You Can Bet Your Wife On It

Written by SeeShow / Oct 10, 1999


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You Can Bet Your Wife on It

Laura should have been a teenager in the 60's instead of the late seventies, because she reminds me of one of those, pot-smoking, `lets make love not war', rebellious chicks, that I saw as a youngster while growing up in the city. She married me, in spite of her parents protests, because I was sassy and brassy, a tough guy from the east side of Pittsburgh, in fact, a gambler. We met at a party, and it took me a full ten seconds to lust for her body. Even today, I get excited when I think of her wonderful buns and boobs.

But I guess it's been pretty tough on her since we got married. My gambling habits are intense, and sometimes I've lost as much as a thousand in a week. Sometimes I win that much in a week also; but to tell the truth, I have more loss weeks then win weeks. Like any gambler I always feel that one time I'm going to hit it big. My gambling has kept us from getting ahead financially and I know I'm the one to blame. That's why I guess I feel that I deserved what happened to me last month in Tunica, Mississippi. It was the kind of sexual humiliation that I thought would never happen to me.

I guess it's not all that surprising that I eventually got around to mixing up gambling with sex. Deep inside, I've always connected the two. Sometimes I nearly cream in my pants as the roulette wheel spins; I even look for pretty female dealers when I play blackjack. This is hard to admit, but as I watch their hands reach for my card, I can feel soft fingers squeeze my ass, pinch it, finger my hole. Sexy women and gambling just go together for me and that's why I always like Laura to dress as sexy as possible when she's with me on a gambling outing. The night we were playing the tables in Tunica was no exception. She looked really hot in her minidress, dark nylons and high heels. I had found a sizzling game that night in one of the card rooms at "The Lady Luck Casino" and by midnight, I was down at least a grand. I could see Laura was disgusted and almost in tears. One by one, the other betters dropped out until it was just I and the big winner, Jack Maloy - an obvious high roller that frequented the gambling tables. After another few hands, he had taken my last C-note. "Can I give you my marker?" I asked somewhat timidly, knowing to expect the worst.

"Of course not," he said calmly, his dark eyes surveying the room. He was cool and very aloof having dashed all my hopes and standing there in his three-piece suit, solid gold tie tack and alligator shoes. "How can I win back my money?" I asked. His reply shouldn't have been such a shock to me, I guess, because he was eyeing my wife all evening long. But still I was completely unprepared for his response. "Stake your woman. I get twelve hours with her if you lose."

There was only a slight murmur in the room. This was not, apparently, a rare request around here. I glanced at Laura. My first impulse was to strike him. His self assurance was so blatant! But in no time, I was seized by the overwhelming thought of what it would be like to make such a wager. I was dizzy and my cock actually got hard. I forgot all about what a shit Jack was. All I could think about was what a crazy play it would be and how great I'd feel when I won!

Before I responded, though, I did think of my wife and what her reaction would be if I accepted his crazy offer. Laura was standing beside me and as I looked at her as she was eyeing Jack with a daring leer I had never seen before. She nodded her approval to me as if she were in a trance, then turned back to Jack and said with more enthusiasm in her voice than I would have liked, "OK, Jack, if you win again, I'm yours."

I couldn't help it; all I could think about that instant was the next deal. It was too good to be true! I would actually get to play an other hand! And I could feel it, feel that juicy surge of staking it all on a single game. My gratitude to Laura was enormous. What a woman, to do this for me! Yet, I recognized that when she gave me her nod of approval, there was a certain amount of hostility in her eyes directed at me. Nevertheless she had agreed and I could also sense in her a smoldering desire to experience the thrill of gambling everything on one turn of the cards. I had a feeling that deep down she was looking forward to it even more than I was! The problem was, I wasn't absolutely certain as to what outcome she was rooting for. Based on the fact that she had been flirting with Jack most of the evening and seemed awfully enthusiastic about `being his, if he won again'. But by now it was too late to thing about anything. The cards were being dealt and now my mind was completely on the game.

We played five card open, no draw. I had a pair of queens. He had nothing until his last card. I could barely breathe as it came down. The whole room swirled as he turned it over. My cock was beyond hard; had I been able to reach down and pull it just once, I would have cum immediately. God he had another king! I got beat. It's hard to describe how badly beaten I felt at that moment. All I know is that I had the greatest sense of loss I had ever felt to have actually lost my wife sexually to another man. I looked over at my wife and felt an even greater stab of pain, because her expression seemed to be saying that she didn't mind `having to please Jack sexually' to pay off my bet. Frantic, I begged, "What else can I stake to win it all back?"

I could sense a wave of pity throughout the room. "Stake yourself," he said. "If you lose, you stick around and wait on me while I enjoy the lady."

What a brazen bastard he was! At least a half-dozen people were within earshot, but he just didn't care! I'm sure half the fun for him was in the public exposure, and I wondered how many other gamblers had lost it all to him. What else could I do but grab for this desperate straw he had given me. I nodded my head and the cards were dealt. The game went fast, so fast that I hardly had any time to get excited before losing. I was sweating and blushing as I followed them out the door. To say I was humiliated beyond anything I'd ever experienced before was putting it mildly. But grabbing my wife and running away from Jack never entered my mind. One thing I've never done is welsh on a bet. If I had any thoughts of welshing they were disbanded when Jack murmured in my ear as we entered the lobby, "Do a good job and I'll give you some money back."

We took his black Lincoln Towncar to the hotel where he was staying. He had me drive so that he could sit in the back seat with my wife, telling me that he wanted me to get the feel of serving the two of them. Little was said as we drove to his hotel, except for Jack complimenting my wife on how sexy she looked and how from the moment he had seen her how he wanted to make it with her. Laura simply murmured her thanks for his compliments and made no attempt to push his hands away as he felt her up under her dress. I don't know what else she could do except accept his brazen remarks and actions and I cursed myself for putting her in this position.

When we entered his two-room suite at his hotel, his first sexual request threw me for a loop. He told Laura to step out of her panties, leaving everything else on and he told me to use my tongue on her pussy. During the drive, I had prepared myself mentally to see my wife being used sexually by Jack, but not this! I realized that I was being used to get my wife hot so that he could enjoy the fruits of my efforts. What choice did I have? I tongued my wife to the point where she was ready for whatever sexual demands Jack would make of her. It wasn't a long wait; once she was breathing heavy and murmuring delightful pre-orgasmic moans and groans, Jack removed his belt and pointing to his crotch he said, "Place your mouth, here." I had been prepared to hate this experience, but to tell the truth the only thing I was feeling at that moment was very horny from the delights of licking my wife's pussy. Even the thought of my wife having to perform sexual acts for another man didn't seem to disturb the strength of my hard-on. Laura came out of her semi-orgasmic trance long enough to unzip his fly and removed his cock. I almost died when I saw it. It was enormous and fat and un-circumcised. Jack glanced at me as Laura's mouth slowly encompassed the formidable head. I felt myself sweating again as she sucked harder and harder.

Then he interrupted her. "Strip," he said, "but leave your nylons on." I watched the satisfaction register on his face as Laura removed her dress and bra. Soon she was naked except for the black nylons, garter belt and spiked high heels that I had talked her into wearing for the evening. He licked her breasts and chewed on her nipples. Laura let out a small moan as his hands reached around and groped her behind. He asked her to dance sensually for him; she put her hands behind her head and gyrated before his gaze. I was disturbed that she was following all his requests so willingly, but I found myself getting aroused as well. Then he had her go down on him again, but all I saw was her ass sticking out as if she were mooning me. She swayed slowly as he grunted and shot his load. My wife kept her mouth resting on his cock. She had swallowed his cum and, intentionally or not, was slurping up the last drops.

As if watching my wife suck another man's cock for the first time in my life, wasn't enough humiliation for me Jack looked over at me and said, "Hey, Jim, be a good boy and run out and get us some wine." He pulled up his pants enough to reach in for his wallet. He handed me a twenty, and I trembled all the way to the liquor store. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I tried to think of some way out of my nightmare, but I couldn't. What was worse was that I knew I had brought this on my self and that deserved whatever happened in Jack's motel room between him and my wife. When I returned, the door was unlocked; I opened it and, in the instant before they knew I was there, I saw Laura holding that killer cock as if it were a sacred treasure. "What kept you so long?" she said nastily when she saw me. Of all the things that went through my mind when I was making this foolish bet, not one of them was that my wife would turn on me and actually begin to enjoy herself sexually with Jack. This unpalatable thought drained the blood from me and I was as white as a sheet as I poured the wine for them. They drank, then Jack had her lie down on the floor in front of his chair and spread her pussy wide apart. "Hold up your wife's legs so she doesn't tire," he told me.

I naturally had no choice. Not only was I afraid to welch on him, but he had promised me some money if I did well and, brother, how I needed some money as I felt it was my only salvation to some remaining bit of self-respect where my wife was concerned. Even then I was plotting how I could parlay what he might give back to me to a big bankroll so that my wife could look past this stupid position I had placed us both in. My thoughts of gambling were interrupted by my wife's moans and my realization that she wasn't necessarily unhappy with the position she was in right now.

"It's so big, so big," yelped Laura as they fucked, "Give it to me. I want you to cum inside me." They came together. I could actually hear his big cock ease out of her and Laura sigh as it did. "That was wonderful! Wipe it off on my hubby," whispered Laura wickedly. As Jack fulfilled my wife's request, I realized that she had indeed lost all respect for me and that she was bent on making this as unpleasant for me as she could. I had seen all that I could take and so I asked to be excused, thinking I would catch some sleep on the couch in the other room. But Jack had other ideas. He told me that he didn't want me to miss anything and that the deal was for me to stick close in case they needed me for something. Laura didn't say anything and just giggled at Jack's statement to me. Jack had me sit on the chair next to their bed, as he snuggled up next to my wife. She slipped off her high-heels and settled back against his broad chest. They were so content! After about twenty minutes, I heard Laura purr, and Jack say, "Mmmm, you smell nice."

He began groping her all over feeling up her tits roughly then sucking them fervently. He turned her over in the spoon position and their fervid groans were coming fast and furious. "Ah, ah, ah," shouted Laura, and I could see that bastard was buggering my wife. She was crying and howling; he was chortling in self-satisfied ecstasy. Her reaction to being fucked up the ass for the first time in her life was a real surprise and humiliation for me. She groaned in pleasure and told him, as much for my ears as his, I think. "At last, a real man. Oh, God, thank you!"

When they finished, Jack nudged me with his foot. "Jim, bring us a towel and some tissues." I obeyed, and when I returned, he said, "Now would you please clean me off? I wiped his cock off with the towel as Laura stared contemptuously at me. And if that wasn't enough, he had me clean Laura's ass out with some of the tissue. She giggled as I reached up there. "Thank you," she said to Jack "for showing me that my hubby can be a real ass-wipe. I'm glad that he's around to take care of our important needs. Thank you for finding something worthwhile for him to do - like wiping my ass!" and then she giggled wickedly. As I finished the last of my ass-wipe job, they kissed passionately. Jack made me sleep the rest of the night at the bottom of their bed. I lay on the carpet and in spite of all my humiliation the whole scenario had me so sexually excited that I jerked off until I fell asleep with my prick in my hand.

The next morning, as we prepared to leave, Jack said to me, "You know, Jim, I wouldn't play cards if I were in the habit of losing more than you can afford to lose. It's a bad habit, one I've never had. I hope you've learned something from all of this."

But I guess I didn't. Jack gave me five hundred dollars, which I promptly lost on one of the gambling boats before we returned home. So much for my thoughts of winning it big and regaining some respect back from my wife.

I haven't said anything about how overly-willing and enthusiastic she was to sacrifice herself for my bet; she hasn't brought it up either! Laura apparently feels no need to apologize for acting like a sneering bitch that night. She has in fact treated me fairly decently since then and I guess I deserved no better than I received from the two of them for making and losing such a stupid bet. Funny thing is, she hasn't complained about my gambling since then and has even encouraged me to set up another trip to Tunica. You don't suppose she actually hopes for a repeat performance, do you? Surely, she knows that if I ever got in such a spot again I wouldn't bet her - not unless, of course, I was sure of winning - like at black jack with me counting the cards. I'm just sure that Jack can't play black-jack as well as I can - could he?
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