Conservative Wife Again

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999



This is the fourth adventure of my wife's evolution from a moderately conservative housewife to a total exhibitionist. Beth is 41 years old, but looks 10 years younger. She has blonde hair and a set of natural 35C's on her firm 5'-2" 110 lb. frame. She has a tiny 23 inch waist and a tight butt that flares to 35 inches at the hips. In other words, she is a wet dream. Our sex life began to change when AJ, my old college room mate stayed with us a couple of months last year. Gradually, he and I made my wife aware of his more open sex life with his girlfriend. With his permission we began to read some of his E-mail from one of his uninhibited lovers, Barb. Beth and I began taking copies of some of these E-mail messages to bed and fantasizing that we were A J and Barb, involved in some of the exhibitionist behavior that Barb seemed to enjoy. I was almost shocked when one day Beth told me that she wanted to emulate some of Barb's uninhibited behavior. I was certainly all for it and that was the beginning of my wife's more daring behavior. We have already documented her first couple of flashing adventures that involved her having fun with a convenience store clerk, flashing a toll booth operator and showing off to a couple of gentlemen in Chicago

The following was written to A J's girlfriend, Barbara, letting her know how adventuresome Beth had become since reading about her sexual game playing. Hope you all enjoy the letter!

**************************************************************************** *********************************************

Barbara, this is the continuing story of our adventure into exhibitionism. You remember Beth's new friend, Vicki, whom she met at the exercise club she joined. They have become great friends. Vicki is a dream and built similar to Beth, only with auburn tresses and green eyes.

Thursday Beth and Vicki spent the afternoon at the Gym. Beth told me that she has decided not to use the tanning booth but that we will do her all-over tan via a bottle. This I liked tremendously. The first application occurred this evening after Beth and I finished a light supper. She took a shower and I toweled her dry paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. They seem even more so since we applied the clamps last Sunday night on the drive back from Chicago.

She didn't want to get the bed sheets covered with the tanning lotion so we went out to the table on the back deck. I covered the table with an old sheet and had her lay down on it, naked. First I massaged the lotion all over her back, paying special attention to her butt. I did my best to evenly apply the lotion but it was not easy. All the while I was applying the lotion, she related the incident at the gym that took place earlier in the day, just before she and Vicki arrived to do their swim workout.

Seems two of the women members, "de-pants'd" another for her birthday. This occurred in front of the coed aerobics class. Beth said she was sorry that she missed it but learned that it is a tradition to have this done on your birthday. Beth just had hers in July but said that Vicki's is coming up on Oct 8th. I told her I'd like to be there then!

I turned her over and proceed to massage the lotion all over, especially on her breasts. She just laid there spread eagle and said she was fantasizing what it may have been like if the two guys in Chicago had come back to "return her swim suit top." I went into the kitchen and retrieved some cup towels and tied her to the picnic table then proceeded to blindfold her and act out the scenario of two guys finding her naked and vulnerable.

We pretended that they began to run their hands all over her, even inserting their fingers into her cunt. I then fucked her and told her it was one of the guys from Chicago. God she got hot; she bucked so much the table almost tipped over. I pulled out and jacked off above her breasts coating them with a layer of cum which I massaged in, telling her it was the other guy. Damn good fantasy. She said that the orgasm she experienced was intense and left her feeling tingly all over. I think she really wants to fuck a stranger or two.

Friday, I barbecued a brisket and Vicki joined us for supper on the deck. We lit the torches and enjoyed the nice fall evening getting to know her better. She is quite witty and those big green eyes and cute dimples make her very attractive. She is trim, with curves in all the right places.

Beth started giggling during the ice cream desert. Vicki pressed us for the reason. Finally, Beth told her she was remembering last nigh when I had her tied naked on the very table we were now eating ice cream on. Beth told Vicki that we started out to apply a tanning lotion and we sort of improvised. Beth said although the bottle tan looked very good all ready, I was to apply another application yet tonight. Vicki just said "ooooh, I bet that is fun."

Beth took Vicki to her apartment/condo about 9:30 but didn't get back home till after 1:00am. She said that Vicki and she sat around and talked about fantasies and adventures. Beth said that Vicki used to be quite an adventurous lady before she married but now even though she is divorced, just enjoys flirting with the guys. Vicki was quite excited when Beth told her about the Convenience Store and the Mall Garage Toll Both exhibitionism adventures. But Beth did not tell her the details of the Chicago trip. She said she didn't want to overwhelm her.

The next application of the tanning lotion began that night when she returned. We repeated the deck scene of last night complete with the "guys for Chicago" fantasy. This time I had her tied in such a way that she was on her knees with her ass in the air. I screwed her from behind telling her that she would be compelled to expose herself to lots of men tomorrow at the lake. I told her that she was going to have to strip and stay naked before several men. I told her that she was to do every dare I gave her tomorrow even if it meant being totally nude in a public place. The more I told her, the more excited she became. She came several times and I filled her upturned cunt with cum twice. We didn't get to bed until past 3:00 A.M.

On Saturday, we left the house for the Lake of the Ozarks about 11:00. I was sleepy and had some "rug burn" on my knees from last night and wasn't in the best shape for the 3 hour drive. I sipped on black coffee while Beth reclined in the seat and napped most of the way. She had on her yellow bikini with a mesh "cover-up" that was more decoration than a cover-up.

We arrived at the marina near the Four Seasons Resort about 2:30. The sky was beautifully clear and the sun was beginning to warm up the temperatures to the upper 70's. We rented a 21 foot inboard-outboard Bayliner, loaded our meager gear into the boat, and took off for the open waters. Scooting along at full throttle ( a guy thing ) the wind felt cold against our skin. Beth ducked down behind the windscreen for this part of the ride. We came to an area of the lake known as the "party cove." During the summer many boaters anchor and get down to some serious partying including drinking, nude sunbathing, skinny-dipping, and after dark, sex of all sorts. It is a popular area during the summer.

Today there were only 3 other boats here, one a pontoon boat with several couples aboard and the other 2 contained a couple of young guys probably hoping to get lucky. The wind was calm in the cove. Being anchored and still, the sunshine warmed us up considerably. Soon, Beth was on the fore deck, sitting on a towel applying tanning lotion. The yellow top was adjusted to minimize the triangle so that considerable amounts of each breast were exposed. In essence, the area around her nipples were the only things covered. The sun glistened off the lotion on her breasts and shoulders. She laid back on her towel and closed her eyes. We were about 20 to 30 feet from the other boats.

About 20 minutes later, she turned over and asked me to "do" her back. I knelt in front of her, reached down, and untied the small yellow straps on her back and neck. With the Rio cut bottom on, the only cloth covering her backside was a small patch over her butt. I doused her back with liberal amounts of lotion and slathered her good. I spent considerable time kneading her ass cheeks all the while minimizing the amount of coverage there too. She asked me to tell her if anybody was watching.

Looking around without being obvious, I noticed that the people on the pontoon boat were. The guys seemed to be occupied with something else. Beth told me to go get her a cold beer. When I brought one to her, she raised herself off the towel to sip from the can. In doing so, her breasts cleared the towel by several inches. She held this position several minutes sipping from the beer. She now had the guys in the other two boats attention too.

Her next move was to roll over onto her back while just holding the small bikini top on her breasts. The triangles just lay across them, barely covering her now hard nipples. At her request, I again applied tanning lotion to her - beginning with her legs. When I got to her stomach, I ran my hands in a circular motion, increasing the diameter with each circle. Soon I was at the bottom of her breasts. She lay there in her sunglasses, loose bikini top, and Rio cut bottoms. She told me that she could see the "boys" watching so she said "dare me." I dared her to let me uncover her breasts to apply lotion.

"Do it!" she whispered. I moved the top aside and massaged the lotion all over her breasts. I then left to get another beer. There she lay, topless with an appreciate and vocal audience. Hoots and whistles were coming from the boat of "boys." Still she laid there letting the sun warm her skin while the "boys" feasted on her near naked body. I stayed in the cockpit and watched her too.

My wife said, "Honey, I'm getting hot. Would you bring me another cold beer?" "Come and get it, just like you are, I dare you."

Beth sat up and then rose slowly, walking from the fore deck, through the windscreen window door, to the cockpit - naked except for the small patch of material covering her cunt. She took the beer and started to return. "No," I said, "sit here and let them see you topless." My wife obeyed and sat down on the rear-facing seat which is a lot like a chaise lounge. She sat back against the padded seat and sipped on her beer, her breasts glistening in the sun.

The "boys" had let their boat drift closer to us by adjusting their anchor line. They were only a couple of feet away now and were trying to start a conversation with Beth. She coyly ignored them, tossing the empty beer can on the deck. Beth smiled at them and still said nothing enjoying the thrill of being almost naked in front of strangers. She laid back against the chair back, stretched her arms above her head, elevating her breasts in a very sensuous display. One of the "boys" asked her if she wanted another beer. She said no that we had plenty on board. Next they asked her what kind of beer we had. She said Michelob.

Their next scheme was to ask her if she would trade some of our Mic for their Coors. She said sure. One of the "boys" brought their boat next to ours and held up a 6-pack. Now she had to act. Slowly, Beth sat upright, faced their boat and with her breasts jiggling and glistening in the sun, reached out and took it from the boy. She acted as natural as could be flaunting her near naked body in front of the boys. Tents were evident in all of their swim shorts. Placing their beer down beside her, she rose and walked to the cooler. My wife bent over (letting the bottoms ride high up into her butt crack) and slowly retrieved some Michelob from our cooler giving them a view of her naked back side. She told me later that she could feel the material of the bottoms sliding between her pussy lips and knew she was giving them a great view of her cunt.

Beth returned to the chaise seat, kneeled, and leaned out over our boat toward them holding the beer against her breasts, just below her erect nipples. The young man hesitated. Beth said, "Aren't you going to take your gift ---- beer?" Slowly he reached out and inserted his hand into the 6-pack carrier carton top. Doing so, she moved slightly forward so that his fingers brushed against her taunt nipples causing her to purr softly.

They sat there, drinking, and staring at Beth. Beth reclined in the chair, placing one foot on either side of the elongated chaise seat causing her scantily clad cunt to be exposed to them. She placed her hands behind her head; her breasts protruded invitingly. They tried to make conversation but faltered. Beth finished her beer and walked back to fore deck where she retrieved her towel, bikini top and tanning lotion. She draped the towel over her shoulders, letting each end hang down in the front basically draping over each breast.

She asked me to start the boat and head back to the marina. It was getting late and the sun wasn't as strong. The temperatures were dropping back to the low 70's. She took off the towel, stood and put the top back on. After re-tying the strings, I started the motor and got underway after hoisting anchor. Beth put the mesh covered top back on. She waved to all who remained back at "party cove" as we moved on.

She told me how incredibly turned-on she was being nearly nude in front of the boys. My wife told me that she wanted to do something more daring. I dared her to skinny dip in the next cove regardless of who is there in boats or ashore in the houses.

As soon as I rounded the point and headed into the next cove, Beth stripped off her suit and jumped in the lake. She was out of it in no time. It was way too cold. I took the towel and dried her off. Soon I too was naked and we were screwing like newly weds. You can really get an interesting rhythm going in a boat in the water. I told her to pretend she was tied to the chaise and the boys were taking turns screwing her. After bring her to a mind shattering orgasm we laid there in the cockpit and rested. She whispered that she was still turned on and wanted to do another "dare."

I told her to remove her bikini top and only wear the mesh cover-up when we returned to the dock. Beth said that she knew I'd suggest that and had prepared a surprise for me based on something Vicki did when she used to wash her car at her old apartment complex on Saturday mornings. In the small cloth bag she carried on, my wife found a yellow water-color paint marker. I was to paint a bikini top on her. I realized the implications immediately. I didn't paint much of her breasts, just a thin triangular strip that covered only her nipples. The rest of her breast I left exposed and unpainted.

After I completed a minimal triangle painted top, Beth took the strings out of her bikini top and retied them just below her breasts and around her neck. I stepped back and looked. From a distance of 10 feet or so, you couldn't tell. Closer and you could see her hard nipples and realize they were just covered by yellow paint. She replaced the mesh top and we motored slowly back to the marina, arriving near sundown.

At the marina, no one noticed she was topless with only paint covering her nakedness. Disappointed, she walked to the car and hung around as I settled up the bill with the marina. I sensed her frustration, so I dared her to go immediately to one of the lakeside clubs to display herself.

It was now dusk. This place we stopped to get a drink had boat docks on the lake side where you could drive your boat up, park in an slip, and walk up stairs to the club.

My wife walked in and headed for the rest room wearing a skirt wrap over the Rio cut bottoms and the mesh top over her painted breasts. I sat at a table and ordered a couple of beers. She eventually found me. There were 50 or 60 people there, milling about, some eating - some drinking - some just hanging. I dared her to undo the mesh top and let it fall on either side of her breasts. She slowly moved the material away exposing herself for anyone to see. I then dared her to slip off her bottoms. She did. I reached down and parted her legs so that the wrap gapped open to display her closely trimmed cunt.

I told her not to move an inch as I called the waiter over to order another beer for me. Then I asked her what she wanted. In the dim light of the club, the waiter began to gaze on her ample hard nippled chest. I watched his eyes travel down to her legs, up to my wife's cunt, and back to her breasts. She ordered a beer too. The waiter hesitated and then she said as she crossed her legs, "I see you like my new swim wear." He nodded and quickly left.

When he returned, we both almost chugged or beers. I dared her to walk out ahead of me and head down to the boat slips.

Slowly she strode through the club full of people until we exited and walked down the stairs to the boats. She was flashing her thighs and sometimes her trimmed cunt as the wrap skirt parted with every step.

Above us the club lights were shinning onto the lake water. Several boats were moored along the docks. One of them we recognized as belonging to the "boys." It was empty except for their cooler and some personal gear. Beth stepped into their boat and sat astride one of the seats. She unwrapped the skirt and told me to "do" her. Just to add excitement, I took ice from the cooler and rubbed it on her pussy, slowly inserting it into her steamy slit. Then I drove her wild as I searched for it with my tongue.

I took more ice and rubbed it around her nipples while I continued to lick her ever closer to orgasm. She was bucking and humping against my face and I was pinching her nipples and gently biting her clit. I mounted her naked body as she spread her legs wide for my cock in an open boat just below the club windows. The coolness of her pussy walls was an unusual sensation but didn't last long as I filled her with hot cum. We left the pool of cum, melted ice, and pussy juice on the boat seat. The ice on her breasts had washed off most of the yellow paint so that she was really exposed under the mesh top now.

We passed several people on our way back to the car and she was still extremely aroused when we arrived at the Grand Am. I dared her to lose the mesh top as I pinned her against the side of the car. Not only did she lose the top, she also undid the skirt wrap. I was kissing and nibbling on her breasts, fingering her cunt, and pressing her now naked body into the car door. People were returning to their cars from the club all around us. She undid my shorts and freed my hard manhood. Beth raised herself up by hanging on to my neck and then lowered herself on to me. Her legs wrapped around my waist as she rode me to a public climax.

I opened the door and lowered her into the passenger seat. I picked up her discarded wraps and tossed them into the back seat and started he car. I drove onto the highway with Beth still stripped naked in the front seat.

I dared her to suck me off at the next traffic light. She had my dick deep in her mouth, sucking and tonguing around my shaft when I pulled up to the light next to another car. I told her they were watching and could see her head bobbing up and down over my lap. My wife shivered a little at the thought of being watched. When she squeezed my balls, I blew my last load right into her mouth. She held my dick with her lips until I quit spurting cum. She sat-up in the seat and let it dribble out of her mouth, spilling onto her breasts. She smeared it all over as she reached down as she fingered herself some more. The people along side grinned and gave us a thumbs-up approval signal.

We left the last traffic light and headed for Interstate 44 back to St. Louis. Beth was naked in the front seat and me bare from the waist down as she had helped me out of my shorts earlier.

What a trip. She told me on the way back home that she thought about shaving her pubic hair so that I could paint a thong bottom to go with her painted top. She wants to model "it" for some guys. Maybe returning to the same club on the lake next summer. I like the painted clothes idea. Halloween could be great fun. She told me that I would have lots of fun on Halloween as I was to have two dates that night, she and Vicki.

What do you and AJ think, Barb? Have any suggestions or for that matter, ideas for future dares?
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