My Wife, My Best Friend & a Camcorder

Written by Smutt / Oct 14, 1999


My wife, my bestfriend and a camcorder By Smutt

I just finished watching the video tape that I shot earlier this morning. It involves my wife and best friend, in my bed fucking my wife. It started this morning with a call I made to my friend, a sort of wake up call if you will. It was 8:00 AM when I got him up. He said he'd have some coffee and be on his way over. By 9:00 AM my wife was in the bathroom trimming her pubic hair and getting ready to have her cunt filled with my buddies cock. She picked out a see-thru black bodysuit that had stitched bow's all over it, I didn't know what she had till after my buddie arrived and they were in the bedroom. She came out of the restroom before my friend got there wearing levis and a flannel shirt, all I could see was a choker around her neck, I didn't know till later it was part of the bodysuit. My buddy arrived a little after 9:00 AM, coffee in hand, after some small talk my wife headed into our bedroom. I told my friend, well I guess she's ready. He got up and headed in to join her while I grabbed the camcorder, I got it ready earlier. As I entered the bedroom my wife was removing her levis, she already had the flannel shirt off. My buddy, was pulling down his pants and underwear. My wife got on the bed laying on her back and soon my friend was crawling in between her legs. He lowered his mouth over her right breast sucking on it through the material, he let his hand go down between her legs and started playing with her cunt. I seen her hips raise to meet his probing hand, at the same time I heard her intake of breath. My cock was rock hard just watching my wife and friend. His mouth moved to her other breast now, sucking in that nipple, he must have bit down on it because she let out a yelp, but then started to giggle so I knew it couldn't have been too bad a bite. His other hand was still playing with her cunt making her hips raise and lower with his stroking. He released her nipple now and worked both her breast free of the bodysuit, then lowered his mouth back to her breast's, he was squeezing and sucking, first one tit then the other. Her hands were all over his back rubbing it to urge him on, I could tell she was hot already. My buddy started getting up and moved over to the left side of her body, his hand was unsnapping to openning to her cunt, he was once again running his hand over her mound. She reached up to grasp his cock and guide it to her waiting mouth. I zoomed the camera in to get a close up of her mouth as she slide it over his cock, she took him in all they way to his balls, then allowed most of his cock to come back out. She kept that up for awhile before removing his cock and just running her tongue around the head, then she let her tongue travel up and down the underside of his cock. Soon she was back to slipping her lips over the head, my buddy started to fuck her mouth, making his cock rock hard, getting ready to feed it to her cunt. He pulled his cock from her lips with a popp as his cock left the vacuum of her mouth. He quickly got back between her legs, lifting them upward, he started rubbing his cock between the folds of her pussy,seeking out the opening of her womb. I watched from the side, looking at her face as his cock started to penatrate her, I watched as her teeth clenched then heard the first moan escape her lips as the head of his cock entered her. She let out another moan as he slipped more of his meat into her, then another and another, oohhh ooohh, she was moaning. He was buried to the balls in her now, I could tell since his hips were tight against the back of her legs. He arched his back removing some of his cock from her then slammed it back home, causing a grunt to escape her lips. He pumped into this way for a couple minutes before deciding to press her legs toward her breast, bringing her cunt higher into the air, he was sort of straight up now with his body. With his knee's no the bed he seemed now to be able to get more leverage to drive his cock into my wifes cunt, she was loaning and groaning with each thrust he delivered, she was trying to raise her cunt with each of his in strokes. She actually pulled her legs even further back, holding them straight, he pumped her for about ten minutes this way, then through his body on top of her, he started fucking her like a bunny then.

Her breast were shaking back and forth, matching the action of his cock, his hips were slamming into the backs of her legs. I could hear her climax building with each thrust, uunngh uunngh, ohh ohh, yes, yes, she was mumbling. Her fingernails were digging into his back, then it hit her, I seen her fingers go straight out and stay that way, a sure sign for her that she's cumming. My friend didn't stop though, he kept slamming into her, seeking his own release. Within five minutes he was moaning along with my wife, she always likes it when she knows a man's about to cum, I think she get's off at that time too. My buddy pulls out and grabs his cock, he start's jerking it back and forth, getting ready to spray my wife with his hot seed. The first shot goes into her hair, the next hit her chin and some on her breast, the rest is now being placed around her belly, as his cock dries up he gets up off my wife. She takes her fingers and wipes the cum from her chin, then sticks her fingers between her lips to taste him. I shut off the camcorder then, I throw her a towel we had by the bed, as she gets up my friend takes her in his arms, giving her a long kiss with his tongue firmly planted between her lips. My wife had a glow about her as they part. After they both were dressed again, we headed out for lunch together before parting to do whatever else we had planned for the day. We'll be getting together again in a few weeks for another round of fun.

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