Professional Wife Turns Into Stripper

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


To: My Net Friends From: SeeShow Subject: His Professional Wife Turns Into a Hot Sexy Stripper Ever since we met seven years ago Laura has brought both pleasure and happiness into my life. Although we are a well respected professional couple in town we have found many challenging and exciting ways to keep our marriage strong, and our sexual appetites appeased. Laura led a reserved and sheltered life until she meet me in college when she was 20 years old and finally discovered sex. Since then, with my help, she has been making up for it! My sexy wife is now 29-years-old,five-feet five-inches tall, one hundred and twelve pounds, with a 36D-26-35 figure. She has light blond hair and very sexy brown eyes. Ever since we've been married, I have encouraged her to show off her body. And she has grown to enjoy wearing sexy cloths. Whenever she goes out she has a hard time balancing her desire to show off against her professional image.

Being an educated person, Laura has a mind of her own, but she has been very open and receptive to most of my suggestions when it comes to sex. First, I suggested she allow me to submit her pictures to an amateur photo contest in an adult magazine, so that I could share her lovely body with lots of other men. (Since she lost her parents in a plane crash several years ago, we had no concerns about getting an irate call from one of them.) I told her she looked as good, if not better, than the women featured in the magazine. When I told her my cock got hard looking at other men's wives and girlfriends, Laura agreed and said that she liked the idea of making men hard. The amateur photo contest worked so well, that I entered my wife's photos in a number of different contests in various magazines. This resulted in some fantastic experiences. Then we began exchanging her photos trough various Computer BBS's. The endeavor has been a tremendous success. We are not swingers, but we have met a lot of new and interesting people by mail and trough BBS's. It has provided us with a form of sexual recreation. We have quite a collection of erotic photos consisting of couples, wives, and girlfriends. In addition, we have the knowledge of knowing that literally hundreds of Laura's photos are being enjoyed by others.

Recently a few of my friends and I went to a nude lounge in a near-by city sixty miles from us and enjoyed an amateur strip contest. During the whole show I thought about how great it would be to watch Laura perform before a room full of people. The more I thought about Laura stripping for an audience the more turned on l got. In fact, it was all I could do to keep my mind on my work the next day.

The next evening, in bed, I approached Laura about my fantasy of watching her remove her clothes on stage in public. She laughed, but soon realized I was very serious. After a great deal of discussion and encouragement, and after some great sex, my wife agreed to fulfill my fantasy. I suggested we attend the next week's "amateur night" so that Laura could get some idea of how to prepare. She thought it would be a good idea. The next Friday I arranged for a baby-sitter for the kids and made reservations for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the city. The time seemed to drag by, but finally the big day arrived.

I asked Laura what she planned to wear and was told I would see. By the time I had finished my shower, she was standing before the mirror in the master bathroom applying the finishing touches to her make-up, and I knew it was going to be a good night because she was wearing a black garter belt, a sexy g-string and black-seamed hose, and she was braless. Laura knows I love it when she goes braless and makes a point of not wearing one whenever possible. I complimented her on how sexy and lovely she looked, and I asked her once again what she was going to wear. Again, I was told to be patient and promised I'd not be disappointed. When my wife finally showed herself to me, my cock got hard immediately. She had on one of the sexiest dresses I had ever seen, a orange number with a very low-cut front and large cut out square all along the sides of the dress and a wide belt, open-back to the waist. There were six buttons from the waist down, with only the top three buttoned, displaying a nice view of Laura's lovely legs. I went to her and grabbed her breasts from behind as I kissed her on the neck. I wanted a quickie, but there wasn't time. At the restaurant, every man's eyes were on my wife, and she loved every minute of it.

We arrived at the lounge a little before ten. It was quite crowded in anticipation of the amateur contest scheduled to begin at 10:30, and there were no tables available. We sat at the bar just as one of the dancers performing on stage got down to her g-string. She was quite attractive and she had a lovely body with perfectly shaped breasts. When the dancer finished her act, a gentleman got up on stage and announced that five women had signed up for the amateur contest and asked if there were any others present who would be interested in a chance to win some cash. I looked at Laura and she smiled and patted my hard cock. The thought of watching her get up on that stage and remove her clothes turned me on, but she didn't volunteer. and since there were no other volunteers the show began. As Laura watched the five performances, she made little notes to herself. She told me she was formulating a routine based on what the audience reacted favorably to. She said if she was going to get up there, she wanted to be good enough to come away a winner.

A guy sitting next to Laura asked her about her notes and Laura didn't hesitate to tell him what she was doing. He introduced himself as Sam and his friend as Jack and offered to buy us a drink which Laura accepted. She was in a talkative mood and, not being the jealous type, I turned my attention back to the show. When we left, Sam told Laura how anxious they were to see her in action on the stage and then gave her a big wink and a warm smile. On the way home Laura said how good looking and nice they both were and commented on how they both seemed to be genuinely attracted to her. I had a feeling that something more than just sharing conversation and a drink might occur next time we went to the bar.

The next two weeks were interesting to say the least. Laura decided she would get up on stage next time and began working out at the health club almost every morning in preparation. She also worked out a routine. It was a definite turn-on watching her practice. She always asked for my opinions and suggestions, and wanted to know what the audience would react favorably to her routine. She tried different songs until she narrowed it down to the five she wanted. It was my job to get the songs copied onto a tape for her. I couldn't wait to see her on stage performing in front of a room full of perfect strangers. By her comments and effort, Laura felt she was really looking forward to it herself. When the day arrived, I met Laura for lunch and asked if she had any second thoughts about going through with it. She asked me if I had any reservations about her appearing nude in front of others. When I said I didn't, she told me she was looking forward to proving to herself that she had shed all of her inhibitions.

Laura came out of the bathroom and surprised me with a shaved pussy. I couldn't believe it. I had been after her to shave her pussy for years, and I grew instantly hard, but, again, we didn't have time before the show at the hotel.

After talking to the manager and giving him Laura's tape, we were ushered to a table right next to the stage, in the middle of the room. A sexy blonde waitress with shapely legs and a fantastic figure took our order. A little before 10:00 our waitress approached us with two drinks and said they were compliments of the two gentlemen at the bar. When we turned around we saw Sam and Jack raise their drinks in a toast to us, or should I say to Laura. I told them there wasn't much room, but that they were welcome to join us at the table, and they eagerly accepted the invitation. A few minutes after ten, upon the conclusion of the last dancer's performance, the manager got up on stage and announced that six women in the audience were going to be up next. He also explained that the audience would determine the top three winners.

When the emcee introduced Laura, she got up and I wished her luck. The first song began to play. It was a rock'n'roll classic, and Laura's body started moving with the music. She took a deep breath and made eye contact with the audience, then started to unbutton her blouse. Next she reached behind her back, undid her skirt, and let it slide slowly down her legs before stepping out of it. The audience applauded.

As the second song began, my wife danced and moved around the whole stage, teasing the audience by sliding her slip up to just short of her pants. Then she shimmied it down until it fell to the floor. The audience responded with whistles and applause. After the slip, Laura unsnapped her bra and cupped it over her breasts with her hands. I knew what was coming, but still couldn't believe my wife would soon be exposing her breasts and dancing topless in public. My eyes didn't leave her for a second. I could feel my heart beating in my chest in anticipation. It seemed like an eternity, but it couldn't have been more than ten seconds before the bra was gone and Laura's titties were exposed for all to see and enjoy.

The third song began and Laura made a circle around the stage, then stopped to ask someone in the audience to give her an empty chair. She took the chair and placed it in the center of the stage, sat down, unfastened her garters, and removed one of her nylons. Then she turned the chair around, faced the other half of the excited crowd, and removed the other nylon. Next, she whipped off her garter belt and continued to dance in an enthusiastic and care-free manner. The only garment that remained was her pants. Suddenly, my wife bent over, looked through her spread legs, and swayed her lovely ass back and forth to the delight of those of us with an up front view. Her hands worked their way up her well-shaped legs until she reached the top of her panties, which she slowly pulled down - I thought Sam's and Jack's eyes would burst they were so engrossed in trying to get a better view. When Laura stood up, it became obvious to everyone in the audience that Laura's pussy was hairless.

My wife walked to the edge of the stage and asked for a sip of my drink. Then she ran her left hand through her wide open, juicy cunt and wiped her pussy cream over the rim of my glass. Jack, Sam, and the other people around my table went absolutely wild. They applauded until Laura returned to the center of the stage as the fourth song began. Laura played with her tits as she moved around the stage. She was enjoying herself and the audience knew it. She bent over and said something to a guy at a table next to the stage, and he handed her his drink from which she took two ice cubes. Returning to the center of the stage with an ice cube in each hand, Laura then rubbed her nipples with them. The rosy buds had been sticking out as a result of Laura being turned on, but now they really stuck out. Her heat melted the ice, and she massaged the remaining water drops into her sizzling flesh. That bit made my wife a super hit!

About halfway through Laura's encore, she went to the edge of the stage, squatted down, and asked a patron for his beer. He handed her the glass and she placed the mouth of it over her left breast, then shook it for all it was worth. Talk about putting a perfect head on a beer! She did the same thing with another beer on the other side of the stage. A third place winner was announced, and then Laura and another girl with big jugs tied for first. Laura looked like she was in shock when her name was announced. All the girls danced together, and it seemed so natural when they grabbed each other's tits and fondled their nipples. One girl got so carried away that she leaned over and kissed one of Laura's breasts.

When Laura joined me, she looked ravishing and she was aglow from the excitement of the contest. Sam and Jack crowded around her, congratulating her and began to `casually' feel her up while talking to her. They looked my way to see if their actions annoyed me and I gave them a nod of approval to continue. I was still very excited by Laura's dancing and sexual display of herself and a couple of guys feeling up my wife just added to my sexual glow.

After awhile I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I returned, Laura and her new friends were gone. About ten minutes later, Sam approached me and told me Laura had stepped out for some fresh air, and had sent him to fetch me. When we got to the parking lot Sam led me to our van, where I found my wife in the back with Jack. Laura's dress bunched around her waist and her g-string had been removed. Jack was sucking on one of her breasts and had his hand between her spread legs. Laura was moaning and squirming in ecstasy. She paused to give me a big smile as I entered knowing that I'd be excited by her actions rather than upset.

Sam and I quickly got in and closed the door. Then, I couldn't believe my eyes when Sam dropped his pants and revealed a tremendous cock, which he proceeded to stuff into Laura's cunt. She began to moan and hump all over the van in excitement, while Jack, who had been sucking on her breast, removed his pants, knelt beside her, and stuck his cock into her mouth. Being turned on and not wanting to waste an opportunity like that, I removed my pants and knelt on the other side of my wife. She smiled at me again as she reached up, grabbed my cock, and proceeded to stroke it as she continued to have her mouth fucked by Jack. Next, she took my cock in her mouth and masturbated Jack.

Sam, who was really giving Laura's cunt a workout, asked Jack to trade places with him. With a little maneuvering in the Van's limited space, the switch was completed and Sam's huge cock, coated with Laura's pussy juice, entered her waiting mouth. He groaned as Laura worked her lips up and down the shaft, and having experienced her sucking talents many times, I knew how much he was enjoying it. It didn't take long before Sam reached the point of no return. His pace quickened and he soon erupted in Laura's mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, and I especially enjoyed seeing her lick his cock clean. My wife next turned to me and took my raging hard-on into her mouth. as she was sucking and swallowing my jizz, she fondled Sam's cock, and Jack filled her cunt with his load.

Afterwards, it seemed like the drive home took forever. I told Laura how exciting the entire evening had been for me. She commented that it had been just as exciting for her. She was so horny that as soon as we were in bed, I came the second I put my cock into her cum-filled pussy. Then Laura got off on her vibrator as I sucked and tweaked her nipples. We fucked until the wee hours of the morning and agreed that we'd repeat the experience of her stripping and making it with other men just as soon as we could discreetly arrange it!
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