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Written by SeeShow / Jan 9, 2000


TO: All my Net Friends From: SeeShow Note: A wife-watching story I received from one of my BBS Friends


Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. (She is 34 and I am 32) Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. But her breasts are her crowning glory at 34DD. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned yet soft and pliable. Donna turned me on from the moment I saw her. Unlike a lot of husbands I love to see my wife showoff her charms to other men. At first she was too shy to wear the type of sexy clothes that I liked, but after a lot of pleading with her during our sexual pillow-talk, I finally turned her into a sexy exhibitionist. Just recently she has graduated from being a cock-teaser to a cock-pleaser and that's what I want to tell you all about.

As I said, before Donna put on her first show I cajoled her into it by telling her how much it meant to me when she got other men excited. I explained to her that far from being jealous, I got sexually excited when she displayed herself to other men. I confessed to her that whatever sensuous things she did to or with a man would be great with me as long as I was there to watch it all.

That night we were headed for a semi-formal party given by a wealthy lawyer acquaintance. I got Donna to dress up in her very sexiest things for the occasion. I had bought a special red evening dress for her for the evening and it was a jersey material that clung to every curve of her body and was cut very low in the front. Best of all it was slit in the front very high (almost to her panties.) She was wearing 5" spike high heels, black silk nylons with elastic bands and red, see-through, crotchless panties.

I had one hell of a time doing it, but I finally persuaded her to agree to showoff her pussy at the party to any interested men. We practiced how she could do it very discreetly by flashing a man directly across from her. At home, she practiced spreading her legs while pulling her dress slit apart at the same time. As I sat across from her I could plainly see her pink pussy lips and red cunt hairs. My dick got hard viewing her like this, knowing that soon some other men would get a chance to see her like this. She practiced until she had it down pat, asking me how various leg spreads and dress splits looked from my angle across from her. Donna was beginning to get as excited as I was in anticipation of the party.

Our host gave Donna the once over when we arrived at the party, and after a few drinks, Donna was feeling loose enough to put herself on display. We sat down in a corner of the room and I soon spotted a guy sitting directly across from us on an over stuffed chair. Before getting up from the couch I nudged Donna to let her know it was time to put into effect her flashing technique that she had practiced at our home. She said, "Oh hell, why not." as she spread her legs slightly and pulled her skirt up to expose her panties and pussy to his eyes. I watched from a safe distance as my wife exposed herself to this handsome stranger. It didn't take him long to take the bait. After getting a good long look at my wife's pussy, he came over to ask her to dance.

By then, the lights had been dimmed and music was slow and sexy to dance. He held her close and I saw his hands were resting on each cheek of her ass. My wife nuzzled up close to him and giggled softly as he whispered something into her ear. Before long he began to give Donna a long tongue kiss that she returned to him. I noticed his one hand had moved from her ass to inside the slit in the front of her dress. He was blatantly feeling her cunt with his fingers. It was dark in the room and everyone was so occupied with their own thoughts and discussions that no one noticed this sexy scene, but me, of course. He returned her to the couch and I joined them. He politely excused himself and I sat down beside her. She still had a blush on her cheeks. I told her how exciting she was and took her into my arms to french-kiss her. Knowing that she had just been tongued by an other man just seconds ago where my mouth was now was doubly exciting to me. I reached down and fingered her hot pussy, knowing that it also had just been played with by another man. My cock was rock hard from the salacious thoughts. I swear that I actually started to dribble some pre-cum when she told me that he asked her to join him in the bedroom upstairs. She told him that she was here with her husband but that possibly she would some other time. I urged her to tell him she would fuck him when her husband wasn't around. She giggled at my suggestion and agreed she would next time he asked her to dance.

Donna spotted him seated directly across from her again and this time she pulled her dress up completely giving him a full view of her crotchles panties and pussy. Some other guys also noticed and as soon as I left to get some wine she was deluged with dance offers. No one else was quite as bold as the first guy she danced with but Donna gave them plenty of encouragement as she danced close to them and rubbed up against their cocks, which were straining in their pants.

When we left, Donna was really sexually excited and was so glad that I had talked her into wearing crotchles panties. She told me that she had let several other men feel her ass and pussy when no one was looking. (Apparently not even me; too bad I missed it!) What was really exciting to me is that she promised to let each of them fuck her someday soon!

The thought of my wife having sex with another man was really exciting to me, but for the time being I was content knowing that my wife was so willing to let other men see and play with her pussy. I had taken some close up shots of her cunt and shown them to some of my male friends, without bothering to tell them it was Donna. I think some of them suspected anyway. Donna knew about this and although it was exciting to her, she was like me. She wanted to be there while it was happening. She enjoyed the exhibitionism of it, but she also wanted me to be a voyeur to her actions.

We knew that we'd have to find a way for her to get fucked by other men while I watched. I was delighted that Donna was as turned onto this as I was. We discussed ways we could to encourage men to fuck her without being inhibited by me being present. We finally settled on a way that we thought would be very exciting to both of us. We decided that we needed to put our plan into effect as soon as possible. My Donna was getting as excited about fucking other men as I was imagining her doing it. Just talking about it got Donna so excited that she was oozing pussy juices from her gash.

The very next evening Donna and I checked into a hotel with some of Donna's sexiest dresses and lingerie. The hotel was hosting a convention for RV dealers. This particular convention has a reputation for being a little on the wild side. After tipping the bellboy, I went down to the hotel's bar and started talking to a couple of guys who were attending the convention. I had steered the conversation toward sex just at about the time Donna walked into the bar dressed in a micro-mini leather skirt, spike heels and a very revealing blouse.

Donna and I had practiced her walk so that she strutted in with a sexy sway of her hips. She sat in a booth directly across from where we were sitting at the bar and crossed her legs so that her already short mini-skirt rode up her legs revealing the tops of her nylons. They all noticed her and the man who was sitting next to me let out an audible sigh. One of the guys I had been talking to Mack went over to Donna and asked if we could join her. Donna gave him a sly wink and said she'd love it if we would. As we introduced ourselves, Donna pretended that he was meeting me for the first time. After we all sat down she quickly confessed that she lived in the suburbs and had come into the city for some fun while her husband was on a business trip.

After we ordered some drinks, Donna indicated she would like to dance. Mack took her hand and led her to the dance floor. They were playing a slow song and Donna pressed herself very close to Mack, rubbing her tits into his chest. He moved his hand from her waist down to her ass and began squeezing it gently. He placed his other hand from her shoulder to the front of her dress. His body and hers covered his hand movements but I could hear her laughing softly as he stroked her breasts through the silky material of her blouse. My wife took turns dancing with each of them and encouraged them all to feel her up freely. When Donna excused herself to ladies room the guys told me what a hot piece of ass she would be. This was my wife they were talking about and I couldn't have been more delighted at their remarks. My dick got hard when Mack said he had felt her pussy as they danced and that she really had a nice soft cunt. After Donna came back from the Ladies room, I danced with her, and she told me how excited she was getting knowing she was turning these guys on.

She also said she was tired of dancing, so we went back and she sat down with me on one side and Mack on the other. The conversation got really raunchy and Donna admitted that she was enjoying all the male attention she was getting, especially the sensual touching of her intimate body parts. Mack told her that since that was the case, would she mind if he feet her pussy here in the booth. Donna smiled and responded by saying that as long as no one else could see but the four of us. she would love it. We were in a corner booth and Mack convinced her that her show would be private. I added that even if someone did catch a glimpse of what was going on it would just add a little excitement to the event. I observed as Mack eased her skirt up past the V of her crotchles panties. Her red pussy hairs were plainly visible to all of us in the booth. exposing her. Her vulva was already lubricated from the previous fingering of the other men at out booth. I had certainly seen my wife's cunt before, but I can't describe how thrilling it was for me to be there as she was being exposed to several strangers.

Mack slid his finger into his mouth, wetting it before easing it on to her pussy. He fingered her little clit between two fingers, making my wife moan. Ted wanted a closer look and I let him take my place beside Donna. As Ted sat close beside her, Mack plunged two fingers up my wife's pussy making her sigh with pleasure. Ted joined in, sliding his hand down to rub her clit as Mack slowly moved his two fingers in and out of my wife's wet cunt. After several minutes of them massaging her pussy, Donna spoke up in a quite whisper. "Let's go to my room before I go crazy. You guys have got my pussy dripping wet!"

When we stepped into the elevator, my wife, very brazenly, raised her short skirt until it was up to her waist, then spread her legs apart wantonly like a street whore. She cajoled them into continuing what they had started in the restaurant and sighed with delight as Mack jammed two fingers up her wet cunt and Ted massaged her heaving breasts. What a delicious WANTON SLUT MY DONNA WAS BECOMING! Too bad no one else got on the elevator to see my wife in her state of undress as the two men played with her body while we rode up to her room. As soon as we stepped into the room my sexy wife took off her dress, leaving on her panties, bra, high heels, nylons and sexy garter belt. Her bra was the halfcup type so that her lush tits were fully exposed for everyone's viewing pleasure. She wickedly suggested that one of us take her panties off of her. Mack didn't need a second invitation and he began sliding them down her legs. As he did my Donna sat on the bed and swung her legs up, to make his task easier. After her panties were removed Donna laid back on the bed and wantonly spread her legs far apart. Her cunt was wet with her cum juices from her previous finger fucking. Mack was out of his cloths in a flash waving his hard 8" cock in front of my wife's appreciating eyes. He eased himself onto her lush body and she guided his manhood right to her gushing hole. I got so hard seeing Mack putting his dick into her that I had to take mine out and play with it. She took all he had and fucked with him hard and long. Donna kept looking at me to make sure that I wasn't upset. In fact I was so excited and delighted by her slutty behavior that I almost creamed my jism all over the hotel room rug. Mack changed positions taking Donna doggy style. As he did Ted moved around to her front and slipped his cock into her waiting mouth. Mack fucked her for a good fort-five minutes before yielding her cunt to Ted for his turn. He had already gone off twice and needed a breather to regain his strength.

As Mack pulled out, Donna pleaded with Ted to fuck her some more and that she was only getting warmed up. Ted didn't last as long as Mack did, but he gave Donna hell of a ride in the thirty minutes he had his prick in her cunt. After he came it was finally my turn. Donna did a slow grind for me as I slipped my rock hard cock to her and gave me a lot more tonguing then either of the other men got from her. I suppose it was her little way of saying that I was still special to her.

The whole night neither of them suspected that they had been fucking my beautiful slut wife. They fucked Donna at least five times before dawn, shoving it into her throat, ass and pussy at will. She was a little nympho. Finally, Donna told them she had to go home, as her husband was getting into the airport in the early morning from his business trip.

When Donna left, we all talked about what a hot cunt Donna was. Ted remarked that he loved the way her big tits swayed when she fucked him and Mack indicated that her husband must be a fool to let her on the loose when he takes his business trips. Little did he realize that her husband was standing right in front of him. I didn't bother telling him that her husband really loved her slutty behavior and was looking forward to her fucking more strangers in the future.

After I ate breakfast and went home. My wife and I talked about how exciting the whole night was and we started making plans for her next exhibitionistic sexual adventures. Since then she has been fucked by at least fifty guys. We still get a thrill out of her displaying herself to men, but we get even more excitement when she fucks and sucks them. She's now my party-time slut.
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