Peeking Tom

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: My Friends on the Net From: SeeShow Subject: Received this 'True Story" from a friend. Tom spies on his Cheating wife. PEEKING TOM Jim. I've found it hard to belive some of the stories I have read on the net about the sexual adventures of some people. But now that something terrifically exciting has happened to me, maybe I'll be less of a doubting Thomas. I promise you that the following story is true in every respect. I have changed some of the names but other than that I swear it's all true. My wife, Cindy, and I have been married for about five years now and I have no complaints of her in the sex department. She is always willing and eager to get into bed with me and so I thought she was also perfectly content with our sex life. Recently I found out that wasn't necessarily true. I guess this is where my story really begins. About two weeks ago she got a call out of the blue from an old boyfriend of her's, I'll call him Jack. When he found out she was now in real estate sales she said he called her to list his condo unit on the lake. Apparently, he has a new job that's going to take him out of town soon. According to my wife he wanted to meet her after his work day at a nearby cocktail lounge because finding the condo unit was difficult. I was a little concerned, knowing that Cindy had found Jack to be very sexually attractive to her before dating me. When I expressed my concerns she only laughed and told me that she was a happily married woman now. Somehow, though, the gleam in her eyes told me my worries were not unfounded. She took her time getting dressed for her meeting with Jack putting on a sexy mini-dress and some really hot underwear for the occasion. She came out of the bedroom with her light raincoat covering up her sexy dress. She was unaware of the fact that I had gone up to the bedroom quietly, cracked the door and had watched her slipping into her sexy cloths. I didn't confront her about it, but I had the feeling I'd better follow her to make sure this was just another real estate listing and not some tryst. She wound up at a swanky little cocktail lounge on the edge of the city, close to the lake condominiums. Fortunately it was fairly crowded and I was able to slip into a nearby booth without her being aware I was there. Jack greeted her with a quick kiss and hug and then sat close beside her. It was a little too noisy for me to hear what they were saying, but from time to time I could hear my wife's lilting laugh and Jack's exclamations. They couldn't see me from their angle but I could plainly see them, including their hand holding and his other hand moving up and down her arm from time to time. After a couple of drinks his hand strayed below the table and I couldn't see it. But by the look of surprised delight on my wife's face I had a feeling he was now moving it up and down her leg with her tacit approval. After another drink, I heard him say. "Well let's look at where I should price my condo. After all that's why I called you." Cindy just gave a knowing smile and they walked out of the bar hand in hand. As he helped her into his car, he gave her ass a quick squeeze, which she didn't seem to object to. I followed them at a safe distance as they drove to his condo on the lake, wondering how far my wife would allow him to go. His condo was a second story unit that they went up to from the outside steps. After they went into his place I went up the steps after them and was pretty sure that I'd be stymied from seeing anything further since the only windows were on the back of the units. Somehow I was in luck. The unit next to his was vacant and the door wasn't locked. I went inside trying to listen through the walls, but I really couldn't hear anything. Then I noticed that there was a slider door at the rear of the unit. I went outside onto the balcony and stepped over the little barrier to Jack's back balcony. Again luck was with me because he had left his window open a crack and the blinds were not pulled all the way to the bottom. This enabled me to hear their conversation clearly. By crouching below the window and peeking at the bottom I could see without being very noticeable. This window was the one looking into his master bedroom. I cautiously crept down under the window for fear of being caught. I needn't have worried because they were already too occupied with one another to be vary aware of anything else around them. He was holding her in his arms, kissing her neck and earlobes as she moaned in delight. He began to french kiss her at the same time reaching behind her back and bringing her zipper all the way down. My wife made no protests as the dress slipped carelessly to the floor revealing her scantily clad ass and breasts. As a matter of fact, I saw her reach down to his crotch and give his bulge a little squeeze. He dropped his pants and underpants off quickly as they swung onto the water bed. My wife boldly removed her bra to expose her delightful 36D's for his full inspection and then took his cock into one of her hands. I realized now why she was always so quite about her sexual relations with Jack. She probably didn't want to hurt my feelings about the size of his cock in comparison to mine. The guy had a dong like a stud horse! She could hardly rap her hand around it. The surprising thing to me was that instead of getting jealous, the vision in front of me was turning me on. In spite of the fact that the woman who was fondling this large dick was my wife, or maybe because of it, my dick was getting rock hard. I took my prick out of my pants as they started tongue kissing again and began to stroke it. When they broke off their passionate embrace for a second, Cindy said, "Oh Jack, I've missed this big thing so much." As she said it, she leaned her head down to it and began licking and sucking his cock. She slurped it noisily, looking up on occasion to give him a wicked smile. With her saliva still dripping from his cock head, Cindy told him she had to have him inside her again. She slid around on the bed opening her still nylon-clad legs in a wanton spread. Once he had his cock poised at the entry way to her passage she sighed and lustily invited him to fuck her good. She had a look of heavenly delight as he slipped his monster dick into her slit. She grabbed his buttocks and forced the last several inches into her at a faster pace then he was going. There was no question that she loved the ride he was giving her and she pumped back against his every trust with just as much or more force then he was giving to her. As he approached his orgasmic delight, she yelled, "Fuck me, Oh yes fuck me with that big wonderful prick of yours. I've missed it so much. Ohh cum all over my big tits. DOO ITTTT!!" It was more than I could take. I started spilling a quart of my cum all over the balcony just as Jack took his cock from her pussy in time to spill his load all over her boobs. She spread his gooey cum all over her breasts with such delight, dipping her fingers into her mouth to enjoy the taste of his warm jism. She looked like a sailors wet dream at this point and I wanted to stick around a little longer, but I knew I'd better make a hasty retreat before anyone spotted me. I exited the same way I got there, through the vacant next door condo and went home to wait for my wife. When she arrived, I asked her how her meeting went with Jack. She replied, "Oh, it went O.K., he really is such a bore. I don't know what I ever saw in him. The exciting news is that he is listing the condo with me. I went over and took all the measurements to do a market analysis then had to go to the office to draw up the listing for him to sign. That's what took me so long. He's willing to be realistic about the price, so I think I can get it sold soon!" Boy, you talk about changing the subject and covering her tracks. In one paragraph she laid out why she had been gone for two hours and diverted my personal question to one dealing with her business. I didn't bother telling her that I had seen her fucking and sucking Jack from my vantage point below his window; the truth of the matter is that I realized it was purely sexual on her part, not love, and besides I really wanted another chance to see them in action. As I said this all happened two weeks ago. and it's amazing how many clients she claims to have taken to look at the condo. In fact, she has been running over there just about each and every evening. I know that the real reason is so she can fuck with Jack. But that's O.K., cause I've been watching their sex show every time and cuming right with them! Next time I'm taking my video cam-corder to get it all, so when Jack leaves town, I'll always be able to view my sexy wife in action! Your Friend...TOM
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