The Train Trip To Join Dad

Written by Southboy / Aug 20, 2003




I lay in the upper berth as the train streaked through the night heading toward California. The year was 1943 and World War Two was at its peak. Mom and I were on our way to join Dad, whom we?d not seen in almost two years. He was stationed aboard a heavy cruiser out of San Diego.

I had been fast asleep but for some reason I woke up. The light in the lower berth was on. We had a private compartment, and Mom was in the lower berth; she was very excited about rejoining Dad. I had started to say something but stopped when I heard the moaning; moaning I?d often heard whenever she and Dad had sex. Slowly I peeked over the edge of the upper berth and looked into the mirrors that lined the walls of the compartment. My eyes popped open in total shock and surprise for what I was observing, I would have never thought in a million years would take place.

Mom is a very young looking 34 year old true blond, with blue eyes, full red lips, with peaches and cream complexion and a mouth watering, firm, sexy 36DD-22-36 figure that turned heads wherever she went. She and Dad were both staunchly southern in their heritage, deeply religious Southern Baptist. Mom had been a virgin when she married Dad and had never been unfaithful. To her, adultery was the worst of all sin; however she was a very sexually active woman as long as it was with Dad. Dad had even told her after one of their frequent sexual bouts, that he thought she was a ?nymphomaniac.? This is why I was so shocked and surprised at what I saw in the lower berth in our private compartment.

Mom was lying totally naked on her back, her long sexy white legs widely spread open. There was a young man between those spread married white thighs and he was thrusting the biggest and thickest cock I?d ever seen up between her widely stretched blond pussy lips, impaling her completely with each inward thrust. His cock made Dads cock look tiny. I watched not believing what I was observing, for her being with another man was hard enough to believe but for her to be having such intimate sex with a ?BLACK? was beyond belief. Knowing how she and Dad felt about blacks, having heard them frequently compare them to ?apes, dumb, stupid jungle animals, and lazy.? They?d often referred to them as Filthy NIGGERS. Yet here was my married, southern, beautiful white mother with one of those filthy niggers, who looked to be in his late teens, filling her married blond pussy with his huge, long and thick black cock. Fucking her with long, hard thrusts as she lustfully moaned and groaned, she was kissing him, shoving her sexy white hips up to meet his inward thrusts.

I don?t know how long they?d been fucking, but Mom seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his huge black cock. It was then that I heard the toilet in the little bathroom we had flush. Seconds later another youthful looking black, completely nude, his huge black cock thrust out in front of him like a battering ram, came out of the bathroom. He stood for a few seconds before lying down on the other side of the fucking couple, stroking his massive black cock, waiting his turn to fuck the hot, married, southern white woman.

I noticed the white sailor uniforms in a heap in the middle of the floor and then remembered that we?d met these two young black sailors in the dining room being forced to sit at the same table with them because of the crowd. I remember Mom not being very happy about having to sit with ?niggers? and I felt sure that even thought she said nothing, they picked up on her feelings. It seems that they had just completed an 18 week training camp right out of high school and were on their way to their first assignments. They?d come directly from basic training to the train. They were from the same part of the south that we were and understood why Mom felt the way she did.

I still was unable to figure out why Mom went from a ?nigger hater? to a ?nigger lover? in such as short period of time. I knew of her hot nature and that it had been a long time since she and Dad had enjoyed sex. For her to suddenly allow, more or less think of having an affair of any kind and certainly not with blacks was to me a mystery. I also realized that 18 weeks for teenage men in their prime without sex was to be the making of an all night fuck fest.

It seems that when the two black teenage sailors followed us back from the dining car they got the compartment number. They?d really ogled Mom both at the table and while behind us. I saw them reach down and squeeze the huge bulges at their crotch when they were behind us. Later that night they had come back and acting in the southern Negro manner of being respectful and subservient had gained Mom?s trust. They told her about not being able to get home to see their folks and that they had some of their grandpappys home made wine that they?d like to share with her because she was from the same part of the country. Mom had told them to come in, she didn?t want anyone seeing her talking with niggers, and she?d share one small paper cup of wine with them. Though it was against her religion, Mom and Dad had often had home made wine their fathers made. What Mom didn?t know was the two young black teenage sailors had laced the wine with some powerful livestock aphrodisiac they?d had a friend back home send to them.

Well, in Mom?s already agitated sexual state in anticipation of being with Dad and making up for almost two years of lost passion and the large dose of the stimulate the rest was history. Mom became a woman consumed by fiery passion and lust. At 34 Mom was already in the years were she was most sexually needing. She was in her prime. All she cared about at this point was being sexually fulfilled. She didn?t care if they were those despised ?NIGGERS,? she just wanted someone to fuck her; she didn?t care if it was one or fifty.

Mom was moaning and groaning lustfully as the young teenage black sailor began to build to a powerful climax. He had 18 weeks of hot, virile, black seed built up to deposit in this pretty, sexy, married southern white woman. He knew that there would be plenty of time to do some slow fucking but right now he just wanted to unload in her tight white pussy, to fill her white womb with his black seed.

With one final powerful inward thrust burying his massive black teenage cock to the hilt, the young black sailor shot a torrent of his cum deeply into my mother as she hotly kissed him while wrapping her long, sexy white legs around his waist pulling him tightly against her as she experienced her own powerful climax. He kept repeating over and over the word ?cum..cum? while Mom between kisses kept moaning ?yes??yes? her pussy contracting around his spurting black monster, milking it even further.

The whole compartment had the smell of raw, animal, jungle sex. Lying tightly locked together, they enjoyed the full force of their mutual powerful climax until the young sailor, after catching his breath, withdrew. I massive load of his cum flowed out from Mom?s blond pussy and ran down between her legs onto the sheets. Mom was still moaning and flexing her sexy white hips up. It didn?t take long for the second young black teenage sailor to settle between those long sexy white married legs and thrust his equally massive black cock up into Mom. Again the fucking was hot, lusty and powerful as Mom once more went wild with lust. In her deep southern lusty accent, she kept telling the young black sailor how good it felt and how much she wanted him to keep doing her. I?m not sure at this point whether or not Mom was totally aware of who was fucking her. She kept calling him ?darlin? like she did Dad. The young black teenage sailor finally asked her if she liked being fucked by a nigger.

Without missing a beat, looking up into his dark brown eyes, a hot smile on her beautiful, flushed white face Mom in her southern accent said that she did and that she?d never imagined how wonderful it was to have a nigger with a big black cock fucking her. She further stated that she wanted it to continue from now on. The young black sailor then quickened his thrusts until he also slammed forward to completely bury his massive black teenage cock to the hilt and spew forth a massive load of his hot, virile black seed once more filling my mothers white womb to capacity. It drove Mom over the edge and she had another super massive climax.

After this, I watched as both of the young teenage black sailors slow fucked my mother and were able to dump several more loads of their hot cum inside her. Each time Mom had another powerful climax. Finally, around 5am that morning of the first night, everyone was fucked out; the lower berth was a mess, dried cum everywhere. The two young black sailors quickly dressed and left leaving Mom lying exhausted on the lower berth as globs of thick black seed oozed from between her widely stretched blond pussy lips to seep down to join previous loads. She pulled a sheet up and fell asleep a smile of contentment on her beautiful white, yet still flushed, face.

The trip to the west coast was to take three nights. Each of the three nights would be?well that will come in the next chapter?..
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