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Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999



My wife and I have known one another now for about eight years and our life together is getting more exciting all the time, especially in the sex department. Both of us have interesting well paying professional careers that provide us all the money we need to pursue the good things of life, including our sexual appetites. Laura and I met when she was going to an all girl's exclusive college. She had led a reserved and sheltered life until we met and I introduced her to wild sex and other fun. Since then she has made up for it and has started to surpass her teacher. One of the reasons she had not been more of a swinger is that she was a "plain Jane".

Laura came from a strict family where she used no make up and didn't know how to dress in anything but drab, non-sexy clothing. Her shape was good, except for smallish breasts, but she kept her long sexy tapered legs, narrow waist and pert little ass completely hidden. Her nose was a little too large, but her luscious lips and big green eyes attracted me to her instantly. I knew that under her calm exterior and bulky clothes a sex starved women was ready to be released.

After we both graduated from school and got married, we began to make more money than we could have imagined as starving grad-students. Laura and I have used some of that money to completely alter her college image. Some plastic surgery has given Laura a very sexy pert nose and delicious full breasts. Now, Laura is an extremely sexy and beautiful women. She is 29 yrs old with luscious silicon aided tits, luscious big red juicy lips, small delicate nose, flowing long red hair, and oval green eyes. A tall 5'8" frame carries her luscious 38DD-26-36 body.

Being an educated women Laura has a mind of her own in most things, but not in the bedroom. She follows my every suggestions and whim when it comes to matters of our sex life and how she dresses. She wears whatever clothes and makeup that I select for her. Maybe it's because she has to be such an independent woman in the work_place that she is so willing to be my sex toy at home. We have found out that Laura enjoys showing off her sexy body as much as I enjoy seeing her do it and unlike a lot of women, she realizes that sex is different than love. She is therefore willing to follow my lead when it comes to what sexual activity we indulge in.

First let me tell you about how I have her dress. The only clothes I allow her to wear are very provocative and sexy, no matter what the occasion. If we are going to a funeral, for example, she wears a simple clinging black dress with a very low cut front and high hem-line. Nylons, (never pantyhose) 5" heels, very red long fingernails matching her equally provocative red glossed lips, and gold chain anklets complete her ensemble. If, on the other hand we are going to a party or dinner theater, she wears her `Frederick's of Hollywood' red party dress with slits all the way up the sides and the material clinging to her sexy ass and tits like a second skin. She wears see-through panties that can be seen whenever she crosses her legs in her very micro-mini dress, 6" heels, and of course garter belt and no bra.

I remember her first sexual adventure with someone else like it was yesterday; even though it was actually 6 years ago. It was shortly after her `plastic surgery' that a salesman came to our door selling, of all things, cemetery plots. When Laura told me how he leered at her tits in the tight sweater she was wearing that day, I had her call him and invite him back `to make his presentation to both of us'. The evening he came Laura was really dressed like a slut instead of a housewife. She was wearing her all red outfit of 4" patent leather red high heels, silky red nylons with their elastic band at mid-thigh, a red leather mini-skirt which barely covered the elastic bands of her nylons, red see-through panties, and a red latex sweater that clung to every pore of her boobies and allowed her nipples to plainly stick out.

He was impressed with how sexy Laura looked, I could tell by the slight bulge in his pants. Laura sat directly opposite him on our couch next to me so that I could watch him watching her. Laura kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and the poor guy could hardly keep his mind on his presentation to us. When I gave Laura the high sign she uncrossed her legs and left them slightly open, so that he could get a glimpse up her legs to her see_through red panties. After making sure the guy was more interested in my wife than selling us a cemetery plot, I made an excuse to leave, so that Laura could be alone with him. I made a story up about an emergency at the plant that would keep me away for hours. I actually pulled the car down the road a couple of blocks and returned by foot to sneak a look at what was going on in our living room.

I had coached Laura as to what to say and do and I knew she was as excited about all of this as I was. Laura filled me in on some of the following details of what happened next since I could not hear everything that went on. Laura told me exactly what was said and of course I had the ability to see clearly what was happening from my vantage point outside our living room window unobserved by our salesman friend who had his back to the window. As Laura told me later he almost immediately changed the subject as soon as I left in the car. He asked her, "I know this is a personal question but do you ever wear a bra? You didn't seem to have one on in my last visit or now."

Laura replied by asking her own question, "Do I need to? I don't think they sag even without one." Then she added, "Do you want to see for yourself?" Without waiting for his reply she playfully lifted her sweater to just above the tops of her breasts and said, "See! He let out an audible gasp and stared fixated at my Laura's perfectly formed breasts as she continued, "Do you like them.I have to admit they have been surgically augmented. As a matter of fact I just paid $2000 to do so. What do you think?" All the while she was saying this she was still holding her sweater up for his inspection.

"They are perfect." was his only reply and I'm sure he meant it. Laura asked coyly, "Do you really think so? Do they look real?"

All he could exclaim was, "Oh yes."

Laura continued to lead him on now that he opened the door for her, "I guess the sixty-four thousand dollar question is, do they feel real?" My husband says they do. Go ahead and see for yourself."

I can tell you he didn't need a second invitation as he began to softly and tentatively stroke her large tits. Laura laughing stated, "Go ahead and feel harder they won't break." Then with a sexy lilt in her voice, "Oh yes that's very nice. It feels so good. They are still very sexually sensitive to the touch; that didn't change after the operation."

He had continued to stroke her gently but paused as she stopped talking. Laura quickly told him, "Please don't stop. I'm getting horny." He re-started his feeling up of my wife's boobs and this time with more vigor and feeling. Still he didn't say anything so Laura broke the silence again by asking."How about you? Are you getting horny too, lover." Without waiting for his response she reached down to his crotch and felt his hard dick through the material of his trousers. "Oh yes, I can see that you are!"

Laura's boldness stopped him for just a second then he continued massaging her lovely tits.

"Oh suck them, please, please." He naturally did as requested, sucking and lapping at her nipples and curvaceous mammaries as Laura managed to unzip and remove his cock from his pants.

"Oh God that's it, suck them, lick, make me feel like a whore!" I could tell Laura was already beginning to have sexual thrills or maybe she was turning it up just a notch for her salesman's benefit. In any event she now motioned for him to follow her upstairs. That was my clue to quietly go around to the front door and sneak up the stairs after they had entered our bedroom. Our master bathroom connects with one door to each of the two upstairs bedrooms, so I sneaked into it from the other bedroom and cracked the door into the master bedroom to hear and see the whole show. Laura had already removed his pants and was beginning to fondle his dick in earnest as he was removing his tie and shirt. Laura then quickly stepped out of her panties and removed her tight sweater without removing her shoes, nylons or her skirt. They flopped on the bed and Laura gave me a quick wink as she spotted me at the doorway. She made sure to position the salesmen's back to me and then they proceeded where they had left off downstairs. Now laying down he took Laura's sweet tits into his mouth one at a time licking, slurping and sucking her with hickeys as she stroked his cock back and forth.

She finally told him after about ten minutes, "I can't stand it any more. I have got to have you. Don't worry, I'm on the pill", and pulled her skirt up to give him easy access to her soaked cunt. Believe me he didn't hesitate for a second as he took his uncovered cock and placed it at the entry to her pussy, stroked it on the outside of her vulva for just one rotation before jamming it to the hilt up her sopping cunt.

What a scene! I had to release my own cock as I watched the action in my bedroom from my sexy wife and her new found lover. I matched my strokes to the one's the salesman was giving my Laura and came onto our bathroom floor just at about the same time my wife was screaming her climax. He came just a couple of seconds behind us and then licked my Laura's cunt clean of his own cum and her jism. It wasn't too much later that both his cock and mine came to life again. This time Laura took his cock into her mouth telling him what a hell of a lover he was, as I started stroking myself again. Finally after we had all climaxed one more time, Laura hurried him on his way, telling him that her husband could return any time and that he was very jealous and might get mean if he suspected anything.

What a laugh. The poor son-of-a-bitch never knew I was in the next room watching every bit of my wife's action and loving it as much as he did. Knowing I was there made it all the more exciting for Laura, she later told me. As soon as he left, I joined Laura in the bedroom and we made love once more and talked all night long about the sex we had both just enjoyed. We talked about who our next `victim' would be and how we could set it up for Laura to again play innocent until she was showing her tits to her next male friend! We also decided to keep it to just one or two times for each guy so not to complicate things.

Since that first time, Laura has probably had over a thousand men and I've been privileged to watch most of the time as Laura gets fucked and sucked by the men we pick out for her!
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