A Blackmailed Hubby

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


Jim, I love reading some of your "Wife Watch" stories. I especially enjoy reading about women who dominate men. Secretly I have always wanted to be a dominatrix, but I was not in a position to do anything about it. Recently, that situation has changed and I am now a very happy and very fulfilled woman. Let me tell you my story.

Dick and I have only been married for two years, but our marriage has been in trouble since shortly after the honeymoon. I waited until I was thirty-two to get married to make sure I had the right man. But it turns out my wait was in vain. I admit that I was probably spoiled before meeting Dick and that I am very used to having my own way. When Dick first came into my life he was very considerate of me, always opening doors for me, consulting me on every minor decision that involved the two of us, buying flowers for me, pampering me in every way, etc. All that was quickly stopped by him shortly after we got married. I grew very resentful when he stopped doing the household chores. As a result, I stopped giving him my sexual favors and our love life dwindled to a `quicky' on a once or twice a month basis. Frankly I didn't miss the sex with him all that much because it was never all that good to begin with. What's more I developed a friendship with a woman that I worked with who was bi-sexual. She taught me the joys of female sex and I was very content with my sex life. But I wondered about Dick, because I was sure that the wimp wasn't having an affair and I wondered how he was surviving without any pussy. But recently, I found out why he had been sexually content. The bastard was playing with himself on a regular basis and I didn't know it until I discovered him at it approximately three months ago on a Monday morning. I was running the water for my shower when I realized that I had no soap. When I approached the kitchen from the hall, I could see to our bedroom as the door was slightly ajar. I had a real eye-opener!

I couldn't believe it. My fucking husband was jerking-off. In our two years of marriage and one years of going together, I had never known him to masturbate. So this was how he was able to get by without my pussy on a regular basis. He was most likely jacking off each morning when I was safely in the shower. My first thought was to embarrass him by opening the door and shouting, "What the fuck are you doing?" And I knew he would be embarrassed because he's always used the word jack-off to describe a real low life. For me to catch him at it would really be a put-down. I was somehow really gratified that I had reduced him to playing with himself for his sexual relief. As I stood there slightly amused and pleased that he was doing something he always abhorred in other men, I began to formulate a plan of action that would really work in my favor. Why not catch it all on a video tape and actually blackmail him with it. If I could get it on tape and convince him that I'd use it against him, I was certain he'd start doing the household chores again. As a matter of fact, I was sure that I could get him to treat me as I wished - his master. it would be fun commanding him do all my bidding like a good little slave boy. The thought of it made me incredibly horny and I knew I had to put my scheme into effect as soon as possible.

I left him to his jacking-off and went back in to take my shower. The following day I checked on him to see, if indeed, he jacked himself off each morning. After I turned on the bathroom shower, I returned to watch him. I stood where he really couldn't see me but I could easily observe him. Sure enough, by the time I got into position by the bedroom door, he was already jerking off. He had his cock straight up in the air and he was slowly pulling his uncircumcised fore skin up and down his prick. He began to increase the tempo and finally his cum spilled down his prick and onto his lower stomach and balls. He cleaned himself off with the kleenex by the bed and then got up to get dressed. I was really pleased that he did it each morning because it meant I would be able to put my plan into effect to catch him at his little dirty play.

Later in the day I got hold of my sexy friend, Sharon and revealed the plan I had devised to ensnare my husband. She was delighted by my scheme and invited me to stop by later on my way home from work. She agreed to loan me her vide-camera as long as I'd agree to let her watch it later. Not only did I agree to her request but I assured her that if things worked out the way I planned I'd have Dick under my control to the extent that I'd have him jack- off in person for her. We chuckled like a couple of teen age girls at the prospect of this debasement. I gave her a super friendly kiss good-by (if you know what I mean) and took off for home with her borrowed cam-corder in hand. When I got home I hid the camera.

The next morning before Dick was awake I placed it under some towels on our dresser and turned it on. Next I made sure to make enough noise to wake him as I headed for my morning shower. I allowed enough time for him to become aroused and headed back to watch at the doorway. Sure enough as he had the previous day I watched he had taken out his wiener and was playing with himself like a pre-teen boy. What was great was that he was facing the camera almost right on and I knew that I was getting a great potential blackmail video of my little hubby in his self-abuse action. He laid in the bed completely naked stroking himself slowly at first and then increasing the tempo and length of strokes as his cock grew in size. I enjoyed seeing him play with his meat and reveled in the thought that pretty soon all his cock playing would be for my pleasure and at my commands. His facial expression changed to a lustful stare off into space and he moaned quietly. I knew his climax wasn't going to very far away and I was right. He started spewing his jizm into the air with some of it coming down on his belly and chest. Some of it reached all the way to his chin and lower lip. I was surprised and delighted to see him wipe the cum off his lower lip with his tongue. It gave me some interesting ideas of some additional fun to plan for my cum licking hubby.

After he left for work I grasped the camera from where I had hidden it and took it with me to work. At lunch time I went to Sharon's to view the tape. I wasn't sure that I had captured it all on tape and I was delighted to see that I had. When we loaded the tape and into her VCR and pressed the start button, we were rewarded with a clear view of my husband laying on the bed masturbating his dick in full view and living color. He went at it for over ten minutes and as we ran it several times we laid in her bed nude, stroking one another slowly. Later, we talked about the rest of my plan to ensnare my unsuspecting husband.

As soon as I got home that evening I loaded the tape into our VCR on our large screen TV in our living room. When Dick came home for dinner I told him that I hadn't prepared any and that he was going to take me out for dinner but first we were going to watch a movie together. He was surprised and since up until then I had never talked to him in that fashion. He acted very huffy, but he did sit down with me on the couch to watch the VCR tape. His mood changed from gruff to astonishment shortly after the tape begun and he saw himself completely nude jerking off on our larger than life TV screen.

His next reaction was to grab the remote from my hand and shut off the TV. I told him that shutting off the TV wasn't going to change the fact that he was a jack-off. His initial anger began to subside when I told him that I had already made several copies of the tape and that unless he played the game the way I wanted from now on I would send a copy to his sweet old religious mother and his prudish sister as well as have his friends over to view it. It took a while to sink in on him but he finally realized that I was dead serious about my threat. He got very angry at first, but when he calmed down he realized that I had him by the balls. He finally said, "O.K. what is it that you want?"

I told him that for starters I was fed-up of doing all the chores around the house. I told him that from now on he was cooking the meals, cleaning the dishes, making the beds and cleaning the house. When he didn't balk at that, but instead hung his head down and kind of nodded his agreement, I knew I had him. I decided to push it further and told him that if he didn't want me to send a copy to his family and to his friends at work, he'd obey my every command and do anything I wanted. When I asked him if he comprehended and accepted me as his new master he kind of bowled his head and said, "Yes." I told him he could call me Mistress from now on and I made him repeat his answer with my new title added. It gave me a real thrill when he acknowledged his complete and utter defeat by telling me, "Yes, my Mistress!"

I then told him that while I wouldn't show the tape to his family and friends at work as long as he behaved himself, I would share it with Sharon because she helped by loaning me the camera. He became red faced again, (more with embarrassment than anger this time) But he realized he had no choice in the matter. I called Sharon and she was over to my home in a flash. When she arrived I directed Jack to play the tape for us. Sharon and I watched the TV while Jack squirmed in his seat. As the tape finished Sharon indicated that she would like to see it again. I told her that Jack could do it for her live and asked if she'd prefer that. She answered with a resounding yes and I ordered Jack to take out his cock and to start playing with himself. When he hesitated I told him that Sharon and I were going to mail a few tapes out of a certain jack-off that we knew. When we started to leave he came running after us begging us not to do it. I told him that if he ever refused or even hesitated at one of my commands again that their would be no second chance.

Next I had him kneel before us and I told him that if he didn't immediately beg for me to be his mistress that he'd be sorry. I loved it when he complied immediately asking me, "Oh yes, be my Mistress. I'll do whatever you want right away. I'll always act immediately the way you want me to. I'll be your servant in anything you want."

I commanded him then, "Good! Get your ass buck naked immediately and plead with me to play with yourself. If your tone pleases me I'll let you jack-off in your palm and then you can lap it all up." He turned slightly red - I'm not sure by anger or embarrassment - before responding. "Oh yes. Yes mistress, let me play with my prick, if it pleases you. Please let me stroke it until I cum onto my hands. I'll lick it all up just like a good slave boy should do." When I nodded my head in agreement he immediately began stroking himself. His dick was already hard before he began. My suspicion is that he actually enjoys being humbled and made to be sub- servient. It didn't take him very long before he cam in his hand. I was disappointed that he was so quick about it and told him so. "Did I give you permission to shoot your load yet, shithead?" He didn't respond to my rhetorical question and just hung his head down and said he was sorry. "Sorry doesn't get it asshole! If you ever jack off to completion again without securing my permission, I'll blister your ass so bad you'll not be able to sit for a week. Now you can lap it off your hand before it gets runny." With that said he bowled his head down to his palm and began lapping his own cum for me slowly.

Sharon and I made him jack-off three more times for us that evening. Naturally we made him lap up his own cum each time as we giggled in delight. Later when he took us all out for dinner, I made him expose himself under the table cloth. He was terribly embarrassed but I told him to stop being such a baby about it. I told him if he didn't do just as I asked then I'd have him expose himself right out on the street. He got the message and I told him that from now on I wanted him to act the part of the jake-off he was by taking his dick out of his pants at every chance he got. When driving to and from work, when he was behind his desk at work, at the restaurants behind the table cloths, and so on. He agreed and drove us home with his prick hanging out of his pants. He acted chagrined a few times when a woman stopped next to us at a light, but he knew better than to try and stuff it back in his pants and displease me.

I had Sharon sleep with me that night, making Jack aware for the first time as to the true relationship between Sharon and I. The following morning Sharon and I went to a costume store and rented a very sexy maid's costume. When he came home from work that evening I applied make-up on him and had him put on the maid's outfit. The skirt is so short that if he bends over at all his ass or cock and balls come totally into view. I liked what I saw so much that the following day I purchased the outfit from the costume rental. That evening I acquainted him with all the chores of the household. Showing him how to do the laundry, making him understand what I expected in his household cleaning duties and also acquainted him with some cook books. As he performed his chores his cock and ass were frequently exposed and I captured a lot of him on tape without him knowing it. Later, I had duplicates made at Sharon's and then showed what additional blackmail material I had of him. He understood how much he's in my control and no longer balked at any command or order I gave him. I told him that if he ever burnt a meal or failed to launder or clean properly that he'd be exposed to his friends and family.

Each evening at about seven o'clock Sharon comes to our house and Jack greets her in his skimpy maid costume. After a little verbal abuse he serves us cocktails in the living room, dinner in the kitchen and gives us a show in the bedroom. We make him get on his knees and plead to masturbate for us. After a little boot-licking (and sometimes some pussy licking) we finally give him permission. We make him hold out for as much as an hour and when he finally squirts his cum, he has to implore us to allow him to lick up all his cum.

He cums for me at least twice a day. I allow him his morning jerk-off, with me watching as he licks up his own cum and then I have him perform for Sharon and I late in the evening after he has performed his chores. On occasion I have him do it as many as five times during the day. His prick is generally so sore that Sharon and I, occasionally, give him a day to recuperate. Sharon and I often have him lick our pussies, after he masturbates for our pleasure. If he doesn't do an excellent job, he has to pull down his maid panties and take a blistering whacking on his ass from both of us. A couple of months ago Sharon suggested to me that since Jack had become so good at eating his own cum, maybe it was time to teach him how to swallow other guy's cum. It really appealed to me and I began to visualize him sucking cock. The thought was so exciting to me that I nearly creamed my jeans right then and there. I knew I had enough dirty video tape of him to convince the shithead to do anything for me. Sharon indicated that she knew a bi-sexual guy that she thought would be happy to have his cock sucked by a `straight' guy. His name is Cal and when Sharon called him on the phone he was delighted. He said it would be a thrill to get Dick's first blow job; almost like having a virgin. We had him come right over to the house.

When Cal arrived my husband was in his maid's outfit and he was very embarrassed to have another man see him this way. he was even more chagrinned when we told him that he'd have to suck Cal's cock. Cal removed his pants and underpants. He was already hard and I really had to admire his equipment,. He was a good two inches longer than my husband and a great deal thicker. I told Cal how nice it was too see a real cock and then I made my husband hold Cal's cock in his hand. He really blushed as Cal told my husband that he (Cal) was going to teach him to be a great cocksucker. I told Dick that if he balked even for a second at what Cal told him that it would be curtains for him. Cal told him to begin by kissing it and if it pleased him that he could then lick his cock and balls all over. Dick saw my stern glance at him and began kissing Cal's cock. It was delightful to watch my wimpy hubby hold Cal's huge member in his hands and then begin planting wet kisses on the head of his prick. I thoroughly enjoyed it as Cal gave him the signal to stop kissing and Dick began to lick him. Before Cal told Dick to take the cock into his mouth, I made Dick beg for it. It really gave me a great sexual thrill to see my slave- husband beg to suck his very first cock! Cal allowed him to start sucking him and gave him verbal instructions on how to make it feel really good for Cal. He had Dick slow down if his cock got to close to shooting it's load. Finally, Cal allowed himself the luxury of shooting his jizm into Dick's mouth. The white cream came so quickly that my husband couldn't swallow it all and some of it ran down his lips almost dripping off his chin. I made sure that he licked it all up while I chuckled at his predicament.

Since then Cal is welcomed to our house several times a week. Several months ago, he began to bring some of his bi-sexual and gay friends with him. During these sessions Sharon and I lay on the bed playing with one another and watching Dick. We force him to suck cock and to take cocks up his ass. On one Saturday Cal brought three well-hung friends. They formed two man teams, with one team resting, while the other team gave my husband double penetration. One cock in his mouth and another up his ass. After the two of them shot their loads into his mouth and ass, they'd rest and the other team would take over. Before the day was over my husband had swallowed six loads of cum and had his ass pierced the same number of times. I made him lick off the cum that had slid out of his ass and mouth onto the floor. Cal, his friends, Sharon and I got a real charge out of that. We laughed as I told him what a great cum licker he had become. As a special reward I allowed him to lick my pussy and then watch as one of Cal's bi-sexual friends fucked me long and hard. The fuck was wonderful, but it was even more wonderful knowing that my wimpy husband had the embarrassment of having to watch an other man fuck his wife.

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to know that my husband is straight but that I control him so thoroughly that he will suck cock and take it up the ass to satisfy me. As long as I have the incriminating videos to hold over his head he has to keep me pleased in every way. I enjoy my hold over him and intend to keep him under my thumb forever. It's the most wonderful thing in the world to have a husband who is literally your slave, carrying out your every request at all times.

Lately, I have been giving some serious thought to having my little cock- sucking husband become a true transvestite. It really pleases me to see him in his maid's outfit and I know that he would be even more pleasing as a true he/she. Some electrolysis to get rid of his unsightly male hair and a mammary augmentation operation would change him into the kind of She-male that could serve me even better. What do you think, should I make him into a TRUE Transexual?
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