My Dominate Wife

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: My Dark Wanderer Friends From: SeeShow Subject: A Story about Female Dominance - My Dominate Wife It was well past midnight when I was jostled from a sound sleep by my wife, Linda as she entered our bedroom. I Didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that she had been out with one of her lovers and that she was half looped as she staggered into the master bathroom, removing her panties FROM HER PURSE. In a little while she crawled into bed pulling half the covers off of me. As soon as I asked why she was so late, I knew I had made a mistake. She told me, "So my fucking wimp husband's awake after all. None of your damn business! Is the answer to your fucking question, shithead!" She was even more drunk than I had anticipated and of course the more she's drunk the meaner she gets. I don't know why I put up with it, except that what little money we have is in her name (inherited from her folks) and as the main breadwinner I suppose she's entitled to take the part of the dominate partner in our marriage.

I was still half asleep and just nodded an OK trying my best to ignore her barbarous remarks to me. However, as I tried to settle back getting ready to fall back asleep again she nestled her broad ass into my crotch. Despite her prior nasty words to me, I quickly became excited. My cock started to jerk when I began petting her ass. I could tell she was horny. My mind was then far from sleep, and I ran my hand down the crack of her ass and into her open slit. She was wet, so wet my hand came away sticky. With her pussy now open, the familiar smell of wet cunt assailed the room.

"You must be awfully horny," I said, reaching around and cupping her left tit. She answered by grabbing my head and pushing it very persistently down toward her slit. She positioned herself so she was straddling my face. It was a clear night and a new moon shined through the half-open window. The light glimmered off her smooth ass cheeks, leaving the deep furrow of her crack in semi-darkness. But her cunt was clearly visible. Looking directly up into her open cavity, the sparse hairs separated to let the full lips open. I saw the wetness literally drip from her hole. I had never seen her pussy so wet before, except after I had dumped a full load into her.

Then it hit me! Of Course, she had just been fucked by one of her big cocked lovers and judging by the heavy flow running from her twat, she had been fucked very well indeed. Her cunt was open all the way, and thick droplets were splattering my chin. I couldn't believe it. She knew that squatting over my face would release the load and let me know what sexual infidelities she had been up to. My momentary jealousy gave way to the carnal feeling surging trough my body and the need to get some relieve for my aching cock which was now as hard as a rock! It didn't help any that Linda had taken it in her hand and was squeezing it back and forth. Confronted with the reality of a wet soft pussy at my mouth, I didn't have time to do any more thinking, because before I could do anything else, I heard her let out a throaty grunt, bringing her gooey twat down to mesh with my face. When her twat made contact, I felt her shudder violently. The orgasm slammed into her, causing her cunt to open and release the remainder of cum left in her twat. She stifled a scream as she ground her pussy into my face, leaking a mixture of cunt juice and jism.

Right before her orgasm subsided, she released my cock from her hand still unspent. She moved quickly, like a cat, straddled my cock, and fed it into her cunt. Linda was in complete control and to tell the truth I loved it! She frantically rode my surging meat, working herself to another orgasm. Within a matter of seconds, she came again, oozing her juices over my cock and balls. But she was far from done. Lifting her cunt nearly off my dick, leaving just my head buried in her wet folds, she leaned over and started to blow lightly across the wet shaft of my cock. I almost lost my load. She then settled back, my cock gliding deeply into her furrow. She began riding me again, her cunt licking and sucking on my cock. Sweat began to shine across her heaving chest as she neared yet another orgasm. Her head was thrown back, concentrating fully on my cock, when suddenly, she froze. She quivered uncontrollably, allowing her orgasm to overtake her.

After finishing, she removed her cunt from my near-bursting cock. I still hadn't cum yet and she knew it. She said, "I suppose you want to get off now, huh!" It was obviously a rhetorical question that we both knew the answer to. She gave my cock just a quick lick with her mouth. (Although I'm required to lap her, she of course NEVER sucks my cock.) But just that quick kiss on my cockhead was enough to get me over the top and she knew it. I was getting ready to cum when she quickly pulled her mouth away and jerked my cock. When her other hand grabbed my balls, my cum exploded, splattering against her chest, covering her pert tits with a thick spray.

"Well, shithead, I have a feeling that it wasn't as good for you as it was for me. But then again, I suppose that's because I had a head start on you tonight." she said, lying down beside me, "I have a little confession." She proceeded to tell me how she had run into her aerobics instructor from the health club, while killing time at a local bar on her way home from work. He bought her a few drinks and one thing led to another. Being a little boozy and a little horny for him, she naturally didn't refuse when he offered to take her to his apartment. Her hunky stud fucked her every way possible before the evening was over. True to her perverse nature and need to throw barbs at me, she shared all the juicy details of what a man he was and how he had fucked her cunt, her ass and her mouth before the night was over.

I may not be the happiest man in the world with her kind of nasty pillow talk, but I know I'll have to live with it because she holds all the cards in our relationship.
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