My First Black Experience

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


My First Black Experience - Certainly Not My Last! Written by Louise Edited by SeeShow

Stephen and I have been married almost 8 years now. However, it didn't take long for the bloom to go off our marriage, or at least the sexual part of our marriage. Even with the limited experiences I had before marriage. I soon realized that Stephen was not exactly a great lover in bed. For one thing he tended to get off long before I had a chance to reach any kind of climax and for another his somewhat undersize equipment didn't exactly thrill me. ( 5 ?" and rather thin) However, he is a good provider and very attentive and caring toward me, so I overlooked his shortcomings in this one area. I kept myself from getting sexually frustrated by an occasional workout with a black dildo my husband doesn't know I have.

I've also kept myself in good shape by physical work-out, swimming and dancing. At the ripe old age of 31 men still find my 34C-24-36 body and long blonde hair worthy of long lustful stares. But, as I said I've been faithful to Stephen during all the years of our marriage.

I suppose things might have gone along that way indefinitely if it hadn't have been for that fate-filled night several months ago. Every Tuesday I enjoyed going out with some of the gals from my office. Stephen had his bowling night each Thursday and agreed that it was only fair that I get a chance to enjoy myself without him once a week as well. Normally we'd just go out to dinner and have a few laughs. Sometimes a few drinks after dinner but really pretty harmless fun. This night however we made a quick stop for dinner that went to a night club that one of the girls had said was the "IN SPOT" in town. We all had a lot to drink and we even enjoying flirting with several guys at the club.

It was a mixed crowd and a couple of men kept glancing my way. In particular one black men kept giving me lustful glances. I'm not from the deep south or anything, yet the idea of a black man's attention seemed to peak my interest somehow. Later he came over to our table. He could see my wedding ring and told me what a wicked little teasing white wife I was. My friends and I just giggled and enjoyed doing some harmless flirting. Although several guys invited us to go home to their apartment with them, we were not looking for a "hot" night and just waived off their obvious bold attempts at a sexual randevouse. After a few more drinks we called for a cab. (As none of us were in a condition to drive)

As we were waiting for the cab, we continued to chat about the men who were trying their hardest to "pick us up" ... sort of basking in the warmth of their attempts to seduce us as a kind of enjoyable compliment and ego trip for us. However, we all agreed that deep down we'd really like to make it with a black man some time. As fate would have it we were all pleasantly surprised when our cab driver turned out to be a very handsome black man. He appeared to be in his 30's, well built and well over 6' tall. With the boldness of the drinks in us and feeling like giddy school girls, we spent the next half an hour with all four of us teasing the driver. We teased him not only by our innuendos but also by showing a considerable amount of leg and cleavage as we adjusted our bras and strightened the seams of our nylons, etc. We definetly had his attenetion as he kept glancing at us in his rear view mirror. He seemed really turned on by our behavior and kept joking that white girls like us never knew what we were missing until we had tried black. As each girl got dropped off he became a little bolder. By the time I was the last one in the car he became much more direct and I just knew that I at least wanted to kiss this handsome black stud. I jokingly said to him that the other girls had forgotten to give me their share of the Taxi Fare, and I just didn't know how I could possibly pay him. He knew exactly what I was getting at and pulled off into a quite lane, stopped the taxi and looked me straight in the eyes. He asked if I was just a little cock-teaser or if I really wanted to become another white wife slut who feasted on black cocks. He was so arrogant and confident and so unlike my insecure hubby!!. Something in me just melted with his masterful demeanor and I looked at him and nodded my head yes. That wasn't good enough for him and he forcefully told me, "Listen slut, I want to hear it. Do you want a real man. Say it."

I felt compelled to respond , "Yes, yes. I want you to take me and use me anyway you want."

He wanted plenty, I can tell you that for sure. He slowly slipped my dress and bra off me and then removed my panties. He made me keep my high heels, nylons and garter belt on. He kissed me and it sent an electric shock though me. His tongue was buried deep inside me and two of his long black fingers found their way into my wetted pussy. He dropped his pants and I gasped at a cock, nearly twice the size of my husband's. He rubbed it up against my pussy lips only twice before impaling that thick monster into my cunt. To say I'd never felt anything that big, that strong or that good inside me before would be a great understatement. It took me less than five minutes for my first big climax. He on the other hand had great staying power, fucking me for well over 30 minutes before depositing his first load inside me.

Over the next hour I was fucked again (this time once doggy style) and was forced to give him a blow job. There wasn't a part of the entire time that I didn't enjoy including when he made me lick his cock clean of the remaining cum that I hadn't already swallowed. While fucking me he enjoyed calling me many nasty names In a sense I felt like a two bit whore, but at the same time I was excited by being his white slutty whore. Needless to say he was the best lover I'd ever had and whatever he wanted and however he wanted it was OK with me!

When he then dropped me home, he insisted that I pay him the full taxi fare, including the hours lost wages he had while fucking me. It felt so dirty paying him as though he were my paid escort for the night. Never the less, I gave him a $10 tip and said thank you when he gave me his number. The final indignity was that he kept my panties which he hung on his mirror as he pulled away.

As I said that was a couple of months ago. Since then we have met several times and he has continued to educate me further into black sexing. He has a deal with his supervisor that he is always assigned as the driver whenever we gals call for a cabby after our weekly night out. You can imagine my excitement each week always hoping that he'll be our cab driver and that he'll DRIVE me home. He has not been inside my house yet, but he has hinted several times that he wants to fuck me on my marrage bed. I have to admit that their is something very exciting about the naughty thoughts of having him fuck me in the bed I share with my husband. My black stud has even boasted that one day when my hubby finds out about all this that he'd like to have him watch us. He says he's dying to show him how a real man can fuck his wife.

Whenever we get together he has dominated me completely, and I love it. He so much more of a man than my wimp husband Steven that I know I could never do without him!

Once black; never go back, isn't just a catchy little phrase. It's the absolute truth for me.
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