Dicking For My Wife

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: My Friends on the Net

From: Seeshow (Jim)

Subject: I call this story `Dicking for my Wife' I received it from a BBS Friend who claims it to be a true story about how his relationship changed with his wife after she caught him playing with himself. I sometimes enjoy stories about `wimp' husbands and although I don't put myself in this writer's category, (of being a wimp) I can understand some of his feelings - especially getting to act out some of his fantasies that included watching his wife fuck another man! Hope you enjoy it. If you do, drop me some E-mail at seeshow@direclynx.net


I love to masturbate. I've never admitted that to anyone before. I'm writing this E-mail and sending it off to you, Jim, only on the basis that I can remain anonymous. I guess that tells you how embarrassed I am about being a masturbator. The truth is that our society is not very kind to someone who `jacks-off'. From the time I was a child I'd heard all the derogatory remarks about those who play with themselves. When I was very young someone told me that all boys like to play with themselves, but it would stop as soon as I started fucking girls. As a matter of fact it never stopped and I don't want to stop. Even after I got married, I continued to play with myself on a regular basis. I never really deprived my wife of sex. We still make love three or four times a week, but I play with myself about that many times per week as well. I have one overriding fantasy that I have in my mind when I masturbate. I always think of my wife fucking another man. The letters in men's magazine that really turn me on is where the wife makes it with another man in front of her husband. I especially get off, literally, on those stories where the husband is subservient to his wife, or forced to watch as his wife willingly fucks several other men. You know the ones I mean; the poor husband has lost his wife in a poker game and has to watch his wife get fucked to fulfil the lost bet; or the poor husband has been tied up by a motorcycle gang and forced to watch his wife suck and fuck all the gang members, she starts out afraid and shy but before it's all over she is loving it and begging for more from some `real men'; or the one where the wife is very dominate and gets her kicks off by forcing her husband to watch as she fucks some big black stud; or the one where the husband has had to allow his boss to fuck his wife to get a promotion, at first she protests but then she enjoys it more than she ever did with her hubby. Like I said, those are the kind of stories that I love to beat my meat over.

I have tried watching X-rated videos, but they seldom have this kind of scene in them. If anyone ever makes such a movie I'll buy it and jack-off over it, but in the meantime I am very content just to read sexy letters and stories in your magazine and others like it. Or I should say I was content until a few months ago when something happened that has changed my masturbating habits forever.

It was on a Wednesday, my one afternoon off from work. Since my wife also works, Wednesdays were always the one day that I could count on having the house to myself. It was great that instead of having to sneak off to my basement workshop to play with myself, I could do it in the comfort of our bedroom. I had got home at my usual Wednesday time of a little after 1:00 P.M. and after a quick sandwich headed for the basement workshop. I gathered up some of my best `girly' mags and letter publications from their hiding places along with my heavy oil and brought them up to the bedroom. After spreading the magazines out onto the bed, and stripping off my work cloths, I spread plenty of my special heavy oil onto my already stiffening prick. (I make my own special brand of cock lubricant to use when I play with myself. I found out that baby oil was to runny and Vaseline was too thick. I take one part oil to 2 parts Vaseline and melt them together to get just the right consistency of lubricant for playing with my cock. It works just great and allows me to play with myself for hours without ever getting sore)

Besides spreading out the magazines I had also popped an X-video into our VCR and started it before becoming completely absorbed in reading your letters to the editor. As a matter of fact I was so engrossed that I never heard my wife come into the house. She had a bad day and left work early to be with me. Needles to say she was shocked to see me sitting on the bed turning the pages with my left hand and stroking myself with the right hand, while the TV was showing a beautiful blonde sucking the cock of one guy and being fucked by a big black stud at the same time. Her shock quickly turned to anger and she did something she had never done in our fourteen years of marriage. She started slapping me! When I first realized she was there in the room I stood motionless and felt a deep sense of shame and guilt. My proud cock went limp and I didn't say anything even when she began to slap me. As she continued slapping me the strangest thing happened inside me. I realized I deserved it and probably a whole lot more, but the punishment my wife was dishing out to me was making my guilt and shame disappear. As my shame was subsiding it was being replaced by feeling of sexual arousal deep in my loins. After all wasn't this part of my fantasy, to have a dominate wife who wasn't afraid to slap her husband around. By not saying or doing anything to my wife as she slapped me, I just let her vent her anger until it subsided in her. She was still angry enough to snatch the magazine story from me and march out of the room, though. When she left, I collected the remainder of the magazines from the bed and piled them neatly onto the floor. I was walking over to turn off the TV set when Janey came back into our bedroom waiving the magazine story I had just been reading.

"Is this the kind of shit that turns you on?" she spit out at me. I didn't really reply but I kind of hung my head in shame and nodded a yes. She had obviously thumbed trough my reading material. It was a story of a dominate wife, dressed in leather and chains, who enjoyed making her husband watch and play with himself as she fucked and sucked a black cocksman.

"I think I'll just subject you to the same kind of treatment and see how much you like living out your fantasy. What do you think about that, you Jack-off?"

She was obviously still very mad at me and latter I found out she had stopped to have a drink or two on the way home. The combination of a few drinks and being very angry with me made her more dominate then she had ever been in our relationship. The strange thing is that instead of getting angry myself to meet her challenge, I started cowering to her. They say when faced with a challenge you either fight or flight. I guess at that point I was too ashamed of myself to do anything but take whatever punishment and verbal abuse my wife wanted to dish out. I just kind of stuttered to her question that I probably would deserve it. I really did mean it, after all I had been cheating on her with myself for fourteen years without ever telling her about my weakness.

She responded to my weak statement while continuing to wave the magazine in front of my face, "O.K.. asshole. I will treat you just like the weak-kneed husband in this story. The first thing I want you to do is go out to the store and buy me some sexy leathers just like the wife wears in here while I call someone to come over and fuck me good." I know that she expected that what she had just said would get me upset, but her harsh words had the effect of exciting my loins. As a matter of fact I started getting a hard on as I stood there taking this well deserved harsh treatment from my normally very mild and loving wife. As she spoke to me my dick began to rise and my wife saw it. She was in no mood to be kind or loving to me at this point and she told me how disgusting I was. She told me to get out of her sight and not come home until I had bought the right kind of cloths for her to dominate me in.

As I got dressed, I heard her on the phone talking to our pool man, Ralph. He is a big black man who cleans our pool twice a month. I never really appreciated the way he looked over my Janey, especially when she was in her skimpy bikini. I overheard her tell him to come right over because she needed some special treatment from him that she knew he'd be happy to give her. I'm sure he got the meaning in her innuendos as he agreed to come over to our house right away.

When I left the house, I went straight to a sex store I knew of not far from our neighborhood and purchased my wife's requested leather and chain type of clothing, along with extra high heels, sexy black nylons and even a short leather tongued whip. I can't describe how sexually excited I was thinking that I might really live out a life long fantasy with my wife. My emotions bounced around from hard dick excitement, to fear that she might really do what she said she would do with another man, to shame and guilt for being discovered jacking-off, back to sexual excitement over the possibility of living out one of my fantasies with my wife.

By the time I got back with my wife's sexy dominate cloths, Ralph had already arrived. it became apparent that what my wife had said before about making love to another man while I watched WAS NO IDLE THREAT. When I arrived in the door, Ralph jumped back from my wife's side. I'm sure that they had been kissing before I walked in the door. Janey told Ralph not to worry about me being there because what I thought or did just wasn't that important to her right then. After saying that she drew Ralph close to her again and gave him a long wet kiss right in front of me. When she released Ralph from her grip, she steeped over to me, took the packages from under my arms, and said to me, "Let's see if you made good choices for me. While I get undressed get Ralph whatever he wants to drink."

I did as requested and took Ralph into our den for a drink. We spent some uncomfortable time together as Ralph looked at me in a very puzzled manner. I finally explained to him over his second bourbon and water that Janey and I had a little spat and that this was her way of getting even. I also admitted to Ralph that I probably deserved this and I was willing to take what ever it was that my wife wanted to dish out to me as deserving punishment. Ralph's only comment was that, he wasn't sure what it was I had done, but he was glad I did it because he had been dreaming of getting his big black hands on her plush white tits for a long time.

I swallowed hard at his remarks trying to shove back the jealousy that was overcoming me. I realized then that it was one thing to fantasize and another to have it actually happen. I knew that in a matter of minutes that my wife would be having sex with another man for the first time in our fourteen years of marriage and now I was beginning to have a lot of second doubts. But I also knew there was no turning back now. Just then, my wife came into the room and I realized that I didn't want to turn back. She looked like the perfect mistress with her ultra high 6" heels, black silk nylons, black leather corset with metal chains for a waist clincher and a black studded collar. To top it all off she was brandishing the cat-o-nine tales whip I had purchased for her. My dick got an immediate hard on and I could see a bulge beginning in Ralph's pants.

"Come over here, you fucking jack-off and take off your cloths." my wife spit out at me. The vehemence in her voice caught me off guard, but I did as requested or I should say as commanded. It was obvious to me that she was still steamed at me for my years of masturbation while being married to her. I dropped out of my shoes and socks first then my shirt and finally my pants.

"Get those underpants off quickly my piss-ant. I want your ass bare so I can whip it properly." True to her words, as I dropped my underpants to the floor, she started whipping me really hard with the leather whip. My boner shrank back down from the pain of her whipping. Somehow I expected it to be just pleasant light playful strokes, rather than the pain my wife was directing at my ass.

"Look at his dick would you Ralph, what a miserable excuse for a prick. Why don't you show us a real cock?"

Ralph, without saying a word unzipped his pants and whipped out just about the biggest cock I'd ever seen close up and personal. (Maybe, Johnny Keys or John Holmes had bigger ones, but his was the largest I'd seen in person) It must have been almost ten inches in a semi-flaccid state. The diameter was so big that I knew my wife would not be able to put her hand all the way around it. The size of his dick took Janey back for a moment to, but not for very long.

"Oh yes, that's the kind of dick I've dreamed about."

Then my wife walked over to Ralph and took his monster cock into her hand, stroking it slowly like some type of musical instrument. "Please fuck me with this marvelous cock." "What about him?" Ralph asked, not even looking my way. Janey began sliding Ralph's pants off him and removing his shirt as she replied, "I want him to stay and watch me fuck a real man. Let him play with his little dick until it's sore, That's all he's good at, the fucking bastard jack-off." Strangely enough that's just what I wanted to do. I'm sure Janey thought she was really punishing me, but to tell the truth, I was beginning to love every minute of it. The humiliation and domination by my wife, the anticipation of watching her fuck with a big black stud. These were my fantasies come true. My dick was getting very hard and big. Not nearly as big as Ralph's, but nice and big for me. I swear my normal hard-on of 6" was a full 1" larger and my dick felt harder than I ever remember. Now Ralph did glance my way, I guess to make sure I wasn't going to take offense at Janey's remarks or get angry. Fat chance of that, if I tried anything I knew Ralph could overpower me and I also knew, instinctively, that if I didn't do what Janey requested my marriage would be down the tubes.

As Janey continued to fondle his dick, Ralph began to massage my wife's tits, very gently for such a big man. Ralph backed up a couple of steps to the coach, and sat down, pulling my Janey on top of his lap. Now her gigantic bared tits were practically in his face. The next move was fairly obvious; Ralph buried his face in my wife's sweet cleavage. I sat motionless unable to do anything but watch with fascination and listen to my wife's breathless exclamations. Ohhhh that's nice," Janey cooed. "Kiss them, and tongue them, while my husband watches." I know I should have been jealous and angry over the slutty way my wife was acting but, I have to admit, that I couldn't really control the growing pleasure in my loins. Ralph continued to be very bold about feasting on my wife's boobies while I was watching. He slurped on them for almost 10 minutes. I could tell from the guttural sounds that my Janey was making that she had at least one or two mini-orgasms while wriggling her ass around on his lap. I was sitting there playing with myself when it hit me that Ralph must have a massive hard on by now also, especially with Janey jiggling on his lap with her sweet ass. Before I could say or do anything, Janey broke the silence with, "Ohh, God that fells good! I can feel your dick getting harder and harder against my ass. You are such a big horny stud. Please undress me the rest of the way and fuck me in front of my wimpy husband."

What man could resist that kind of offer. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom as I followed after them like a puppy dog. After placing her on the bed he slid her leather corset all the way off and removed Janey's panties, leaving her heels, garter and nylons on. He stood up, never even glancing my way and quickly shed the rest of his cloths. While he dropped his cloths to the floor my wife looked over at me with the same contempt she showed ever since discovering me masturbating. However, this time her voice was a little less harsh as she said, "Go ahead baby, keep playing with it. I want to see your hard dick while Ralph fucks me." She said it so matter of factly that It sounded almost like something we did ever day. I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut and look on as Ralph mounted Janey on the bed missionary style. It wasn't long before my wife was in the type of ecstasy she normally reserved for me. She wrapped her legs around him as he gave her long strokes into her seething pussy. I kept my hands on my hard dick like Janey had demanded as I watched them. Ralph had doubled over slightly so that he could fuck Janey and suck on one of her soft bosoms at the same time. He was really pumping her hard and Janey was loving it! They changed position at Janey's suggestion. Ralph laid on his back with his big 10 inches in the air while she mounted him straddle style allowing him free access to continue sucking her pillowy tits. Janey rode up and down on Ralph's cock making soft slurping noises as her cunt hit the base of his massive cock, over and over again.

"Ohhh yesss...., fuck me with your fat black cock. Don't ever stop. Mmmmm .... Ralph your sooo biiiggg. Give it to meee all night long." Then glancing my way, "Jim, your little wife is getting the shit fucked out of her by a big black stud. Look at me riding Ralph's cock. This is what you wanted wasn't it? How does it feel to see your wife get fucked by a real man, you fucking wimp?" What could I say? The truth of it was that it was exactly the type of fantasy I've always craved. Now that it was real I wasn't really sure of all my emotions. However, the fire in my loins soon pushed out any thoughts but those that made me realize how incredibly sexy my wife looked and was acting as she got fucked by her black lover. As Ralph continued to pound his massive cock in and out of her pussy, my wife changed her position again. This time she went on her back so that her legs were spread further apart and then she lifted her legs so that they were reaching wantonly toward the ceiling. They continued their relentless fucking as his balls sounded a resounding splat every time he pistoned into her cunt. I thought to myself that the position of Janey's legs must be tiring on her. As if she was reading my mind, my wife opened her eyes slightly from the delicious sexual delirium she was in and addressed me.

"I'm getting tired with my legs in the air. Hold them up for me so I can continue to enjoy Ralph's big cock pounding my pussy, you asshole." Although I did as told it made me very unhappy that I had to give up pulling at my own cock to assist my wife in her fucking of Ralph. My cock just dangled between my legs as I helped to steady my wife's legs wide apart for Ralph's continued assault upon my Janey's pussy. Finally, after about ten minutes, my wife again changed her position to lay on her side, so that I could return to the wonderful fondling of my dick again. After turning on her side my wife told me, "Now go back to playing with your little worm. Play with it until it bleeds." What the hell could I do but play with my dick for all it was worth? The absence of my hand from my cock while holding my wife's legs for her had made my dick super-sensitive to my touch. I couldn't contain myself as Janey's squeals got louder and louder finally screaming through an intense orgasm. My cum spurted on our bedroom carpet as I let my load fly. Ralph wasn't prepared to have it over so quickly, however, and he continued fucking her as he mounted her doggy style playing with her tits from behind. My wife told me to get in front of her so she could keep her eye on me. They had been at it for an hour and Janey was obviously in seventh haven.

Our love making had never taken this long and I knew she was getting the fucking of her life. She literally screamed through her third orgasm of the night and Ralph couldn't resist any longer. Suddenly Ralph began to jerk all over and as he did, he pulled out of my wife's sopping wet cunt and spilled his oncoming load of hot jizz all over the crack of Janey's ass and the small of her back.

Janey turned her head my way and told me in no uncertain terms, "God that was great. Be a good little jack-off and lick Ralph's cum from my ass, you wimp." I hesitated for just a second or two and she added, "Do it NOW, you fucking asshole. " I hesitated no longer for my wonderful mistress and began licking her ass as commanded. Her sweat and Ralph's cum made a strange salty taste in my mouth. "That's it, lick my ass real good and I might let you lick out my pussy some time soon." That was all the encouragement I needed to re-double my efforts to do a good job at being an ass licker. After swallowing up every bit of Ralph's cum from her sweet body, my wife collapsed on the bed. Ralph got up, got dressed and left without saying a word to Janey or me. After Ralph left my wife didn't say a word to me. In fact she didn't really talk to me for several days.

Finally, after I did a lot of begging and pleading for her forgiveness, she told me that one night wasn't going to wipe out the fourteen years that I had been cheating on her by having sex with myself instead of her. She explained to me that what transpired with Ralph was going to happen with other men, until she felt that we were even. Since then my Janey has had a lot of men come to our house to fuck her in front of me. I have even had to recruit a lot of her lovers myself. She always pours verbal abuse on me as I am made to watch her fuck and suck her lovers. She has also really taken to being my sex master when we are alone, wearing her leather outfits, and treating me with the type of contempt I deserve. And you know what? I hope she never feels the score is evened, she is making all my sexual fantasies come true and I love it!
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