My Masterful Husband

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: All my Net Friends From: SeeShow Note: While I personally enjoy wife watching stories where the husband is dominated by his wife and/or her lover(s), from time to time I enjoy reading and writing one that deals with a dominate husband who uses his submissive wife. The following is such a story. I call it....

MY MASTERFUL HUSBAND as told by the `stripper wife'

My husband is 6'2" and built of solid muscle. On the other hand I am only 5' 4" and definitely on the soft and curvy side. Naturally he can physically dominate me, but just as importantly he is able to dominate me in every other way as well. He went to college and I barely got out of high-school, so he dominates me mentally. His personality is forceful and mine is reserved and submissive, so he dominates me in personality and spirit as well. I have only tried crossing him once and I paid a dear price for it, physically and mentally. I'll never say no to him again and he knows it.

I suppose I could leave him but my family is gone and I just wouldn't know what to do without him to guide me. Besides it's not so bad being his "love slave" as he calls me. If you saw the beginning of the movie "Sleeping With The Enemy" then you probably have a close understanding of our relationship. Unlike that movie I could never have the courage to leave my husband for I have come to accept my fait and realize that his disciplining of me is in my long range best interests.

Ralph and I got married about five years ago and I have been bending to his will ever since I promised to "love, honer and obey" Ralph wanted the old wording used in our ceremony and had the minister use it for our wedding vows. Obey means always serving him his favorite meals on time, keeping house impeccably the way he likes it, keeping his clothing perfect including shining his shoes and of course wearing very sexy cloths for him at all times. Ralph loves the way I look and takes every opportunity to show me off to his friends and clients. I am slim and have beautiful auburn hair that flows to my shoulders in lush waves. My waist is narrow, my hips lush and tempting, and my buttocks are attractive plump and alabaster white, with tiny dimples.

I have been told I am beautiful, with my long thin nose, hazel heavy lidded eyes and sensual thick lips. Ralph says my mouth looks as if I am constantly begging to suck cock; something he enjoys very much. As I indicated before, I have become Ralph's loving slave, happy and proud to follow his direction. As I iron his shirts or clean his car I think of how lucky I am to have a real man like Ralph to watch over me. He assumes his rightful role of strong leadership in everything, especially in sexual matters He has me dress in very sexy clothing for his return home in the evening and then strip out of my cloths, both of which I love to do for him. He has brought home video-tapes of strippers and taken me to strip-joints so that I can strip properly to please him. I really am happy that I know how to remove my clothing for his sensual delight.

In fact the last couple of months he has had me doing some things others might consider bazaar, but not for me, considering how much I need and depend on Ralph for everything. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I should tell you that right from the first day of our marriage, Ralph has been buying my cloths for me. At first he just bought me some sexy underwear and nighties, like any new groom might, but as time went on he started purchasing all my cloths. Once I came home with a new dress I bought for him and he became furious. He made it very clear to me that he would buy the things he wanted to see me in and that I was never to buy anything for myself. I was so ashamed of myself for displeasing him that I quickly burned the dress that I had brought home, along with all the other cloths that I had ever bought or received that weren't from Ralph. Thank God that I did the right thing for him. Before the evening was over he forgave me my error and allowed me to make love to him that night.

The next day we went to a little lingerie/sexy dress store in Texarkana to buy the rest of my cloths. Ralph likes the owner there who is always ogling me whenever I tried on cloths at his store. There is a room in the back that's private that he allows customers to use and Ralph had me try on the skimpiest of baby doll pajamas and really sexy leather slave outfits along with the most sensual and sexy dresses for him in this back room. The owner, John, managed to make a dozen excuses to come into the room as I was trying on my outfits. Even though I was totally embarrassed, Ralph just laughed and invited John to look me over good and give his opinion of whatever outfit I was in regardless if my breasts were completely exposed or my bottom covered only in a see-through pair of panties. Although I was completely disconcerted by John's gaping over my exposed body parts, my husband actually seemed to enjoy it. For his sake, of course, I went along with my being exposed to another man and even modeled as sexy as I could for John to please my husband.

I am happy to report that I now dress exclusively the way my husband wants and demands. The only cloths I am allowed to wear are very provocative and sexy, no matter what the occasion. If we are going to a funeral, for example, I wear a simple clinging black dress with a very low cut front and high hemline. Nylons, (never pantyhose), 5" heels, very red long fingernails matching my equally provocative red glossed lips, and gold chain anklets complete my ensemble. If, on the other hand we are going to a party or dinner theater, Ralph has me wear something like my `Frederick's of Hollywood' red party dress with slits all the way up the sides and the material clinging to my ass and tits like a second skin. I wear see-through panties that can be seen whenever I sit and cross my legs in my very micro-mini dress, 6" heels, and of course garter belt and no bra. I have gotten to the point where I love dressing provocatively all the time because it pleases my man so much. My skirts are now all micro-mini length and my blouses are either see-through or very low cut to expose the maximum amount of cleavage that I can. Whenever we go to a public place like a shopping center, Ralph likes to walk about ten steps behind me, so that he can watch the men who leer at me and hear their off-color remarks as I pass by them. Ralph has trained me to walk with a provocative wiggle to elicit these remarks. I know dressing like a slut shouldn't be what a nice girl like me does, but I enjoy doing it now because it seems to please Ralph so much. He knows I'd do anything to please him and it seems to turn him on when I get other men excited with my sexual charms.

Several months ago, Ralph told me that he wanted me to do more than just excite some passing strangers. As I mentioned before I had been stripping out of my cloths for Ralph almost nightly to please and excite him. Ralph told me that I had become good enough at it that he wanted me to start stripping in our home in front of his clients and friends. The initial thought of strip-teasing in front of someone besides my husband was offensive to me. However, Ralph quickly dispelled any idea that I had a choice in the matter. Naturally, I agreed to do what Ralph wanted. Choosing to do something that displeased Ralph was not an option for me and I knew it. I'll never forget the first "party" we had to entertain some of Ralph's male clients. It was at this get together that Ralph wanted me to dress even sexier than normal and to strip out of ALL my cloths when he gave me the word to do so. I wore a maid's outfit to amuse my husbands guests. It was a very short mini-dress with a sexy white apron and very low cut bodice to show off both my legs and tits. I wore a half bra under the dress that was wired to place my ample breasts on the shelf so to speak. My tits were fully rounded and showing down to the auroras of my nipples. Ralph insisted that I oil my breasts with heavy mineral oil so that they gleamed lustfully for the men's viewing. I wore very high 6" heals, and black net stockings held up by a garter belt. My mini dress was so short that the tops of my stockings were fully exposed along with the bottom part of my garter belts. When I bent over they could see my ass, which was clad only in a see-through silk black panty. The idea was for me to serve them as their maid during the meal that I had prepared for them and then to strip for them after the dinner for their entertainment. Ralph hadn't clued any of his guests in on the intended activities so that they could be pleasantly surprised my the unfolding of events during the dinner party.

When the guests started to arrive at our house, Ralph indicted to each of them that although I was his wife, I doubled as the French maid and would be serving them dinner along with providing them pleasant viewing of my girlish charms. Each guest was a little surprised at first, but soon accepted this arrangement as a pleasant way to be served a splendid dinner. As directed by my husband, I had a serving table situated close to the dinner table. As I picked up the dishes to bring to the table, I made sure to bend over at the waist, exposing my backside completely as my very short dress rode up all the way almost to my waist. When placing the dishes on the table I made sure to bend at the waist again. This time to expose even more of the valley between my breasts. Once or twice my breast almost popped completely out of the bodice of my dress to the delight of both our guests and my husband.

Ralph made a lot of comments during dinner about how lucky he was to have such a sexy looking wife and that he didn't mind at all showing her off to his friends and clients. They joked about how they'd like to see even more of me and Ralph volunteered that might be arranged. I have to admit that this pleased me also, as I was getting a big kick at being the center of all the attention. When dinner was over, Ralph told me to get out of my maids outfit and model my pretty lingerie for them. I was red-faced with embarrassment at first, but one quick stern look from Ralph and I quickly complied. I modeled all of my sexiest lingerie for them, exposing my breasts and ass through the flimsy material of the sexy garments I wore for their viewing pleasure. After about a half-hour of showing myself to Ralph's lusting clients I was allowed to put back on a mini-skirt and see-through blouse. I had slipped my panties on as well. hoping to preserve some degree of modesty. It was obviously to no avail and not what my demanding husband had in mind.

My sexy modeling had surprised and delighted Ralph's friends. His client-friends were even more surprised when he told them that this was only the beginning. To prove his point Ralph raised my skirt in front of his friends and told me to remove my panties. I didn't hesitate for a second, as I tugged my panties down past my hips exposing my naked buttocks to their rear view of me. As I got my panties down to my high heels I stepped out of them one leg at a time then slowly turned to face Ralph's friends. My husband still had hold of my skirt so that my glistening shaved pussy was available for their full viewing pleasure. He stuck two fingers up my already moist pussy and massaged it gently while talking to his clients. "I know that most of you have said to your wife's at some point in disgust that you wanted them to `kiss your ass'. Well with my wife, when I say that to her she's delighted to do it. Aren't you my pet?"

I had to admit in front of everyone present that I was so anxious to please my man that I did kiss his ass with pleasure anytime he wanted! Then Ralph gripped me roughly by the hair and exclaimed that's what he wanted right now. What choice did I have? As he dropped his pants to the floor, I lightly kissed each cheek he presented to me. "Now kiss my bunghole." was his next order. I did so immediately placing my tongue up his ass-hole. Obviously his clients were impressed with Ralph's complete mastery of me, his loving wife. Ralph next yanked my blouse and skirt off, leaving me stark naked in front of these strangers. He told me that I looked so cute without anything on that he was getting a hard-on and I needed to lick his cock. "Come on over here and suck my cock, my little slut-wife.". Of course I did as requested rubbing my tongue over his stiff dick. I spread my legs as the guys watched silently. I got my mouth firmly around the bulb of his cock while holding his buttocks tightly with both my hands.

"Hell, look at's too much." one of them sighed, his legs crossing and uncrossing as he watched me sucking my husband in earnest. Ralph chuckled as he saw one of his other clients, his hand on his lap, stroking his cock through the material of his pants. Another was rubbing his dick as well and still another just stood there staring, his heavy breathing audible to all. Ralph told them they were free to use me however they saw fit, and whenever they wanted, but it would have to be at our house and while he was there to supervise. "I want to watch so I can punish her if she doesn't follow orders."

"Please let her suck my cock." It was the guy who had been rubbing his cock, his pants fly completely open now and his cock having been pulled out to the open air. Ralph told me to service him and so I went quickly to him, placing my hand on his reddened prick and began darting my tongue around it as I had just done for my husband.

During the next several hours I sucked off each and every one of Ralph's clients. As a special reward after all the clients had left, Ralph made love to me and allowed me lick his jism off my tits where he placed gobs of his delicious juice for me. As I said that was several months ago and since then we have had a lot of parties at our house. I always wind up either modeling very sexy cloths for the men or stripping for them and then sucking and fucking whoever my husband wants me to.

Ralph's become one of the mid-west's most successful sales reps and I'm certainly delighted to have been a small part of my strong husband's success. I know my life style is different than a lot of the so called liberated women, but I wouldn't trade places with any of those prudes for anything in the world.
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