My Wife's Black Lovers

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: All My Friends on the Net From: SeeShow Subj: I enjoyed receiving the following story and except for some editing on my part this is the story of a really "crazy" couple. I call it....

My Wife's Black Lovers - Part 2 (Her First Black Gang-Bang)

Jim, after that first time with a black man my wife craved her black cocked lovers more and more. They say once you go black you'll never go back. And that was the way it was with my sexy (and by now very slutty) wife. Although we still had sex as we had in the past (actually even more than in the past) Our love session talk always revolved around the sexy things my wife would do with her black lovers, the sexual thrills I got out of watching it and when we might have our next black lover available for her to suck and fuck. I knew how much she enjoyed her sexual sessions with her black studs and that's why I decided to give her a special treat on her upcoming birthday.

I had been in touch with a really well hung black guy from a BBS advertisement we had placed looking for black studs. It turns out after I had many discussions with him in "chat" that he had a lot of black friends who were VERY interested in getting into a white chick's panties!

We set up a get together in Boston at the Holiday Inn downtown. I had told Susan that we'd be going there to celebrate her birthday and have a romantic interlude together. I don't think she suspected a thing about getting her gang-bang black fantasy come true. Susan and I arrived at the hotel at about 5:30 P.M. We showered and got dressed for going out that evening. As usual my sexy Susan was HOT. She had on a short black leather mini-skirt, a dark see-through blouse in which her tits were clearly visible to anyone who made the effort to look (And there were plenty of lookers before the evening was over) All she had underneath was her sexy black-widow corset which pushed up her tits and made them even sexier, if possible. Naturally she had on sexy dark nylons (She NEVER wears panty hose) and some really high (5") heels. She looked good enough to eat and I assured myself that before the evening was over she'd be eaten well!

I slipped our key into an envelope and left it with the desk, without Susan knowing about it, as my BBS friend Nate and I had previously arranged. WE went out to eat dinner and did some dancing. We went to a place where it was a mixed crowd and several men asked her to dance with them. I discouraged Susan from dancing with anyone else but me and she was a little disappointed. I indicated that I wanted it to be a special night for her and me and that I really didn't want to share her tonight. She was more than a little disappointed, I know and it made her birthday surprise latter even more of a turn on for us both. At about 10 P.M. we came back to our hotel and entered the room. The lights were off (as Nate and I had planned) I allowed Susan to walk in the door a little bit before I turned on all the lights. There were three very big and very well hung black guys - COMPLETELY NUDE - laying on out big double bed. Susan almost fell down she was so surprised and then VERY excited. It didn't take her 2 minutes to quickly shuck all the clothing she had and literally dive onto the bed, between those black studs I had arranged for her. Before she started anything she blew me a little kiss and whispered "You knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday all along didn't you, sweetheart.

From there things went wild as I gathered out my VCR tape recorder and my wife settled down to getting kissed and felt up by all three guys. One of them fondled her nice size tits, (38D's) While another started sucking on one as the third was occupied french kissing her. The one at her tit quickly moved down to start licking her pussy THAT WAS ALL SHE WROTE! I knew that once one of her blacklovers was sucking on her clit that she'd lose it all and she did so very quickly askinghim to stick his tongue all the way into her twat and suck it for all he was worth. It progressed very nicely from that point with as the one that had been massaging her tits. slipped his cock almost effortlessly into her by now dripping pussy. I should simply say that it was basically pretty straight forward that night with a lot of cock-sucking by her and of course her getting fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time while blowing the third.

The whole affair lasted about four hours with me filming and taking pictures until the end where I finally got involved and had her suck me off while one of them fucked her pussy and I blew my load all over her face. They left at about 2 a.m. and both my wife and I thanked them for giving her such a good time on her birthday. After they left I naturally went down on her and ate the hell out of that pussy and then we made love one last time before we both fell asleep, exhausted in one another's arms.

The next morning we had arranged for Nate to come over alone and he really got into fucking Susan's ass. He really rode her hard and deep just the way she likes it and after they were done I was surprised in that apparently she had told him she would love to see me fucked with his 11" cock and he was interested which made me very excited! We started by me laying down and him slowly forcing his cock into my mouth which i had a somewhat difficult time as he is big and very thick; but as i got used to it he started to force more and more into my mouth until i was gagging on it but also loving it to no end. We did this until he blew a big creamy load into my throat! I was in heaven but no where near as much as when he rolled me over and gave me the butt fucking of my life. He likes to talk dirty and was calling me all kinds of names that had Susan and me both really getting off on. Finally after about 10 to 15 minute drove into me to the hilt and released another load into me. It was fantastic and Susan was fingering her cunt like crazy telling him to fuck me harder and was whispering in my ear the whole time calling me her little faggot and a wimpy slut and such. That really added to the excitement a lot. Naturally, a good deal of the time I was beating my cock like crazy and blew my load all over the bed which Susan made me lick up afterwards.

All three of us had a great time obviously. Unfortunately, Nate moved from the area shortly after our session together and we can't meet him anymore for sex. But we do still stay in touch via telephone and mail occasionally and we hope we can get back together with him again some time.

Hope this gives you some insight into what we are into and you can feel free to use this in a story about ourselves. Got to go now but I'll talk to you soon and relay how I got used (and abused) by some of Susan's Black studs! .

Your Wife-Watching Friend, Bruce
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