To The Dark Wanderer

Written by Selena / Oct 10, 1999




Lie back with your cock sticking straight up, I want to sloooowly slide it down my throat until my nose touches your throbbing balls. I want to inhale the heat of you, smell the heat rising from those swollen balls, see how big they are. I want to think of how much cum that there is in them, soon to FILL my shaved, bare, cunt.

I want to feel your hot cum flooding my cunt, filling me to overflowing! I will slide my mouth up and down until your balls swell up, and your cock is ready to explode!!

Then I will straddle you, reaching down and open my cunt WIDE open then SLOOOOOOOOWLY slide down over cock, still holding my cunt open until I'm all the way down: with your cock DEEEEEP in my womb.

When you're ALL the way in I'll rock back and forth until I can drape my cunt lips around your balls, then I'll slowly rock back and forth, working you deeper and deeper into me.

As I WORK YOU DEEPER I'll look my husband in the eyes, letting him see how good you are.

When you finally explode, I'll push down so you can feel my cunt milking the cum from your balls, sucking it DEEP up into me, not letting you go until you're empty.

Then I'll sloooowly slide off holding my cunt closed, to keep all of your cum inside of me.

Then I'll have Billie lay under me and let him suck all off your hot cum out of my cunt. As he is licking and sucking , I will suck your cock until you're stiff and hard again, and your balls are full again.

Then I'll sit on Billies cock sliding it deep up my ass, then I'll lean back and guide you into my hot dripping wet, sucking cunt.

Then I'll bounce back and forth between your cocks until you both explode deep inside me.

What would we do then?

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