He Fills Her

Written by Ruffkut / Oct 10, 1999


He Fills Her by Ruffkut

I had been workng late nights, working double shifts and often would not arrive home untill late in the evening. I had to be at work early in the morning, and this tight schedule left little room for sleep, leave alone pleasing my wife. She had been working as a secretary in a large company and had soon developed some friendships there, and would occasionally go out with her girlfriends, particularly when I was working late.

My wife and I have a close relationship, and we openly discussed anything without hesitation. She told me about one of her supervisors at work named Kenny and I could obviously tell that she had taken a liking to him by the way she became excited as she told me that he was good looking and that the other girls in the office all wanted him.

One night I called her at home as was my custom, to let her know I would not be home till after midnight. Marie said that would be fine, as she planned on going out a bit with her girlfriends for a few drinks. This was not unusual and we said goodnight.

I arrived home shortly after midnight and let myself in. I undressed in the dark so as not to wake her up, but in the dim light of the room I noticed that the ciggarettes in the ashtray had lipstick on them. This struck me as unusual as her nights out with the girls were strictly casual, and she never seemed to go out of her way on these nights.

I then noticed a smell of alcohol in our bedroom. Marie usually doesn't drink too much, and I was surprised that she drank to the point that I could smell it. Her clothes were strewn about the floor. Obviously she got undressed and crawled into bed drunk and exhausted. I picked up her panties and immediately noticed that they were soaked in the crotch. I examined further and the crotch was wet and slick, not unlike a mans cum was in them. They smelled of her pussy, a smell I knew so well, but there was a mans odor to them as well. I was of course suspicious that something happened, and was angry, but at the same time excited as my cock hardened while I held her panties in hand.

I was now naked from the waste down as I moved into our bed. She was sleeping face down. I moved my hand over her body, and she was deeply asleep, and did not stir. The smell of alcohol was stronger now, and I moved my hand across her ass to the sheets between her legs. I could feel the same wetness on the bedsheets as was on her panties. I moved my hand closer to her pussy and traced my fingers across her lips. They were sticky and wet with what was now no doubt her and another mans cum leaking from them. Also in the darkness I could feel that the lips of her pussy were swollen, and her hole was gaping open. I placed one of my fingers into her hole and was surprised at how loose her pussy was. I twisted my finger from side to side so that I could feel the walls of her cunt and how far apart they were. As I did this, cum continued to ooze around my fingers and drip onto the bed.

Marie stirred a bit, and turned her head to the other side. She was still asleep. I started to first slowly then more quickly finger fuck her pussy. To my amazement she responded to my fingers by rocking her pelvis against my hand. She sighed and moaned as she did this. I wanted desperately to know what she was thinking about at this time. Did she think it was me or the man who filled her pussy with sperm only hours before? My cock was aching as I did this and I was determined to fuck her.

At this point Marie woke up, and she realized what was going on. She looked at me, with a bit of aprehension in her voice:

"I geuss you know what happened"

"Who was it?, I asked.

"Kenny", she responded.

At this point I rolled her over onto her back. I knelt between her legs, knelt in the sticky wetness on our bed and pushed my cock into her pussy. I felt no resistance as my cock easily slipped in. I started to fuck her hard, but her pussy was so wide open that my cock slipped out on several occasions. While pumping it in and out of her, the cum gushed out from her used pussy around my cock, and dripped down her ass onto the bed. I could feel the cum clinging to my balls. Although I could tell that she could not feel my cock deep inside of her, I could also tell that she was in pain from the rubbing against her swollen pussy lips.

"Please stop, I am too sore", she told me.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?"

"Of course"

I pulled out, and rolled over to her side. First I had to have a taste, and lowered my head between her legs and licked at her open slit. The wetness stuck to my face, and the smell and taste of her juices and her lovers cum overtook me. I then lay next to her.

She stroked my wet cock with her hand as she told me the events of that night. She said she did go out with her girlfriends to a local bar, but she also knew that Kenny would be joining them that night, so she dressed up a bit more than usual, including a mini skirt. Things were fairly uneventfull although she drank a little bit more than is her custom. As the night went on the other girls left and Marie and Kenny were left on their own.

As Marie was quite intoxicated by this time, Kenny suggested that he drive her home. She readily agreed, not only because of the concern for driving but for other reasons as well. She got into his car and drove around a bit talking. He asked her how her sex life was at home, and she told him it wasn't what she wanted or needed and she had been quite unsatisfied recently. He took this as an opening and the soon found themselves parked in a remote lot.

He lost no time in turning to her and kissing her deeply. At the same time he slid his hand up her leg, under her skirt and found she had a G-string, which she liked to wear. G-strings are convennient, and he easily moved the thin material to one side and found her cunt. She told me she was already very wet at this time, and his finger easily slid into her cunt. He spent some time fingering her, and she unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He was very stiff already, and she said that although he was of average length, his cock was very thick, much more so than mine, and she was concerned that she would not be able to handle it.

By this time the fingering of her pussy had gotten her wet, and she wanted to feel his cock inside of her. She turned towards the front of the car, with her elbows against the dashboard and lowered herself onto his cock. She told me it hurt at first, but she was very wet and it slowly slipped in. She rode his cock hard, while he thrust up to meet her. She told me his thickness made her feel as though she was stuffed, and when he came, the cum squirted around his cock onto his lap.

I was pulling at my dick myself as she told m this. I asked if she enjoyed it and she told me yes, that she did. She told me she dreamed Kenny was fucking her again when I came in and fingered her. I asked her if his cock felt better than mine and she told me it did, and that fucking me will just not be be the same again. At this point I came hard.

We talked afterwards. She was afraid I would be angry, but I told her that I enjoyed what happened. She did too, and we plan further encounters like this in the future.
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