. She screamed in delight. Rub my cunt she yelled. I was only to happy to oblige. Ann was yelling Harder, Harder, More, More.

I pushed one final time before shooting. Ann was crying tears of joy. She pulled me out, turned around and totally surprised me by licking my dick. I mean she cleaned me all over. Suddenly, I was hard again. And she engulfed me once more playing with my balls until I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my load in her mouth. Except at the last second, she pulled back and I sprayed her head, her long hair, and even her tits. She looked at me and said "watch this". She reached over to a drawer and pulled out a long flesh colored dildo (another surprise) and begin rubbing her clit with it. Soon she had it inside her cunt and with both hands rolled onto her back shoving it in and out at a furious pace. I leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples. Ann screamed again and lay back on the bed spent. And then she got serious;

"Hon, each of them fucked me in my cunt, my mouth and my ass. Not once but several times. When they were done I was a puddle of their semen and my own juices. And then we cleaned each other in the shower. They soaped me up so much I had to fuck them all over again in the shower with the hot water cascading all over our bodies.

"My confession is that while I love you dearly, I really enjoyed the sex with other men today. So much, that I want to do it again and very soon. And I want to keep doing it. Do you mind?"

I looked at her not knowing what to say. Here we just had the most explosive sex of our life and all Ann can do is talk about her fantasy. I was about to laugh or call her bluff when, "Hon, before you answer look at my ass closely". She rolled over and at first in the dim light I couldn't see anything except her tan lines. All of a sudden I realized I was looking at bite marks. Not insect bites; but love bites. Man bites. Deep teeth marks. There were three distinct and different marks that I hadn't noticed before in the dim light. Shock waves ran through my nervous system. It was true. Her entire story must be true. She had been gang banged by three college aged kids who had been watching us fuck from behind the fences the previous days and when I left, they made their move. I puzzled, but she had enjoyed it and wanted more? Was that why she was glowing, from all that fucking. I was stunned and sat in silence. My wife, my nice wife was a slut who loved taking from several guys at once. And she let them brand her to prove it to me! And she fucked them knowing I might come home at any time even while they were in the shower. And she then gave us our best night of sex ever.

"Hon, I asked them to bite me so you would believe me. I thought you might think I made this story up". She looked into my eyes. "I can promise that you will never be horny again; I will keep you satisfied just like tonight. It will only get better. I will be your slave and your toy, I will make your every sexual desire come true, but only if you say yes to my desires. Only if you agree to my fucking other men and lots of other men".

What could I say?

My answer was to kiss her lips and then kiss her breasts, her nipples, and then I licked my way down her waist to her hips and then I pulled her legs apart and dove tongue first into her cunt.

Another fictional tale of sex

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