Mama Juju and the Black Mamba Man

Written by Stormbringer / Sep 21, 2000


Mama Juju and the Black Mamba Man copyright 2000 by Stormbringer

"Fuck you beetch," yelled the fat black woman with her thick Haitian accent.

Susan Kelly turned around her face flushing red with anger. "Listen and listen good. I order you to cease all business dealings immediately pending a hearing before the state board of health. Jesus woman, there's a headless chicken on floor.

"He's keepin watch on the spirit world fo me, bitch and don't be sayin that name in my home."

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," said Susan slamming the door as she left the voodoo shop.

Mama Juju spit and mumbled a curse at the woman walking down the alley towards Bourban Street. Her eyes widened as she saw the heavy set man waiting for the inspector. So the woman was Joe Kelly's wife. The real estate baron had been trying to buy Mama Juju's store for a year. Apparently he had found another way to force her to sell.

She returned to her living room to watch Oprah when she heard the chicken bones hanging over her door rattle as someone entered her shop. "We closed,' she yelled.

"Oh sorry, I'm just looking for something to help me," called a male voice from her store.

"Oh shit," said Mama Juju hauling her large frame off her couch at her second interuption of the day. She walked into her store seeing a young medium built black man looking around her things. "Let me guess, love potion."

The man blushed, "No," he said.

"Revenge then, you want that I give someone warts?"

"No, I need more specialized help."

"What is it then mon," said the voodoo woman. "Spit it out."

"I-I want you to make my penis bigger," said the man.

Mama Juju held her head back and laughed so hard her body jiggled. She walked over to the man and grabbed his crotch causing him to jump. "Your cock, it feel nice to me mon. How big is it?"

"Six inches when hard."

"Thats a fine size for a cock boy. Why if I was thirty...ten years younger I'd fuck you meself." The man was clearly uncomfortable, so Mama Juju reluctantly let go of his crotch.

"I know it's average maam, but you see, me and my buddy, we in this band and we just got this new girl singing with us and man is she hot. Well we both wants to fuck her. Jean, thats my buddy, he's this big womanizer and I've seen him naked, his cocks about eight inches..."

"Slow down boy," interupted Mama Juju shaking her head. "What's your name?"

"Marcus, Marcus Gerard."

"Well Marcus Marcus Gerard, why don't I just give you a powder to make ya friends cock wither away?"

"No. no, I couldn't do that," said Marcus. "He's my best bro. I just wants to beat him out for a change."

"What makes you think I can help you?"

"My grandma was a voodoo woman, dad swore she could do anything."

"Come back tonight boy and bring one hundred dollars," said Mama Juju.

"Thank you ma'am, thank you. I knew you could help me."

"Ya ya boy, Now leave me, I have much to do to prepare for tonight."

"I'll see you later Mama Juju," said Marcus.

"And don't forget the money mon," she called after him returning to Oprah.


Marcus stepped out of the shower and quickly dried himself off. He closed the bathroom door and looked at his nude body in the mirror on the back of the door.

He had typical African features, dark black skin, big full lips, and a flat nose. He kept his head shaved and he had a big gold earring dangling from one ear. The look seemed to please the tourists. His body was lean, not very muscular, but fit except for a slight paunch.

Marcus looked down at his penis all shriveled up before his balls. He reached down and stretched it out, tugging on it a few times until it started to grow partially erect.

His penis was nothing to be ashamed of, and to tell the truth he had always been satisfied with it until he saw his partner's cock. They had been pissing next to each other in a bathroom and Marcus just happened to glance down at his buddies penis. It was completely hard and his friend was having difficulty peeing through it. Marcus had never seen a cock that big in his life and he was immediately jealous. His friend didn't help when he looked down at Marcus' smaller penis and smirked. Now they were competing for the same woman and that same smirk kept popping into his mind.

"Soon, I'll be the one smirking," said Marcus to his reflection as he went to get dressed.

Marcus lived about a forty minute walk from Mama Juju's store. When he arrived at the voodoo store, he paused and stared at it trying to build up courage. The store was dark except for a single lamp burning towards the back. He walked up to the door and knocked.

"Enter," yelled Mama Juju, "and lock it behind you."

Marcus entered the store and locked the door. He jumped when something rattled over his head. Mama Juju was decked out in full voodoo regalia. She wore a bandana around her hair and her black face was painted white to resemble a skull. She was shaking a rattle around him. small bones and feathers dangled from the rattle.

"Are you ready boy," said Mama Juju, her skull face grinning at him. He nodded and she added, "Did you bring the money."

"Yes," he said handing her an envelope which she snatched up, counting the money.

"Follow me boy," said Mama Juju shaking the rattle at him.

He followed the fat woman into her apartment connected to the store. It was small, the lights were out, but the rooms were well lit by candles. He could see her messy bedroom and kitchen, the kitchen table had two glasses filled with something. She took one and handed it to him. "Drink this boy."

Marcus looked down at the brownish liquid. A foul odor wafted up from the glass. He looked over at Mama Juju, she was motioning for him to drink up and he did, gagging as he swallowed the foul smelling liquid.

"Every drop boy," said the priestess. Marcus finished the potion and immediately felt drunk. The room was moving, Mama Juju's black face seemed to be coming and going from his field of vision. "Now take off all your clothes boy."

"What? In front of you?" he said.

"Think of me as your doctor mon. I'm gonna make your sick little penis all better."

Marcus drunkenly tried to undress, stumbling several times as he took his pants and shoes off. He stripped down to his briefs, not wanting to appear nude in front of Mama Juju, but when he looked around she wasn't even paying him any attention. She was tugging a big basket into the room. He gulped and quickly stripped naked.

Mama Juju positioned the basket by him and looked down at his crotch. His cock was all shriveled from embarrassment. "You got a nice dick mon," she said. "You bigger then my third husband. Last chance to change your mind."

"I just want it a little bigger then my friends that's all."

The woman grabbed his cock and balls, her fat hand easily engulfing them. "It's not here what counts boy, it's here," she said tapping his chest with her other hand.

Mama Juju released his cock and said, "Make it hard for me."

"What? I can't do that in front of you," he said horrified at the idea.

"Try boy."

Marcus flushed as he tugged on his cock trying to make it hard to no avail. Mama Juju sighed and handed him the other glass. This one tasted worse then the last, but he downed it all. Marcus made a face as he shook his head from the foul tasting potion. He felt lips close around his penis. He looked down in horror to see Mama Juju sucking his limp cock into her mouth. The painted skull on her face seemed to be leering at him. "What are you doing?"

Mama Juju took her mouth off his cock long enough to say, "I must make you hard for this to work." She looked at his cock and tapped it with one fat, ringed finger saying, "Harden."

Marcus was surprised when it started to grow. He shut his eyes and tried to think sexy thoughts. He was on stage playing his sax. Shoshona was just finishing a song. She was the most beautiful black girl he had ever seen. Long hair framed a pretty face with a big smile. Her tits were small, but pert and her flat, bare belly undulated as she sang. It was her ass that was her best feature though. It thrust out and up from the small of her back, perfectly round and tight under her short black skirt.

Shoshona turned and smiled at him. She fell to her knees and started sucking on his cock. She was an expert cock sucker, quickly swallowing it all. He looked down and smiled at his cock. He had his partner's penis. The one he had seen in the bathroom and Shoshona was lovingly slurping on it, drawing the sperm up from his balls. He came into Mama Juju's mouth.

"Freeze," she said tapping his cock again.. Marcus felt his joints hardening and he couldn't move a muscle. He just stood there swaying slightly, his cock still rock hard, as the voodoo woman took the lid off the basket and pulled out a thing from his worst nightmares.

The snake was dark brown, about four feet long, the circumference of a billy club. Mama Juju held the evil looking thing just behind the head, forcing its mouth open. He could see venom dripping from it's bared fangs. Mama Juju bent her head down over the snakes head and spit his sperm into it's mouth and the thing hissed, writhing in anger.

"This is the Black Mamba, the most feared snake in Africa," she said scratching under the snakes mouth affectionately, but keeping well clear of it's fangs. "This is your totem boy." Mama Juju wrapped the snake around his thigh, bringing the head and upper body out between his legs. She wrapped the snake once around his hard cock and let go of it.

Marcus was thankful he was frozen, otherwise he would have pissed himself. He could feel the snakes smooth skin against his leg and penis. The evil v-shaped head looked left then right before curling under his penis. He saw it's mouth open, venom dripping from it's fangs as the head reared back and struck.

Marcus would have screamed at the pain he felt as the fangs pierced his testicles, pumping them full of venom. He looked up at Mama Juju in horror. She had lit a fat joint. The voodoo woman inhaled deeply and blew the smoke into his face.


Marcus awoke screaming. He was in his own bed in his apartment. The bed was wet from his sweat, lika he had a fever that had broken. He was wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his hand when he noticed something looked wrong. His arm was bigger! In fact they both were. The muscles in his arms were now large and prominant.

He slowly pulled down the covers, revealing an equally muscular chest. He wasn't built like a weight lifter, he was still lean and sinewy, but his muscles seemed to have developed to their full potential.

He pulled the covers down some more admiring his prominant ab muscles, stopping when he uncovered the tip of his cock. Two things raced through his mind. First, his pee slit was going the wrong way. It was horizontal instead of vertical and it was about five times the normal length. It curved down like it was frowning at him. The second thing Marcus realized was that the covers were still well above his belly button, yet he could see the head of his cock.

"Fuck," said Marcus as he pulled the covers off his body. His cock was gigantic. He had a morning stiffy and he grabbed the base holding it up from his body.

"That bitch," he said staring at his new monstrosity. "What has she done to me?"

The shaft alone was a foot long and his fingers didn't even touch as he held it up. The most freakish part was the head. It was no longer a knob, it was wedge shaped and about four inches long, making his entire cock around sixteen inches long. A steady stream of precum trickled from the long slit on the tip.

Marcus felt a burning desire to cum. He coated his palm with the precum and began the task of coating the head and shaft of his cock. It didn't take long to lubricate it with all his juice and he slowly began jerking himself off, fascinated as his hand slid over his giant rod. It took him twenty minutes to approach climax. His old arms would of tired out a long time ago, but his new ones were up to the task.

Marcus felt the sperm welling up in his balls, there was a brief moments pain in his balls and then he felt the most exquisite pleasure he had ever known. He could feel his semen traveling up every inch of is cock until the long slit opened and an impossibly large wad of sperm shot up into the air about two feet. A second large wad flew up before the first had even begun it's decent. Another wad exploded from the end flying up about a foot, then his cock quit shooting sperm, but it continued to pour out of the tip like lave from a volcano. His orgasm lasting a whole minute.

"Shit," he said out loud. "Even if I cant fuck a woman with this thing, it was worth it just for that orgasm.

Marcus stood and walked over to the mirror, his still hard cock bobbing before him. His eyes lit up when they took in his new bod completely. He looked absolutely fantastic. He lifted the shaft up and looked at his balls. They were swollen and reddish and were now about the size of two oranges. He could see a scar on each of his testicles from the snake bite. Marcus released his cock letting it hang straight out at the mirror. From this angle his cock seemed to be grinning at him in the reflection and Marcus grinned back.

Marcus suddenly felt full of confidence and he decided to go ask Shoshona out on a date. He grabbed some briefs from a drawer suddenly wondering how he was going to stuff his cock inside. He need not have worried. He immediately lost his erection and his cock seemed to curl up until he snapped the waist band of his briefs over it. His underwear looked stretched out like he had stuffed a small melon into it.


Mama Juju was quite pleased with herself. She had never performed the snake ritual before and was very satisfied how it turned out. Her hands were busy molding a black lump of clay into the shape of a man. She finished the man and twirled a small piece of clay between her fingers, sticking it on the clay figures crotch so that it resembled a large penis.

She leaned over and opened the basket removing the snake. She didn't worry to much about it biting her any more, the thing seemed ill, moving sluggishly. The black mamba was skinnier and had shrunk in length about a foot. The head was no longer the familiar shape of a viper, but was rounder. It's mouth was now vertical and smaller, making it look like some kind of inbred abomination.

Mama Juju squeezed the head until the mouth reluctantly opened. She squeezed some venom out letting it drip over the clay figures penis. Mama Juju put the snake back in the basket and got out some marijuana, rolling and lighting a fat joint.

She took a couple puffs and smiled. She grabbed the clay figure and slowly exhaled the pot smoke in it's face. "I have a job for you slave," she said to the figure.


Marcus was in heaven. This was turning out to be the best day of his life. Shoshona was sucking his cock like a madwoman.

He had gone over to her apartment and asked her to dinner. The pretty black girl had agreed. She seemed infatuated with his every word and kept sneaking glances at his bare arms. Not only had Mama Juju made his cock and body bigger, but he seemed to be more charming, smoother. Marcus realized halfway through dinner that he was talking Shoshona into fucking him and his cock started writhing in his pants.

Her eyes had opened wide in disbelief at the size of the bulge in his underwear. The disbelief turning to fear as she pulled his underwear down and his cock seemed to uncoil and strike out at her.

She had stripped down to her bra and panties and Marcus could see her small bosom heaving as she stared in awe at his penis. Shoshona shook her head in denial and started backing away. Marcus was worried she was to scared of his cock, but the thing suddenly started to sway.

The fear left Shoshona's face as she stared at his swaying cock. Marcus watched her lean forward, her mouth opening as she kissed the mouth-like pee slit. Her kiss quickly turned to a lick as she ran her tongue all over the wedge shaped head of his cock, lapping up his pre-cum. Soon, the girl was taking him into her mouth, her head bobbing as she swallowed more and more of his cock. She loved it.

Marcus had no idea how she did it, but she swallowed all sixteen inches. She never choked or gagged, his cock seemed to help her. It writhed back and forth slowly working it's way deep into her throat.

Marcus was excitedly watching her deep throat his monstrosity when his vision suddenly clouded and he detected the faint odor of marijuana.

He pulled his cock out of Shoshona's throat and she said, "What's wrong?" as he walked over to his clothes.

"I have to leave now," he said stepping into his briefs.

"But you haven't cum yet?" His cock turned it's head in her direction and opened it's mouth. A big wad of sperm struck the girl in her face, forcing her head back and she fell to the floor.

Marcus was mildly aware of Shoshona writhing on the floor as he left the room. One of her hands was rapidly moving under her panties and her other hand was desperately wiping sperm off her face and shoving it into her mouth.

Marcus couldn't think straight, his mind was in a constant fog. His legs seemed to know where they were going and he let them lead him. The only thing he could focus on was his penis which was writhing in his pants like a living thing. One minute it was snaking down his left pant leg, the next his right, as it explored. He had been walking along for awhile when he noticed his cock tense up.

Marcus heard the tires screeching, looking at the noise and directly into the headlights of the car. He jumped up from the front of the car, landing heavily on the hood and hitting the windshield before the car stopped, rolling him off the hood back onto the street.

"Jesus, Joe is he dead?" said a female voice somewhere above him.

"N-no," said a frightened male voice. "He has a pulse. Shit, I'm fucked."

"Let's leave him," said the woman. "It's just a black guy. No one will miss him."

"No Susan, we've got to get him to the hospital. there might be a witness."

"Dammit Joe, you've been drinking. You'll go to jail if you take him to the hospital."

Marcus groaned and arched his back. "I'll take him to our house then," said Joe and Marcus felt himself being lifted up.

"I don't want that man in our home," said Susan. "He's probably homeless."

Marcus must have passed out because the next thing he remembered was having a wet towel wipe his brow and he opened his eyes. A chubby white man was leaning over him. "How you feeling?" said the man.

"Ok, I guess," said Marcus moving around on the couch checking himself. I don't think anything's broken. I'm just a little sore."

"What the hell did you think you were doing boy?" said the woman. Marcus looked over at her and into the face of an angel. "You walked right in front of our car like a zombie."

"I'm sorry," he said closing his eyes. Even closed, he still pictured the blonde woman's beautiful face in his mind and his cock became uncomfortable as it grew in his pants.

"You ok," said Joe shaking him. "You want me to call an ambulance?"

"No, no," said Marcus. "I just need to rest for a few hours and then I'll get out of your hair."

The couple sighed in relief. "Why don't you rest then," said Joe. "Take as long as you need. The front doors over there and we'll be in our bedroom if you need anything. It's the last door on the right up the stairs. Good night." Joe flipped off the light.

Marcus cocked his head and watched Susan walk up the stairs until that light to went out. Damn, but it looked like she had a body as hot as her face. They were both dressed up. She was wearing a sexy figure hugging black dress. Her ass looked sexier then Shoshona's.

Shoshona? Why the hell had he walked out on her when he was getting a blow job? What had possessed him to go for a walk and why to this neighborhood?

Marcus stood up and stretched. He didn't feel that bad any more and he stripped off his shirt, checking for damage, but finding nothing. The room suddenly came into focus as his eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. Marcus blinked, surprised that he could see the room quite clearly and there was only a little light coming in from outside.

He was in a large well furnished house. Marcus looked around and walked over to a window, looking out. He saw several other large expensive houses and his eyes widened as he realized he was in the garden quarter. What was he doing way over here in the rich neighborhood? Marcus looked down the driveway and saw a Mercedes parked before the house. Marcus felt perfectly well after another few minutes and thinking of Shoshona, he decided to head back to her. He was reaching for his shirt when he heard the sounds of love-making coming from the bedroom even from where he was downstairs. He thought of the beautiful Susan nude and decided it wouldn't hurt to just peek.

The sounds increased as he stealthily crept upstairs and down the hall. "Come on big Joe, give me a baby, do it honey, fill my womb," said Susan's voice. "I want a baby."

The door was open a crack and Marcus pushed it open, holding his breath at the thought of seeing Susan nude. Unfortunately, her body was completely covered by her husband's fat body.

Despite his disappointment, his sixteen inch cock was rock hard and it needed relief. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Marcus released his big cock and began to stroke it off. He figured he'd cum all over their carpet to pay them back for hitting him and then he'd leave. They would find out he had watched them in the morning when they saw his cum stains everywhere. He looked at Susan's face and wrapped his hand around his penis, the next thing he knew, he was holding nothing, his cock had slipped out of his hand and was pointing at Susan. He tried several more times, but his cock kept slipping out of his grip.

Marcus sniffed. He smelled pot again and his mind started fogging over.


'Another disappointing performance," thought Susan Kelly as her husband rolled off her body. She pulled down her negligee, but held her crotch up to hold his sperm inside, hoping tonight would be the night she conceived.

She looked over at the alarm clock and rolled her eyes. 'Three and a half minutes,' she thought. 'I remember when it used to be five.' Not that sex had ever been satisfying. If she didn't want a baby so bad, she probably wouldn't even bother trying and the sad thing was she didn't think Joe would care all that much. The weird thing was though, she was more aroused now then she had been in her life. The whole house felt alive with sexual energy.

Susan was thirsty and decided she could use a drink. She flipped on the hall light and walked downstairs to the kitchen. She rounded the corner and ran into the black guy.

He was naked except for an overstretched pair of briefs, an extremely overstretched pair of briefs. He had the kind of lean muscular body that she wished Joe had. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"I was thirsty."

"When are you leaving?"

"I need to take care of something first."

"What's that?" she asked.

Susan started trembling as he reached out a black hand and lifted the strap of her negligee. She came to her senses and jerked back making sure her breast was covered. "Get your dirty black hand off me," she yelled.

"I'm going to fuck you Susan like you've only dreamed of being fucked."

"Get out before I call the police."

"Go ahead and call them Susan. I have an accident to report, a drunk driving accident."

"You black bastard, you wouldn't dare."

"Ow, my neck hurts," said Marcus rubbing his neck. "I'm sure going to like living here."

"That's blackmail," she hissed.

"Yes it is Susan and all you have to do is obey me for the rest of the night."

"How do I know your telling the truth?"

"By morning the alcohol will have left your husband's system and it would just be my word versus yours."

That made sense, and all she really had to do was get him off quickly. She gulped as his hand slowly reached out and grabbed the strap again pulling it down her arm. He reached over and grabbed the other strap pulling it down. Her negligee fell down to her waist.

"You have beautiful breasts," said the black man and she felt her nipples involuntarily hardening. The man seemed to exude sex.

His hands were very skillful. They seemed to slide sensuously over her breasts and she had to stifle a moan as he teased her nipples with his finger tips. Susan sucked in her stomach as his hands traveled down her belly and pulled the negligee out and over her hips, letting it fall to the floor. She stood trembling before him completely nude.

"I've never seen a nude white woman before, nor a natural blonde," he said sliding one palm down over her blonde pubes. She squeezed her legs tight, feeling them stick together from moisture.

The black man took his time examining her body. He walked around her caressing her skin. She shivered again as he stood behind her and ran one finger from the nape of her neck, down her spine to the small of her back. She felt both hands touch her back and they slid around feeling her thin waist down to where her hips flared out. "What's a sexy girl like you doing with a fat old guy like Joe?" he asked squeezing her ass cheeks.

She didn't answer and he ran his hands up from her ass, around to her flat stomach, and up to her breasts. This time she couldn't help moaning as he jerked on her long nipples like they were miniature penises while bending down and kissing her neck.

The black man moved back around so that he was standing before her and said, "Kneel before me."

Susan didn't move and the black man put his hands on her shoulders, pushing down with increasing strength until she yielded and fell to her knees.

Susan found herself staring straight at his overstuffed briefs. It looked like he had shoved two tennis balls and a large coiled sausage into the thin material. Her brows knitted in confusion when the sausage started uncoiling.

"It is time Susan," said the man. "Remove my briefs."

Susan obeyed him, more out of curiosity then anything else. She reached up with both hands and stretched the waistband of hisunderwear out, quickly yanking them down. SMACK, she fell back rubbing her cheek, he had slapped her for some reason.

Susan looked up and saw that he hadn't moved. In fact his hands had never left his hips. She lowered her eyes and found herself staring at the most frightening sight she had ever beheld. His penis was impossibly huge and it was curled in a S as it hovered before her eyes, the fat wedge shaped head pointing at her. It was the head that had smacked her when she pulled the briefs down. As she stared in awe at his black monster, it started straightening out until the head hovered inches from her mouth.

Susan felt something wet on her cheek where it had smacked her and she wiped her cheek with her finger. She examined it, her finger was coated with precum. She smelled something and took a big whiff. The odor coming from his precum and his crotch was intoxicating.

"Have you ever sucked cock before?" asked the man.

"No, never, It's disgusting and degrading." she said staring at the head of his penis, she swore it was smiling at her and a tremendous amount of precum was oozing from the pee-slit. His precum alone was larger then five of her husband's orgasms.

"Then I get to be the first. Suck my big ole black snake bitch."

Staring directly at a penis that was close to a foot and a half inches long was very intimidating. She had just yanked his briefs down under his balls and she could clearly see his upthrust testicles. They really were as big as tennis balls and they seemed irritated and swollen. She ran her eyes up from his balls along his shaft which was thicker then her own wrists. There was no way she could put that thing in her mouth. Then it occurred to her, if she didn't get him off with her mouth, he'd be trying to stuff that monster in her pussy.

That thought made up her mind pretty quick. She could try to get away with kissing it while jerking him off with her hands real quick. She could jerk Joe off in two minutes, this shouldn't take much longer.

Susan leaned forward, disgusted at what she was about to do and kissed the top of his penis, while stroking the shaft with both her hands. She kissed down to the ridge and then back up to the tip. Her tongue flickered out licking it and soon her kisses had changed to licks as her tongue traveled all around the top of the head. Susan tried to avoid tasting his precum, but there was so much that inevitably her tongue touched some. It tasted incredible, better then anything she had ever tasted, but it was only enough to tease her. She ran her tongue down to the underside of his shaft, trying to lick more up into her mouth. It still didn't whet her appetite, so she went straight to the source, hearing him moan as her tongue flickered over and into his long pee slit. 'More,' she thought. 'there must be more in there somewhere.' His balls were probably full of sperm. She needed to suck the sperm out of his balls, that would satisfy her, and she tightened her lips, pushing them down around the head of his big, beautiful cock.

The head alone was almost as big as Joe's penis and she held it in her mouth swirling her tongue around it as she explored every square inch.

Susan pushed down her jaw stretching out as the thick part beneath the head entered her mouth. She looked up at the black man as she held the end of his cock in her mouth. He seemed to be enjoying it, but didn't seem anywhere near cumming.

She needed to swallow more to make him cum, but it was just to big. Fortunately, his cock seemed to help her. It started rippling as it wormed it's way down her throat until she fell forward, bumping her nose on his pubic hair. 'Jesus, I've swallowed it all. The head must be in my belly.' The black guy grabbed her head in the palms of his hands and began slowly thrusting his hips into her mouth.

Susan felt the head sliding up her throat, into her mouth, then back into her belly with increasing tempo as he picked up speed. He had fucked her mouth for fifteen minutes when she knew he was getting close. His whole cock seemed to be throbbing, like it was about to explode. She wanted to milk out as much cum as she could, so she reached up her hands to massage his balls, quickly pulling them away again as they were hot to the touch. He came when the head was in her belly. His first wad filled half her stomach, but she wanted to taste it. Susan leaned back, sliding the head into her mouth as the second wad coated her throat, sliding into her belly. She caught the third wad in her mouth filling it completely. She tasted his cum and it was better then the finest wine. It was so good that she started to cry when she wasted some as it overflowed her mouth and dribbled down her chin. Susan suckled on his cock like a baby on a bottle. The well was running dry and she still wanted more even though her belly was full. She didn't stop sucking until she was sure every drop was out and then she licked his cock clean for good measure.

Susan released the cock in her mouth, embarrassed and horrified at what she had just done, but also knowing that if he was still cumming her lips would still be plastered around his cock. She felt exhausted and fell to her back on the floor. Her belly felt bloated like she had eaten too much. At least now, he would be exhausted too and get out of her house.

But she was wrong, his cock never withered, instead it seemed more aroused then ever. It had curled back up into the S position like a snake waiting to strike.

The black man kneeled between her legs and rested his cock on her pubic hair and belly. She gulped as he grabbed under her knees and forced her legs back, opening her pussy wide. She looked down seeing his cock straightening up again. His massive rod would split her in two, but it was the only way she could keep Joe out of jail and the black man from suing them.

The black man didn't seem in much of a hurry to fuck her, he slid the head of his cock down to the folds of her pussy and held it there, slowly moving it back and forth. She could feel his precum coating her labia and wherever it touched her pussy, it felt as good as it had tasted. Her pussy had already been wet, but as his precum trickled over it, her pussy became soaked. Her vagina felt like a hungry mouth, wanting to open up and swallow up the big sausage with the exquisite taste.

Her clit grew as it became engorged with blood and she jumped as he slid the head of his cock up against it. Susan felt something suddenly caress her clit and her body spasmed. It flickered out over her clit again and again. Her belly was undulating, her nipples were so hard they hurt, she was moaning, and she was slightly raising her hips up into the thing that was licking her clit. She had never experienced anything like this and for the first time in her life, her pussy exploded in orgasm.

She felt incredible and sad at the same time. Sad, for the way her body betrayed her husband with her blackmailer. Nothing had felt that good and the only thing that came close was the joy she had felt minutes earlier when he had cum in her mouth.

The black man started seesawing his cock between her labia as her lips slowly spread open for him. The head turned down and started slithering it's way inside her pussy. His muscle control was amazing, he wasn't even touching his cock, yet he had complete control over where it went.

More precum continued to pour out of the head and it drove her wild with desire. She wanted his cum spraying deep in her pussy and she wanted it now. "Jesus, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me now," she cried.

The head of his cock had worked it's way inside her and it filled her more then her husband ever had. It had stopped moving and she was humping her hips like crazy wanting more in.

"Ohh Ahhh," she moaned as she felt that strange prehensile thing flicker across her G-spot. The flickering changed to caressing and her pussy exploded in orgasm once again.

When she recovered, Susan realized about half his cock was now in her pussy and she felt stuffed. His cock started wiggling again as it worked it's way in deeper. Her pussy felt stretched to the breaking point, but it also loved the big black cock in it. Her muscles were squeezing it tight, sucking in like it wanted more, and her juices continued to coat it. The wiggling triggered an explosive orgasm and Susan fainted.

She awoke to a stinging sensation in her thighs and she realized his balls were repeatedly slapping them as he fucked her hard with the entire length of his cock. He had changed positions and was now supporting himself over her with his strong arms. Her own legs were wrapped around his hips, pulling him into her as he fucked her to orgasmic bliss.

She lost count of the orgasms his mighty cock gave her or the length of time he fucked her, but it felt like hours. He was grunting now and his sweat was dripping on her body as he approached orgasm. Her own body was like an animal begging for his cum, but somewhere deep in the back of her mind, she remembered her husband and the fact that she was trying to have a baby. " Please don't cum in my pussy. I'm not protected."

The black man didn't stop pounding her as he looked down at her with evil slitted eyes and said, "I know beetch, I'm giving you some babies. I always give people what they want."

Susan screamed in horror for it was not the back man's voice, but Mama Juju's that spoke to her. Her scream of horror quickly turned to one of pleasure as his sperm sprayed deep into her womb triggering a series of orgasms.

When Susan recovered, she was lying on her stomach across the back of the couch. The black man was spreading her ass cheeks and she could feel his cock head cumming on her ass hole as it worked its way into her ass. Where his sperm touched her rectum, it numbed her skin so that there was no pain only pleasure.

"W-what are you?" she gasped.

"I'm the Black Mamba mon," he said as his cock snaked it's way into her ass, stretching her wide.

Susan was grunting as he fucked her ass. Surprisingly, her rear reacted the way the rest of her body had, loving it. Her ass squeezed his cock tight trying to milk more of his sperm.

Susan smelled vomit and looked up. Joe was standing at the base of the steps, vomit covered his shirt. He was clutching his stomach and looking at them in horror. She had no idea how long he had been watching them. She closed her eyes when the cock in her ass impossibly caused her pussy to explode in orgasm once again. When she opened her eyes, Joe was gone.

Susan felt the Mamba man's cock draw back and strike forward as it spit it's venom deep into her ass triggering yet another orgasm.

Susan opened her eyes, she felt incredible, the best she had in years. She felt a glow in her womb and knew that the black man's superior sperm had accomplished what her husband's hadn't in a year of trying to get her pregnant. She could feel air on her pussy and ass and knew that they were forever stretched out and that Joe would never satisfy her again.

Joe was coming down the steps dropping some bullets on the stairs as he fumblingly loaded his revolver. The black man stood naked before her, his cock in the now familiar S shaped striking position. Her husband was raising the gun towards the black man when a small forked tongue flickered out of the pee slit of his cock.

Both Joe and Susan gasped in horror at the sight and the black man took the opportunity to flee out the front door. Joe followed him a minute later.

"Joe don't..," she cried.

"I'm going to Mama Juju's," he said.


Marcus had the scariest night of his life as he ran home nude through the busy streets of New Orleans. His cock seemed to guide him to safety, leading him into drainage ditches, alleys, and up trees to hide from the crowd.

Marcus made it home just after dawn and quickly showered off all the dirt from his journey. His cock straightened out of the S shape as the sun came up and was behaving normally now, though it was still huge. He dressed and headed to Mama Juju's to get her for what she had done to him.

Now Marcus stood naked before her frozen again. His cock was hard and he could see indentions moving along it as if an invisible hand was jerking him off.

Mama Juju was squatting several feet before his cock. Her fingers busily stroking the penis on a black clay figure in her hands. Her voodoo seemed to milk an unbelievable amount of sperm from his balls. A huge wad of cum flying from his cock into her open mouth and more exploding all over the floor.

"Delicious," said Mama Juju smacking her lips. She scooped up some sperm from the floor and sighed as she wiped it over an ugly bruise on her cheek. "You may speak."

Marcus felt his throat relax and he said, "What have you done to me you witch?"

"Your my slave now mon," she replied sitting her bulk down into a chair.

"You've turned me into some kind of monster."

"I gave you what you wanted boy," she replied smiling. "I always give people what they want. Come on admit it, you enjoyed fucking that white beetch."

"Susan," he said remembering how incredible it felt burying his cock into her body.

"She got what she wanted mon. All she's ever wanted was to have babies."

"And Joe?" he asked.

"He got what he wanted," she replied leaning over and pulling a little white snake from a basket. The little thing wiggled in her hand.

"What is it?" asked Marcus. The little snake looked like a five inch penis with eyes. "This is an anaconda, one of the biggest snakes in the world."


Joe awoke screaming as he remembered the fangs of the snake striking his balls. He was relieved to find himself in his own bed.

Heariing Mama Juju's voice come from the black guy fucking his wife had nearly driven him insane with fear, anger, jealousy, and penis envy. He had gone to Mama Juju's and forced her to give him a big dick. She had refused and he had struck her cheek with the handle of the gun until she had agreed to his demands.

He had been frightened when she had frozen him with some vile potion having him completely in her power. He practically shit a brick when she pulled a fifteen foot snake into the room.

Fortunately everything seemed fine now as he looked around his room. He felt great. The sun was setting as he examined his body. His fat had hardened into muscles and he felt charged with energy. He reached down and ripped off the covers.

The sun had just disappeared when Joe screamed. His cock was coiled around the base of the bed, half hanging over the side as the head explored the floor, a long tongue flickering out before it.

His cock was as big as the snake. His scream seemed to alert the head, which quickly climbed back onto the bed. flickering it's tongue over his body. His cock quickly coiled completely around him and he felt the coils tightening, squeezing, constricting...

The last thing he remembered before he passed out the head of his cock pointing at his head. It looked like the pee slit was smiling at him as the slit began opening wide as it started swallowing his head.


One year later, Susan opened her eyes as one of the twins started screaming. She hauled her fat body out of the chair and went to see what was wrong this time.

Since Joe had disappeared, her life had steadily gone down hill. He had accrued an incredible amount of debt and the banks had taken their house. The insurance company refused to pay any life insurance since no body had ever been found. She was now living in a low income apartment collecting welfare and living off food stamps as she spent all her time taking care of the twins.

She had put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy and hadn't lost any of it after giving birth. The twins were absolute monsters. They were the brattiest children she had ever seen in her life. One was always hungry and crying while the other slept. If she was changing one, the other was crawling into some dark corner somewhere.

She picked up the bawling black baby, wincing as it roughly clamped its mouth over her sagging tit.

Sometimes it is best not to get what you want.

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