Dicking My Dick-Beating Husband

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: My Friends on the Net From: Seeshow (Jim)

Subject: My original story `Dicking1' was received by me from a guy on a BBS who enjoyed watching his wife fuck their pool man. Later I received some correspondence from his wife and she told the same story but from a very different perspective. Hope you like it.


I know that my husband loves to masturbate. He has been doing it behind my back for years, the little sneak. I guess he's always been too embarrassed to tell me about it. He still makes love to me several times a week, but I know that he sneaks off to his basement workshop to play with his dick quite frequently. I found a bunch of`girly mags' in his basement years ago and never told him about it. Why should I? I was glad that he only wanted sex once or twice a week, because I have my own real lovers to keep me content, not some stupid magazines and pictures.

I started cheating on my husband almost within a year from when we got married. My first boss kept after me until I got tired of saying no to him. He was an extremely good looking older man. He kept telling me how his wife didn't understand his sexual needs and after I became intimate with him I knew why. He had a few sexual fetishes, which were kind of bizarre to me at the time. Maybe because he was in charge all the time everywhere else, he wanted to be just the opposite in bed. He confessed to me early on that he wanted me to be his boss when it came to sex. He even began to buy me sexy master type outfits that he wanted me to wear whenever we had sex. In time I began to like my role with my boss. Whenever we stepped behind closed doors, I became his sexual master and he became my sex slave. There wasn't any command that I would give him that was too dominate for him. The harsher and crueler I treated him the better he liked it. Our sex games fell just short of real physical abuse, but I gave him plenty of verbal abuse and humiliation.

Unfortunately, John moved up the corporate ladder and moved to another city. My new boss didn't fool around and even though I did find plenty of men that wanted to have sex with me, I couldn't find one that was willing to take the role as my sex slave. My latest lover is Ralph our big black pool-man. After watching him eye me up in my bikini, it wasn't hard for me to figure out that with a little encouragement, I could have him fucking me. I waited until my husband was out of town for a weekend, when I made my move on him. I was so damn glad that I did when I saw the size of his cock. He had one that my husband could never measure up to. Having a big black stud as a lover isn't all bad, but I still miss being able to be the sex mistress that I was able to do with my boss, John. The more I thought of my particular desires and my husband's need for self abuse and secrecy about it, the more an idea began to formulate in my mind that just might enable me to have my cake and eat it too.

A few months ago I decided I might be able to shame my husband enough over his `secretive' masturbating to be abusive to him in a sexual relationship, at least once. What I started then has worked out so much better than I had originally planned that I feel I must share my new sexual joy in this E-mail to you, Jim.

It was on a Wednesday, my husband's afternoon off from work, that I put my plan into effect. I knew that Wednesdays were the one day that I could count on my husband playing with himself. He had been having this afternoon off each week, because his job requires him to work on Saturday morning. He always treated it casual, but I knew that instead of sneaking off to the basement workshop to play with himself, that he would do it in the comfort of our bedroom. I left work early that afternoon, telling my boss I had a bad headache. Instead I knew I was about to give one to my husband. I arrived home at about 1:30 P.M. being very careful not to make any noise as I came in he driveway and up the steps to our bedroom. As I knew he would be my husband was on the bed with his dick well oiled up, playing with himself while looking at and reading sexy articles. Besides having his dirty magazines spread out on the bed he had an XXX-video playing on our TV. I waited a few seconds then flung the door open and acted very shocked to see him sitting on the bed turning the pages with his one hand and stroking himself with the other. I turned on my best acting ability as I allowed him to believe my shock turned into anger. I carefully evaluated his reaction and I was pleased to see what looked like total embarrassment and shame cross his face. I decided to proceed with the next step of my plan and I went across the room and began slapping him! When I first saw him he had his cock in his hand and it was rock hard. Then when he saw me it went immediately limp as he knew he had been discovered being a `bad boy'. But the funny thing now was that his dick was becoming semi-hard again as I stood there and slapped him. He did nothing to stop me from slapping him and seemed to actually take some pleasure in it. I was thrilled about this as I began to suspect that I could make him my unwitting love slave in the near future.

After slapping him for a few more hard whacks I snatched the magazine story from him and stomped out of the room still acting as though I was extremely angry. I knew all of this would be confusing to my husband who had never seen me act this way toward him in all our years of marriage. It sure was the way I wanted to act though and I had to leave the room so that he couldn't see the pleasure I was taking in all this. As soon as I left the bedroom, I went to the bathroom to see what kind of sexual material he was reading so I could determine what his sexual fantasies were about. What I saw brought a shiver of delight to me. It was better than I could have hoped for. He was reading a letter about a guy who's wife was a domintrix and made him watch her having sex with other men.

All of a sudden it hit me, if I played my cards right not only could I get Jack to be my sex slave , but I could also enjoy big black studs like Ralph right in front of my husband's nose. I started to calculate my next moves and made up my mind what to do. I came back into our bedroom waving the magazine story he had just been reading.

"Is this the kind of shit that turns you on?" I spit out at him.

He didn't really reply but kind of hung his head in shame and nodded a yes.

"I think I'll just subject you to the same kind of treatment and see how much you like living out your fantasy. What do you think about that, you jack-off?"

I was still acting the part of the offended faithful wife and he was buying ever bit of it. Fortunately, instead of getting angry and meeting my challenge, he started cowering to me. I had counted on him remaining too ashamed of himself to do anything but take whatever punishment and verbal abuse I would dish out, and it was working. He just kind of stuttered to my question that, yes he probably would deserve it. Fantastic! The stupid shit actually bought it and was so ashamed of himself that he was willing to take whatever punishment I would dole out to him. I guess he felt had been cheating on me with himself for all these years without ever telling me about his weakness.

I responded to his meek reply by continuing to wave the magazine in front of his face, "O.K. asshole. I will treat you just like the weak-kneed husband in this story. The first thing I want you to do is go out to the store and buy me some sexy leathers just like the wife wears in this magazine while I call someone to come over and fuck me good."

I know that this was the acid test. If he didn't balk at this I knew that deep down he wanted his fantasies to come true and that he really did want to be treated as a sexual subordinate to a strong women. In fact I believe I saw him starting to get a hard-on as he stood there taking this harsh treatment from his normally very mild and loving wife. I couldn't let up now that I had him on the ropes. I continued to be abusive to him telling him how disgusting he was. I told him to get out of my sight and not come home until he had bought the same kind of clothes that were described in the magazine's sexy story.

As Jack got dressed, I got on the phone to Ralph and told him to come right over because I needed some special pool treatment from him that I knew he'd be happy to give me. That's the normal signal I give him when Jack wasn't home and I wanted Ralph's cock filling my pussy. Naturally, he agreed to come over to the house right away. I didn't bother explaining the situation to him about Jack being part of the sex scene this time. I figured I could fill Ralph in when arrived.

I heard my husband go out the door and I was so excited that he seemed to be taking the bait. He was actually going out to buy be some dominate type clothing and then come back and watch me fuck another man. What he didn't know at this point was how abusive I was going to be to him, the piss-ant. I was already beginning to think of him as my sex slave rather than my husband and I could hardly wait for it all to begin. I sat down and poured myself a couple of stiff drinks waiting for Ralph who apparently had some other business to take care of because it took him quite a while to get to our house. As he walked in the door I was able to tell him that my husband was going to come in the door any minute but that it was O.K. because I felt I now had him under my thumb, but I still didn't want him to say anything about our affair. That was about all I was able to convey to Ralph before he took me in his arms and began his delicious tongue kissing that he does so well.

Just at about that time my husband arrived popping the door open and almost discovering Ralph kissing me. Ralph jumped back from my side. Partially to cover up my almost being discovered and partially to set the tone for the oncoming events, I told Ralph not to worry about my husband being there because what he thought or did just wasn't that important to me right then. After saying that I drew Ralph close to me again and gave him a long wet kiss right in front of Jack. When I released Ralph from my grip, I moved close to my husband and took the packages from under his arms. I told him,"Let's see if you made good choices for me. While I get undressed get Ralph whatever he wants to drink." I was hoping that Ralph wouldn't say anything about our ongoing affair, and I was pretty sure he wouldn't since he's the strong silent type. I rushed in to take off my clothes and try on my dominitrix clothing. It was perfect! Jack had bought me a very sexy leather and chain type corset, along with extra high heels, sexy black nylons and even a short leather taunged whip. As I came back into the den I was wondering if Jack was having any second doubts. But I also knew there was no turning back for him now. He just had to be my sex slave from now on. I knew that at least he would be for tonight to try and redeem himself in my eyes for his misbehavior earlier. I was hoping that I looked like the perfect mistress with my ultra high 5" heels, black silk nylons, black leather corset with metal chains for a waist clincher and a black studded collar. To top it all off I was brandishing the cat-o-nine tales whip that Jack had purchased for me. I noticed that both guys were getting a bulge in their pants from looking at me and I knew that I was looking very sexy.

"Come over here, you fucking jack-off and take off your cloths." I spit out at my husband. The vehemence in my voice may have caught him off guard, but he did as requested or I should say as commanded. I tried to make it obvious to him that I was still steamed at him for his years of masturbation while being married to me. Whatever it was it worked because the next thing I observed was Jack dropping out of his shoes and socks first then his shirt and finally his pants. I knew it would take a little more cajoling on my part to get him to drop his underpants in front of Ralph.

"Get those underpants off quickly my piss-ant. I want your ass bare so I can whip it properly." I spat out at him, hoping for the right response on his part. Damned if I didn't get it! He dropped his underpants and turned his ass to me as he slightly bent at the waist, offering his cheeks to my whip. True to my words, I started whipping him really hard with the leather whip. Perhaps I went at it too vigorously because I saw his boner shrink down from the pain of my whipping. I eased up on him, making the strokes lighter now so as to increase his pleasure and reduce his pain. I saw his dick beginning to come back to life and I knew it was time to subject him to some humiliation. "Look at his dick would you Ralph, what a miserable excuse for a prick. Why don't you show us a real cock?" I said to my black lover. Ralph, without saying a word unzipped his pants and whipped out his enormous cock. It must have been a good nine inches in it's semi-flaccid state. I'm sure it was a revelation to my husband to see a cock about 3 to 4 inches larger than his. But the thing I really love about Ralph's cock is that it his really big in circumference. The diameter is so big that I'm not able to put my hand all the way around it when it's fully erect. I couldn't help admiring it one more time, and it gave me a thrill to be admiring it as my husband watched me doing so. I pretended that it was the first time I had ever seen it by saying, "Oh yes, that's the kind of dick I've dreamed about."

Then I walked over to Ralph and took his monster cock into my hand, stroking it slowly like some type of musical instrument. "Please fuck me with this marvelous cock." I said looking over at my husband too see what effect my words had on him.

"What about him?" Ralph asked also looking Jack's way. I began sliding Ralph's pants off him and removing his shirt as I replied, "I want him to stay and watch me fuck a real man. Let him play with his little dick until it's sore, That's all he's good at, the fucking bastard jack-off."

Strangely enough that was just the right thing to say in front of Jack. I guessed that his sexual fantasy was beginning to override any jealousy he had at this point. These were his fantasies come true. I could see his dick was getting very hard and big. Of course, not nearly as big as Ralph's, but nice and big for Jack. I could tell that his normal hard-on of about 5" was a full 1" larger and his dick looked harder than I'd seen it in a long time.

Ralph continued to look in Jack's direction, I guess to make sure that Jack wasn't going to take offense at my remarks or get angry with him. Fat chance of that, if Jack tried anything I knew Ralph could overpower him and he also knew, that if he didn't do what I requested his marriage would be down the tubes.

As I continued to fondle Ralph's dick, he began to massage my tits, very gently for such a big man. He backed up a couple of steps to the coach, sat down and pulled me on top of his lap. Now my luscious bared tits were practically in his face. The next move was fairly obvious; Ralph buried his face in my sweet cleavage. Jack sat motionless unable to do anything but watch with fascination and listen to my breathless exclamations.

"Ohhhh that's nice," I cooed. "Kiss them, and tongue them, while my jack-off husband watches." What a wimpy asshole Jack was. Instead of being jealous and angry over the slutty way I was acting he was taking it in stride and actually getting a sexual thrill from it all. Ralph continued to be very bold about feasting on my boobies while Jack was watching. He slurped on them for almost ten minutes. I couldn't help having a couple of mini-climaxes as my wimp husband watched and listened to my guttural thrills of delight while wriggling my ass around on Ralph's lap. My husband was sitting there playing with himself as I felt Ralph's massive hard-on poking at my jiggling ass, and I told him, "Ohh, God that fells good! I can feel your dick getting harder and harder against my ass. You are such a big horny stud. Please undress me the rest of the way and fuck me in front of my limp-dicked husband."

What man could resist that kind of offer. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom as my husband followed after us like a puppy dog. After placing me on the bed he slid my leather corset all the way off and removed my panties, leaving my heels, garter and nylons on. He stood up, never even glancing my husband's way and quickly shed the rest of his clothes. While he dropped his clothes to the floor I decide it was time to give Jack just a little breathing room. After all I didn't want the noose to tight around his neck. I took a little harshness out of my voice as I said, "Go ahead baby, keep playing with it. I want to see your hard dick while Ralph fucks me."

I said it so matter of factly that it sounded almost like something we did ever day. Of course my husband had no choice but to keep his mouth shut and look on as Ralph mounted me on the bed missionary style. It wasn't long before I was in the type of ecstasy that I never felt with Jack. I wrapped my legs around Ralph as he gave me long strokes into my already juicing pussy. Jack kept his hands on his dick as I had demanded and just sat there watching us. Ralph had doubled over slightly so that he could fuck me and suck on one of my soft bosoms at the same time. He was really pumping me hard and I was loving it! We changed position at my suggestion. Ralph laid on his back with his big 10 inches in the air while I mounted him side-straddle style allowing him free access to continue sucking my pillowy tits. I rode up and down on Ralph's cock making soft slurping noises as my cunt hit the base of his massive cock, over and over again on my down stroke.

"Ohhh yesss...., fuck me with your fat black cock. Don't ever stop. Mmmmm .... Ralph your sooo biiiggg. Give it to meee allll night long." Then glancing my hubby's way, I said, "Jack, your little wife is getting the shit fucked out of her by a big black stud. Look at me riding Ralph's cock. This is what you wanted wasn't it? How does it feel to see your wife get fucked by a real man, you fucking wimp?"

What could he say? I knew I had him by the balls now. The truth of it was that it was exactly the type of fantasy he craved and had jacked-off over. Now that it was real I wasn't sure he would go along with all the humiliation I was dishing out to him, but the big dick in his hands told me that his sexual fantasy was winning out over any feelings of jealousy or self-respect he might have felt.

As Ralph continued to pound his massive cock in and out of my pussy, I changed position again. This time I went on my back so that my legs were spread further apart and then I lifted my leg so that they were reaching wantonly toward the ceiling. Ralph continued his relentless fucking as his balls sounded a resounding splat every time he pistoned into my cunt. My legs were getting a little tired so I told Jack, "I'm getting tired with my legs in the air. Hold them up for me so I can continue to enjoy Ralph's big cock pounding my pussy, you jag-off."

Although he did as told, I knew it made him very unhappy that he had to give up pulling at his cock to assist me in my fucking with Ralph. His cock dangled limply between his legs as he helped to steady my legs wide apart for Ralph's continued assault upon my cunt. Finally, after about ten minutes, we changed positions to lay on our sides, and Jack immediately returned to the fondling his dick.

As I turned on my side I told him, "Now go back to playing with your little worm. Play with it until it bleeds."

At this point I didn't much care about what Jack or anybody else did. I was beginning to experience an earth shattering climax. My squeals of delight and sexual fulfillment got louder and louder as I finally screamed through an intense orgasm. When I looked up Jack was also popping his cork as his cum spurted on our bed room carpet.

Ralph wasn't prepared to have it over so quickly, however, and he continued fucking me as he mounted me doggy style playing with my tits from behind. I told Jack to get in front of me so I could keep my eye on him and his little worm.

Ralph and I had been at it for an hour and I was obviously in seventh haven. It didn't take Ralph long to get me up for a second climax and I literally screamed through my third orgasm of the night. Ralph couldn't resist any longer and he began to jerk al lover. As he did, he pulled out of my sopping wet cunt and spilled his oncoming load of hot jizz all over the crack of my ass and the small of my back. I turned my head in my husband's direction and told him in no uncertain terms, "God that was great. Be a good little jack-off and lick Ralph's cum from my ass, you wimp." He hesitated for just a second or two and so I added,"Do it NOW you fucking asshole." He didn't hesitate any longer for his mistress and began licking my ass as commanded. "That's it, lick my ass real good and I might let you lick out my pussy some time soon."

That was all the encouragement I needed to give for Jack to re-double his efforts and to do a good job at being an ass licker. After swallowing up every bit of Ralph's cum from my sweaty body, I collapsed on the bed. Ralph got up, got dressed and left without saying a word to Jack or me. God, I love the strong silent type!

After Ralph left I didn't say a word to Jack, either. In fact I didn't really talk to him for several days, continuing my act that I was still upset about his self-abuse of the previous day. Jack bought every bit of it. He even brought me flowers and pleaded with me to FORGIVE HIM. Finally, after he did a lot of begging and pleading for my forgiveness, I told him that one night wasn't going to wipe out the fourteen years that he had been cheating on me by having sex with himself instead of me. I explained to him that what transpired with Ralph was going to happen with other men, until I felt that we were even. Since then I have had a lot of men come to our house to fuck me in front of my husband. My wimp husband has even done some of the recruiting of my lovers. I always pour verbal abuse on Jack as I make him watch me fuck and suck my lovers. I have also really taken to being his sex master when we are alone, wearing my leather outfits, and treating him with the type of contempt a wimpy sex slave like him deserves.

And you know what? I don't thing the score will ever even up. I really know that deep down Jack hopes that our love making never goes back to the way it was. After all I'm making all his sexual fantasies come true. What he doesn't know is that it's also making all mine come true!
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