The Wrestler

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


The Wrestler

It's hard for me to believe it actually happened - but it did. Let me tell you about what happened to me just last month. Susan, my wife had invited over her young boss to our home for drinks and a better chance to get acquainted with him and his new girlfriend. I'm a forty-six-year-old paunchy male who was a fairly good athlete in my younger years. My wife is about ten years younger than me and she is very attractive. Maybe that's why I have allowed myself to be so "pussy-wiped" over the eight years of our marriage. The fear of losing her to some other man has made me anxious to serve her any ways she demands. Up until very recently her demands (especially her sexual ones) have been kept fairly private. But, don't let me get ahead of my story here.

In any event when her boss and his girlfriend arrived I was delighted. He seemed like a really nice guy (in his late 20's), good- looking, muscular fellow. But my main delight was reserved for his girlfriend who was a "stunner" - long blonde hair, long eye lashes, beautiful skin and a body to die for. She certainly didn't seem to mind showing it off either as she was dressed in a tight short skirt with a very low cut scope neckline. I guess my ogling of her was enough to piss off my wife, although I wasn't aware of it at the time. My wife is one of those women who doesn't get mad, she just gets even.

After we'd all had quite a bit to drink and had really "warmed" up to one another, my wife brought up that I had been a wrestler in college. Her boss, John said that he'd been fairly good at it when he was in college as well. She kept bragging on me and telling John that I was really good. She was feeding into my ego and I guess I never realized until afterward that their was a sinister purpose for her high praises of my long ago abilities. It was my wife who suggested a wrestling match and told her boss that she was so sure that I'd win that we ought to make it very interesting for the loser and winner. By that time as I had said we'd had quite a few drinks and it all seemed reasonable to me even when my wife suggested that the winner would get to have the other man's woman on the spot, and the loser would have to serve and be the slave of the winner and his women and be subjected to his their every whim. Every one jokingly agreed and the match was on!

Both women watched with great interest as we began to wrestle. I was determined to win as I wanted to really get into the panties of John's girlfriend. However, I was no match for John. He was younger and certainly in a lot better shape than I was. (Something I'm sure my wife was well aware of and I should have been as well without my ego getting in the way) There was no way I could win, because he instantly had me in a hammerlock, threw me on the ground, picked me up again, and twisted my arm in such a way that left me powerless.

With his free hand he took off my shirt, and then, to my embarrassment and the delight of the ladies, he unbuckled me and let my pants slip down around my ankles. There I was being paraded around in my nylon briefs. Both women touched me as I passed until I had a giant erection. My wife, delighted by all this, took my briefs off to expose me totally to John and his date.

The victor then led me to his delicious blonde clad in nylons and heels and playfully told her to take over. She took over his armhold and, at the same time, grabbed my hair and had me go down on my knees. She then ordered me to perform whatever she came up with.

I had to kiss the ground, beg like a dog and twist into positions to show myself off to everyone present.. She then let go of my arm and trampled me underfoot for a pin. I then removed her heels and kissed her foot in total humiliation and degradation. She liked this and, in a dramatic, defiant gesture, took her nylons off to allow. me to lick her toes clean.

By then John had proceeded to undress my wife and himself. With a lot of encouragement from my wife he proceeded to mount her shoving his manhood deep inside my wife's cunt right in front of me. My wife kept telling me how great he was and that I'd better be a man about taking my loss because as soon as they were done she had a little task for me to do. I'm sure you have figured out what my cleanup task was - I obediently lapped her clean when they were done making love. And not to let John's date out of the picture I was made to suck her out until she climaxed as well.

I know all this sounds a bit cruel and cold on my wife's part, but in reality she knows that deep down I enjoy her humiliation - although this was the first time it was done in front of other people. My wife likes to see me perform as her little love-slave and has repeated similar experiences with other people since then. I always get off super hard in these degrading situations and she loves it! Let me tell you more in my next chapter!

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Wrestler - Part 2

In my last note to you, I mentioned that my wife, Susan, had continued to humiliate me after that night that I lost my wrestling match and my dignity to her boss, John, while his is girlfriend certainly enjoyed her humiliation of me. But I didn't give you any of the details as to how my wife had continued to degrade me. She has now demanded that I tell you everything that happened after that first night and include all of the humiliating details.

After John and his sexy date left, Susan continued to deride me and would not let up. Pointing out how paunchy and out of shape I was she said that my desire to get into John's girlfriend's panties (by the way, her name is Tina) was more in my mind than in my body since I obviously wasn't strong enough to win her in a fair wrestling match. This nagging continued the following morning over coffee. I had enough and unleashed my ego again, "give me two weeks to get in shape and I'll whip that young stud easily. I just need to lose a little weight and work out a bit."

Susan's reaction was a condescending and sarcastic, "Sure, ...sure, Mr. Macho". That evening she came home from work and announced that John had agreed to a rematch two weeks from the day when he had beaten and humiliated me. Two short weeks... for the first few days I tried jogging in the morning and going to the gym in the evening, but by the third day I was too tired to go out to the gym at night and my resolve was weakening. Susan said nothing. For the next ten days, I jogged occasionally and worked out once or twice when I wanted to get out of the house. Since my physical conditioning wasn't going as well as I had imagined, I dug out my wrestling books and reviewed some of the holds in the hope of compensating for my age and limited fitness.

John and Tina showed up at our place as scheduled. Tina looked even sexier this time in a skin tight gold lame blouse that made clear that she wore no bra. Tight short leather skirt, black stockings and four inch heels completed the alluring image. Susan was also in top form with a red see-through blouse and tight body hugging stretch pants that focused one's attention on her perfectly proportioned spindle like legs. The material hugged the crack of her ass and showed that she too wore no underwear. Open toed black leather platform shoes finished the outfit. Susan made clear that she would not be disappointed whoever won. Either I'd have proven that I could get back into shape or she would again be able to enjoy John's big tool and expert style. We had drinks and a light dinner... Susan kept refilling my wine glass and encouraging me to drink (wine is one of my weaknesses and maybe I had a little more than I should have before the upcoming match). Susan also continued to berate me for the failure two weeks ago, knowing that the extra stress would make me drink a little more too.

After dinner, John said, "let's get on with it..." as he stripped off his shirt, " I want to enjoy your wife's tight pussy again while I watch you." Watch me? I was confused, but Susan cleared things up without even being asked. "That's right, hubby. I knew that the thought of getting to drill Tina was enough to motivate you, but to get John and Tina to agree to a rematch I had to up the stakes since you had already demonstrated that you were a loser. If you win, you get your dream of screwing Tina as in the original wager, but if you lose for a second time, not only does John get to fuck me, but Tina gets to fuck you." She snickered as she produced a strap-on dildo from under the sofa cushion. "... and you will serve John and Tina as their personal servant for an entire weekend". God, now I really needed to win ...I wish I had really stuck to my workout plans but that was water over the dam.

We stripped down to our shorts and Susan gave the signal to begin. We started to wrestle and it was almost even for a while, but John's strength and endurance were too much for me not to mention the effects of the wine. Soon I was helpless, held face down on the rug in a full nelson. John demanded I give in. I tried to resist but after a few moments of the pain in my arm and his weight crushing my back, I agreed he had won. "Cry Uncle, like a little girl in a high pitched voice." John demanded, furthering my humiliation. I knew he had me and so I did as he asked.

"Now, beg me to fuck your wife because you're too much of a wimp to fuck her properly" he continued. It pained me but again, I did as he asked. "Now ask Tina nicely if she would please fuck your ass with her cock". One more time, I did as he asked begging her and telling her she could fuck me for as long as she wanted until she was satisfied. "Now, promise you'll be our house servant for a weekend". Again, I did exactly as asked and promised to do whatever they asked for the entire weekend. While he was doing this, Tina had pulled off my shorts and started playfully spanking my ass. As a final demand, John ordered me to thank Tina for spanking my wimp ass. Again, I did as he asked, knowing that all semblance of my self-respect had been drained from me. John was also satisfied that my resistance was completely gone, so he released the hold on my arm and had me lick my Susan's pussy lips to get her nice and wet for him. Tina stood above me as I was forced to watch John enter my lovely wife's sweet pussy. As they began fucking, Tina dropped her leather miniskirt and donned the strap on dildo...making me latch the belt tightly for her before having me kneel at her feet and suck her rubber cock.

Susan and John stopped for a moment to watch as Tina had me turn around on my knees to present my butt to her. Susan added to my humiliation, snickering, "I always knew you were a pussy, and now you're going to get fucked like one". The dildo hurt as it entered my virgin ass but that didn't slow down Tina. She fucked me like she was a guy who hadn't had sex for six months. After about ten minutes of abuse, Tina got off fucking my ass. She unbuckled the dildo and planted it back in my ass as she pushed me down on my back and had me lick her sopping pussy to a second orgasm.

Meanwhile, John had resumed fucking my lovely Susan. They changed positions several times before John was about to cum. Just as his big cock began spurting, he pulled it from Susan's pulsing pussy and shot his cum down her leg with some of it landing on her open toed shoes. The three of them enjoyed my final humiliation of the evening as I had to lick John's cum off Susan's toes, shoes, leg and finally from out of her dripping pussy. When they left, Susan derided me for not taking my training seriously and told me that because of it I had gotten what I deserved. I knew she was right and just hung my head in shame and went to bed a broken man.

I tried to stop my story here, but Susan made me finish the rest of it and tell you about the weekend I had to spend with John and Tina. I arrived there on Friday afternoon, straight from work. Tina was barely dressed in a tiny bikini. I think that was to tease me as she gave me a long list of chores to do. Basically I was ordered to clean John's condo from top to bottom, vacuuming, washing windows, taking curtains down and washing/ironing them. I was working like a dog ...and completely nude as Tina had ordered. She enjoyed watching me, teasing me and taunting me that maybe this work would get me into shape.

When John arrived he basically ignored me as I worked saying that Tina was in charge of supervising the maid. It wasn't until nearly 11:30 when John and Tina went to bed that he ordered me into the bedroom. He said that since I was a wimpy pussy, all I would be allowed to do is use my tongue as he ordered me to lick Tina's asshole and drill my tongue into it before having me suck on Tina's pussy to get her ready for him. I was then relegated to observer standing at attention at the end of the bed while they fucked. My final chore of the evening was cleaning Tina's pussy before being allowed to retire.

Saturday was more hard labor cleaning and even painting the basement walls. About 3pm John interrupted me to order me to take a shower... they were having guests for dinner and I would be serving. "In the nude?" I asked incredulously.

"Of course not" responded John.

Well, it was almost as bad. After I got out of the shower, Tina was there to dress me. White lace bra, white cotton bikini panties that barely covered my cock, white lace garter belt, and sheer white stockings. White lace gloves and a white lace choker collar completed the outfit. Tina explained that since I was a wimp pussy, I would be dressed as a maid rather than a butler. Following instructions, I set the dining room table for four. God I couldn't believe that I would actually be seen by two other people dressed like this. I begged John to let me go home. He laughed as he asked whether I needed to be beaten again in order to keep my word. I knew he'd also tell Susan and I'd never hear the end of it. With my head hung down I told John that I would keep my word and do whatever they asked until Sunday night.

All was ready by 4:30 as John and Tina got dressed. At 5:00 the doorbell rang which I answered as instructed. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw my lovely wife Susan arm in arm with Eddie Jones. Eddie is a young black junior executive in her office. Eddie is an appropriate name since he looks almost exactly like Eddie Murphy. This was too much. it was one thing to be degraded by my wife but for her to show up at a dinner party in the arms of an other man was just more than I could bear. I was totally embarrassed and humiliated as Susan introduced me and explained the events leading to my current position in full detail. She added that she was glad to be with a real man like Eddie in case John and Tina's dinner turned into something sexual. I just couldn't believe it; here was my very own wife giving Eddie the "green light" to enjoy her sexually right there in front of me.

As I served the four of them dinner, I was unable to forget about my humiliating outfit. Every time I did anything, one of them would make some derogatory comment about the wimp or the pussy maid. As dinner ended, John suggested they adjourn to the living room and get more "comfortable". I served them all another glass of wine and soon the four of them were petting wildly on John's oversized sofa. Watching Susan being turned on by black Eddie was humiliating but, I have to admit that, at the same time it was stimulating. Susan decided to further my humiliation asking me whether I approved of her fucking Eddie or was there any man left in her husband, the pussy wimp that would fight for her? God, she was doing it again, goading me into fighting Eddie. He was in good shape but not overly muscular. Well, what did I have to loose? I could let Eddie fuck her or I could fight him and maybe win...or at worst, still have to watch him fuck Susan. They didn't tell me that Eddie was an ex- Marine boxer. The fight was on as the furniture was cleared from the middle of the room and Eddie stripped down to his black nylon shorts. The ensuing wrestling match was short and pretty one sided since I was tired and exhausted from working all day. I thought it was over when he pinned me, but Eddie had other ideas. As he knelt on my shoulders, his crotch was only inches from my face...I could feel the heat and smell the musk of his manhood. Reaching behind himself, he grabbed my balls and started to squeeze..."lick my underwear, suck my balls, get me good and hard you slut". I couldn't believe the way Eddie was talking to me..and I couldn't believe I found myself obeying him completely but then again, I knew that I had little choice.

As I licked the smooth nylon briefs, his big black cock swelled to the point where the cockhead was peeking out over the waistband. Eddie decided to take off the shorts. A huge black cock, much, much larger than mine was now only inches from my face. I heard my susan gasp at it's largeness and then Eddie cried out, "suck it wimp," as he shoved his cockhead into my reluctant mouth. What could I do but accept it as he fucked my face with his big black tool. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth as I heard Susan tell him not to waste his orgasm on me. But Eddie didn't stop as he explained to Susan that he could stay hard all night and cum six or seven times on a typical evening so there would be plenty left for her.

Just as he said that I felt the first hot spurts splash against the back of my throat. Eddie pulled out as he continued to pump his cum all over my face. That set the theme for the rest of the evening as the four of them fucked in every different combination and I was required to perform cleanup duties not only for the two pussies but also for John and Eddie's cocks.

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Wrestler - Part 3

When I returned home that Sunday night, Susan lit into me, describing me as an over the hill couch potato who couldn't wrestle his way out of a paper bag. I defended myself saying that I just needed to get into shape.

Well, that's exactly what she had in mind too saying that she would not be embarrassed by me again or I would pay dearly. ...and she was personally going to take over my training.

To loose the 20 excess pounds I was carrying, Susan put me on a near starvation diet which I had to follow exactly. Susan also goes to the gym for aerobics class twice a week and works out at the gym with three other women from the class on other days. My humiliation continued as Susan made me work out in a pale pink leotard with her all female group every single day. On the first day she forced me to explain why I was there to the other women in complete detail. She also started giving me two pills a day, morning and night, that she said were steroids she had purchased from one of the weight lifting instructors at the gym. They should help my muscles regain their bulk and strength.

After two and a half weeks, there were noticeable changes. I had dropped 14 pounds, my waist (pants size) had dropped a little over 5 inches. While my legs, arms and chest were firming up, there were no huge muscles developing but I did feel better than I had in a long time and looked better too, particularly with summer just starting. She said that our training regimen would continue until I could beat any man she chose for me to fight. All this time, Susan didn't let up, reminding me how easily I had been beaten by every man I fought and each had been better than me at satisfying her sexually.

Every year my boss throws a Fourth of July pool party at his house. The whole division is invited so there's usually quite a crowd, 30-40 people including wives. Susan bought me a brand new Speedo type bathing suit and coordinated tight tee shirt to show off my renovated body - I had usually worn the boxer type for the last ten years along with a loose sport-shirt trying to hid my paunch. Susan warned me that I could do a lot of damage to our training program if I over ate at the party - typically I'd have packed away three or four burgers and tons of chips during the course of a long afternoon party. Susan set the ground rules: I could have one hot-dog, no chips, no hamburgers, and all the salad I wanted. I groaned.... then she added that since she wanted me to enjoy myself, I could drink all the beer I wanted ...but I would not be allowed to pee until we returned home.

The weather was great on the Fourth and there was a big crowd having a great time. Susan looked great as usual in her revealing string bikini. She keeps her body in such good shape that even some of the girls in their twenties were envious. I had to admit I didn't look too bad either. I'd had my hot-dog and three beers which was starting to get close to my bladder's limit, but I was feeling pretty good as was Susan. My boss, George and his wife, Betty, were chatting with us as we sat near the pool. George said the change in me was really noticeable and he was happy that I had started to take some interest in my appearance. Even though I had been doing good work, he said he'd been reluctant to send me to new clients since I hadn't presented the kind of image he wanted for the business. I was floating on Cloud Nine, feeling really proud of myself and pleased that the boss had noticed.

Then Susan joined in, "Did he tell you why he's become motivated to get back in shape and how we're doing this together?". Well, Susan went on to explain in humiliating detail how I had fought her boss, loosing twice. I couldn't believe it when she also explained all the details of the wager. I could see Betty's eyes lighting up as she looked me over - no way was I going to fight George on the same terms. Susan completed her humiliating expose by telling them all about our workout routine including the pink leotard I am forced to wear. By the time she was done, I wanted to crawl away and hide under a rock. I tried excusing myself to go to the bathroom, but Susan reminded me of our deal - right there in front of George and Betty.

Well, rather than firing me on the spot, George was still pretty positive saying that behind every man was a good woman providing support as he kissed Betty. "I guess some men need more support than others from their women". I thought the subject would be dropped there, but George continued to talk saying that Carlos Santiago, a young Hispanic fellow who had recently joined the company had also been a semi-professional wrestler at one time. Before I could say anything, George had called Carlos and his girlfriend over to the table. Carlos is a short 5'4" but solidly built. His girlfriend, Maria, was a real knockout - also Hispanic, she was 5'2", black hair, dark skinned with an hour glass figure - full breasts, tiny narrow waist and beautiful legs.

With the six of us sitting there at poolside, George had Susan repeat our story, but this time she added that unmistakable goading of me that she knew would get my ego to override my brain. At the end, Carlos was laughing and the others were chuckling at me. I felt totally humiliated. Then George and Susan almost simultaneously made the suggestion that I could regain some of my self respect by wrestling Carlos and winning. Sure I said, I was in great shape and had a good height advantage on Carlos.

George got up and shouted for overtone's attention, saying that just for fun and entertainment, Carlos and I would wrestle. The winner would get a VIP parking space at the office. (Thank goodness, George didn't announce the real terms of the wager: The winner would get the other man's woman while the loser was forced to watch but not allowed to participate. George and Betty would get to watch too no matter who won).

The match was reasonable, with both of us getting and then loosing the upper hand. Unfortunately, the beer and my full bladder were distracting my concentration - Carlos was able to get a hold of my leg dropping me onto my back with him twisting my leg. He demanded I concede, but I managed to hold on squirming to get out of his hold. He pulled my leg over further, trying to lift the leg and shift my weight onto my shoulders for the pin. In this position he reached behind me grabbing the waistband of my bathing suit to further lift my back.

I'm not sure exactly what it was - maybe the pressure on my kidneys or bladder, but I lost control and starting peeing. It was pretty obvious to the crowd as the stream of yellow piss spurted through the tight material of my bathing suit and ran across my stomach and down my chest. I was totally embarrassed and humiliated as I quickly conceded to Carlos in order to get out of the spotlight. "You're a real pissy wimp, aren't you?" sneered Carlos. Everyone laughed as George made some comment on the dangers of drinking too much beer before a fight. Fortunately the crowd dispersed and I quickly went over to his outdoor pool shower to get rinsed off.

As I returned to the table, George was telling Carlos and Susan that they could settle the wager using George's guest room. In order not to attract too much attention, we left the table and went into the house separately, Susan and Carlos first, followed by George and Betty with Maria and I wandering off last in separate directions.

By the time I reached the bedroom, Carlos and Susan were already naked on the bed, Carlos on his back with Susan licking and sucking his big tool to get him good and hard. Maria stripped off her bathing suit and joined Susan as the two of them licked his big cock like a giant lollipop. Betty was sitting in an arm chair at the side of the bed watching with George standing alongside her.

Susan stopped her sucking long enough to order me to remove my tight bathing suit and stand at the foot of the bed to get a good view of a real man making love to my wife. I guess Susan was training me pretty well at this point because my cock was rock hard just at the prospect of watching her getting fucked. Susan was not amused and she knew exactly how to humiliate me further, "You're not man enough to win the right to fuck your own wife. Get that obscene little prick of yours out of sight - pull it back between your legs and keep your thighs together so we don't have to see your wimpy cock." I don't know where she learned that one, but I did as instructed. As I looked down I was further humiliated by the visual effect - I no longer had a cock or balls - instead it looked like a had a pussy! Betty, who had removed her bathing suit and was fingering her pussy, laughed out loud at the humiliating sight I presented. The she said in a commanding voice, "Get your slave mouth down here where it belongs, between my legs!"

I was taken aback, frozen for an instant, not expecting Betty to address me that way or be issuing orders to me. Then, as I was about to obey, I saw that George was already on his knees in front of Betty! Finding out that George was dominated by his wife was quite a surprise, but I now better understood his comment earlier that behind every good man was a better woman.

Susan, Carlos and Maria were having a great time. At one point Maria and Carlos were each sucking one of Susan's luscious breasts as she played with her hot open pussy directly in front of me. They seemed to be doing their own choreography as they changed into many different positions... arriving at one of Susan's favorites. She was on her back with Carlos between her legs pumping her pussy with his fat cock and Maria kneeling over her face. As Susan lapped at Maria's pussy, Carlos grunted. I could see his balls convulse as he pumped his creamy cum into my Susan. His orgasm triggered her's as I watched her body tighten.

Maria dismounted to reveal my Susan's smiling face covered with Maria's juices. Maria moved into a kneeling position alongside Susan, kissing and licking her glistening face as Carlos pulled out of my wife, cock still hard, and began fucking Maria doggy style. A few minutes later he pumped his second load into Maria.

Susan, still on her back moved to the end of the bed, her legs hanging over the edge and her slippery pink pussy gaping wide open. Her pointing finger was all the instructions I needed to know where my tongue was supposed to be. Kneeling at her feet, I proceeded to clean her pussy of Carlos' spicy cum. Given past ordeals, I expected to have to provide similar cleanup services for Maria, but Betty took care of that... George was kneeling alongside me doing Maria before I had finished lapping Susan.

Carlos and Betty had been talking while watching us. I could only hear the end of the conversation as Betty said, "OK, but remember, George's slave cock is not allowed any pussy." I was confused, but it didn't take long to find out what they had decided.

I was ordered back to my humiliating position keeping my cock out of sight. Carlos laid flat on the bed as Susan mounted his erect pole. After enjoying a few thrusts, Carlos pulled Susan down close to him exposing her perfect ass. Betty was there with a tube of KY lubing my wife's ass, working first one, then two and finally three of her long fingers in and out. Then she motioned to George who moved in, kneeling between Carlos' legs to plant his cock in my wife's rear hole. With Betty as coach and cheerleader, they double fucked my lovely wife while I stood there helplessly watching. While this was going on, Maria had moved around behind me. Standing with her body rubbing up against my back, she increased my humiliation verbally and by using one hand to pull my cock painfully further between my legs while she used her other hand to play with my nipples. In her cute Spanish accent, she demanded I tell everyone how much I loved seeing my Susan being fucked in her pussy and ass by others because I wasn't man enough for her.

Carlos and George came almost simultaneously pumping their cum into both of Susan's holes. That together with Maria's pulling on my cock was too much for me and I came as well. That was painful because of the position of my cock forced back between my legs. But is wasn't as painful as what followed. My cum splattered on Maria's legs - she was pissed, screaming obscenities in Spanish at me just before she brought her petite little knee crashing up into my tightly stretched balls. The pain was overwhelming as I crumpled to the bedroom floor.

The afternoon ended for me after I had performed my cleanup chores for Susan, but Betty took Susan, Carlos and Maria to her bedroom ordering George to come along to watch. Maybe tonight Susan will tell me what went on in the other bedroom, but for now, I can only hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

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