Avon Calling part 2

Written by Stardog Champion / Jun 21, 2001



By Stardog Champion


Ida scanned the small but modestly decorated room with an ever growing sense of discomfort. Her nervous gaze shifted from Rahim's shirtless body to his younger brother, Sterling, as he strutted across the living room. Ida could see the curious expression etched across his 18 year old face as he openly sized her up.

"She's Mom's Avon Lady, Sterling," Rahim quietly offered, to quell his brother's uneasiness.

Even before Ida had turned her focus from Rahim to Sterling, she had blindly sensed the presense of a thrid person in the room. When she finally did visually latch onto a young black girl, who herself didn't look a day over 18, sitting on the sofa, Ida again felt an overpowering urge to leave.

Before she could take two steps back however, Rahim politely extended his hand and said, "Don't worry Ma'am..she's just a friend of Sterling and mine from downstairs..her name is DeeDee. DeeDee..this is Mom's Avon Lady."

".....Ida..Ida Morgan...pleased to meet you," Ida offered, trying to sound as calm as possible eventhough she felt as out of place as George W. Bush at a Geography Bee.

"I've got to be....be running...ahhh..." Ida hummed, trying to make a graceful exit.

"Just a few more minutes Ida," Rahim interrupted. "I'm sure Mom will be home any minute."

Without the gumption to reject Rahim's firm but polite offer, Ida retreated and followed the towering young man's lead, taking a seat in a covered recliner to her right.

Ida sat demurly in the chair, clenching her hands nervously together as time grinded to a halt. Fighting the urge to check her watch every 10 seconds, Ida was left with nothing to do but rotate her gaze around Deloris Franklin's?living room, dropping her eyes to the carpet each time one of the three youngsters in the room tried returning visual contact.

Feeling as if she were the only one in the room not privy to an unspoken inside joke, Ida detected a strange scent wafting around her. It was an oddly masculine, meaty aroma that caused ida to turn her head slightly from its potency.

"What is that smell?" Ida asked herself, finding it easier to talk to herself rather than trying to break the ice with the three glaring kids.

Rahim, Sterling and DeeDee made small talk amongst themselves for a few minutes as Ida sat impatiently off to the side, looking as if she were on a deserted island as a shipfull of merry revelers passed mindlessly by.

The only one of the three that Ida could remotely focus in on was the young girl sitting between the two jovial men. Ida's feminine intuition told her DeeDee was rather uncomfortable with her situation as well but in her zeal and zest to get the attention of the men she hung with, DeeDee would be willing to do anything they asked of her. Looking at the way the girl was dressed, with a halter top that completly revealed her belly and most of her small round breasts and a miniskirt that left nothing to the imagination, Ida correctly guessed that DeeDee had been around the block several times.

The isolationism that was growing in Ida's pysche was cemented when she plainly saw Rahim reach over and grab DeeDee by the right shoulder a moment before he leaned in and planted his forceful lips against hers. Mashing his thick lips heavily against DeeDee's, it was clear that the masculine black stud was putting on a show for everyone else in the room.

As soon as Rahim's lips met DeeDee's, Ida instantly harkened back to her last visit to the apartment complex, when Rahim was doing the exact same thing with another, more hefty, girl in the tenament's stairwell.

This time however, Ida was sitting helplessly in the young man's living room, being forced to cover her chest and mouth with her hands in embarrassment, as Rahim openly stuck his tongue down the breathless girl's opened mouth.

Turning her head to avoid the graphic and blatant sexual scene, Ida felt an incredible itching heat spread across her neck and chest as she tried her best to ignore the carnal display of affection.

Ida could clearly hear Sterling off to the side, laughing, as he got up from the sofa to give Rahim and DeeDee some extra room. Helpless to sneak a peek out from between the fingers covering her eyes, Ida realized she had a front row seat as DeeDee submitted to the advances of the hulking young man kissing her.

Watching the way DeeDee's dark, rail thin thighs quivered together inside her skimpy miniskirt, Ida began to sense that she had interrupted something rather lurid when she had knocked on the door minutes earlier.

Darting her attention quickly towards the front door to see if she had enough room to make a break for it, the equally imposing spector of Sterling Franklin gliding in that direction prevented Ida from attempting to get up.

Briskly turning her eyes away from Sterling and back towards the couple on the couch, Ida shuddered to the core when she saw that Rahim had stood up and now his aroused penis was hanging like a grotesquely rigid black club from the fly of his baggy jeans. Ida watched in horror as Rahim pounded his growing cock with his palm for several moments until he was ready to feed it to the girl's waiting and watering mouth below.

Seeing the same cock that had pleased the fat girl on the steps a few weeks earlier, now sliding between the lips of the nubile black female on the couch, Ida found herself hauntingly fixated by the sheer obscenity of what was unfolding.

Unconsciously shifting her weight in the seat, Ida tried covering her eyes again with her left hand, still leaving enough space between her fingers however, that she could guiltily observe.

When DeeDee's lips parted all the way apart and Rahim's phallus disappeared into her gullet, making it appear as if she were swallowing a glistening ebony sword, Ida saw Sterling move in for a closer look as the girl went down on his brother.

The three went about their business with mocking arrogance as the 55 year old white woman sat there helpless to watch. When Sterling reached down and grabbed DeeDee's size too small halter top and lifted it up to her neck, revealing her small but extremly perky chocolate breasts, Ida's entire face reddened when she saw how DeeDee's pink nipples expanded like two ripe cheeries at the end of her girlish titties.

Glued visually to the carnal way the young black slut went about sucking Rahim's beheamouth, while at the same time, grinding in Sterling's arms as he forcefully massaged her tender breasts from behind, Ida clenched her thighs tightly together and crouched down further into her warming seat.


By the time Sterling Franklin had lowered his hands from DeeDee's tits and allowed them to dig into her crotch, Ida had a clear sense what the 18 year old boy was about to do. When she saw Sterling easing DeeDee's miniskirt and white panties down her legs and finally off her ankles while the young black girl relentlessly continued lavishly sucking Rahim's dick, Ida could feel her own bloodflow rapidly increase to the point that she felt her heart beating like a drum inside her chest.

Ida gulped each time she tried taking a breath, watching the way Rahim fucked DeeDee's quivering throat, full throttle, with his impaling cock. The three looked like a trio of sexstarved animals on the sofa as Sterling powerfully dug his fingers between DeeDee's opened thighs, coating his black hands with the liquod results of her excitement.

Unaware of the fact that she had balled her hand into a fist in the dark blue material of her business slacks when Sterling's bald head disappeared between DeeDee's outstretched legs, Ida's blood then started to boil from watching the maniaical way he bit, chewed and devoured the teenage girl's glowing pink gash.

With DeeDee's head firmly entrenched between Rahim's vicelike hands, as he continued gyrating his pelvis against her face, the whole room filled with the loud plopping sounds of Rahim's groin crashing into DeeDee's upper body.

"Taste good down there Bro'...get yourself a big mouthful then get your ass back up here so I can fuck this Bitch," Rahim playfully told Sterling as if the black girl sucking his cock had no feelings of worth whatsoever.

Seeing Rahim pull his cock free from DeeDee's mouth, the two siblings shared a silent gaze of understanding with each other, as if this wasn't the first time they had been in this type of situation. As soon as Rahim pulled back to survey the scene in front of him, he alternated his sightlines between DeeDee waiting for him on the sofa and Ida sitting in stoned silence in the chair to his left.

Nodding to his younger brother, Rahim stroked his cock to keep it hard as Sterling bent over and started positioning DeeDee's body just right for him to enter. Effortlessly nudging DeeDee onto her back, Sterling grabbed her by both ankles and pulled her legs apart, giving Rahim what amounted to a sleek black landing strip to ease his body between.


Squirming in her own personal hotseat, Ida watched as DeeDee's lithe legs were held apart in mid air by the younger Franklin brother. Seeing that Rahim was satisfied with the job Sterling had done getting the young girl ready, Ida felt her insides shudder when Rahim leaned his hulking frame forward and cinched his meaty black hands into the smooth flesh of DeeDee's inner thighs. Her breathing now as shallow as a barely running stream, Ida nearly swallowed her tongue when she saw Rahim drop the weight of his erect penile battering ram right on top of the girl's swollen, pink pussy.

Ida nearly jumped in her seat when DeeDee spasmed from having such a heavy piece of bricklike flesh land squarly on her simmering clit. Locking her ankles, knees and thighs together as she voyeuristically watched, Ida sensuously bit down on her thumb when Rahim's throbbing appendage slowly started to disappear inside the young girl's well traveled cunt.

Becoming more and more flush with each inch Rahim's erection dove between DeeDee's glistening folds, Ida found herself in disbelief that any woman could manage to take in a cock of those diminsions with such relative ease.

She had become so focused on Rahim's masculine dominance on top of the 18 year old slut, the tunnel vision that resulted caused Ida to lose track of where Sterling had quietly wandered off to.


Drifting off into the shadows after he had prepared DeeDee for his big brother, Sterling took a few moments to soak in the outrageous scene before deciding what to do next.

Alternating his heated gaze between Rahim pounding the neighborhood whore on the sofa and the awestruck Avon Lady sitting in the chair to his right, Sterling worked his own healthy erection free from his pants before slowly peeling the denim jeans down to his feet.


Ida Morgan sat there transfixed with sick, but starry eyed, fascination as the two sexually promiscuous black kids attached their bodies for the sole purpose of achieving carnal bliss. Eventhough she had shared sexual intercourse with her husband thousands times during their marriage, to call what they shared in bed 'sex' compared to what she was witnessing now, would have been a gross understatement. Ida had become so enthralled by the way Rahim had taken over DeeDee's body, she had no inkling whatsoever, that a now naked Sterling was straddling up to her from the side.

Biting the inside of her cheek to quell the growing inferno in her loins, Ida nearly had a heart attack when the vieny length of Sterling's wrist thick endowment rose like a missile on a launching pad, no more than 6 inchs in front of her glazed eyes.

Freezing suddenly when she realized what it was, Ida shook outwardly as the 18 year old's virility blacked out her vision of the room. With her eyesight hindered, Ida's senses were suddenly drawn to the huge slab of male masculinity that arched demonicly in front of her face.

A moment after Sterling's fingertips dug into her hairspray laden locks, the 55 year old married woman felt her head being tugged to the left. Less than a second later, Ida's impeccably made up face crashed cheek first, right into Sterling Franklin's jutting male pride.

By the time Ida had figured out what was happeneing to her, it felt as if her body had become trapped in the middle of an avalanche. Sterling had wrapped both of his insistant hands around Ida's seated body and effortlessly picked her up into his arms before carrying her limp weight over to the center of the room.

Kicking the coffee table aside, Sterling bent forward and, as gently as he could, deposited Ida's body on the carpeted floor.

The brief moment of being weightless in the teenager's arms seemed to last an eternity for Ida as the inital piercing sounds of DeeDee's orgasm started to rip through the room. Seeing the young black girl writhing on the sofa, through the intertwined mess of arms and legs, as Sterling laid her on the floor, Ida felt her eardrums throb from the shrill decibal level of the young fuckslut's cries of pleasure.

The whole time she was secured in Sterling's grip, Ida could feel his rippling muscles rub mightily against her clothed frame, causing her to feel as submissivly surreal as anytime in her long, rich life. Facing the fact that a kid, who was only a third of her age, was so easily manhandling her, Ida once again said a fleeting prayer for forgiveness as the back of her blue and white pinstripped shirt came to rest on the floor.

Through her clenched eye lids, Ida could see her arms flailing helplessly up towards the grinning teenager and the moral and decent part of her pysche told her that she was trying to ward off the kid's manifest sexual destiny.

When the first of her shirt's buttons went flying across the room from the friction of Sterling's ripping hands however, Ida had to face the fact that her hands were not trying to fend off Sterling's advances, if anything, she was trying to pull him closer.

Ida could feel Sterling's thick fingers dig into the cottom fabric of her shirt and she sighed each time one of the buttons went flying, as he forcefully ripped them apart. Goosebumps rose over Ida's lily white chest the moment the cool air of the apartment collided with her skin. Grinding on the floor as Sterling's warm fingertips pressed down on her heaving bosom, Ida looked up through her blurry eyes and could make out the outline of several shifting bodies above her.

Assuming Rahim had come over to join his brother in undressing her, Ida yelped in surprise when much more feminine fingers than Rahim's, proceeded to dig into the waistband and snap of her conservative business slacks.

Sterling Franklin was still on top of her chest, playfully going about the chore of stripping the older woman from the waist up, but directly behind him wasn't the imposing figure of his older brother, rather the well fucked and exhausted body of DeeDee Curry.


Moments earlier as DeeDee lay on the sofa, trying to regain her breath after Rahim had so brutally used his manhood to force her to orgasm, she silently cursed him as he beckoned her to join Sterling in undressing the older white laying on the floor.

With Rahim's white frothy cum leaking out of her womb, DeeDee was in no position to defy the older stud's clear and direct order. Tilting her legs back up into a seated position on the edge of the sofa, DeeDee tried regaining her bearings before Rahim tapped her on the shoulder, imploring her once again to kneel down to join Sterling at Ida's side.

Looking up wearily at Rahim standing above her, as he quickly pulled his blue jeans on to cover his cumsaturated crotch, DeeDee instinctivly asked," Where are you going?"

"You'll see," Rahim answered, barely acknowledging the naked young nymph at his feet, before turning and briskly walking towards the door.

Watching as Rahim's shirtless body disappeared out the front door, DeeDee's tried processing her boyfriend's intentions. Before she could come up with a rational explanation of where he was going however, Sterling snapped her out of it, motioning for her to help him finish undressing Ida.


Ida felt as if she had been abducted and placed upon an alien spaceship's examining table as the two youngsters went about stripping the clothes off her petite body. By the time Ida could feel the cool air surrounding her, embrace her body from head to toe, she sensed that the outer layer of her clothes were off. Her fears were validated when she mustered the strength to open her eyes and saw that nothing remained but her matching white bra and panties.

Tilting her head sideways, Ida closed her eyes from embarrassment when she saw her clothes piled up in a heap beside the sofa. Ida was then left with nothing to do but hold her breath as she waited for Sterling and DeeDee to finish the job.

Ida tried her best to detach herself from what was happening, but the realism and pragmatism that was such a part of who she was refused her mind the chance to dupe itself. Saying a private prayer to her God, as well as to her husband, for forgiveness, Ida mentally accepted and acknowledged what was about to happen.


The painfully slow trickle of a tear leaked out of the side of Ida's eye, dribbling down the side of her face until it melted into the fabric of Deloris Franklin's living room carpet.

Ida's worst fears were confirmed when Sterling's superheated fingertips found the front clasp of her bra. Letting out a weak but adible gasp when she felt the cups of her elegant bra get peeled back, Ida allowed her arms to rest limply down to each side as her torso as her pale, slightly sagging breasts spilled free across her chest.

Ida swallowed hard with bitter acceptence as her titties rolled out for Sterling to see. She heard the teenager groan with youthful admiration at the sight of her breasts just as her hips were forced into the air from DeeDee's attempt to rip Ida's lacy panties down her short white legs.

Feeling the friction of Sterling gently ripping the bra straps out from underneath her back, Ida used all the strength she had to left in body to raise her hips and back simultaniously, so that the black kids undressing her could conclude their lurid task.

The tear flow that had been dripping out of her eyes had gradually turned into a running faucet, as the realization that she was now completly naked before them, etched like a fiery brand inside her mind. Sadly, Ida was forced to admit to herself, as she lay prone on the floor, that she didn't do anything at all to stop it from happening. Feeling the warmth of her tears start to cool and dry against her blush caked cheek, Ida once again sensed the two bodies kneeling above her start to shift their positions.


After being out of the apartment for a little over five minutes, the first thing Rahim Franklin noticed when he re-entered was the pungeancy of the Avon Lady's liberally applied perfume.

Walking back thorugh the front door after running his special errand, Rahim waved his hand in front of his nose to disperse the flowery scent as her surveyed the situation.

"Bitch must've took a bath in the stuff," Rahim hissed, bringing a giggle to both Sterling and DeeDee's belly, as they looked up to see what Rahim had brought with him from his quick trip downstairs.

"She's ready to fuck, Rahim," Sterling beamed proudly to his older brother.

"This one's yours Bro'...I busted my nut in DeeDee a few minutes ago..I'm just gonna sit back and chill after I get all of us some Malt Liquor. This one is yours Little Brother..you get first crack at that cracka's cunt!" Rahim barked gleefully, as if he were a proud drill sargeant.

"And DeeDee," Rahim continued," that pussy of yours sure looks like it could use a mop. Get over there and help Sterling out... and once he's all the way inside her...get up on top of her face and let her clean that jizz out of your cooch with her tongue."

With his carnal orders delivered, Rahim took a few steps back and disappeared into the kitchen to get everyone in the room a cold drink.


Ida's body, and in many ways her soul, had been stripped bare and put on display in the center of that 8th floor apartment by those two greedy teenagers as if she were nothing more than a ritualistic sexual sacrifice. And to her own personal horror, she had done absolutly nothing to put a stop to it.

She knew Rahim's was now back in the room from the unmistakable sound of his voice and the vibrations of his heavy footsteps, gliding across the floor. Laying there, trying to contemplate her fate, Ida could sense something else was terribly amiss in the room.

Feeling DeeDee's soft feminine hands roaming up and down her quivering white belly, Ida desperatly fought off her ticklish inclinations before the pulsing and insisant grip of Sterling's paws took firm and undeniable control of her tender inner thighs.

Due to her husband's inability to maintain an erection, it had been several months since anything other than her own fingers or Bruce's lips had pressed against the outside entrance of Ida's vagina. When Sterling drilled his pelvis forward and the helmet shaped head of his penis smashed squarly into the glowing pink opening of the woman's slit, it felt to Ida as if a wayward tanker had collided with her most sensitive shoreline.

Subconsciously bracing her hips for the powerful assault she knew was forthcoming, Ida helplessly grinded under DeeDee's soft hands as they wantonly manipulated her jiggling breasts.

Feeling the worn carpet below itching into the skin of her back, Ida humped upwards towards Sterling's lancing spear, causing her naked body to arch majestcially off the floor in front of the pussy plowing young man.

In the process of bucking up, Ida also raised DeeDee's knees off the ground slightly as the teenage black girl held on to Ida's tits for balance, like a jockey trying her best to maintain her mount.

"OOOHHHHHH," Ida moaned haggardly, feeling as if some demonic spirit had infiltrated her entire mortal being.

Swaying under the feel of DeeDee long gripping fingers ravaging her breasts, Ida spastically reached up into the air with her right hand and passionatly dug her fingers into the jet black skin of DeeDee's upper arm.

Ida could also feel a deep groan of satisfaction rip out from Sterling's pistoning body as the kinetic engery he was building up caused her whole body to writhe in shock. With the teenager's pelvic bone repeatedly ramming down on top of hers, Ida thrashed her head wildly from side to side as Sterling's virile injection brought shriek after shriek to her soft quivering lips.

"GGGAAAWWWDDD," Ida cried out, the air inside her lungs whistling forth like a runaway steam engine.

Rubbing her hands over the contours of Ida's breasts, DeeDee could feel the tangible tension inside the 55 year old woman's chest building and knew exactly what must be going on inside Ida's body after having fucked Sterling several times herself.

"Your pussy ain't never gonna be the same after he's finished with you Baby...and you know what....that's only the start," DeeDee nastily warned, as she looked up at the lineup that Rahim had brought back with him from his earlier errand run.

The young girl's cruel, forebodding words mixed with the sounds of Sterling's savage grunts and groans as Ida tried gritting her teeth together, doing her damndest to keep her body from exploding right then and there.

Overwhelmed by what she was feeling, Ida's arched back collapsed with a lurid thud back down onto the floor. Opening her eyes from sobering shock when Sterling started rocking his straining cock back and forth with paintmixer like speed inside her quim, Ida tilted her sweaty brow to her left once again and that's when she saw six pairs of feet lined up, side by side, between her and the door.

Staring up at the towering black male figures, Ida could see them all smile intently back down at her as they watched Sterling pound her lusciously tight cunt. Suddenly Ida understood what DeeDee had meant by her cryptic remark that, " This was just the start....."

Part 3 to come......
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