Jane's African Awakening

Written by StpDavids / May 3, 2001


Jane's African Awakening By StpDavids

For the millennium we decided to spend Christmas in the Gambia both my wife Jane and myself and since our return are already planning our next trip to the Dark Continent, but for the moment let me tell you what happened during our stay.

Firstly let me tell you a little about both of us, I as you will have guessed am white aged 42 and stand just over 5' 7'' in height and compared to the men in the Gambia very poorly blessed. Jane on the other hand is 37 and a mother of three two boys and a girl but to look at her no one would believe she was that old or a mother, for although standing only 5'2'' she possessed a figure that most women would die due to constant daily sessions at the gym and aerobic classes. Thanks to the constant exercise she had a figure that measured 34D-24-33 and a pair of legs that were perfectly toned to match.

But enough about us just know and to the little matter of what happened during our stay in the Gambia, for the first few days nothing eventful happened except Jane turning over and giving the poolside waiter a full on chance to admire her still firm breasts as she took a drink that he had just brought over to her. Watching him as he walked away I was able to notice from the bulge that had appeared in his tight trousers that she still had the ability to arouse any man.

Relaxing for the first few days it was Boxing day before we ventured far and then we only went for a stroll along the beach as the weather was rather unsettled that day, the Hotel being rather out of town there were few building just a few huts and it was towards one of these with the word bar blazoned above it that we ran when suddenly the heavens opened and we were caught in a tropical downpour.

Upon entering our haven I was surprised how quite it was for looking around the place I could see that it wasn't empty but could also see that those present were now all staring at both of us or to be more precise Jane, for thanks to the torrential rain her thin dress had turned almost transparent and clung to her as if a second skin exposing her naked body beneath and very erect nipples for all to see.

Feeling very proud that she could produce such a reaction I led her over to the bar where one of three lads stood there offered her his stool, ordering some drinks I thanked the lad and realised as I did that it was none other than the poolside waiter as I offered him one also.

With the rain continuing the drinks flowed as the three lads as well as myself bought one after another the result of which Jane was slowly becoming rather drunk while at the same time starting to flirt with all the boys as they danced to the music that the barman had put on.

It was due to the drink that I had to eventually excuse myself and go to the men's room, turning to go the barman a man who was at least 60 put a tall green drink in front of Jane saying "this is on the house and if your still cold from your earlier drenching it will warm you up as well as help you relax". Once in the men's room the two lads who were with the waiter soon joined me and both complimented me on having such an attractive wife, the one adding even more so as I obviously not the jealous type as it seemed I too enjoyed her flirting with them as they danced.

Returning with them to the bar we were met by the sight of Jane still sat on the stool her arms entwined around her companion as they enjoyed a deep kiss his hands running effortlessly over her body.

Along with the lads I sat at a table to watch the two of them as they continued in their embrace, almost as if coming up for air the lad moved from her and once more passed her, her drink which she quickly downed before pulling him to her and almost whispering said "God I'm horny, It's almost as if I'm on fire, so aroused have you made me feel". Before kissing him once more. Slipping his hands beneath her dress he felt between her legs that she spread willingly for him as she moaned with the pleasure it produced within her, before crying out for him to fuck her.

Hearing and seeing her like this I could hardly believe this was the mother of my three children almost begging a total stranger to fuck her, moving away slightly he turned and smiling at his two friends said "I think it's time, she's more than ready don't you agree".

Beside me both without saying a word rose and moved to stand each side of her as her friend moved aside to allow the access to her, Jane meanwhile just smiled as both with consummate ease lifted her between them and carefully carried her over to a low table that had already been cleared in readiness for her arrival. Laying her down upon it they then proceeded almost as easily to remove the little bit of clothing that she wore.

Now naked and exposed before them the one at the bar moved towards them carrying a bottle and poured its contents between her breasts and down over her flat stomach, as I watched they all now started to gently rub and massage what turned out to be an oil over an in to her skin, Jane meanwhile lay her breasts heaving capped by nipples that seemed to have swollen larger than I'd ever seen them before "and believe me they are quite large anyway after breast feeding three kids". While at the same time begging for someone to fuck her.

Her friend from the bar now ensconced between her legs poured more oil on to her already opening labia and swiftly so as to stop it running away with two then three fingers began to slip and slide them deep within her making her cry out as a climax burst within her, pouring more oil over both her and his hand he added his fourth then fifth fingers before almost without any effort and ever so slowly as he pushed forward his whole hand disappeared from sight up to his wrist. Jane cried out "Yes oh Yes" as hidden from view his fingers sent her crashing from climax to climax. Later Jane told me it seemed as if he was able to tickle her very womb so much pleasure did his fingers produce within her.

After what seemed an eternity he finally removed his hand from within her covered totally in a combined mixture oil and Jane's own juice, when it was removed she lay legs apart her outer labia gaping open as she begged him for more.

As she lay begging him to continue I suddenly jumped as a voice spoke behind us, turning to see who it was I stared as almost barking orders at the three young men the bartender now stood before us equally as naked as Jane. Moving forward I was now able to see him properly as he reached for the bottle of oil, standing at over six feet he dwarf the young lads as did his size for he must have been at least twenty stone in weight. Stood pouring the oil over his hands I noted that must have been at least sixty years of age although it didn't seem to diminish the fact that could still sport an erection of truly astounding proportions.

Sat watching him I was totally dumbfounded by it's size for now covered in oil I could only guess at it's size which must have been at least ten inches in length, but even that was overshadowed by it's girth for it seemed to be almost as big as a wine bottle and was surely not meant to fit anywhere inside a female.

Transfixed I watched as moving towards her he thrust three then four fingers deep inside her making Jane cry out "Yes oh Yes, more I must have more, more oh more please give me more". The lads now lifting her up from where she lay and held her as if suspended in the air, as below her he now lay where she had been not once removing his fingers at all during the process.

Now lay beneath her with Jane almost hovering above him he removed his fingers her juice's running out after them as he did so, Jane once more empty begged for him to continue at which he almost barking said to the younger men "I think it is time, she cries to be filled so what's say we do exactly as she asks".

The young man who had got her so aroused now reached forward and spreading her lips wide apart massaged her clit, as the old man grasping his mighty tool guided it slowly between them while the others lowered her down so that his massive crown could start disappear inside. Jane opening her eyes screamed "Oh god Oh my god, it's too big, it's to bigggg". Holding her stationary for a moment they waited then as below her the old man steadily thrust upwards until satisfied that she was ready for more, which is when they released her so allowing her to sink down fully on to him until she could go no further.

Eyes once more wide open, as was her mouth though no sound came from it she remained as if frozen, which was when the lads once more gripped her shoulders and slowly ever so slowly lifted her upwards raising from the intruder within her. With almost all of it once more on view she cried, "Nooo, Please noooo. It's so good, please don't. Please Oh please don't take it out".

Hearing this they let her go allowing once more to descend under her own weight until once more she was fully embedded upon it, sitting above him she seemed to almost be delirious as she repeated time after time "Oh god, Oh god so big it's so big". After what seemed an eternity with the assistance of the lads the old man rose up from the table without loosing an inch of his foothold within her. Now stood holding her easily in his arms he carried her with him as he walked over to a taller table so as to lie her upon it, with each step that he took Jane gasped loudly as deep within her his massive tool moved.

Once she was lay before him gripping her hips he started to fuck her using slow deliberate strokes each making her cry out as he filled her more than she had ever been before, moving closer so as to get a better view I was able to see her labia turning first inward then outwards as they were stretched and pulled in time to his thrusting. With her climaxing almost continuously I could only watch in awe as already stretching her to the limit he grasp her legs and put them up on his shoulders which seemed to allow him to sink even deeper.

With her now in this position below him he started to speed up his fucking until he was moving at a pace I could never have achieved, pounding into her as if it was his last time ever I watched him almost withdrawing before thrusting full depth each making Jane cry out as he filled her more than any man had ever before. But alas even with his obvious vast experience he suddenly gasped " Now you become a true white slut as I fill you with my Blackman's spunk". And plunged full depth he cried out "What are you". As he came filling her with his potent seed, Jane cried out "I'm your slut, I'm a Blackman's slut". Before finally passing out from the pleasure he was giving her.

Once finished he withdrew leaving her lay inert her legs open, labia spread apart his thick cream running from her battered and distended hole, turning to look at me he said "She sure one good fuck, for no white woman has ever before take all of me a feet that only a very few black have managed. But you can be sure of one thing, and that is that when she recover I doubt she will ever want a tiny white dick again for now she tasted black it will be all she will want". I had to agree for there was no way I could ever compete with what he had just given her.

After he had spoken to me he turned to the young lads who I now saw were also naked and said, "She is all yours boys but be sure to stop if she asks". Turning once more to me he added "I think it's time we toasted the awakening of yet another slutwife to the pleasure of black cock don't you", nodding my acceptance I went him to sit and watch as we drank her health.

During the rest of that evening I watched as she was willingly fucked again and again by the three lads who it turned out were his sons, although thankfully none followed him in one department though that's not to say they were any way small if myself is used as a comparison as I barely reach five and a half inches.

All that's left to say is that for the remainder of the holiday each evening was spent at the bar where Jane was regularly fucked Jane by all of them, except for the last night which she spent with who we know knew to be Leo until saying goodbye to him the following morning very sore and walking very slowly.

As we left Leo had pulled her to him so as to kiss her goodbye said loud enough for me to hear "Don't forget now if you want to be black bred I'll always be ready", to which she smiling answered, "I will". So I guess it's true what they say, once they go black they won't go back.
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